Évindító 2016 Évindító 2016

A Magyar Telekom februárban rendezi 2016-os Évindító rendezvényét, az applikáció a helyszíni tájékozódást segíti a vállalat munkatársai számára.
Az applikációt csak az arra jogosult felhasználók érhetik el, ezért a belépés azonosításhoz kötött. Az applikáció tartalmazza a rendezvénnyel kapcsolatos legfontosabb tudnivalókat, az esemény pontos programjának leírását, a meghívott előadókkal, fellépőkkel kapcsolatos információkat.

Magyar Telekom shall hold its year-2016 Kick-off event in February. The application is designed to help employees of the company find their way at the location.
The application is to be accessible only by authorized users, thus log-in is subject to identification. The app includes the most important details about the event, the specific program, including speakers, performers.


Minor bugfix.

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Version: 1.2
Size: 16.01 MB
Seller: T-Systems Magyarorszag Zartkoruen Mukodo Reszvenytarsasag (T-Systems Magyarország Zrt.)
Released: 2016-01-31 23:53:17
Updated: 2016-02-10 13:13:14


This is the new app of ISCOMS, the International Student Congress of (bio)Medical Sciences. This app will provide you with everything you need to know about the congress. You can access:
– Your personalised schedule
– The abstracts
– Voting modules
And lots more!


– Performance improvements

Price: Free
Version: 1.20
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Seller: Errol Aarnink
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Updated: 2017-05-31 20:45:57

中皮网 中皮网




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Version: 1.2
Size: 22.99 MB
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Released: 2016-01-31 23:42:28
Updated: 2016-03-26 02:04:52

Vocabulary Builder – Learning English in Context Vocabulary Builder – Learning English in Context

This app is developed to help you learn English vocabulary, collocations, idioms, phrasal verbs.

Complete Feature List
– highlight words, idioms, collocations, phrasal verbs with their definitions and and usage examples.
– use flashcard to review list of words, idioms, collocations, phrasal verbs
– bookmark words, idioms, collocations
– long press any words to see their definition or translation
– new articles will be added daily

● This app is also included in bundles:
– English for Success – complete
– English for Success – second bundle


Thank you for using our app. In this version, we added a feature to browser list of words. We also fixed some bugs.

Price: $0.99 USD
Version: 1.5
Size: 6.63 MB
Seller: Nguyen Dung
Released: 2016-01-31 23:40:44
Updated: 2016-04-15 01:04:22

LoganHD LoganHD

Logan HD is video monitoring software for IPC and DVR. With cloud technology, easy log in by the device’s serial number to show the live view monitoring video to phone and do operation accordingly.

Support log in with cloud technology

Support real time live view

Support remote playback

Local recording and play

Support snapshot and pictures searching

Support bidirectional talk

Support PTZ control

Support scanning serial number by QR code

Support cloud user register and modify

Support remote device add, edit and delete

Support local device add, edit and delete

Support adding device by address

Support manually searching device in LAN

Support searching device function by shake



Price: Free
Version: 3.0.0
Size: 58.03 MB
Seller: Jose Espinoza
Released: 2016-01-31 23:32:25
Updated: 2017-06-09 07:08:19

Wedding Frames 2 Wedding Frames 2

Getting married soon? Want to have your wedding photos taken beautifully?

How about creating the beautiful wedding photos yourself?

Free wedding photo frames for quick download. Easy to use format. Different beautifully designed wedding frames available for you to choose from. Just select any of the wide collection of picture frames and shoot your lovely wedding pictures.

A beautiful wedding portrait is the culmination of a beautiful marriage, capturing the most memorable moment of a couple tying the knot together. Such memorable pictures should not settle for less but go for the most beautiful frames to complement them. Only then they are worthy to be kept in the wedding photos album.

Photos with the wedding frames can be saved and shared through your social media sites. Or you can edit them to be sent as wedding invitation cards with your photos in them!

