Blocks Builder – 3D & AR App Blocks Builder – 3D & AR App

“Blocks Builder” is a puzzle game. Players can strengthen their imagination and exercise logical thinking by building blocks. You can also create your own pixel-style models in the game.

Game features:

1. Crafting – There various colors of blocks in this game, you can use different blocks to create models. For example, buildings, animals, dinosaurs and other things that you can imagine.

2. Reference diagrams – There are a number of reference diagrams that players can import. You can create models through the reference diagrams.

3. Tutorial – there’re tutorials for all the preset models in the game, players can restore the models through the tutorial.

4. Editing – Players can edit the preset model, including colour, structure and so on, the way of editing the models is simple and convenient. Use your imagination, then you will get a brand new model.

5. Videos and Sharing – When the model is done, you can record a video and play back the contruction process. And you can create and sent the video to your friends to share the joy of building blocks with them.

6. Augmented Reality – models can also be combined with reality through AR technology. Activate the AR function and camera to project the model into reality. Put the buildings into reality to simulate a small city, or put the animals into reality to simulate a zoo.…/id1584981810

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Seller: Wai Chin Ng
Released: 2022-01-29 08:00:00