LOLCats – Funny Cat Pics LOLCats – Funny Cat Pics

Everyday can be Caturday with LOLCats. Browse our huge collection of hilarious LOLCat images right from your iPhone or iPod Touch!

LOLCats Features Include:
– Over 10,000 LOLCats in our database.
– Downloads next LOLCat in the background to maximize your lulz.
– Add and browse your personal favorites.
– Save LOLCats to your photo album.
– Supports portrait and landscape mode.
– Share LOLCats to Facebook, Twitter, Email and more.

LOLCats is an advertising supported application. Upgrade to LOLCats Premium for an advertisement free version!

Follow LOLcats on Twitter:

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-Added zoom capability after single tapping on an image.
-Added way to report photos as inappropriate.
-Enhanced upload lolcat section.
-Added moderate lolcat section.

Price: Free
Version: 3.1.0
Size: 25.66 MB
Seller: GreenRobot LLC
Released: 2008-08-31 23:58:30
Updated: 2019-07-22 15:18:03

iDo iDo

iDo is an efficient and simple task/ toDo list management tool.

It’s Efficient because it is focused on its main features and nothing else, and it’s simple because it has been designed with the Launch & Quit Apple recommendation in mind : Less click, more action.

When entering a new task, you will just have to enter the description of the task, and nothing else : no project attachement, no due date, no domain or any classification. Other parameters are optional and can be entered later, as advanced features.

With iDo, you will be able to :
– Enter all the things you have to do
– Check them when they have been done
– Delete checked tasks
– Manage due date for each task as an option.
– Add a new comment to the task
– Add a phone number to each task from the address book
– Sort tasks by category
– Manage tasks by priority
– Change background in main window

Tasks that are late are displayed with a red clock, and those on time are displayed with a green clock, if the task has a due date.

Tasks whose priority is high are displayed as red. Lower priority are displayed as orange and green.

Tasks which are late are displayed on the top of the list like a reminder.

iDo has been designed to minimized the number of user interactions : It’s a small and easy to use tool.

iDo is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Online Support is available in French and English.…/id288837830

Updated for iOS 12

Price: $2.99 USD
Version: 4.2.0
Size: 33.83 MB
Seller: DLTA Studio
Released: 2008-08-31 23:56:45
Updated: 2018-12-18 22:44:29

Declaration for iPhone and iPod Touch Declaration for iPhone and iPod Touch

This copy of the Declaration of Independence is a companion to our Constitution application, also free.

Features include:
-Full text with historical notes
-Images of original document
-Images and bios of Signers

Interested in other documents like this? Look for our other apps: Constitution, Geneva, Manual for the United States of America, International Diplomacy, and US Armed Forces…/id289320718

Full screen support for iPhone 5

Price: Free
Version: 1.2.2
Size: 24.12 MB
Seller: Clint Bagwell Consulting
Released: 2008-08-31 23:54:10
Updated: 2013-04-21 02:26:36

Japanese Flip Japanese Flip

Japanese Flip is a learning tool similar to flashcards, but with an intelligent progress tracking system that helps you learn faster. After you “flip” to the answer, you pick if you were Right or Wrong.

The program remembers which Japanese words you have trouble with, and which you have learned well. It focuses on the problematic items, while using longer spans of time between repetitions of learned material.


grouped into 4 difficulty levels (from the JLPT)

– REVERSE MODE: Switch Questions & Answers
Study in reverse: English to Japanese

– PROGRESS TRACKING with stats & auto save

study the words without knowing the Kanji

– BROWSE MODE lets you review all words

– ADD YOUR OWN WORDS to customize all sets

(Progress kept separate for 4 people)

– “HOW TO” GUIDE inside the program


– Meanings in English
– Readings in Hiragana & Katakana

– From the AUTHOR of KANJI FLIP 漢字フリップ

This program DOES NOT teach Kanji,
Hiragana / Katakana by themselves;
please get KANJI FLIP if you want that.

Not every word from the JLPT is included.















HEBREW ALPHABET…/id289263209

– Multitasking support

– Browse & All On/Off switches fixed

Price: $5.99 USD
Version: 1.6.2
Size: 1.55 MB
Seller: Levitate LLC (Levitate)
Released: 2008-08-31 23:50:59
Updated: 2011-04-11 20:02:11

BiiBall 3D BiiBall 3D

BiiBall 3D is a very enjoyable game. BiiBall 3D features advanced OpenGL ES engine. The goal of the game is to navigate a rolling ball across landscape and avoid obstacles. You control this ball by tilting your iPhone (or iPad). You can shoot at colored rotating cubes. You shoot by tapping on the touch screen. You can also collect small bonus items.