Also included are some pretty valentine photo frames, love frames or romantic photo frames to complement your collection of romantic pictures decorated with beautiful picture frames.

A must-have camera photo frame app for your smartphones to capture all your memorable pictures any time anywhere. You DO NOT NEED to be a professional photographer to be able to create lovely pictures yourself irrespective of what bridal gown you donned on.

Simply scroll down and tap on the camera icon on the camera screen and then click on the “+” sign button and swipe to select the wide range of wedding camera photo frames you like and start shooting your wedding photos.

You can go to the FUN CAMERA function to edit the photos. Download this wedding camera photo frames app and start exploring its functions and take some great pictures with it!


Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 78.49 MB
Seller: Lee Joo Tai
Released: 2016-01-31 23:32:24

Israelite C.O.G.I.C. Israelite C.O.G.I.C.

This app allows users to engage with Israelite Church of God In Christ using various exciting features like Facebook, Twitter and many more..

In just a three-bedroom house that was converted into a sanctuary, did the Israelite Church of God in Christ began in 1972 when Elder Roosevelt Dunn, his wife and then, seven children move to Colorado Springs from Los Angeles, California. In those days, there was nothing but cows and pasture in that particular area. Nevertheless, not only did Colorado Springs began to grow by enormous leaps and bounds but also the Israelite Church. It only took a couple of years before a church structure was sought out by the faithful supporters of the ministry and just down the street at 123 Security Boulevard did they locate one.

The Israelite Church of God in Christ Ministries continues its mission in 2012 and beyond as it provides an exceptional ministry staff that is trained to meet the needs of God’s people. We encourage you to preview the video profiles of our leadership staff and register through iVision to learn more about the vision and mission of each of our auxiliaries.


New features are now available with this version.

Price: Free
Version: 1.1
Size: 34.16 MB
Seller: Pidex Inc (Pidex Inc.)
Released: 2016-01-31 23:30:25
Updated: 2016-08-05 21:05:05

LiveLogik Pro LiveLogik Pro

LiveLogik Pro is a video streaming and picture capturing app designed specifically for insurance field claims professionals. Using this app, field adjusters, assessors, contractors, remediation and other field professionals are able to capture visual loss documentation of motor or property insurance claims. They can do this through video or pictures or share what they are seeing with the main office or other remote employees with live video interaction.

LiveLogik Pro delivers many features such as live streaming using high quality adaptable video, multi-channel sharing of the visual stream, offline recording and synchronization for environments with poor connectivity, and more. 

The data captured using LiveLogik Pro is stored consistently within the LiveLogik portal for viewing, collaboration, information management, archival and reporting. Part of the LiveLogik real-time guidance platform, this app also offers cloud based recording and storage options, metadata and analytics, and sharing configurations depending on the business needs.

Features include:
– Simple and easy to use
– Simultaneous use of phone with visual stream
– Offline video and picture capture and synchronization
– Cloud based recording and storage/replay options
– Multi-channel sharing of the visual stream
– Ubiquitous access to real-time stream on any internet connected device
– Adapted for highest quality video at connection speeds and device capabilities available over 3G, 4G, and WiFi
– Geo location metadata
– Enterprise level support 

Requirements and Recommendations:
– LiveLogik Pro will consume battery power. For best results, ensure you have adequate battery remaining and have unnecessary apps closed out on the mobile device.
– LiveLogik Pro consumes streaming data bandwidth. Please check with your service provider for any potential data charges the video transmission will incur, or utilize a WiFi connection or a hotspot.
– Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
– LiveLogik Pro handles synchronization of offline recordings in background if synchronization is enabled. 
– Please be aware of your environment to protect yourself from accidental streaming of legally protected or private property.
– If any unexpected issues are encountered, we encourage you to provide feedback or contact support so we can improve our services.


– Enhancements

Price: Free
Version: 1.5
Size: 25.22 MB
Seller: Livegenic Inc
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Updated: 2017-09-03 16:59:26