Chipmunk Pro Chipmunk Pro

Chipmunk is a high performance 2D physics engine that can really take maximum advantage of iOS hardware. This app is a physics toy that contains 15 interactive scenes that show off what Chipmunk can do.

Chipmunk is open source. You can download it and the source for this app from the Chipmunk Website. Chipmunk Pro contains extended functionality such as an Objective-C wrapper to take full advantage of iOS APIs and tools and also contains additional optimizations that allow it to take advantage of multi-core CPUs and the NEON vector coprocessor to get the best performance.…/id505070172

Upgraded to the latest version of Chipmunk.
New Solar System demo.
iPhone 5 widscreen support.
Better iOS 6 support.

Price: Free
Version: 1.1
Size: 1.66 MB
Seller: Andrew Korth
Released: 2012-02-29 23:32:21
Updated: 2013-03-18 21:19:41

Emirates NBD Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD mobile banking app offers fast, convenient and useful banking services on the go. Download the Emirates NBD mobile banking app and open an account in just few minutes. Apply for a new credit card or loan, and use your mobile with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. Enjoy features such as cardless cash withdrawal, money transfer to any UAE mobile number and direct remit to selected countries within 60 seconds completely free.
Easily activate, block and un-block cards straight from the mobile app dashboard. Bank securely with smart pass based authentication for safer digital transactions

Other features of Emirates NBD mobile app:

· View your current accounts, savings and deposit details and check your transactions
. Request cheque books and authenticated statements
· Check your credit card spending and convert your purchases to easy installments
· View your loan details, outstanding amount and next installment date
· Transfer money in the UAE and around the world, and pay your bills or top-up a mobile phone.

Terms and conditions apply.

Minimum System Requirements: 10.3 and higher versions are supported.

Emirates NBD Bank PJSC. All rights reserved.…/id505092748

We are constantly working on improving our app based on your valuable feedback. This version contains minor bug fixes to enhance your experience.

Price: Free
Version: 4.7.8
Size: 477.39 MB
Seller: EMIRATES NBD Bank (P.J.S.C) (Emirates NBD Bank P.J.S.C)
Released: 2012-02-29 23:32:20
Updated: 2022-08-25 12:18:30

مدونة الحسيني مدونة الحسيني

اللهم صلي على محمد و آل محمد

اقدم لكم هذا البرنامج البسيط بين يديكم لخدمة الموالي لشيعة الإمام علي
عليه السلام
من سمعيات و مرئيات
لطميات + أدعية + زيارات

و أحدث البومات من الرواديد عن طريق البودكاست

أتمنى ان ينال البرنامج على اعجابكم”…/id504287409

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 4.53 MB
Seller: HUSSAIN ABUL (Copyright © 2012)
Released: 2012-02-29 23:32:18

Birthday Love Card Birthday Love Card

Birthday Love Card

iChild World had recently ranked as 2011’s Top 10 Greeting Card Application Developer for iPhone and iPad.

Yuhoo… is Birthday next week! But I still haven’t send out my Birthday party invitation. I just don’t know what to write. Have you recently just quarrel with your best friends or parent? You wanted to apologize but you feel shame to start with? Why not start with a warm season greeting?

Want something new after SMSing your boyfriend / girlfriend every day? Greet them with greeting card. We are just like you, too busy on everyday life and haven’t met many of our friends for some time? Trust me! They will eventually amaze when you send them your greetings. Greetings are just so important during festive season, start greeting your lover, friends and family.

Remember, no matter how many reasons you have for not sending a greeting card, but a simple reason why I send out greeting card every festive holiday, is to bring a SMILE of my loved one! That’s just about it.


According to research, people loved to receive greeting cards. They feel happy and appreciate when they receive greeting card. You had just made their day! The receiver will even call you back or at least greet you back when they receive your greetings. Some even had unforgettable date just because of sending a greeting card to their lover.

You couldn’t imagine how powerful Greeting Card is until you experience it by yourself!


The Major Reasons Why People Send Greeting Card?
-It keeps people connected and creates warm loving between individuals.
-People like to receive cards. You had just made their day by sending a card!
-Ideal option to send special message like invitation for a party or a date with your adorer.
-Images and words power in greeting card can help express our emotions.
-Ideal for your friends and families staying abroad – Just one click and your receiver will be getting it almost instantly!
-On business, greeting cards enable business to build good repo with customer.

Why Choose iChild World Greeting Card?
-2011 Top 10 Greeting Card Application Developer for iPhone and iPad.
-Have been making greeting cards for 5 years and continuously update with new designs.
-Our experts design the creative and wording for your card.
-Personalise and awesome greeting cards for friends and family via technology in conjunction with Electronic era.
-High quality, satisfying greeting cards look just like real cards.
-Can be customised according to user preference and drop a mail to people you care about.
-Free to include own messages, photos and graphics of own choice.