Enjoy the game!…/id289214752

– fixed bugs

Price: $0.99 USD
Version: 1.1.7
Size: 5.05 MB
Seller: Bootant LLC
Released: 2008-08-31 03:52:22
Updated: 2013-04-12 14:52:00

Learn Romanian – AccelaStudy® Learn Romanian – AccelaStudy®

AccelaStudy is the award-winning language education software for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that helps you understand and pronounce words in the shortest possible time. Learn new words quickly, easily, and permanently with AccelaStudy.

Join over 6,000,000 people worldwide who have used AccelaStudy to master a language. Perfect for students, travelers, executives, and anyone who wants to quickly increase their fluency.

AccelaStudy is even more powerful in the cloud! With a free AccelaStudy Cloud account you can:
• Sync all of your study sets and progress to all of your devices.
• Add new devices at any time. Install AccelaStudy on your new device, sign into your AccelaStudy Cloud account, and your data will automatically be restored to that new device!
• Study online or offline. AccelaStudy syncs immediately while online and any offline data is synced automatically when you go online again.
• Share AccelaStudy with family members and classmates. Signing out of AccelaStudy allows another user to sign in with their account while preserving all data in the cloud.

• PRONOUNCE each word perfectly after listening to NATIVE SPEAKER audio for all words.

• Learn over 2,100 basic and advanced VOCABULARY words in 60+ subject areas, including Colors, Days, Months, Seasons, Numbers and Counting, Time, Weather, Directions, Food and Drink, Cooking, Meals, Clothing, Moods and Attitudes, Shapes, Anatomy, Medical, Nature and the Outdoors, Animals, Banking and Business, Family and Relationships, Music.

• SPACED REPETITION feature helps you quickly memorize new words
• Automatic STATISTICS help you track your learning progress
• Searchable DICTIONARY of all vocabulary
• Flashcards
• Multiple Choice Quiz
• Audio Quiz
• Completely HANDS-FREE mode allows you to study vocabulary while driving or jogging

Please refrain from sending your bug reports or feature requests using the App Store. Instead, to ensure a direct response from us send them to [email protected] You can also tweet us at We’re always happy to help our users and receive their comments!

Use of the AccelaStudy Cloud service is subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. These are available in the app or on our website.…/id289230006

– Minor improvements for iOS12.
– Display optimizations for new iOS devices.

Price: $9.99 USD
Version: 3.8.0
Size: 19.13 MB
Seller: Renkara Media Group, Inc.
Released: 2008-08-31 03:49:43
Updated: 2019-04-18 19:50:36

Trimix Tools Trimix Tools

Trimix blending and planning tools that can be used where you are and when you need them.

You can use these tools to plan your mixes prior to arriving at the dive shop or to fill your cylinder at the air station or on the boat. Calculations are provided for the best Trimix given a planned depth and a desired maximum partial pressure of oxygen and equivalent narcotic depth (END). You can also calculate the ceiling and maximum depths along with your END based on your planned mix. The dive planning tools support both salt water and fresh water calculations. The blending tools provide for filling a cylinder with a remaining mix (or empty) to a specified target mix using oxygen, helium and a topping mix (air or another available mix). You can also calculate the result of topping an existing partially filled cylinder with a specific topping mix (air or another available mix). There is also a Bleed Down calculator that allows you adjust an existing fully cylinder to a new mix with minimal wasted gas. Trimix Tools supports calculations in both metric and Imperial/US systems of measure.

Traveling on a boat or working out of network range? These tools are at hand any time you have your iPhone or iPod touch. You could, for example, easily calculate the result of topping your cylinder from your first dive with air from the boat’s compressor to take advantage of any remaining mix. You also have the convenience of saved settings that you can recall at a touch and adjust to a new situation as needed.

Chances are you regularly work with a specific set of mixes and and common dive situations. Trimix Tools includes the convenience of saved settings that you can recall at a touch and adjust to a new situation as needed. You can also select mix values using pre-installed default mixes or your own saved custom mixes. You simply tap the “Mixes” button when you are setting a mix to see a list of saved mixes that you can use directly by tapping on them. You can save the current mix displayed on the mix picker wheels by tapping the “+” button. Just like with the saved calculations, you can re-arrange or delete any mixes in your saved list.

