Flying Extreme Flying Extreme

Exciting sky sports via iPhone! This application has compiled countless footage of extreme aviation and free-fall sports such as skydiving, hot-air ballooning, hang gliding, bungee-jumping, & more. Enjoy the ultimate thrill and freedom of fluttering through the sky through infinite videos and photographs.

Aside from videos and photos, you can enjoy many other features including sky sports wiki library.

1) Tons of high resolution sky sports photos
2) Over 1,000 sky sports videos
3) Sky sports wiki library
4) Daily updated contents

– Wingsuit flying
– Parasailing
– Parachuting
– Tandem skydiving
– Hang gliding
– Powered hang glider
– Gliding
– Motor glider
– Nanolight
– Ultralight aviation
– Light-sport aircraft
– Powered paragliding
– Paramotor
– Powered parachute
– Ultralight trike
– Balloon
– Airship
– Ground effect vehicle
– Autogyro
– Ornithopter
– Human-powered aircraft
– Bungee jumping
– Base jump
and much more!

*You must be connected to the internet to enjoy this app.…/id437402310

Support new video API.

Price: $1.99 USD
Version: 7.0.0
Size: 12.54 MB
Seller: Quantis, Inc. (Quantis,Inc.)
Released: 2011-05-31 23:51:17
Updated: 2015-05-03 19:44:21

Currency Exchange Free Currency Exchange Free

Currency Exchange Free can change any amount of currency from one to another. It’s easy to use and update exchange rate automatically.

Currency Exchange Free — your cool pocket currency exchanger.

-115+ currency and countries included.
-Nice interface, easy to use
-Refresh exchange rate automatically.
-Add or delete the current exchange currency.
-You can sort the order of the exchange currency, also.
-Precious Metals included.

All the features here, still hesitate? Download NOW!

This is a free version with ads, and can’t update the exchange rate at any time (only update periodically), if you want to remove the ads and update the exchange rate whenever you want, there is a version named “Currency Exchange Pro”.…/id440145246

fix icon

Price: Free
Version: 1.1.1
Size: 4.36 MB
Seller: weiwei zhang
Released: 2011-05-31 23:51:11
Updated: 2011-10-18 01:42:07

ShoutOmatic ShoutOmatic

ShoutOmatic is an audio “Voice” overlay allowing your actual Voice to be heard in all of your social networks, web sites and blogs. The same social Voice messages can be heard on anything “offline” as well.

This powerful App allows you to record audible “Voice” status updates (Shouts) that automatically post to your social networks.

*Record Voice “Shouts” and snap Photos from within the App
*Add your location to your “Shouts”
*Listen to the “Shouts” of all of the people you “Follow”
*Shout-Back (reply) to your Friends’ “Shouts”
*Share “Shouts” via email, text message, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, web sites and blogs.
*Direct-Shout to people who “Follow” you
* Add a post-play destination URL for each Shout (after the Shout is heard, it opens to any URL you desire).…/id439841216

– Made Shout-Backs viewable with a tap
– Made Shout “Publish” button impossible to double-publish

Price: Free
Version: 2.0.5
Size: 5.12 MB
Seller: ShoutOmatic (ShoutOmatic, LLC)
Released: 2011-05-31 23:50:58
Updated: 2013-03-28 01:58:05

Phish True or False? Phish True or False?

Think you know your phistory? Maybe so, maybe not. But there is one way to know for sure: Phish True or False.

Random rounds of tricky phish-centric questions culled from a vault of hundreds. Thoroughly researched and covering the band, their shows, personal bios, the scene and much more. A blast for any true fan.…/id439887055

Even more great questions to test your “knowledge”.

Price: $0.99 USD
Version: 4.0
Size: 30.73 MB
Seller: TourBuddy Systems
Released: 2011-05-31 23:50:46
Updated: 2012-08-01 21:33:01

iPoll iPoll

Rewards. Anywhere, Anytime.

iPoll offers you free rewards – gift cards, airline credits, and more! – just for sharing your opinion about the products you buy and places you visit.

Get rewards for every iPoll mission you complete. These include fun tasks such as visiting a store, taking pictures and testing products. The more missions you complete, the more rewards you will get!

Here’s how it works:
1. We’ll first ask you to provide some basic information about yourself to help us determine which mission you might like the most.
2. You will receive an alert whenever there is a new mission available for you.
3. Once you complete the mission your iPoll account will be credited. You can then redeem your rewards.

