Frenzy Piranha Fish World Frenzy Piranha Fish World

Frenzy Piranha Fish World
Play the role of a piranha, eat smaller fishes, avoid obstacles and big fishes, 9 types of fishes out there. You can only eat fishes smaller than your hero piranha fish.

How to play:
1. Tap anywhere on the screen to move up
2. Release the finger to move down
3. Eat fishes smaller then hero fish
4. Avoid obstacles and bigger fishes
As simple as that……/id1589055957

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Version: 1.0
Size: 37.46 MB
Seller: Georgios Morogiannakis
Released: 2021-10-16 07:00:00

Car Parking – Drift King Car Parking – Drift King

When driving in a crowded roadside parking space in the city, find a suitable location.
A simple and fun manual parking game that tests your eyesight and feel.

Always pay attention to the appropriate parking space on the roadside, press the screen to drift into the parking space.
Be careful not to use too much force or not enough force, and you can’t stop at the forbidden position.

Race with your friends to see who is the strongest parking king, and start relaxing moments now.…/id1589461805

Optimize game performance

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Version: 1.0.1
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Seller: 冰 冯
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Kaidan Project: Alone Kaidan Project: Alone

Face your deepest fears head on in this new AR immersive interactive horror experience!

From Rogue Artists Ensemble and East West Players, makers of the 2017 groundbreaking immersive theater experience Kaidan Project: Walls Grow Thin comes Kaidan Project: Alone
Through the AR continuation of the Kaidan Project site-specific immersive theater experience, those who love scary games and the supernatural, will be in for a dynamic new immersive adventure.

Kaidan is an interactive theatre game where YOU are the main character! The App uses binaural audio and augmented reality to tell traditional horror stories that are a part of Japanese culture. Do you live in LA? You can use Kaidan to take a GPS augmented reality/virtual tour of Little Tokyo in addition to the main story.

On your way home, you notice a shadow — a feeling of unease in the world. The usual safety of your home offers no reprieve. In this story, the haunted house is the one knocking on your soul – and the only way to escape is to answer the door. You have a choice to make. Uncover the supernatural horror around you with only your imagination as your tool for survival.

Kaidan Project: Alone is a three episode, intimate ghost encounter where your choices propel you through terrifying looping stories of spirits, toward a confrontation with the fears of isolation inside us all. After all, everyone knows that the truly scary stories are found deep inside of us. This new interaction fiction adventure for iOS features, among other things, horror puppetry performances created exclusively for the app. The included interactive GPS experience guides you around Little Tokyo in Los Angeles to help you uncover history behind the area that inspired this immersive experience.

Featuring a cast of over twelve LA based actors, this experience exists at the uncharted crossroads of immersive theater, podcasts and interactive video games. The app was created by Rogue Artists Ensemble and a team of programmers with AAA game title experience. The text is by Rogue ensemble members Lisa Sanaye Dring and Chelsea Sutton.

Kaidan is the first-ever app created by a theater company to produce a unique hybrid theatrical experience. It offers users a cross between an adventure game, an escape room, and an interactive podcast with exciting attributes such as:
Immersive Theater Experience in an app form
Shadow puppetry – rod puppets and mask performances created just for the app
Augmented Reality effects that place you in the experience using your phone’s camera
YOU are the central character
Your voice is used in the story using advanced audio manipulation
AR Face Filter effects turn you into a ghost
Immersive binaural audio
An original, breathtaking score by film composer Adrien Prevost

Rogue Artists Ensemble has been producing critically and financially successful works in Los Angeles since 2001 and originated over 25 productions that have been seen by over 200K audience members in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Seattle, Atlanta, Portland and has received accolades from critics in LA and a UNIMA Citation of Excellence, the highest honor within the puppetry community. Now, we are excited to take the Rogue Artists Ensemble experience to the next level by opening it up to anyone from any part of the world to explore.

Kaidan isn’t just a text adventure game, it’s a window into a whole other world. Download Kaidan Project: Alone today and dive into the unique blend between site specific theater and the realm of rpg.…/id1527445763

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Version: 1.0
Size: 1.06 GB
Seller: Rogue Artists Ensemble
Released: 2021-10-16 07:00:00

Long Giraffe – Music Game Long Giraffe – Music Game

Have you played this fun music game?
This game is easy to play. Move your fingers left and right with the rhythm of the music to catch the fallen neck.
As time goes on, the game speed will be faster and faster. Come and challenge your limit of hand speed!

Game features:
1. Minimalist screen design, easy to use.
2. A variety of exquisite animal skins for you to choose from.
3. Select many songs with beautiful melody and rhythm to meet your needs.
4. Show your score to your friends and compete with players from all over the world on the leaderboard!…/id1579468239

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Version: 1.0
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Seller: wo lin he
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Robux Options for Roblox Robux Options for Roblox

Our application have a lot of options for Robux and Roblox and will made your game so easy, and counting Roblox currencies more easier so enjoy it and leave us your comment in the rate section.

Features :
1. Codes Generated Roblox.
2. Trivia Quiz for Roblox.
3. Counter Robux , RBC , TBC.
4. Robux Tricks and Tips for better gaming.
More options will be added in the next update .

Don’t forget to share our application with your friends on Roblox so we can make the application more better.

# Disclaimer :
This game is not official, our goal is to help you as a user to spend an easy and fun time along with gathering all the helpful tools.
This app makes use of the name, logo, and information provided by the application following the guidelines indicated in:


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Version: 1.0
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Seller: Mohammed Belokda
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Solitaire Spiderette: Win Cash Solitaire Spiderette: Win Cash

Welcome to Solitaire Spiderette! You’re here to attend the amazing solitaire game and compete for real cash. Special competitive game tournaments and simple gameplay will make this classic game even more fun!

A surprising, impressive and fun solitaire game with the fast gameplay!

This is a game where you can win cash prizes just in minutes!

• Training your skills with virtual currency (z) (totally free)
• Lot of tricky puzzles
• Skill based and fair gameplay
• Fast matches
• Real cash tournaments
• Tons of exciting elements
• Designed for Phones and Tablets
• Incredibly Fun

• Both players have a couple of minutes to play the exact same puzzle on the same deck.

• Challenge people around the world with Skillz, a competition platform complete with leaderboards, trophies, physical or virtual prizes, and an amazing loyalty program that rewards you just for playing! Skillz: eSports for Everyone.

Download and play unbeliavable Spiderette Solitaire and win incredible prizes!

Prize tournaments are not available in the following states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, and TN. If you don’t live in a real prize-enabled region, you can still play for fun with our virtual currency (z).

If you have any questions or proposals to the game, we hope you contact us at [email protected]
If you have any questions about the Skillz system or cash tournaments please contact: [email protected]…/id1585285796

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Click gem Click gem

Once the game starts, once the pointer turns, it can’t stop!
You need to pay attention to the gems in the game. They need your constant clicking to keep beating, without falling. Once you are not careful, these gems may break. The longer you persist, the more points you can get!…/id1586945615

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Version: 1.0
Size: 719.21 MB
Seller: Nanchong Yuanfa Labor Service Co., Ltd
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