UNESCO World Heritage UNESCO World Heritage

Now includes sites inscribed in 2017 and 2018. Use the UNESCO World Heritage app to explore all the World Heritage sites at home or while on your travels, choosing your favourites and marking them off as you visit them.

This app fully describes all the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The prestigious List includes some of the most famous places in the world, such as the Archaeological Site of Troy, the Historic City of Toledo in Spain, Mount Etna in Italy and the showcase of evolution that is the Galapagos Islands.

You can search for sites in various ways:
– All on Map: World Heritage sites displayed by geographic location
– Index: an A-Z list of all the UNESCO World Heritage sites
– Year Inscribed: the Year that sites were added to the World Heritage List
– State party: World Heritage sites organised by State Party
– Classification of Site: choose from Cultural, Natural or Mixed sites
– Favourites: browse the sites you have marked as favourites
– Recently Viewed: the last 20 UNESCO sites you have viewed
– Visited Sites: browse the sites you have marked as visited
– Random: displays a UNESCO site at random

You can also bookmark your favourite sites and share the description using email, facebook and twitter.

The app contains:
– Over 700 stunning photographs
– Descriptions of over 1050 UNESCO World Heritage sites
– The latest sites to be inscribed to the list
– Offline location maps

This is the ultimate app for armchair and active travellers alike.

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy: http://corporate.harpercollins.co.uk/legal/terms-and-conditions


– Includes sites added in 2017 and 2018
– Optimised for recent devices
– Minor bug fixes

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Version: 4.1.0
Size: 489.74 MB
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Released: 2010-12-31 23:46:14
Updated: 2020-08-14 08:46:45

Marine : Hamburg West Germany – GPS maps Navigator Marine : Hamburg West Germany – GPS maps Navigator

Flytomap is a valid and interesting alternative, Benetti Yachts
Top Ten 2011,2012,2013,2014,2015 & 2016
Featured in : On the Deck
Hamburg – West Germany coverage resident in the app. It works WITHOUT mobile coverage!
Worldwide Marine and Outdoor Maps available when connected, thanks to viewer.flytomap.com
Worldwide Satellite images overlay on charts
Worldwide Terrain features overlay on charts, thanks to Open Street Map, Open Cycle Map, Bing,Earth,GMap
Worldwide Weather forecast
Join ActiveCaptain – Worldwide boaters community * 100.000 + Captains

Use to Explore:
√ Latitudes and Longitudes to go to your favorite places
√ Search your Favorite points directly
√ Zoom, Rotate and Pan fast just by a finger touch
√ Quick Object information just tapping, thanks to vector technology
√ GPS Heading Vector Towards the direction movement
√ Distance Measurement Tool to easily calculate the distance from one location to another
√ Route planning, Waypoints – Insert the target/destination and see in real time your speed, distance and bearing
√ Magnified Lens for all info
√ Unlimited Tracks, Markers, Geo-tagged photos, records and share via email, visible on Google, Flytomap Viewer, KMZ format – Store your track without the need of cellular data or mobile signal
√ Select Depth Contours
√ a la carte menu
√ MOB – Man Over Board
√ Quick WP – allows you to instantly record your position and show distance and bearing
√ iOS background mode – Flytomap works in background as well, you can swap with another app and receive/make calls send sms while track recording.
√ Optimized battery usage

√ ActiveCaptain
• View and contribute to the best boaters community available in the world
• Continuous update of all info (including reviews from the deck) about :
• Marinas
• Anchorages
• Hazards
• Local Knowledge

√ Worldwide Marine Weather forecast at a quick tap provide you:
• Day max and min temperature – Current temperature
• Significant wave height, Swell height, Swell period, Swell direction
• Tide data
• Sea temperature
• Wind Speed and direction
• Weather description
• Precipitation & Humidity
• Visibility
• Pressure
• Cloud cover in percentage
• Wind chill/Feels like Temperature
• Water Temperature
• Dew Point Temperature
• Heat Index Temperature

√ And so much more to come – It’s the only app you will ever need! Our charts are installed on: GARMIN NAVICO LOWRANCE B&G NORTHSTAR EAGLE SIMRAD

Follow us:

▶Twitter @flytomap

▶Web Site flytomap.com

▶Web App viewer.flytomap.com

▶Facebook facebook.com/flytomap

Flytomap is committed to constant improvement, this App is developed with the help of professional boaters to get the best experience on the sea, we listen to our users and systematically add the most requested features.
Thank you for the feedback!
“Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.”