Features Include:
• Alerts when new missions are available
• Opportunities based on your location and profile including product reviews, in-store shopping experiences, ad testing and brand awareness
• Video, photo and audio capabilities for fun and interactive reporting
• Great reward catalogue to redeem gift cards.
• More opportunities to earn rewards by taking online surveys

What are iPoll users saying?

“I like that there’s usually not any technical difficulties or ‘glitches’, either in the beginning/middle/end of survey(s), & that the selection of topics are interesting & fun; also that there’s quite a lot of choices as far as the subjects of the surveys are concerned. Most of the time, surveys easy to start & complete; also they’re not exceedingly long!”

“This is by far the best app I have! Who knew I could make a few quid answering a couple of questions about places I already go!!!!!”

“Easy and fun!!! I have always loved to try things first and offer my opinions to friends and family. Now I have a voice with people I have never met. I get surveys advising me to go to new places and the places I love. Oh yeah, did I mention I get compensated too. I suggest IPOLL to anyone who wants their voice heard, and try the new things first!”

“I get to survey places I daily visit and make money?! What else could a girl ask for! Now I have even more of a reason to visit these businesses! I feel like a secret shopper!”

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Email your questions or feedback to [email protected]!

Like us on Facebook:
Follow us on Twitter:
Read our blog:…/id422370120

Added support to notify users when app is undergoing maintenance and general bug fixes.

Price: Free
Version: 3.22.0
Size: 71.34 MB
Seller: Instantly, Inc.
Released: 2011-05-31 23:50:43
Updated: 2021-04-05 14:51:00

3 Letter Word Bible 3 Letter Word Bible

The complete two & three letter word compendium!

Perfect reference tool for power players of tile-based word games like:

✽Words With Friends
✽Kalimut & more

Complete off-line database of :
✔Two letter words (with meanings)
✔Three letter words (with meanings)

Easy scrolling interface of words that are:
✔Official gameplay words (Tournament approved)
✔OSPD (Official Scrabble Player Dictionary) words

-Never lose a challenge again
-Put those leftover tiles to use…/id438374356

Bug Fixes.
Interface Tweaks.

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 2.16 MB
Seller: Sugar Coded Apps
Released: 2011-05-31 23:50:37
Updated: 2011-06-09 15:57:11

Coffee Cafe Coffee Cafe

Every day is a good day for some coffee and cupcake! Coffee Cafe is the sweetest, most coffee-rific game ever! Start your day right with our Coffee Cafe app! Over 100 different order types to serve up to your customers. Plus we have yummy cupcakes, donuts and lemon bars. Seriously, DONUT wait! You get a bonus minigame along with the classic game so come get some sugar high! The only thing sweeter than our app is you! 😀

– In classic mode, serve up dozens of drink and dessert combinations before the time runs out. Play in Normal mode or Super Hard! mode.
– Minigame: Cupcake Mania. In this arcade style game, catch falling cupcakes.

HOW TO PLAY: The tutorial is always available under the “ABOUT” section on the menu but we also included screenshots here. 🙂 Basically, you start out with a cup. Check out the customer’s order type for the drink. Click for one or two drops for coffee (with or without milk) and other types of drinks like green tea or strawberry slush. Add the whipped cream and syrup if the customer asks for it. Some customers will want a treat from the bakery, too! Finally, use your finger to slide the order to the customer. If you mess up, no problem! Just tap on the bottom left rubbish bin to throw away your drink and start over.

HOW TO SAVE: The game automatically saves the progress of your current game so when you do need to get some real life coffee, just get out of the game (no need to press “Quit”). The next time you play, click on the “CONTINUE” button on the menu and pick up where you left off! 🙂 We’ll have an update soon that will make the “SAVE” function more easy to use.

Please visit our site for our privacy policy

Enough of the reading, time for a Coffee Cafe app break!…/id440045363

Updated game for newer iPhones and iPads.

