War Thunder: Airplane Games War Thunder: Airplane Games

Let’s get into the deadliest air war of all time, the enemy has launched its jets for the sky war and they are trying to strike on your country’s borders and cities. This is your time to take charge of the situation and initiate an attack on the enemy airplane fighters. This game will take you to the frontline battlefield where you will have to fight not just for your life but for others as well.

Your mission will be to take command of the war guns and strike the enemy planes in intense air war battles. Epic battles, deadly weapons and lethal enemy sky force. Modern weaponry is available for you to get your hands on and start targeting the enemy jets down. You need to take control of the chaotic situation and fight all the warplanes who are trying to kill everyone and destroy everything. Will you be going with intelligence work or ruthless conquest? The decision is totally yours, what will your strategy be? Choose wisely as the whole nation is relying on you for their safety.

If you are a fan of realistic war games, this shooting game is for you. The ultimate 3D graphics are sure to give you an experience of what a battlefield looks like, with all the enemy airplanes hovering over, destroying everything, the time running out and you on a mission to save everyone.

Survival Mode:
The survival mode allows you to practice your skills on the enemy jets before getting into the real battle. You can shoot as many jets as you want before they target and kill you. Plus, you can sharpen your targeting skills with this first-person jet shooting game, it gives you an opportunity to destroy the enemy air force jets.

Sky War Mode:
The mission might be impossible but you are the only one who can stare the cruel enemy in the eyes and kill them. It’s time for action; Strike Hard, Equip yourself with 3D Guns and shoot like Hell. A great vicious sky clash is waiting for you. Destroy all the Enemy aircrafts and Crash the fighter jets; show no Mercy for the enemy. Experience an intense, aggressive ultra-air combat combining long-range Air Strikes and close range Attacks.

War Thunder: Airplane Games Features:
-Addictive war heavy gun shooting experience
-Excellent background environment along with smooth gameplay to engage
-Realistic fighter planes to encounter
-Modern war and combat adventure gameplay effects
-Amazing aircraft hunting missions of realistic war in sky
-High-Quality Graphics & Sound Effects
-Easy, Smooth and Realistic Shooting Game controls


Hey Shooter! The latest update for iOS is in the lobby now!

This version contains following changes:

1. Improved game levels for a more engaging experience.
2. Increased difficulty levels for a more challenging gameplay.
3. Minor Bugs Fixes

Price: Free
Version: 1.3
Size: 153.11 MB
Seller: Little Play (RollingStudio)
Released: 2023-03-22 07:00:00

Quests Inc – Offline Social Quests Inc – Offline Social

Few things bring people together as an adventure does! The mission of our platform is to give every person an opportunity to create their own adventure and invite fellow daredevils along for the ride. In Quests, you’ll always find a crew of like-minded thrill seekers, board game enthusiasts, art connoisseurs, volunteers, cinema-goers, quest addicts, travelers, animal saviors, tech wizards— and all kinds of people who are excited to make new acquaintances and share an adventure together.

Be the first to know what’s happening in your city:

Place a pin on the map, add a description, and attract fellow enthusiasts to your activity or event
Easily find new ideas and ways to spend your time
Chat with members of your event and other fellow questers
Share your plans for the future in your profile
Inspire your friends by living an active lifestyle to be envious of

Enter your location, and find all the real-life events happening in your area right now.

Got ideas? Now’s the chance to create your own adventure!


Hello, our favorite people,
We did a lot these weeks, so from now on:
– You can connect your contacts
– Create quests that last up to 5 days
– Change Profile privacy settings
– Change notifications settings
– Share Profile to Insta stories
– Add credit card number to quest card
– And, click on Insta photos in Profile
More will come. Love you all.
Stay tuned!

Price: Free
Version: 6.2.0
Size: 137.48 MB
Seller: Quests Inc.
Released: 2023-03-22 07:00:00

Secure Controls Secure Controls

It works with Secure C1727 and H3747 programmable thermostat displays and temperature sensors. While at home, using Secure Controls app, you would be able to control the heat and hot water from the comfort of your seat. It does not need any internet connection. On adding an optional Wi-Fi adaptor, you will be able to control your heating system from anywhere.

Main features

View the most up to date heating status of your home

View and modify the target temperature as desired

One click Home-Away feature to change the target temperature

Modify 7 days heating and hot water schedule with simple time and temperature control

Add or replace heating control devices with ease

Instant alerts about battery life, communication errors and service reminders

Hold the target temperature

Boost hot water


– Bug fixing
– Ui improvement

Price: Free
Size: 36.44 MB
Seller: Secure Controls (UK) Ltd. (Secure Controls (UK) Ltd)
Released: 2023-03-22 07:00:00