Blackboard doodles! Blackboard doodles!

Set of 42 doodle stickers for iMessage with nice app design.
If you liked that stickers, please check out my other packs by clicking on Developer button below on this page, there are a lot interesting stuff too! 🙂
For using this stickers in iOS 10, open Messages app and:
1) Tap the arrow button on the left of texting area
2) Tap the app button and then tap the 4 dots button on the bottom.
3) Tap the icon of the stickers and you can start to use them! 😉
! If you can’t find stickers after installing in iMessage dock, don’t worry, you just need to make them “on” in Manage tab in iMessage store.
If you have any questions you can contact me through Instagram, hitting support button on this page.

© Svetlana Tokarenko, illustrator
Instagram: @svetlanatokarenko…/id1434614419

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Oilypedia Oilypedia

The OilyPedia application contains the essential oils information.

OilyPedia is free for everyone, whether you just want to learn about essential oil, even those who already wear & more want to deepen about essential oil.

OilyPedia is also the community of Oils2Heal, as a source of learning & information.

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Fixed bug with push notifications

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Hyack Sushi Hyack Sushi

Located in the heart of downtown New Westminster. As the name suggests, we offer a variety of delicious Japanese cuisine in a swift manner!

With the Hyack Sushi app, ordering your favorite food to-go has never been easier. Simply open the app, browse the menu, order with a click of a button and get notified when your food is ready. Earn and redeem points for rewards and discounts! Pay fast and secure online.…/id1434622138

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葱喵儿识字-儿童故事益智游戏学汉字 葱喵儿识字-儿童故事益智游戏学汉字


○ 总有一些经典故事能引起孩子们的兴趣,无论是美丽善良的白雪公主,还是调皮可爱的孙悟空,孩子总能被深深的吸引。在故事里找寻着快乐、友爱与勇敢。那些天马行空和多姿多彩的故事,是我们孩子最好的启蒙老师。
○ 《葱喵儿识字》就是这样一款专为儿童开发设计的认字软件,在最受欢迎的世界经典故事中穿插3000个最常用的汉字、 12000个词语、3000个句子,让孩子在幼教老师的导读下、在益智游戏的启发中,快乐地认识汉字。
○ 每天10多分钟的故事情节和课程编排,让孩子轻轻松松、快快乐乐的完成识字过程。短短的一个多月时间,孩子就能自己阅读儿童读物,学前识字好帮手。
○ 市面上儿童益智游戏,宝宝游戏,幼儿英语等早教产品有很多,如悟空识字,洪恩识字,儿歌多多, 宝宝巴士, 凯叔讲故事 ,宝宝树,小伴龙,小天才等,但识字是早教的基础。


○ 官方网站:

◆ 葱喵儿,致力于为3至12岁儿童提供优秀的互联网儿童教育软件!
◆ 葱喵儿,伴随宝宝健康快乐的成长!…/id1431636712


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Hope 80/20 Coach Hope 80/20 Coach

When it comes to your journey to lose weight and prevent or manage diabetes, you need health and nutritional guidance, and resources you can trust.

At Hope 80/20, we understand that your journey is unique, and that’s why we give you easy-to-use, CDC recognized and approved resources. Now with the Hope 80/20 app combined with our unique and convenient online Program, you get the personalized guidance and motivational support of our expertly trained team, with over 30 years of experience.

The Hope 80/20 Coach app is designed to provide our clients with the simple tools they need to keep themselves accountable and on track, plus the personal resources to support their weight loss journey.

Hope 80/20 is fully recognized by the National Diabetes Prevention Program. Learn more about our coaching and program resources at

* Download the app and create your account.

* Sync your Hope 80/20 Coach app with Apple Health in one easy step and track your steps automatically using just your phone.

* Hope 80/20 Coach app also works with many of the most popular health apps and wearables including Fitbit, Garmin, Nokia Health, Runkeeper, Strava, iHealth devices and more.

* If you’re looking for social support, tap into our Hope 80/20 Community to share your journey, advice and support with other members.

* To learn more about diabetes prevention, safe weight loss the natural way, or our educational resources, please visit us at…/id1430197578

New tracking tools for your coach make it easier than ever to work together to improve your health.

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Updated: 2018-11-01 13:29:07

Groton Trail Tracker Groton Trail Tracker

The Groton Trail Tracker helps you explore trails in the Groton Trails Network of Groton Massachusetts. Each of the trails has been mapped with a set of way points to guide you over the trail. You’ll be able to see pictures and way point information, plus get directions to each of the way points from your current position.

The Groton Trail Tracker keeps track of your hiking progress. It will record each way point that you visit and when you’ve visited all the way points, it’ll mark that trail as being completed. Explore the trail at your leisure, you can always come back later and complete the rest of your way point visits.…/id1412945662

Updated trail information.

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Cookie Cake Match Cookie Cake Match

Brand New delicious Cookie Cake Match – Match 3 Games has come!
You will become as Beauty Master Chef, you need to collect super ingredients like cookie, candy, flour, sugar, jam, chocolate and so on.
You can collect the coins and exchange with some powerfull booster to help you become the legend of Cookie Master Chef.
Blast and crush your cookies in Cookie Cake Match – Match 3 Games !