Price: Free
Version: 4
Size: 39.00 MB
Seller: Moxy Games, LLC (Moxy Games)
Released: 2011-05-31 23:50:30
Updated: 2019-10-18 10:18:05

Watch@Tablet [email protected]

The [email protected] app is a training tool developed by the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie
Vast amounts of information on watches and gemmology are stored as images, films and animations, ready to consult.
To join this training program please contact the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie by email : [email protected]

The [email protected] app includes the following features:

– Presentation of the FHH partner-brands under five headings: History, Sites. Values, Heritage, Specificities.
– Materials: illustrated explanations of the metals and other materials used in watchmaking, including precious metals and alloys, steel, titanium, silicon, carbon, synthetic sapphire and ceramic.
– Gemmology and stones: diamonds, sapphires, emeralds,pearls, cuts, settings, certificates, calibration, ethics, etc.
– Functions: how a mechanical watch functions, including illustrated explanations of some 20 complications.
– Essentials: quality certificates, surface decorations, dials, hands, crystals, shock absorbers, water-resistance, etc.
– Exploded movement: an exploded view of a mechanical movement with a definition of each part.
– Exploded case: an exploded view of a case with a definition of each part.
– The famous watchmakers: short biographies of the masters who helped define the history of watchmaking.
– History of watchmaking: an illustrated timeline of key dates in the history of watchmaking, alongside major events in world and art history.
– Glossary: some 250 illustrated definitions of watchmaking terms, some with animations, and illustrated definitions of some 100 jewellery-related terms.

The [email protected] app is available in 8 languages: Chinese (simplified), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish…/id426426910

Last news stored in app for availibility offline.

Price: Free
Version: 2.0.2
Size: 7.14 MB
Seller: Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie
Released: 2011-05-31 23:50:13
Updated: 2014-05-18 22:17:31

Leaderpia Leaderpia

2007년 3월 창간한 “월간 리더피아”는 국내 최초이자 유일의 리더십 전문 매거진으로서 ‘대한민국 국민 모두가 리더 되는 상상나라, 리더십 유토피아(Leadership Utopia)’를 꿈꾸며 최고 수준의 리더십 및 자기계발 콘텐츠를 제공합니다.
주요 내용은 리더십 관련 최신 트렌드 및 이슈 심층 분석, 국내외 존경 받고 창의적인 상상 리더 발굴 및 집중 인터뷰, 톰 피터스, 짐 콜린스, 워렌 베니스, 유영만, 손욱 등 국내외 리더십 대가들의 칼럼, 청소년들의 리더십 및 올바른 인성 개발을 위한 주니어 콘텐츠 등 입니다.

[월간 리더피아 정기구독]
권당 : $ 3.99
6 개월 : $23.99
1년 : $47.99

* 정기구독 기간이 지나면 자동으로 재결제 됩니다.
* 자동 재결제를 원하지 않을 경우 사용자 계정 설정에서 가입환경 설정을 변경하시기 바랍니다.
* 정기구독 기간 중에는 취소 환불이 불가능합니다.


– 내서재 기능 추가.
– 서재 스타일 변경.
– 기타 버그 수정.

Price: Free
Version: 1.5
Size: 13.33 MB
Seller: LEADERPIA INC. (Leaderpia)
Released: 2011-05-31 23:50:07
Updated: 2013-08-26 18:01:48

Tennis Log Lite – Journal and Stats Tennis Log Lite – Journal and Stats

The PERFECT sports Diary + Journal for tennis players of ALL abilities!


➥ Stunning, easy to use Interface
➥ Calendar View lets you see all of your entries in ONE place
➥ Record all of your Practices, Workouts, and Matches
➥ See what you have been working on by stroke:
– Forehand
– Backhand
– Volley
– Overhead
– Serve
– Footwork
– Drop Shot
– Return
– Top Spin
– Slice

➥ View all of your workouts by activity:
– Footwork
– Sprints
– Upper Body
– Core
– Reflexes
– Lower Body
– Endurance
– On Court Training
– Weight Training
– Explosion

➥ Record as many activities as you like
➥ Amazing match Statistics
– Total Matches Played
– Match Win/Lose Record
– Winning Percentage
– Total Games Played
– Games Win/Lose Record
– Games Winning Percentage
– TieBreak Record
– 3 Set Record
➥ View the Statistics by Month or by Year

★ Find areas of your game that need the most improvement by instantly seeing what strokes you have been working
on the most and the least.

★ Get insight into your matches with the amazing Match Statistics.

★ Analyze your off-court training and get motivated to become the BEST tennis
player you can be!

★ This Sports Journal is a must for ALL Tennis Players!…/id439751988

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 2.75 MB
Seller: Alex Rastorgouev
Released: 2011-05-31 23:49:50