Do you need to share your planning or blending calculations with other divers? All the tools have the ability to e-mail the results of the calculations from within the application or using the iPhones built in Mail application (depending on the platform software version). You can enter the addresses and subject directly when composing the message or set default initial values in Trimix Tool’s settings tab that will be automatically added.

All END calculations (Dive Planning and Best Trimix tabs) in Trimix Tools treat oxygen as a narcotic gas by default. There is an option available under the Settings tab to change the default so that oxygen is not treated as narcotic if that is your preference. Remember you must always personally analyze your mix before diving it.

This application is not a substitute for proper training and should not be used as a substitute for proper dive planning or the primary Trimix blending and planning methods taught during training. Please do not attempt to handle high pressure oxygen or fill SCUBA cylinders without proper training.…/id289220808

• Support for iOS 12.

• Minor bug fixes and corrections.

Price: $6.99 USD
Version: 1.8
Size: 3.07 MB
Seller: Greg Mclaughlin
Released: 2008-08-31 03:47:41
Updated: 2018-09-25 19:45:27

Joke of the Day Joke of the Day

Do you like to laugh? Do you like to make your friends laugh? Everybody enjoys a good laugh and Joke of the Day is perfect for that. A new joke is delivered to your phone every day. Entertain your friends, family and co-workers with a daily joke.

-No internet required
-100’s of jokes
-Random button picks jokes at random
-View previous jokes back to the begining of the year
-Email your favorite jokes to your friends and family

If you have any questions, comments or problems please email them to [email protected]

If you are still having problems email me at [email protected] or visit my support site.

Thank You…/id289229693

-bug fixes
Fixed the bug that was causing the app to crash while loading for some users.

OS 3.0 only
-Added in app email. All emails are now sent from within the app. Users that don’t have OS 3.0 are still taken to the mail app to send emails.

Price: $0.99 USD
Version: 1.6
Size: 391.81 KB
Seller: CHRIS WEIER (JoJo, Inc.)
Released: 2008-08-31 03:46:05
Updated: 2009-09-21 03:20:05

Decibel Meter Decibel Meter

Decibel Meter has been updated to be fully compatible with iOS 4, and multitasking aware. We have also updated Decibel Meter to work with the iPod touch! So if you have an iPod Touch with an internal or external mic you can enjoy the best sound meter on the App Store.

Ever wonder how loud a sound really is? Well now you can with Decibel Meter! Decibel Meter uses your iPhone’s built in Mic to determine the intensity level of sounds it picks up, and displays it in dB SPL (Decibel Sound Pressure Level). *

Simply start up Decibel Meter and it will automatically start sampling sounds, and shows you the RMS average decibel reading as well as the peak decibel reading. Decibel Meter also provides a fun graphical way of interpreting the level of sound.

The iPhone’s built in Mic has the ability to pick up sounds near 0 dB SPL and up to around 110 dB SPL. Be sure to check out our website for a better understand of how decibels are measured!

-Easy to use, little user interaction required
-Easy to read Display
-Multiple views! Choose between level meter, and graph view
– Average and peak decibel levels, as well as peak hold feature
-User adjustable sample rate
-Graphical representation of sound level

*Decibel Meter should be used for entertainment purposes; the iPhone’s built in mic is not sensitive enough for professional level sound metering.…/id289219810

-iOS 4 compatibility update
-multitasking aware (can now continue sampling in the background and plot levels on graph)
-graphics have been updated for retina display
-added stop and resume button so you can stop and resume sampling
-will now work on iPod Touch with built in mic, or third party mics
-now requires iOS 3.0 or greater to run

Price: $1.99 USD
Version: 1.8
Size: 585.99 KB
Seller: John Stefanopoulos (Future Apps Inc.)
Released: 2008-08-31 03:41:23
Updated: 2010-09-24 16:43:45

Financial Calc Financial Calc

Calculate any component of a loan including payment, interest rate or loan amount.

Choose from monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment.

Enter the 3 known values into the appropriate text fields and hit the button of the field that you want calculate. The result will be colored in blue.

Enter the values with no commas.

Enter interest in the format 7.65 for 7.65%

– send results with Amortization Table by email;
– add weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly payment.…/id289190387

Now you can change “subject” and “signature” of the email into the main Settings screen (see SETTINGS – FINANCIAL CALC)

Price: $0.99 USD
Version: 1.3
Size: 66.78 KB
Seller: Alex De Nevi (EthAil)
Released: 2008-08-31 03:40:33
Updated: 2009-04-25 21:53:09