How to play Cookie Cake Match – Match 3 Games :
– Swap and match cookies in line of three or more to crush them.
– The Color-changing cookie can eliminate any other colored cookie.
– Swap any 2 special cookies power-ups to create the amazing cookie smash blast effect.
– Try to earn 3 stars at each level to collect boosters to overcome levels challenges
– For every high score you get, you earn 3 general stars

Already played and enjoyed Cookie Cake Match ?
Stay tuned for updates and take a moment to leave us a review 😀…/id1434146016

-fix some level bugs

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MotoQuest MotoQuest

Aplikace je mobilní klient k webové aplikaci MotoQuest. Jedná se o elektronické vydání motorkářského průvodce Hory a zatáčky od pana Petra Fryče. Průvodce již řadu let vychází v knižní podobě. Tato elektronická podoba obsahuje mnoho tras, které dosud nebyly publikovány. Trasy je možné vybrat a zakoupit na uvedeném serveru. Poté jsou přeneseny k off-line použití do této mobilní aplikace.

V tomto prvním vydání aplikace se soustředíme zejména na digitální podobu tras. V dalších pak budeme přidávat více funkcí zaměřených na motorkáře a organizaci vyjížďěk. Aktuální pokrytí trasami je:

Černá hora

Pokrytí trasami si můžeš před zakoupením ověřit na webové mapě MotoQuest.

Pokud budeš mít s aplikací nějaké problémy, můžeš se obrátit na technickou podporu na adrese [email protected]

Pár slov od pana Fryče:

Když jsme začínali jezdit na motorkách dál nežli za humna, musel nám stačit autoatlas asi 1:250000. Jezdili jsme prostě „někam“. Celá příprava spočívala v dohodě, že někam pojedeme. Většinou až těsně před odjezdem a nebo i během prvního dne se rozhodlo, kam to vlastně bude. Improvizace. Když jsme tam přijeli tak jsme teprve hledali, kde je něco zajímavého. Nebo kde na noc složit hlavu. Což někdy byly docela nervy. Prostě styl: „Jeď kam tě oči vedou“. Pak přišli první navigace. Už jsme přece jenom začali trochu sázet na jistotu. I tak jsme museli umět pracovat s mapou. Pokud se cestou cokoliv změnilo, nastal drobný „problém“.

Pokaždé, ale až po návratu, jsem si do mapy maloval kudy jsme to vlastně jeli a psal si poznámky. Z těchto poznámek začaly vznikat cestopisy a postupně knížky v edici ALPSKÝ MOTORKÁŘSKÝ PRŮVODCE.

Ale doba si žádá své. A tak vše, co bylo popsáno v průvodcích, jsme převedli do digitální formy. Propojili s navigací, připojili ještě pár dalších život zpříjemňujících funkcí, které nelze dát na papír a tak vznikl MOTOQUEST. Tento velice komplexní informační systém už dnes zahrnuje více než 300 zajímavých, vyhlídkových tras a okruhů. Máme pokryty prakticky celé Alpy od francouzského pobřeží Středozemního moře až po Slovinsko. A k tomu ještě některá přilehlá pohoří, včetně Čech, Moravy a Slovenska. V dalších letech budeme MOTOQUEST dál rozšiřovat a doplňovat.…/id1247281095

Nová grafický vzhled
Optimalizace pro práci s velkými objemy dat
Možnost plánovat výlet a ty sdílet s ostatními uživateli

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The EAGE App features the latest event programmes and schedules for some of EAGE’s leading conferences and workshops, including the world’s largest multi-disciplinary geoscience event, the Annual Conference & Exhibition.

The EAGE App is a one-stop-shop for all information about an EAGE event including access to the technical programme and opportunities to download the latest abstracts and presentations directly to your device. Information about the venue, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors can all be found in this easy-to-use platform that can be amended to suit your personal event requirements and plans.

The EAGE App serves as a vital companion tool throughout EAGE conferences & exhibitions with notifications that bring you the latest news, alerts, last-minute schedule changes, programme highlights and it also includes opportunities to provide direct feedback via an innovative Q&A function.

The European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) is a global professional, not-for-profit association for geoscientists and engineers with approximately 19,000 members worldwide. It provides a global network of commercial and academic professionals to all members. The association is truly multi-disciplinary and international in form and pursuits.

All members of EAGE are professionally involved in (or studying) geophysics, petroleum exploration, geology, reservoir engineering, mining and mineral exploration, civil engineering, tunneling and environmental matters. EAGE operates two divisions: the Oil & Gas Geoscience Division and the Near Surface Geoscience Division. EAGE organises the following activities for its members:
• Events (conferences, exhibitions, workshops)
• Publications (journals, books)
• Educational Programmes (short courses, lectures)
• Student Programmes
• Recruitment

To learn more about EAGE, please visit…/id1434508351

Compatibility update.

Price: Free
Version: 3.2.2
Size: 40.09 MB
Seller: European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers
Released: 2018-08-31 21:28:50
Updated: 2019-09-03 07:17:06