Shop3D Grocery Cart Checklist Shop3D Grocery Cart Checklist

Shop3D is a simple and snappy way to manage a shopping list.
By quickly switching between 3 views, you can focus on getting the job done.

Why “3D”?
3 ways to view your list;-
1. When you add items to your shopping list, you are probably thinking at a “what category” level …baking …meats …household …vegetables.
2. But when you go shopping, you head to “where” the items are …butcher …pharmacy … supermarket
3. You also have a custom view, which could be “who” the items are for …kids …pets …baby. OR you may want to change this field to another criteria, for example “Location” within a store …row1 …row2 …row3

Shop3D allows quick and fluid changing between these different contexts, and MUCH more…

* Multiple shopping lists
* All shopping lists save their own status (selections/checked/remaining)
* Many colour themes + Follow iOS 13 system Dark/Light mode
* “Disable Lock Screen” option so that you phone stays on during your shop.
* iPhone and iPad optimised layouts
* iCloud Sync (create your list at home on the iPad, go shopping with your iPhone)
* Swipe to copy, swipe to delete items & lists
* Dynamic search in all areas
* Share PDF report of all items, or a single shopping list/recipe – portrait/landscape/condensed print options (and shop the old fashion way!)
* Backup entire items list to file + restore
* Share items list to another user running Shop3D
* Over 200 items pre-loaded (optional). Add more of your own items, edit pre-loaded items
* Detailed item editing: name, grouping (What/Where/Who – the killer feature!), and optionally brand, quantity, cost, notes
* Grouping lists (What/Where/Who) can be freely created/edited/deleted
* Reset complete Database
* End Shop reset options;-
– REPEAT SHOP – reset checklist & keep Selections
– UNSELECT CHECKED – starts your next shop with just the items you missed
– UNSELECT ALL – Reset selections (start again)
* Budget feature: Each item can have a cost, and there is an option in shopping list to display costs/calculate your shopping totals (with category sub-totals)
* Progress bar – visually see how far through your list…/id1473767352

New features (in settings);-
* Disable lock screen (keeps phone screen on while shopping)
* User-defined custom group. e.g. instead of “who” the items are for (…kids …pets …baby) you may want to change this field to another criteria, for example “Location” within a store (…row1 …row2 …row3 etc.). Please update this custom group name in settings on all devices.
Bug fix: Numerics are now ordered correctly.

Price: $4.99 USD
Version: 1.1
Size: 3.46 MB
Seller: George Cook
Released: 2019-11-07 08:00:00
Updated: 2020-04-23 13:39:26