iPanoramic iPanoramic

Panoramic radiographs provide a quick overview of the patient’s teeth, jaws, and bone. This is useful for diagnoses and treatment planning.

The app provides dental students and dental hygiene an easy and fun way to master different anatomical landmarks. Dental practitioners can use the app to refresh their knowledge about panoramic radiographs. The app can be used a quick reference when needed. It’s fully interactive and allows knowledge assessment through a quiz mode.


• Completely rewritten from the ground up for iOS 7 new features.
• Full iPad support.
• 5 new cases were added to the anatomy section.
• New grouping of structures. You can toggle which group of structures to show / hide for each case. You can turn them off all at once if you wish to just look at the panoramic radiograph.
• Quiz mode to assess your knowledge and memorization.
• Higher resolution images for Retina display.
• New languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Farsi, French, Polish, and Turkish.
• FDI teeth numbering system for base English and universal numbering system or “American system” for US English.
• Minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Price: $1.99 USD
Version: 2.0
Size: 7.43 MB
Seller: Marcilan Inc.
Released: 2010-10-31 23:55:36
Updated: 2014-07-21 20:01:27

Filastrocche dell’Avvento Filastrocche dell’Avvento

“Filastrocche dell’Avvento” helps you create joyful atmosphere and take your children to Christmas!

You have to open the boxes from December 1st to 24th. Each window can be opened only on the same day or subsequents.
Just click and it will feature the question: “Have you been good today?”.
If you answer yes’, the window opens. If you answer NO, a phrase will prompt kids to think about their behavior and to apologize for their wrong attitudes.

This is because, with the arrival of Christmas, we all have to be better: Santa want us to be happy and calm in Christmas time.

Every time you open a window you can read a new nursery rhyme, combined with interactive animation. The associated image can be dragged on the screen and moved with the fingers.
If the iPhone is shaken, you hear the sound of a rattle and light snowflakes fall from the top of the screen.


Language fix

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Version: 4.6
Size: 28.88 MB
Seller: athirat
Released: 2010-10-31 22:57:16
Updated: 2020-12-06 10:36:50

roMedia roMedia

roMedia este singura aplicatia mobila din Romania care iti aduce ultimele stiri pe telefon. La cateva minute dupa aparitia unei stiri la radio vei putea avea ocazia sa o citesti pe telefonul tau si o vei putea trimite si prietenilor prin email.

Fluxul de stiri este preluat de la agentia de monitorizare mass-media ‘Monitoring Media’ (http://www.monitoring.ro) si contine stiri de radio, televiziune sau presa scrisa.

Aveti acces la ultimele stiri (stiri nesortate, aparute in cursul zilei curente).
De asemenea puteti citi stirile sortate pe categorii si subcategorii (economic/social/politic/diverse samd).
In toate ecranele exista posibilitate de cautare dupa cuvinte, iar stirile sunt grupate dupa sursa: radio,tv,presa scrisa.

Articolele citite sunt salvate in telefon si pot fi regasite in rubrica “Arhiva”, accesul la ele putand fi facut fara a mai face trafic de date.

Grafica aplicatiei este optimizata pentru iPhone 4/Retina display.

Acesta este insa doar inceputul! Multe surprize si extensii ale aplicatiei vor veni in viitorul apropiat.


– fixed AdMob ads
– various small bugfixes

Price: Free
Version: 1.1
Size: 3.87 MB
Seller: Cristian Ivan
Released: 2010-10-31 22:23:39
Updated: 2010-11-10 18:50:11

Braille Eye English Braille Eye English

You can read translated braille with Braille Eye!
Braille Eye can translate braille to string from an image in your iPhone.

Move scanning aria and Just Click “translate” Button, translated strings will be shown as Button Label.

– Select or Take photo and translate in this App.
– Adjust scanning aria with Slider.
– Rotate an Image.
– Reading 14 Cells of braille in Landscape Mode.
– Show Grid, to tap small rect at the corner of Screen in Camera View.
– You can choose translatable braille language, English or Korean.

