OX Dice App OX Dice App

The best dice rolling app on the App store!
OX the App is a companion app for OX the Game; a two-player portable table-top game.

– Roll the dice on your smartphone instead of a table!
– Use it when you don’t have space to roll dice, like on an aeroplane!
– Or where you don’t want to make too much noise, like in a library!
– The play section includes prompts to remind you who’s turn it is.
– The games’ instructions are shown in the app with images to help explain the rules.
– The community section has links to OX’s social media pages so you can let us know how and where you play.
– The app can be used in ‘Classic Mode’ as a simple dice rolling app for use with other games.

To find out more about the game, please check out our website www.oxthegame.co.uk

This app was brought to you by Graham Ranson of @GlitchGames, if you like the app you should check out their other games too.

OX the Game
Play fast, play again.


* Fixed Instagram images on Community page.
* Removed all analytics tracking.

Price: Free
Version: 1.1
Size: 10.63 MB
Seller: Graham Ranson
Released: 2018-02-28 23:58:41
Updated: 2019-01-29 13:18:54

Notebook by Cheqdin Notebook by Cheqdin

Notebook is an all-in one, complete childcare solution for Childcare centres and parents. With the Notebook app, childcare centres such as Nurseries, Out of School Clubs, Preschools and childminders can manage their day to day business with ease and go paperless, reduce administrative workload, save valuable time and money. Our sought-after app in the early education sector is creating smiles, capturing priceless moments and improving communication between childcare providers and parents across the globe. With Notebook by your side, engage and collaborate more with parents and get great features like secure real-time photo and video sharing, instant messaging, daily reports and much more, all in one powerful yet simple app.

Notebook is an app that seamlessly connects the early years community like no other. Our app works with a cohesive childcare software system that has been built from the ground up by closely working with childcare providers from the early years sector.

The Notebook app comes with a plethora of features which are innovative yet simple!

+ Daily Diaries and Reports
Childcare centres can send daily reports of play and activity to parents at the touch of a button. Send it as it happens or at your preferred time.

+ Photos & Videos
Daycare centres can keep parents engaged by sharing precious snapshots of the day with parents.

+ Instant Messaging
Childcare centres and parents can quickly communicate privately in one on one chat sessions.

+ Digital Planners
Save time with digital auto fill meal menu planners, send reminders, post play, naps and mood activity to parent’s timeline and much more!

+ Digital Attendance tracker and summary at a glance
Quickly view and keep track of occupancy levels at your settings with our occupancy indicators and upcoming sessions trackers.

The Notebook app helps you manage the day to day activities at your setting like managing children’s attendance, optimise occupancy levels, share photos and videos, send daily reports to parents.

Psst… If you are a childcare provider and not registered with us, please visit www.cheqdin.com or email us at hello@cheqdin.com


We regularly update the app to bring you the best Notebook experience.

This release includes bug fixes and stability improvements. Thank you for choosing Notebook by Cheqdin.

Price: Free
Version: 2.0
Size: 61.38 MB
Seller: Databotix Limited
Released: 2018-02-28 23:48:35
Updated: 2019-10-31 18:29:26

包乡人 包乡人



完善功能, 修改BUG

Price: Free
Version: 1.2
Size: 38.57 MB
Seller: Weilue Zhiheng (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. (微略智恒(北京)科技有限公司)
Released: 2018-02-28 23:47:43
Updated: 2018-04-12 05:11:48

KPMG Brasil KPMG Brasil

Plataforma digital da KPMG Brasil.

Conteúdos elaborados por nossos profissionais para quem busca uma fonte de conhecimento especializada e confiável.

Aqui você encontra notícias, vídeos, podcasts, entrevistas, além de publicações, eventos, informações sobre a KPMG e uma rádio com programação especial.

Desenvolvido por Tonica.ag


Melhorias de usuabilidade.

Price: Free
Version: 3.4.0
Size: 34.42 MB
Released: 2018-02-28 23:47:20
Updated: 2019-10-07 21:58:57

Unicorn Bird Watch: retro jump Unicorn Bird Watch: retro jump

A new gameplay for jumping game, now available for Apple watch, iphone and ipad.
* Feature real physic jumping gameplay!
* This is a side scrolling action game, your adventure never ends.
* Artistic old-days flat coloring.
* Beautiful sounds, even on watch version.

It’s a product from Cakeogame, we commit to update our games regularly.
Music by Mittensさん.