Latest iOS integration
iCloud merge
Track improvement
Marine Weather algorithm update
BSH layer added

Price: $5.99 USD
Version: 5.5
Size: 24.36 MB
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Released: 2010-12-31 23:46:14
Updated: 2017-08-29 21:30:03

Lincoln Park (Chicago) – GPS Map Navigator Lincoln Park (Chicago) – GPS Map Navigator

Lincoln Park map is extremely advanced with all information collected from the National/State Park and Forest Services and many other local sources. The maps contain all trails (Hiking, Biking, Equestrian trails etc.,) and Points of interests (POI) like Campgrounds, Visitor Centers, Lookout points, Eating places, Ranger Stations, Picnic areas, Boat/Canoe ramps, Parking areas etc. and much more

“Offline maps with satellite modes won’t let you go below your expectations anywhere during voyage”

•Fast Zoom and Pan
•Add as many as Favorites
•Find locations by Lat Lon
•Advanced Photo Management
•Multiple Waypoints can be inserted
•Accurate GPS
•Save Track and email friends
•User & Park Guide
•Search your Favorite points or any location by name

“Guide lists number of activities and facilities info. for Picnics and Barbecues, Cycling, Fishing, Walking Tracks, Paddling etc.

“Exploring the map you will find all Trails, Point of Interests (POI), Lakes, Rivers, Elevations etc and many more…….”


“Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.”

“Turn off GPS when not in use”


Latest iOS integration
Track improvement
Marine Weather algorithm update

Price: $5.99 USD
Version: 5.5
Size: 25.81 MB
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Released: 2010-12-31 23:46:10
Updated: 2017-08-04 18:56:18

Turisti per Caso Turisti per Caso

La guida di viaggio scritta dai viaggiatori, nella tua tasca!
Con l’app di Turisti per Caso puoi leggere sul tuo iPhone tutti i contenuti del sito Turistipercaso.it, scoprire i luoghi piu interessanti vicino a te, e inserire i tuoi commenti e racconti di viaggio.
Grazie alla geolocalizzazione l’app segnala i posti più interessanti vicino a te, i racconti di viaggio, le foto e i video di altri viaggiatori che sono stati nella località dove ti trovi.
E in più l’app funziona anche senza connessione a internet, per esempio all’estero, liberi dal costo del roaming internazionale!

– Oltre 8000 segnalazioni di posti da visitare, musei, monumenti, bar, bistrot, agriturismi, angoli caratteristici e chicche per turisti curiosi.

– Centinaia di Sagre, eventi e feste in tutta Italia

– Più di 20.000 diari di viaggio scritti dagli altri turisti per caso.

– Decine di migliaia di foto e video da tutti gli angoli del mondo

– Chatta coi turisti che si trovano vicini a te, e chiedi consiglio agli altri viaggiatori sul forum: le guide per caso -altri viaggiatori esperti di un luogo- ti aiuteranno a risolvere i tuoi dubbi

– Inserisci nuove segnalazioni e foto, commenta le segnalazioni degli altri utenti, e partecipa anche tu al gioco dei Turisti per Caso

– Scrivi il tuo diario in viaggio, e condividilo con gli altri viaggiatori: il diario in viaggio un racconto per istantanee e pensieri del tuo viaggio, scritto direttamente sul tuo iphone!

Turisti per Caso è la guida per i viaggiatori fai da te, che vogliono curiosare ed esplorare in giro per l’italia ed il mondo.


– Applicazione ora compatibile con iOS 7
– Aggiornamenti per offrire il massimo dell’usabilità
– Novità per le sezioni “Meteo” e “Sagre ed eventi”

Price: $1.99 USD
Version: 1.20
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Released: 2010-12-31 23:45:58
Updated: 2014-06-12 20:41:40

Daytum Daytum

Daytum helps you collect, categorize and communicate your everyday data.

