Time Travel – Chronicles Time Travel – Chronicles

Timeline app with 40,000+ events, 7,000+ map location data for World, Earth, Music, and Movie. Edit and customize as you like.

Three surprises

#1 UNIQUE features no other apps ever have
#2 LARGE volume of event data no other apps ever have
#3 FREE price even with the said two surprises


– a multi-layered time table structure in the scale up from billion of years down to day & time
This feature enables to cover the all ages and it is the most simple method to grasp the timeline in every scale of time. The simplicity is the gem for usability and good understanding. Only Time Travel has this feature.

– able to zoom in/out of the time
User can move down to lower level of layers by selecting the cell of the table. Time Travel has layers for years of billion, hundred million, ten million, million, hundred thousand, ten thousand, and down to millennium, century, decade, year, month, and day & time.

– links to outside resources and to the map
The bottom layer is the “Article” level where you can read quoted text from Wikipedia and there are links to Wikipedia, Google Image, and YouTube as well to Map with pin-pointed location to show the historical site.

– a cross-referencability
You can not only scroll up/down the time or zoom in/out of time in one chronicle, but also go swipe right/left to other chronicles in the same period of time enabling you to have better understanding of that time.

– a chronological Map
Map screen shows up to 200 pins to show the historical sites. Tap the pin, then you can jump to the article page and then to Wikipedia, Google Image and YouTube. Tap the “Play” button, then you can see the chronological sequence of events in your selected area of the map. (As of now, “History of World” has more than 7,000 location data to show the pins.)

– easy to create
Select the type of chronicle, your icon and title, now you will have created your own chronicle. Then enter your data.

– easy to share
You can create your chronicle and share it with your friends or publish it in Library.

– fun to customize
The text font and background are editable.


(as of August 2019)

Articles : 20,472
Location data : 8,041

Articles : 10,108
Location data : 16

Articles : 13,684
Location data : 0

Articles : 1,147
Location data : 97


Automatic update function implemented (Sync with Realtime DB of Firebase)
Themes of Skin newly added (selectable sets of font size/color/type and background color)
Some minor bugs fixed

Price: Free
Version: 2.1.0
Size: 33.72 MB
Seller: yoshiie hamada
Released: 2014-04-23 20:32:08
Updated: 2019-08-26 14:34:18