What’s Hiding? What’s Hiding?

Practice basic addition and subtraction concepts. Discs are counted, then covered, and some slide out from under the cover. Your job is to tell how many are still hidden under the cover. Work with numbers 1-5 or 1-10. Discs are displayed in a 5-frame or 10-frame format.

The iPad version includes an option to use numbers to 20 in two 10 frames. This option was added at the request of elementary education teacher candidates at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL who were working with kindergarten students. The iPad version also includes an option to count or subtilize the number of discs. That option was added in response to a user request.

Developed as part of the NumberSense Project at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL.


• Updated to support iOS12 – thank you for your patience.
• A few other minor tweaks
• As time allows, I’d enjoy hearing how you’re using this app in the classroom and at home.

Price: Free
Version: 1.5.6
Size: 36.93 MB
Seller: Randy Hengst (Classroom Focused Software)
Released: 2011-01-31 23:31:01
Updated: 2018-10-17 17:31:51

PlanningVIC PlanningVIC

PlanningVIC accesses the Victorian Government’s Planning Property Report service to provide free planning reports that contain planning information for any property in Victoria, Australia.

PlanningVIC uses your current location within Victoria or an address of your choice to provide you with a comprehensive report of planning information for that property. You can view your reports in the app, save them as PDFs or share them by email. Saving your reports in the app means you can quickly refer to them later.

Real estate agents, urban planners, architects and potential property purchasers find this app useful because it allows them to view a quick snapshot of the planning controls that apply to a property. Give it a go yourself today!

Features include:

Access to a Planning Property Report for any property in Victoria
Search for a property on a map or by using an address
Save your reports to a list for future reference and offline viewing
View your reports in HTML or PDF formats
Email your report to share your findings.


Updates to links
UI and asset updates

Price: Free
Version: 2.5.1
Size: 9.11 MB
Seller: Intunity Pty Ltd
Released: 2011-01-31 23:30:13
Updated: 2019-03-29 20:10:35

Wing Chun Masters – iPad Version Wing Chun Masters – iPad Version

Finally available for iPad, this version of Wing Chun Masters has been updated with high resolution videos and pictures as well as a new menu system specifically designed for the iPad.

Wing Chun Masters is an educational martial arts application which users from any level will find helpful. Veterans, beginners and even those just curious about the effective Wing Chun art form will find a vast and helpful collection of knowledge in nearly an hour’s worth of videos as well the many pictures and text found in this application. From Grand Master Ip Chun (the son of world renowned Grand Master Ip Man) this application teaches the traditional movements and techniques of Wing Chun. Wing Chun Masters includes the fundamentals, a collection of effective and useful techniques, a step by step breakdown of the Siu Nim Tau form and even a great Wooden Dummy training video from a point of view which has never been seen before. Each technique is broken down thoroughly to guide you along the way with both motion capture technology as well as live action videos accompanied by thorough commentary, pictures and text. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn Wing Chun in the most convenient way possible, from the palm of your hand!


Price: $9.99 USD
Version: 1.0
Size: 657.78 MB
Seller: EvenMarc LLC (Crooked Creative LLC)
Released: 2011-01-31 23:28:48

京东-618 京东和你在一起 京东-618 京东和你在一起

-附近小时购:总有好店在附近。身边好物 小时速达




5.31 晚8尾款支付 好物每满299减50
还有红包雨 最高领6180元红包
6.04 专场期开启 领百亿品类优惠券
6.15 晚8高潮日 全品类放价随心购
6.17 晚8沸腾夜 超爆品嗨购倒计时
6.19 两日返场期 年中惠囤末班车

Price: Free
Version: 11.0.6
Size: 487.70 MB
Seller: Beijing Jingdong Century Trading Co., Ltd.
Released: 2011-01-31 23:28:47
Updated: 2022-06-11 08:56:00

Valentine Picture Valentine Picture

Welcome to “Valentine Picture”! A free, fast and full functional App to make your photos look lovely.

Do you want to send your valentine a lovely MMS or photo? Use Valentine Picture.

