Area Formula and Calc Area Formula and Calc

The app lists all the important Area formulas. Its very useful for student to save valuable time.

This app give you quick access to various Area Formulas. It also help you to convert acre to Hectare, cents & Sq. Meters and vice versa.

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GulshanHomz GulshanHomz

Now live a comfortable and well-facilitated life at Gulshan Homz with 24/7 assistance from the experts. You have already found your dream house, considering it as the best decision for life, it is our duty to payback for your trust that you have shown in us. To ensure that each resident of our society leads a premium standard of living and never feel uncomfortable with any circumstances or situation, we have come up with this application.

About Gulshan Homz:

(Society Name) is one of the premium luxury housing society in the region. (Society Name) is one of our finest projects that offers shape to your dreams of a perfect life in a perfect home. We have a variety of flats and villas to offer, each showcasing a holistic and congenial living approach. We chase quality and design in each of our projects and this is the reason we are a trusted by millions of homeowners. We also bring decades of experience to our work which sets us apart from the mushroom growth of builders and promoters that have clustered the market recently. By offering high-quality construction and feature-rich residential spaces, we have carved a unique identity in the market that makes is one of the most trusted luxury real estate developers in Delhi NCR. Taking forward the promise of quality that we make with our residents, we have developed this app as an approach to ensure our residents enjoy the sense of support and vigilance from our end.

Gulshan Homz Application:

The application allows the residents of the society to make their accounts on the platform to access the services offered. You can seek help for a maintenance work or complain about a society related issue or community nuisance to the right authorities through this app. The application s made exclusively for the residents of (Society Name) & is free to access. It allows the users to make contact with society administrators and experts at the same time.

Key feature:

Chat with the representatives, avail early offers, get timely services and read blogs from the experts, this application is a one point solution for all your quality living needs. It is a feature-rich app that extends a plethora of options and accesses to the users including:

• Real-time chat support

You have any problem in the society, connect with the representatives and your problem will be solved in record time. You can live chat with the administrative representatives and discuss your problems related to society. Whether it is a water leak or a maintenance concern, you are looking for an upgrade or have some suggestions to make, you can now log in to the application and connect with the right person who will help you in the best way possible.
• Blogs from the experts

Whether you are looking for some information about home decoration or want to know how to take the best care of your home, the Gulshan Homz app offers you access to a plethora of blogs written by the domain experts. From best interior designers to renovation specialist and Vastu experts to maintenance and repair professionals, take advantage of the expertise of these professionals and make informed choices in any field.…/id1465690931

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Mathematical warrior Mathematical warrior

Mathematical warriors have come to the dark world, where dangerous zombie monsters are everywhere, and only in accordance with the rules of the game can they defeat them!
An interesting arithmetic game, there is only one way to defeat the monster in this game, that is to correctly calculate the arithmetic answer.
Come and try your arithmetic skills!…/id1466209971

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Showkace Showkace

Got the chops to amaze, entertain, and inspire creativity but DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START? Showkace is a collaboration platform for talents like YOU to wow an audience and show ‘em what you got!

Create talent shows with others like you to reach new audiences through collaboration. The more shows you join, the more you get seen! Win social media shoutouts from fellow talents by getting the most Likes!

Make Showkace your stage and you, the star of the show!…/id1434993075

– Fixed bugs

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This Jungian Life This Jungian Life

This is the most convenient way to access This Jungian Life.

Eavesdrop on three Jungian analysts as they engage in lively, sometimes irreverent conversations about a wide range of topics. Join them for a new episode every Thursday as they discuss cultural currents, family dynamics, personal issues and more, and share what it’s like to see the world through the depth psychological lens provided by Carl Jung. Half of each episode is spent discussing a dream submitted by a listener.

Lisa, Joseph, and Deb went through their Jungian training together, becoming friends and developing working partnerships. Now they are engaged in a new creative venture with a spirit of adventure and hope you will join them.

This app includes mobile playback features and content you can’t get anywhere else. Custom controls allow you to control your app experience and modify media and playback quality. Drag and drop in your favorite list and continuous playback settings keep the experience as unique as your mobile habits. This app has a Car mode too! Rotate your phone to display larger playback controls.

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Leisure Amoy Leisure Amoy

A convenient shopping platform, where you can buy all you want to buy
Users can quickly get to know the goods by watching the introduction of the goods, and quickly slide the products up and down. If interested, they can click on the details to consult, read the pictures or buy directly. The goods are all high-quality items carefully selected, which will make you feel a pleasant shopping experience.…/id1464895702


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ملصقات تهاني عيد الفطر- 2019 ملصقات تهاني عيد الفطر- 2019

يوجد في تطبيق ملصقات تهاني عيد الفطر 2019 أفضل استكرزات تهاني عيد الفطر حيت سيساعدك على تواصل أفضل مع الأصدقاء به مجموعة رائعة من الملصقات التعبيرية الإسلامية الخاصة بعيد الفطر الكريم.…/id1466129450

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Mordomia Mordomia

A APP Mordomia é gratuita e possibilita a experiência ao consumidor de descarregar o Cartão de Fidelidade virtual

Mediante as politicas e regras do programa de fidelidade da Mordomia o utilizador poderá através do seu número de cliente, acumular saldo no cartão cliente por um percentual do valor consumido para poder trocá-lo por descontos ou prémios em compras futuras.

Através da APP da Mordomia poderá também o utilizador gerir e consultar vários aspetos associados à utilização do seu cartão de cliente tais como, os benefícios acumulados, validades dos mesmos, relatório de utilizações, ativação de cupões, novidades, agendamentos, etc.…/id1465970547

melhorias no layout

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Milegacy Milegacy

Milegacy provides the tools to document your life in privacy, give control to what you want to view, who you want to view content from and on what topic. You can capture the most important assets of your life in a utility that protects your privacy, curate your content, and make your time connecting with your audience efficient. Its focused on the legacy you want to share. Life is made of memories that you want presented to generations in your words and in the right context. Show your life has significance and teach and pass on your life lessons, your time spent, and your overall legacy.…/id1346156293

You’re now able to login into to Milegacy, and create a new account, using your AppleID or Facebook usernames! We’ve also made a few bug fixes to improve overall app stability. It’s never been easier to document your legacy. Start documenting yours today!

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SD Homes SD Homes

The SD Homes app is designed for you to stay on top of the real estate market in the greater San Diego, California area. This app has a direct connection to the MLS, ensuring that all data is accurate. This is your personalized concierge app that fulfills all of your real estate needs from the palm of your hand.

Key Features:
– View the entire localized MLS by browsing through Active, Pending and Open Houses.
– Find out what your home is really worth.
– Identify your buying power! See what you can afford with our advanced mortgage calculator
– Curate a personalized search built around your budget and preferences
– Receive notifications on saved searches and favorited listing updates
– Contact a premier local agent to tour a home.…/id1466184532

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