* new leaderboard
* share your highscore

Price: $0.99 USD
Version: 1.1
Size: 29.89 MB
Seller: Than Toan
Released: 2018-02-28 23:47:10
Updated: 2018-03-21 22:15:54

龙文钢材网 龙文钢材网




Price: Free
Version: 1.2.6
Size: 35.77 MB
Seller: Chongqing WenXun technology co. LTD (重庆文讯科技)
Released: 2018-02-28 23:46:22
Updated: 2018-06-07 14:27:10

Relax Melodies, Sleep, Calm Relax Melodies, Sleep, Calm

The best app for sleep and relaxation, you can regain control over insomnia, night time anxiety and tinnitus. Choose your own with nature sounds, white noise and melodies, and sleep like never before!

White noise (hair dryer, airplane, dryer, vacuum, fan noise)
Water sounds (rainstorm, ocean, slow waves, lapping water)
Meditation music (voices, instruments, ambient melodies)
Nature sounds (wind, rustling leaves, birds, crackling fire)
And so much more


Add a guided meditation to your sleep sounds and white noise to help you with:

Stress and anxiety

Perfect for relaxation and rest


Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 60.57 MB
Seller: Ayoub El Omrani
Released: 2018-02-28 23:46:01

Aboriginal Cultural Practices Aboriginal Cultural Practices

The Aboriginal Cultural Practices App for Health Care Professionals is a free, iOS app developed to support health care staff to provide culturally responsive care services for Aboriginal patients. Created in partnership with local First Nation communities in the Vancouver region, the app gives access to cultural guidelines that aim to help health care staff understand and work with Aboriginal health practices and beliefs.

Whether you’re a physician, nurse, social worker or allied health care professional, this free Aboriginal Cultural Practices app can help you find clear, in-depth and specific information about Indigenous values, practices and concepts around health now available at your fingertips on your mobile device. Our Aboriginal Cultural Practices app compiles more than a dozen topics in an easy to use navigation menu, and includes entries on:

Spiritual practices,
Cultural valuables
Family support
Body parts,
Family support,
Traditional healing and medicine,
Traditional foods,
Organ donation,
Discharge planning,
Birth & Death.

Other features include:

· A search function that allows users to find information quickly with a next and back function to help locate the right page with ease.
· Staff note pop up window that describe each protocol in detail in an easy to find format.
· Information on our Aboriginal Patient Navigators who are a resource for acute care staff.
· Information, including key contact details, for First Nation communities around Vancouver as well as coastal communities.
· A glossary of terms and a description of more than 20 common Indigenous cultural practices such as potlatch, medicine wheel, healing circle, smudge and pipe ceremony.

If you’re a health care professional that provides care to Aboriginal patients, this Aboriginal Cultural Practices App is the perfect app for you to learn and become familiar about Indigenous ways of healing and show Aboriginal patients and their families that they can feel safe and confident in their treatment and care within our health system.


Bug fixing

Price: Free
Version: 1.1
Size: 37.02 MB
Seller: 0826668 B.C. LTD.
Released: 2018-02-28 23:45:53
Updated: 2018-03-16 22:26:27

Umlauf Umlauf

Umlauf is your app that helps you separate your residues for better recycling. If the product is already in the database Umlauf will tell you in which bin to dispose the package, if not yet in the database you can contribute the community and register the product for future recycling.

Umlauf also help you to count the materials you have separated and recycled.


We added common items that do not have a barcode, but our users wanted to know how to recycle.

Price: Free
Version: 2.4
Size: 47.02 MB
Seller: Zair Dominguez Trinidad
Released: 2018-02-28 23:45:53
Updated: 2019-06-26 16:49:39

Terry Trexler Real Estate Terry Trexler Real Estate

The Trexler Real Estate powered by eXp Realty home search app brings the most accurate and up-to-date real estate information right to your phone and/or mobile device! Find homes throughout the Coastal Virginia / Hampton Roads real estate market which includes Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, and Portsmouth. With the Trexler Real Estate home search app, you have access to ALL homes for sale throughout our local market. With just a tap, you can see pictures and get detailed information for any home currently for sale or for rent. You can even search for Open Houses!

Search “Closest Homes” to find homes that are near you anytime. Whether you’re driving through a neighborhood you like or simply sitting at home and curious about your neighborhood. Its all right in the palm of your hand! You can easily search for New Listings as well for homes that just hit the market.

Use the Trexler Real Estate search app anytime, anywhere to search for homes by address, city, or zip code. The Trexler Real Estate search app will give you all the details you need about any home…price, square footage, taxes, features, descriptions, pictures, maps, schools and so much more! Save your favorite homes to view later or share them to your friends and family right from them app! Even post them to fb or twitter.
Last but not least, when you have questions or want to tour a home for sale, press the “Contact” feature to call or email a Trexler Real Estate representative who will be more than happy to assist you.


• Performance enhancements
• Stability fixes

Price: Free
Version: 5.600.45
Size: 31.52 MB
Seller: Arthur Trexler
Released: 2018-02-28 23:45:53
Updated: 2018-03-29 21:44:44