Transform your photos with just one simple click and save them back to your photo album or send them to your friends.

Just have a look at the amazing screenshots! It’s easy and it is real fun.

If you have any ideas or question feel free and write a recension.

If you need any help please contact us:


Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 4.45 MB
Seller: stefan urban
Released: 2011-01-31 23:28:36

miQuote miQuote

miQuote is a clean, simple, and free app providing more quotes from more authors than any other app. With over 100,000 quotes from nearly 15,000 authors. Some additional features are:

Easily share quotes using Facebook, Twitter, or Email.
Use swipes to change between quotes and authors.
Search our complete database of quotes and authors.

With so many quotes, you will always find one to provide the wisdom or laughter you need.


A few more bugs fixed.

Doubled the quotes for all of those who have stuck with miQuote. That’s right, over 100,000 quotes now from nearly 15,000 authors.

Price: Free
Version: 1.2
Size: 6.50 MB
Seller: ctrlDev LLC (ctrlDev)
Released: 2011-01-31 23:28:27
Updated: 2011-02-23 03:39:39

Baseball Legends Baseball Legends

Baseball Legends is the premiere baseball trivia app on iTunes! It has over 1,250 trivia questions (more than any other baseball trivia app!) that cover everything from the early days of baseball up to modern times.

Baseball Legends also contains audio from famous moments in baseball such as:

* Abbot & Costello’s “Who’s On First” routine
* Mickey Mantle’s Retirement Speech
* Baseball retiring Jackie Robinson’s number
* Lou Gehrig saying he’s the luckiest man alive
* Cal Ripken becoming the new “Iron Man” of baseball
* Don Larsen pitching a perfect World Series game
* And many more!

There are also baseball cards from famous players like:
* Cy Young
* Ty Cobb
* Walter Johnson
* Connie Mack
* Plus many more!

Baseball Legends is regularly updated to add even more questions and unlockables!

Featured on bestbaseballapps.com and freebeeapps.com !


Added additional questions!

Price: $0.99 USD
Version: 1.3.5
Size: 18.31 MB
Seller: Raptor Powered, LLC
Released: 2011-01-31 23:27:19
Updated: 2014-02-27 05:43:53

A Sumo Fight Lite A Sumo Fight Lite

A Sumo Fight

This is the most amazing game ever, there are several levels, in every level you will meet different characters, game becomes more complex every time.

“A Sumo fight” is one of the HOTTEST game in other gaming platforms.

✓ IF you are able to reach the end of the game you will have to defeat a very strong enemy, be ready! (full of surprises)

✓ 8 different enemies!


✓ Pickup new weapons that you find in your journey, they are the more appropriate arms for your situation.
✓ Jump to avoid enemy fire
✓ Upgrade game to get an extra life per game (SEE BLOOD LEVEL BUTTON in the TOP of the screen)

If you need assistance please contact us [email protected]
We will be adding additional apps soon!


Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 6.56 MB
Seller: Gp Imports Inc, Software Development (G.P. Imports, Inc.)
Released: 2011-01-31 23:27:04

G1 Portal de Notícias da Globo G1 Portal de Notícias da Globo

Fique informado em tempo real sobre as principais notícias da sua região, do Brasil e do mundo com o maior portal de notícias gratuito do Brasil. Siga os acontecimentos importantes na hora que acontecem, aprofunde-se sobre os seus temas favoritos num app fácil de usar.

5 razões para baixar o app do g1:

– Informações e alertas em tempo real sobre o que importa

– Funcionalidades exclusivas: modo escuro, notificações personalizadas, Minha região e telejornais regionais, Busca e Salvar Matérias

– Informa-se e descubra centenas de artigos, blogs, vídeos e podcasts

– Assuntos diversos: economia, política, entretenimento, ciência, tecnologia, cultura, cinema, bem estar e muito mais

– Serviços essenciais: meteorologia, loteria, concurso e emprego, calculadoras.


O conteúdo mais atualizado sobre as eleições de 2022 para presidente, governadores, senadores e deputados. Fique por dentro da campanha dos candidatos e acompanhe a apuração da votação em tempo real no g1.