With numerous options for displaying your data, the layout possibilities are nearly limitless.

With a flexible data entry format, you can input and keep track of just about anything.

Group your items into categories to create more detailed records and display options.

Add text and numeric detail to your items and entries using attributes.

Group and organize your displays into pages to show insights about your data.

Terms of Use: https://daytum.com/about/terms
Privacy Policy: https://daytum.com/about/privacy


– Fixed an issue causing the display timespan edit ui to render incorrectly in some cases
– Fixed an issue where the wrong profile page was selected in some cases
– Fixed a layout issue causing text to overlap when editing display settings

Price: Free
Version: 2.8
Size: 6.29 MB
Seller: Daytum
Released: 2010-12-31 23:45:35
Updated: 2022-09-27 03:07:06

Heli Calculator Heli Calculator

With the HeliCalculator App you can calculate parameters for your electric rc helicopter.

Basicly the app has the following calculations:

– Main rotor speed calculation
– Gear Calculation
– Run duration (who long can i fly with this setup)
– Air speed
– Area loading
– Centrifugal force calculation
– Hover Pitch
– Tip speed


– Bugfixes

Price: $1.99 USD
Version: 2.3
Size: 1.43 MB
Seller: Matthias Korte
Released: 2010-12-31 23:45:27
Updated: 2015-12-04 00:00:59

Allianz eCliente Allianz eCliente

Allianz Seguros te permite acceder fácilmente a los teléfonos de asistencia en carretera y a los buscadores de nuestros talleres y cuadro médico. Además, si estás registrado como un usuario eCliente, podrás consultar tus pólizas, solicitar asistencia, dar de alta siniestros, recibir avisos de la compañía y comunicarte con tu mediador en cualquier momento. Nueva app de Allianz, toda una compañía, al alcance de tu mano.


Siguiendo sus comentarios y sugerencias hemos realizado algunas mejoras técnicas en la aplicación.

Gracias por usar Allianz eCliente

Price: Free
Version: 2.8.5
Size: 14.37 MB
Released: 2010-12-31 23:45:24
Updated: 2016-11-30 08:01:13

Mini Sudoku Lite Mini Sudoku Lite

Ever wished for a Sudoku game with a variety of Sudoku boards to play? Then ‘Mini Sudoku Lite’ has the same features of its full version except for unlimited fresh new games and all the board variations. Experience the joy of Sudoku playing with our intelligent interactive hints. They are designed to help you improve and sharpen your Sudoku playing skills. You’ll have on-demand Sudoku master by your side guiding you to solve each game logically.

‘Mini Sudoku’ full version comes with 6 Sudoku board variations. It has [2×2], [2×3], [2×4], [3×2], [4×2] Sudoku boards and a bonus standard [3×3] Sudoku for your playing pleasure and selection.

Game-in-play is always saved so any interrupted game will be seamlessly restored to its last point of play. Feel confident to resume any unfinished game.

Enjoy Mini Sudoku’s well-crafted Sudoku games and its built-in intelligence of Sudoku master by your side.

Check out ‘SuperDoKu Sudoku’ to play unlimited fresh Sudoku games with bonus mini-Sudoku, or our popular ‘Sudoku Kid’ with media sound for children to enhance their logical thinking.


Supporting the latest iOS 12.0 high-resolution retina-displays of iPhone 6-11! All our apps are always Ads-free, and fully compliant of GDPR privacy requirement. Puzzle through the new alphabet board offering a new and challenging twist. Or stick with the classic Sudoku board. With full-version Mini Sudoku, you’ll never have to buy new boards — unlimited number of classic and new alphabet boards for your gaming pleasure! Enjoy our clear and logical interface design at your finger tips!

Price: Free
Version: 6.0
Size: 16.26 MB
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Released: 2010-12-31 23:13:25
Updated: 2020-01-20 19:29:28

JaguarClock   JaguarClock  

スライドショー機能&解説テキスト付きの、iPhone/iPod touch、iPad用フォトクロックです。




©Jaguar Land Rover Japan Limited


Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 30.76 MB
Seller: Hiroshi Okano (Office Henschel & Henschel Photography)
Released: 2010-12-31 23:13:18