— Compatibility Notes —
Best compatible with iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, iPad2, iPad, iPod Touch and of course the brand new
iPhone 4S.

For help, contact us at [email protected]


Sending out greetings is so important now. Make sure your send your warmest greetings to those that you care about.


“My classmates that I had lost contact for 5 years actually meet up for a drink just because I sent them e-card last year. This is so fantastic!” Lynda Griffin

“I always struggle on choosing nice wording for my greeting card. Thanks completing it for me. Keep up the work!” John Powell, UK

iChild World : Our objective is to provide best quality, satisfying product solutions to user.…/id501618527

Minor bug fix & better user experience.

Price: Free
Version: 2.1
Size: 12.91 MB
Seller: Kai Shien Cheong
Released: 2012-02-29 23:32:13
Updated: 2013-06-07 01:25:38

Modern U.S. Military Air Power Modern U.S. Military Air Power

Modern US Air Power is a stunning collection of U.S. Military Aircraft from the Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines featuring fighters, bombers, helicopters and transports. * Hundreds of Images with captions describing the action. * Save as Wallpaper or share on Facebook! Even add music from your iTunes library to play while watching a slideshow of incredible images!…/id498851633

– Improved thumbnail viewer
– UI Updates

Price: $0.99 USD
Version: 1.1
Size: 371.15 MB
Seller: Banzai Labs Inc. (Banzai Labs)
Released: 2012-02-29 23:32:07
Updated: 2012-05-10 14:05:03

Говорим Ш правильно!Буква_звук Говорим Ш правильно!Буква_звук

• Обучение правильному произношению детей 5-7 лет.
• Профилактика шепелявости у детей 2-4 лет.
• Повышает эффективность индивидуальных занятий логопеда.

Частное занятие #логопедМосква от 1200 руб. Требуется от 5 и более занятий.
Думайте сами, решайте сами!

«Говорим Ш-Ж правильно» – LIGHT ВЕРСИЯ – первое логопедическое приложение в русском App Store! Оно помогает детишкам с 2012г.

Сложные вещи объясняются простым и понятным языком, подкрепляются видео материалами.
В приложении показан процесс постановки звука. Ребенок во время съемки произносит его впервые в жизни!!!
Чтобы получить результат, интонации логопеда немного эмоциональны. 🙂 Ее речь передает вам и невербальную информацию, консистенцию многолетнего опыта, поэтому дикторская озвучка принципиально не используется .

Мы выбрали оптимальные упражнения, расположили их в строгой последовательности, учли нюансы детской психики и особенности преодоления дефекта.
Специальный дизайн и использование белого фона помогают дольше удерживать внимание ребенка.
Игры-упражнения задействуют слух, зрение и тактильные ощущения, что в совокупности дает очень хороший результат.

Анна Таланкина, 4 авг. 2017 г.
Спасибо авторам за приложение! Поставила дочке Ж и Ш, осваиваем Л, в перспективе Р) вижу результат занятий, все подробно и доступно.

Учитесь с нами другим звукам:
«Р, Рь Говорим правильно»
«Л, Ль Говорим правильно»

Пособие “Говорим правильно” эффективно использовать в совместных занятиях с ребенком.
Это ваш домашний логопед и инструмент для работы.
– проводите занятия в комфортном месте и в удобное для вас время;
– развлеките малыша полезной игрой;
– укрепите его самооценку новыми победами в обучении!

Хватит шепелявить! :))

Наталья Сарычева
логопед, издатель


При возникновение тех. проблем с приложением обратитесь в поддержку [email protected] Опишите, какое у вас устройство и возникшую проблему.

*** Если вы по каким-то причинам вы не можете купить платную версию, напишите в поддержку [email protected], вышлем вам промо-код для бесплатной установки***

>>> Вы можете вернуть деньги, если приложение оказалось несовместимым с вашим устройством.…/id505136278

совместимо с iOS 11

Price: $1.99 USD
Version: 1.3.5
Size: 32.15 MB
Seller: Katerina Sarycheva (Sarychava Natallia)
Released: 2012-02-29 23:32:06
Updated: 2017-11-03 19:29:15

Günthner FLEXI Produktfinder Günthner FLEXI Produktfinder

Mit dem Günthner FLEXI Produktfinder können Sie ganz einfach durch Eingabe einiger Parameter Informationen zu dem richtigen Rolladen oder Raffstore finden und ein Informationsblatt per Email versenden.…/id505185653

Neue Option für Holz oder Mauerwerk.
– Fix in Kontakt

Price: Free
Version: 1.31
Size: 3.82 MB
Seller: Josef Guenthner GmbH & Co KG (Josef Günthner GmbH & Co.KG)
Released: 2012-02-29 23:31:54
Updated: 2014-12-12 20:09:24