Readable braille is regular style only. To Read printed ink braille, you shouldn’t use outline or pinpoint style braille.


Price: $0.99 USD
Version: 1.0
Size: 608.23 KB
Seller: Masamichi Kagechika
Released: 2010-10-31 21:20:16

Bandage Book Bandage Book

The Millpledge Bandage Book, is a definitive “how to” guide to animal bandaging and is in its fifteenth year of publication.
The Millpledge Bandage Book is widely used by the veterinary profession, and provides up-to-date information and guidance on the common bandaging techniques used in veterinary practice on both companion and large animals. A recommended reference resource by the British Veterinary Nursing Association.


Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 8.60 MB
Seller: Millpledge Ltd
Released: 2010-10-31 20:13:12

Bilbo Bilbo

At each tile, it is necessary to build a house. Houses are single-floor, two-floors, three-floors, etc.

Single-floor house can be built on any tile. Two-floors house can only be built on a tile adjacent to built a one-floor house. A three-floors house can be built only on the tile, in which the neighbors are one-and two-floors houses. And so on.

Objective – to build city as much as possible floors.


Ready for iOS 7

Price: $0.99 USD
Version: 1.2
Size: 5.04 MB
Seller: vadim bashurov
Released: 2010-10-31 20:13:05
Updated: 2014-04-18 04:19:21

ZenGardens ZenGardens

Virtual visit to 33 of the most beautiful of Japan’s Zen Temples and Karesansui gardens with quotations from Buddhas teaching and enriching Zen wisdom. Zen is a way of living and has become  an inseparable part of Japanese culture and thinking. Zen holds that perfection is impossible, that simplicity is ideal and that stillness and the spiritual should be cherished. Zen meditation gardens have benefits, including stress relief, purification of mind, energy conservation, better creativity, reduced depression and improved relationships. The Zen garden, with stones, water bridges and moss, helps to understand the nature and the benefits for humans living in harmony with it.
You can now download some of these wonderful Zen gardens always having them with you on you I pad or Iphone.


Correcting compatibility issues.

Price: Free
Version: 1.1
Size: 12.88 MB
Seller: Japanese Internet Marketing Inc.
Released: 2010-10-31 20:13:03
Updated: 2015-01-09 18:41:27

念佛记数机 念佛记数机

Traditionally, people buy small counting device to help them keep track of the number of Amitabha chant that they will chant everyday. The old device does not have function like keeping track of the cumulative count and setting a Target count.

This nice little Iphone application actually replaces the need to carry this counting device and is a wonderful tool for Buddhist to practice their Amitabha chanting everyday. As a Pureland (净土)practitioner, you can give your full focus and attention to the word 阿弥陀佛 and do not need to worry about how many times you have chanted. You can also be assured that once you have reached your target count, there will be an alarm to alert you that you have reached the target count. You can also set the interval alarm to help inform you of your progress so far.

Now you can do your chanting everywhere and every time, whenever you want, and still be able to keep track of the number of count that you have chanted. Quickly get hold of this application and start your daily chanting practice!

这是一件取代传统念佛记数机的iphone application. 它可是你不可多得的助缘,帮你在修行路上,精进再精进!它能记录两个累计数,让你设定念佛的目标数。当你念到目标数,你就会听到警报。那是多便利呵!你也能设定区间警报,让你能知道你的进度。

不要优豫了,赶快下载这个iphone application. 你可转心,一心一意地把注意力放在这个佛号(阿弥陀佛),不用再分心记住佛号念了多少声.

– 2 cumulative counts to help you keep track of your cumulated count.
– Tap sound for each count.
– Interval alert after number of interval count to keep you informed of your progress.
– Target Count for each session.
– Setting of your user preference.