Alertas e notificações personalizadas

Personalize suas notificações de acordo com seus interesses e fique sabendo em primeira mão sobre as notícias que importam para você.

Atualização em tempo real e coberturas de eventos ao vivo

O app do g1 é atualizado em tempo real e 24h por dia. Todos os dias você descobre as últimas notícias e consegue compartilhar conteúdos e análises para entender a atualidade e explorar novos assuntos. Receba alertas sobre cobertura de eventos ao vivo como acontecimentos políticos, acidentes importantes, Oscar, eleições, debates políticos e outros…

Modo escuro

Tenha mais conforto na leitura das notícias e economize bateria do seu aparelho optando pelo modo escuro do app.

Minha região

O App registra a sua região garantindo um acesso instantâneo às notícias, vídeos dos telejornais locais e os fatos relevantes da sua cidade e região com coberturas exclusivas do g1.


Procure pelos assuntos que te interessam.

Salvar matérias

Salve conteúdos para ver mais tarde.

Vídeos e telejornais

Assista aos vídeos mais importantes do momento, g1 em 1 minuto, Globonews e telejornais da TV Globo como Fantástico, Globo Repórter, Hora1, Jornal da Globo, Jornal Hoje, Jornal Nacional e muitos outros.

Blogs e colunas

Acompanhe pontos de vistas, histórias e análises dos blogs e colunas de jornalistas dos maiores jornalistas do país: Andreia Sadi, Ana Flor, André Trigueiro, Altieres Rohr, Gerson Camarotti, Octavio Guedes, Natuza Nery, Valdo Cruz e muitos outros.


Informe-se e divirta-se em qualquer lugar e momento escutando podcasts sobre tópicos diversos: O Assunto, Resumão de eleições, Resumão diário, Isso é Fantástico, À mão armada, Educação Financeira, Papo de Política, Escuta que o Filho é teu, Prazer, Renata…


Previsão do tempo, resultados da loteria, concurso e emprego, calculadoras são alguns dos serviços disponíveis do g1 para facilitar seu dia a dia.

Fato ou Fake

Consulte a checagem de fatos com partilhados nas redes sociais e aplicativos de mensagens como Whatsapp, feita por jornalistas, esclarecendo o que é notícia (fato) e o que é falso (fake).

100% grátis

O App do g1 é um portal digital de notícias gratuito e sem limite de consumo.




Concursos e emprego


Ciência e saúde





Bem Estar

Turismo e viagem


Notícias da sua região

São Paulo

Rio de Janeiro


Minas Gerais

Santa Catarina



Distrito Federal

Espírito Santo



Mato Grosso

Mato Grosso do Sul






Rio Grande do Norte

Rio Grande do Sul






Melhorias de experiência e correções de erros.

Price: Free
Version: 8.0.0
Size: 110.55 MB
Released: 2011-01-31 22:59:19
Updated: 2022-10-27 10:14:07

Horse Run Horse Run


Ginger is the mighty little horse that is ready to race against all obstacles.

Ginger is on a high adrenaline dose to keep your gaming reins busy. The game play is unlimited and there are no levels to stop your entertainment. Ginger will make you sit on the edge of your seat. Choose from the 3 game modes namely Easy, Medium and Hard.

Take your Stallion on a wild run amongst the picturesque background and make him cover huge distance. Jump over hurdles and collect points as he gallops.

There are interesting obstacles that make the Ginger’s run even more interesting.

You have limited turns to make a high score, but if you touch the birds you get an extra turn to play.

Gallop away to glory and feel the wild side of your game…!

• Unlimited, Totally new and innovative game play
• Use intuitive touch gestures to control the horse
• Fantastic animations and sound


* Improved Performance.
* Bug Fixed.

Price: $1.99 USD
Version: 1.4
Size: 15.35 MB
Seller: Dumadu Games Pvt Ltd
Released: 2011-01-31 22:55:36
Updated: 2013-11-13 03:55:26