EasySolar – Photovoltaic Monitoring App EasySolar – Photovoltaic Monitoring App

EasySolar is the most user-friendly app for monitoring photovoltaic systems, allowing not only to monitor current energetic yields, but also control economical efficiency of indoor power usage, enabling users to generate even more savings and gains from the sales of energy.

EasySolar app completely changes the approach to photovoltaic system monitoring. Some of its brilliant features are:
– finance monitoring – generated savings and gains from the sales of energy
– monitoring of economic efficiency of the system
– monitoring of current production of energy
– monitoring of indoor energy usage
– current weather
– weather forecast for the next 10 days allowing to better plan the use of the system
– historical data

The app works with inverters:
– SolarEdge
– Spirvent
– coming soon: integration with other producers

EasySolar to najbardziej przyjazna dla użytkownika aplikacja do monitorowania systemów fotowoltaicznych, pozwalająca nie tylko monitorować aktualne uzyski energetyczne, ale również kontrolować efektywność ekonomiczną wykorzystania energii w budynku, przez co pozwala zwiększyć użytkownikowi jeszcze bardziej generowane oszczędności i zyski ze sprzedaży energii.

Aplikacja EasySolar całkowicie zmienia podejście do monitoringu systemów fotowoltcznych. Niektóre z jej niesamowitych funkcji to:

– monitoring finansów – generowanych oszczędności i zysków ze sprzedaży energii,
– monitorowanie efektywności ekonomicznej systemu,
– monitoring produkcji energii aktualnej,
– monitoring wykorzystania energii w budynku,
– aktualna pogoda,
– prognoza pogody na najbliższe 10 dni pozwalająca lepiej zaplanować wykorzystanie systemu,
– dane historyczne.

Aplikacja współpracuje z inwerterami:
– SolarEdge
– Spirvent
– wkrótce integracja z kolejnymi producentami.


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Угадайка – Угадываем слова Угадайка – Угадываем слова

Угадайка – красочная развивающая игра с большим количеством симпатичных персонажей.

В игре предстоит угадывать слова подставляя буквы в нужные места на экране. Каждой загаданной букве соответсвует картинка-подсказка, помогающая подставить правильную букву.

Например, слово КОТ будет зашифровано так:

К – Коза
О – Орел
Т – Тигр

А чтобы играть было намного интересней, в конце каждого уровня Вашего ребенка ждет сюрприз – красивая картинка загаданного персонажа.


Доступна во всех странах

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中国玻璃钢网 中国玻璃钢网



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Off the Table Off the Table

Use your strategy to win the game!

Can’t find a game for two? Off The Table is the choice for multiplayers. Flick your friend’s ball off the table using your strategy!
In 2-player mode, each one has 10 shots in one round. Various props to make the ball either bigger or smaller. Additional
bombs to destroy everything on the table.
Use your brain, caculate the angle, your mission is to shoot your component’s ball off the table, and keep your balls remain as many as possible.

In 1-player mode, there are over 100+ challenging levels with amazing gameplay mechanics. Fast-moving obstacles, sliders, bombs…

Endless fun even playing alone, which is a best chance practicing your skills and fight with friends!

Invite your friends and compete on one device now!


Multiplayers mode and single player mode.
2 players on 1 device.
Use your brain to win in 10 shots.
Self-practice with interesting props.
100+ levels with amazing mechanics.


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海鲜网 海鲜网




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Cocktails Academy Cocktails Academy

Learn the secrets of making perfect Cocktails with this collection of 295 tuitional video lessons.

