Peg and Pog: Swedish Peg and Pog: Swedish

Plenty of fun and giggles in this Swedish learning game for kids. Research-based design helps your child learn everyday vocabulary while they play. No in-app purchases or third party ads, means it’s perfect for young children.

• Editor’s Choice by Children’s Technology Review
• All Time Best by Children’s Technology Review
• A Parents’ Choice Recommended Award 2019
• Educational App Store 5 Star Award
• Teachers With Apps Certification Award 2018-2019

Join Peg, Pog and Cosmo, their loveable cat, as they journey into space, dress up in adorable clothes, swim in the ocean, and so much more. Learn new words and how they sound, as you build beautiful, animated scenes full of characters, animals, and objects. This Swedish language learning game for kids comes with original native speaker audio and there are plenty of free resources to support your child’s learning on our website too!

Play dress up, go shopping and fly in a hot air balloon. Explore the ocean, go on a sleigh ride and meet a helpful penguin. Travel into space, tidy the bedroom and go to a birthday party with a rather special guest DJ.

Observe, ask questions and make guesses about the characters, animals and objects in a scene. Is Pog happy or sad? Does Peg like the hat? What’s a snorkel for? Why is the owl so white?

Tap on a character, animal or object to listen to the word and hear its sound. Each scene has a slide-show where kids can see the objects and how they are spelled and sound.

• Adorable interactive characters.
• Pretend play in 8 beautifully illustrated scenes.
• Cute animations.
• Play dress-up with hundreds of possible outfits!
• Over 170 different spoken words.
• Original native speaker audio.
• Safe, easy-to-use and kid-friendly.
• Perfect for preschoolers and grandparents alike!
• Play in peace! No in-app purchases or 3rd party advertising.
• Play wherever! No Wi-Fi or Internet required.
• COPPA and GDPR compliant.

We have the utmost respect for you and your child’s privacy. We do not collect or share any personal information about your child. We do not allow third party advertising.

To learn more, please read our privacy policy at

We are artists, engineers and educators. We create beautiful, fun and immersive digital play experiences that stimulate the imagination and encourage children to discover and engage with the world around them.

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Plantevo: Vegan Nutrition Plantevo: Vegan Nutrition

We’re excited to launch Plantevo, the very first vegan nutrition, health and fitness app available on the App Store!

Whether you’re an ethical vegan, following a plant-based diet to help protect our environment, or simply to become a healthier version of yourself, tracking your nutrition and physical activity has never been so easy!

Plantevo allows you to quickly log your food, supplements, measurements, fasts, water, and workouts throughout the day, set and monitor nutritional targets including vitamins and minerals, visualize reports and trends for you to better understand what your body needs, and much more.

● Highlights

– Works entirely offline, no registration required
– Powerful and super easy-to-use
– Set your own nutritional targets and track them throughout the day
– Browse the database which includes thousands of verified vegan products from all around the world
– Track your vitamins, minerals, and more ー up to 104 nutrients available
– Create as many meal categories as you want: breakfast, lunch, post-workout snack, dinner, etc
– Track your daily workouts and stay on top of your fitness goals ー more than 250 vegan-friendly exercises referenced
– Monitor your fasts and visualize your progress over time*
– Quickly add your meals and supplements to the journal
– Automatic iCloud synchronization
– Health App Integration to automatically add your calories burnt during physical activity
– Fully supports Day/Night modes
– Track your body measurements and keep an eye on the progress you’ve made*
– Keep up with your water intake with the help of reminders
– Configure your profile and create your own custom foods, exercises and supplements to reflect your actual nutritional intake
– Visualize your nutrient intakes through trends and reports
– Create your own reminder notifications to remind you to add your meals, exercises and supplements, or just to make sure you’ve been drinking enough water
– Automatic timestamps for your food, supplements and exercises to better understand your habits
– Export your data as a spreadsheet (CSV)*

* Features available only with a Plantevo+ premium membership.

This app is intended for informational purposes only. You must always consult a doctor or other qualified health care professional before making any lifestyle or dietary changes.

● Database

Our database includes thousands of vegan products verified one by one, over 1200+ generic foods, 250+ sports and fitness exercises, and is constantly growing. We strive to add new products from around the world to each new version of Plantevo.

If you’d like to see one of your favorite vegan brands appear in our database, please feel free to contact us at anytime and we will do our best to respond to your request for the next update!

● Plantevo+

Plantevo is free to download and use. You can remove ads and get access to additional premium features at any time by upgrading to Plantevo+.

It will give you access to the following features:
– Remove all ads
– Track your body measurements
– Monitor your fasts
– Enable data export (CSV)

The following subscriptions are available:
– Monthly Plan: $4.49 per month*
– Yearly Plan: $26.99 per year (~ $2.25 per month)*

* Prices are displayed in USD$, actual charges might be converted to local currency depending on your country of residence.

If you like Plantevo, please share the app with your friends and leave a review on the App Store to support my work!…/id1483160943

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DarkBlood2 DarkBlood2










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Street Football Game 2020 Street Football Game 2020

the stadium crowed is shouting & soccer lover from around the world is waiting for your street club team battle against world football champions
Street Football Game have very fast and intelligent Mode Of Play
dynamic control of the players
and auto movement of the Team (human/computer ) behaviour smart tactic in match.…/id1498319888

We update the game regularly so we can make it better for you. this version includes :
-several bug fixes and performance improvements

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Version: 1.0.3
Size: 116.80 MB
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Trivia Stacks Trivia Stacks

Online trivia game where you can make real money

Trivia Stacks brings you a trivia style game where you can play for a prize against people from all around the world or just for fun for the knowledge seeking folk out there, Trivia Stacks is also a game that gives you a security never seen before in this type of app, giving a reliable platform that is easy to understand for any type of player, but only the truly knowledgeable can master.

– Game Features –

– Multiplayer
Our main feature is the multiplayer where you can play against people from all over the world for cash prizes or just for fun in a room with 3 – 6 people.

– Single player
If you would like to practice to warm-up before a match this is the perfect way to do it in a quick round to get you comfortable with the game, or is you think you have it in you, why not try the a battle against the system that when beaten will award you the collective service prize at the moment.

– Track your progress
We offer you all the tools you need to keep up with your progress in the Trivia Stacks game, to help you maximize your potential and also so you can see how far you have come.

– Ranks
A way for long-time user to display their accomplishment to other player, by winning cash game you are also awarded point that contribute to your overall rank, so do your best to become a Trivia Monarch.

– Claim your prizes
Trivia Stacks game let’s you claim your cash prizes at you convenience with a minimum payout, to send your prizes to your PayPal account or bank account it is all your choice with a maximum wait time of 7 days after confirming your payout .…/id1477730906

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Job Record Job Record

As a job seeker,Whether there are too many interviews and no plans?
You can use this software to organize your interview,Add your expertise and enter the interview company information.You can give the interview a result, pass or be rejected.
Every interview will have different experience.We can record the experience and lessons of job search.…/id1492792151

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Version: 1.1.2
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