Price: $0.99 USD
Version: 1.0
Size: 1.92 MB
Seller: Khong Kiam Wang (WANG KHONG KIAM (JIHONG))
Released: 2010-10-31 20:12:25

하나원큐 기업 – 하나은행 기업스마트 뱅킹 하나원큐 기업 – 하나은행 기업스마트 뱅킹

하나은행의 기업스마트뱅킹이 새롭개 개편 되었습니다.

– 주요 서비스 개편사항 –
더욱 간결하고 훨씬 똑똑해진 기업스마트폰뱅킹서비스!
간결하고 직관적인 주요 화면 구성으로 뱅킹서비스 이용이 편리해졌습니다.

■ 직관적인 메인화면
– 주요거래에 집중한 직관적인 화면 구정
– 조회와 이체를 하나로 묶어 간결하고 직관적인 금융거래 제공
■ 쉽고 편한 로그인 가능
– 간편인증번호(숫자6자리) / 패턴인증을 통한 빠른 로그인이 가능합니다.
■ 알림 메시지
– 입출금 내역 및 거래 오류, 결재정보 까지!
더욱 강화된 알림 메시지로 안전하고 편리한 금융거래를 할 수 있습니다.
■ 나의 금융비서
– My Hana 일정관리를 통해 자동이체 및 대출이자납입일 등 금융일정 확인 가능
– 머니수첩에서 전은행 계좌, 전카드사 사용내역 및 매출내역 확인 가능
■ 즐겨찾는 계좌 등록
– 보유계좌 조회 중 계좌 종류에 관계없이 즐겨찾기를 등록하여 한번에 조회/관리 가능
– 계좌번호 옆 별을 터치하는 것만으로 등록 가능합니다.
■ 편리한 이체 서비스
– 불편한 인증절차 생략
개인사업자는 1회 300만원 한도 내에서 인증수단 없이 한번에 이체 가능
■ 무방문 무자서 개인사업자 신용대출 가능
– 복잡한 서류는 한번의 터치로 자동 제출!
– 야간, 주말에도 신청할 수 있는 개인사업자 전용 신용대출 서비스를 제공합니다.

– 고객센터 안내 –
1599-1111, 1588-1111 (단축코드 0>4)
해외 82-42-520-2500
상담가능시간 : 평일 오전 9시~18시

– 앱 접근권한 안내 –
하나은행에서 사용하는 접근권한에 대하여 안내 드립니다.
선택적 접근 권한의 경우 동의하지 않으실 수 있으나, 해당 접근 권한이 필요한 일부 기능 사용에 제한이 있을 수 있습니다.
■ 알림 : Push 알림 메시지 및 결재 정보를 받기 위해 사용합니다.
■ 위치정보 : 영업점/ATM 찾기에서 내 위치 검색을 위해 사용합니다.
■ 카메라 : QR코드 인증서 가져오기, 비대면 신분증 OCR, 영상통화를 위해 사용합니다.
■ 마이크 : 영상통화를 위해 사용합니다.
* 언제든 동의여부를 바꿀 수 있습니다. ios설정>하나은행에서 가능합니다.



기타 사용성 개선

Price: Free
Version: 4.19
Size: 96.06 MB
Seller: HANA BANK (Hana Bank)
Released: 2010-10-31 19:43:41
Updated: 2020-03-03 07:40:59

여성포털 이지데이 – ezday 여성포털 이지데이 – ezday

여성들의 노하우를 언제 어디서나 손 안에서! – 여성포털 이지데이에서 만든 모바일 서비스
실시간토크, 러브, 육아, 요리, 여행, 건강/다이어트, 생활정보, 스타일, 웨딩, 이벤트, 리뷰 등
여성들의 노하우를 스마트폰을 통해 확인하고 공유할 수 있는 여성포털 모바일 서비스입니다.


– 모바일 홈 개편
– ez출석부 추가
– 새쪽지알림 추가
– 전체메뉴 보기 추가

Price: Free
Version: 2.0.0
Size: 2.88 MB
Seller: EZHLD (EZHLD Corporation)
Released: 2010-10-31 19:43:38
Updated: 2012-06-10 22:21:05