Lessons include:
How to Sweeten and Sugar Your Drink
How to Make a Bloody Mary
How to Make a Caipirinha
How to Make a Daiquiri
How to Make a Gin Tonic
How to Make Irish Coffee
How to Make a Classic Manhattan
How to Make a Margarita
How to Make a Classic Martini
How to Make a Mint Julep
How to Make a Mojito
How to Make a Negroni
How to Make a Pisco Sour
How to Make a Sazerac
How to Make a Sidecar
How to Make a Tom Collins
How to Create a Foamy Top with Egg Whites Dry Shaking
How to Strain a Mojito Fine Straining
How to Flame a Twist
How to Strain a Mint Julep
How to Make a Lemon Twist
How to Muddle Mint Leaves
How to Muddle Lime with Sugar
How to Rim a Glass with Salt
How to Rim a Glass with Sugar
The Rinse Technique
How to Roll a Bloody Mary
Shaken not Stirred or Stirred not Shaken
How to Shake a Drink the Right Way
How to Stir a Drink
How to Swirl Bitters in a Pisco Sour Surface Decorations
How to Swizzle a Drink
Gin and Tonic – Why You Should Be Picky About Your Tonic
How to Use a Jigger and Measure Cocktails
How to Strain a Cocktail with a Hawthorne Strainer
How to Build a Cocktail – Jim Meehan
Add a Mint Garnish to Your Mint Julep with Style
How to Make the Mercy Mercy
Joseph Schwartz and His Passion for Making Cocktails
Jim Meehan and His Passion for Making Cocktails
How to Make Cocktails at Home
Why Use Fresh Juice When Making Cocktails – Joseph Schwartz
How to make the perfect Old Fashioned
Dry Martini cocktail recipe – Waitrose
Manhattan Cocktail – How to make a Manhattan Cocktail Recipe by Drink Lab Popular
TDSTV Cocktail Tutorial with Andy Pearson Manhattan
Traditional Margarita Cocktail – The Proper Pour with Charlotte Voisey – Small Screen
TDSTV Cocktail Tutorial with Andy Pearson Daiquiri
Margarita Cocktail – How to make a Margaritas Cocktail Recipe by Drink Lab Popular
Courvoisier Sidecar Cocktail
French 75 Cocktail Recipe – How to Make a French 75 Cocktail
Bloody Mary – Shaker BarSchool
Bloody Mary cocktail recipe – Waitrose
Jack Rose – A Prohibition-Era Cocktail Made with a Truly American Spirit
Unusual Negroni Cocktail – The Proper Pour with Charlotte Voisey – Small Screen
How to Make a Negroni
Boulevardier Cocktail – Bourbon and Campari How To Make
How To Make A New Orleans Sazerac Cocktail
TDSTV Cocktail Tutorial with Andy Pearson Tom Collins
TDSTV Cocktail Tutorial with Andy Pearson Bellini
TDSTV Cocktail Tutorial with Andy Pearson Mojito
TDSTV Cocktail Tutorial with Andy Pearson Martini
TDSTV Cocktail Tutorial with Andy Pearson Cosmopolitan
How to Make a Tequila Sunrise – Cocktail Tutorial – Cocktails U
How to Make a Harvey Wallbanger – Cocktail Tutorial – Cocktails U
Sea Breeze – Shaker BarSchool
How to Make a Between The Sheets Savory Cocktails
How to Make a Gimlet Cocktail – Liquorcom
White Lady Cocktail
Whiskey Sour – Shaker BarSchool
Flame of Love Cocktail – The Proper Pour with Charlotte Voisey – Small Screen
Navy and Army Cocktail – The Proper Pour with Charlotte Voisey – Small Screen
Violet Fizz Cocktail – The Proper Pour with Charlotte Voisey – Small Screen
Blue Hawaii Cocktail – How to make a Blue Hawaii Cocktail Recipe by Drink Lab Popular
Mai Tai – Shaker BarSchool
Malibu Bay Breeze – How to make a Malibu Bay Breeze Cocktail
Blue Lagoon Cocktail – How to make a Blue Lagoon Cocktail Recipe by Drink Lab Popular
Ginger Punch cocktail recipe – Waitrose
Pink Gin Tonic cocktail recipe – Waitrose
Festive Negroni – Waitrose
Cocktail making how to make a Japanese slipper
White Russian cocktail How to make recipe
Flying Grasshopper
Cocktail Sex On The Beach
Sex on the Beach Cocktail – How to make a Sex on the Beach Cocktail Recipe Popular
How to Make the Sazerac Cocktail
How to Make the Corpse Reviver No 2 Cocktail
How to make a White Lady
How to make a Tom Collins
How to make a Toblerone
How to make a Tequila Sunrise
How to make a Snowball
and more.


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School Bus Builder Factory & Repair Simulator School Bus Builder Factory & Repair Simulator

School Bus Simulator & Maker Factory – Mechanic Factory Games

i) Repair
ii) Paint
iii) Design
iv) Mechanic & Garage simulator

School bus car lovers you are going to have best experience in our motor school bus car maker, factory simulator game for girls, you are going to have a lots of fun with numerous beautiful sports buses, with lots of modern mechanic tools available in the garage for school bus repair, paint, design, and test your own real auto factory made customized super cool bus. Mechanic George will be readily available to provide his best services & help in workshop in this best school bus maker game.

Everybody loves their vehicle in their own choice of color and some people are really concerned with their beauty so they take care of their motor bus by themselves and have them checked by professionals and skillful bus doctors. In this bus repair & builder shop you will be choosing a wreck school bus from the garage in very wreck state, it will be your job to operate in the factory to give it stunning look make your shinny bus your best dream school bus in our this girls game.


Select your favorite bus from the wreckage using crane to fix its dent and make it a neat & clean.

School Bus Car Assembly

Time to have some extreme fun take the body of the selected bus to the assembly line most of the work in here will be automated but their will be some parts that you will be adjusting manually and for your help mechanic George will be readily available. He is an experienced auto factory machine handler. Join him and start fixing the parts with the school bus body at front, sides and at the rear, fix steering wheel, bus car seats, side doors, mirrors, back lights, front lights, alloy rims & some awesome sports cars tires.

Paint & Body Repair

This is a challenging and time taking part some of the machinery in this crazy car salon will be automated and some will require a professional services to make it work properly. You have to chose your favorite color and apply it through paint machines available in the factory. Some of the damages and dents will be fixed in this step of assembly line.Accompany the Mechanic George and take your fresh new ride to drive to the race tracks, for some drag racing & dirt racing.

This the our best game in autos washing,cleaning,repairing games. Check our other nice wash games & rate us and give your feedback at [email protected]


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盘锦宋大房 盘锦宋大房



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