Krizové řízení Krizové řízení

Manuál pro krizové řízení

Přehledné krizové řízení pro školy a školská zařízení v případě vzniku následujících situací:

– Smogová situace
– Záplavy či povodně
– Technické problémy
– Azbest v budově
– Požár / Bombová hrozba
– Karanténa
– Úmrtí ve škole
– Nátlakové násilí

Aplikace dále obsahuje:

– Důležitá telefonní čísla
– Důležité dokumenty ke stažení
– Plné znění Manuálů pro krizové řízení…/id881496026


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FiRE Trainer FiRE Trainer

The FiRE Training app takes the guess work out of your workouts. Register with FiRE Training using the app and start working toward your goals. Choose your goal and fitness level and the App will recommend a fitness program for your specific needs. Complete workouts to earn FiRE Power a dynamic measure of your workout performance. Complete all the workouts in your program to earn more FiRE power and be rewarded. Watch detailed exercise videos and step by step uides to master every move and train like a pro. Track your progress including personal best workout times, points and body weight.…/id881402430

fixed layout issues
fixed facebook login problem on iPhone5

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Rhodosfester Rhodosfester

Upptäck appen som gör din Rhodos resa ett minne för livet. Få erbjudanden från Rhodos största nattklubbar, inbjudningar till stora dagsevent och allt annat som du inte vill missa när du besöker Rhodos.…/id880985795

– Booking tab functionality with paypal

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3D动物海洋版 for iPhone 3D动物海洋版 for iPhone

3D Animals of Sea—the best iOS apps for kids to learn Animals
Under the vast oceans, what kind of life is living? Blue whales? Sharks? Sea turtles? Dolphins? In fact, the lives under the sea are much more than we can think. This “3D Animals of Sea” is the best educational apps for kids to learn the knowledge of marine life, which is designed for children who are under 10 years old. When our kids install the app, they are immediately taken into the colorful undersea world ! There are colorful clownfish , cute white whale, “undersea aircraft” manta ray , “living fossils” horseshoe crab, etc, as many as 30 kinds of distinctive marine life!
In this app, each animal has matched the detailed description , including English and Chinese name, living area, favorite food and characteristics. The 3D technology makes all the scenes and props more realistic, so children is able to observe these animals in 360 °viewing angle. It’s no doubt that the wonderful app is very helpful to develop children’s observation skills , memory and coordination. At the same time, children is able to learn more knowledge of marine life during the entertainment.
Features :
1.Use 3D technology, making the scenes more realistic.
2.Provide English and Chinese versions , and each version has the introductory text and voice .
3.Each animal has interesting action show and can be highly interactive with kids.
4.Animal knowledge test can enhance kids’ memory.
5.Kids are free to choose food to feed these cute animals.
6.The gorgeous visuals and wonderful background music make kids fall in love with it.…/id880937654

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Trento – The City in Your Pocket Trento – The City in Your Pocket


“Trento – The City in Your Pocket”, the official app of the Municipality of Trento, renovates completely, presenting a new look, with a more intuitive user interaction, and with a faster and more dynamic content update mode, that allows to always show up-to-date information and provide services tailored to the needs of the user.

The current version is aimed primarily at tourists, but soon the app will integrate a set of functionalities that are specific for residents.

– Information about the city (history, statistics , recurring events, …)
– Information on the cultural offerings (historic buildings, museums, churches, nature , archeology, …)
– Information about events (exhibitions, fairs, shows, competitions, conferences, …)
– Information on tourist trails
– Information about hotels and restaurants
– Information on general purpose services (tourist card , free wi-fi, pharmacies, emergency numbers, tourism offices, information for impaired people, …)
– Visualization of geo-referenced content on a map
– Filtering, sorting, searching and sharing of contents
– Possibility to get in touch directly by mail/phone/web, whenever possible
– Link to the app ViaggiaTrento for the latest information on mobility (timetables and delays of public transport, parkings, …)
– Ability to save their favorite content

The app is developed in close collaboration with the Municipality of Trento and is the result of a joint initiative involving the Consortium of Trentino Municipalities, Bruno Kessler Foundation and the Smart Campus project. Such initiative aims to provide to all the Trentino municipalities the opportunity to acquire an app like “Trento – The City in Your Pocket”.…/id881529924

– Descriptions improved and enriched
– Translations improved and completed
– Added actions (phone, email, web) for some contents
– Fixed some issues

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Version: 3.1.1
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派客罗帝 派客罗帝


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中国典当平台(第一手典当商机) 中国典当平台(第一手典当商机)



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Version: 2.2.69
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Updated: 2015-01-15 23:30:53

Pupil Distance Meter  PD ruler Pupil Distance Meter PD ruler

New! redesigned Pupil Distance Meter – quick and accurate mobile solution for pupillary distance (PD) measurement with camera. Check your interpupillary distance (IPD) before ordering prescription eye- or sunglasses or VR headset.

Now you can get accurate PD yourself using a standard size card (library, grocery, gift, etc) as a reference and device camera. No rulers or mirrors needed.

See detailed step-by-step instructions in the app. To get accurate and consistent pupillary distance two successive pictures has to be taken and marked according to the guide. Then the app estimates average distance between eyes.

– distance and near ( reading ) PD
– step by step guide
– back and Front Camera support
– image zoom and pan for accurate rulers adjustment
– edit measurement
– share results with picture attached
– countdown timer when pictures are taken

If you find the app useful please support it with your feedback and comment. Feel free to contact [email protected] with any questions, comments, suggestions or if you need any assistance with the app.…/id881260173

– complete redesign and new approach
– improved stability and accuracy of measurements
– distance and reading / near PD
– step-by-step instructions
– bug fix

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