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The DaaZana app enables employees and students globally to identify, anonymously report and make publicly visible, real-time data about all incidents of unacceptable, inappropriate and unpleasant behaviour at their workplace: to hold their organizations accountable and ensure they can no longer deny, or ignore such occurrences take place.

Such incidents may include (but not be limited to); Racism, Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Intimidation, Sexism, LGBTQ Discrimination, Eve-Teasing and Ragging (the last two prevalent in India/South Asia): that affect the positive experience an individual should have the right to expect at their workplace.

Download and start using DaaZana to ‘make visible’ the ‘behavioural health’ status of your organization, and in doing so help influence and shape the development of workplaces that are safe, inclusive, transparent, equitable, socially considerate and accepting of diversity.

As of October 2019, over 500 leading companies and universities in the UK, US, Canada, India, Australia and New Zealand (including many Fortune 1000 technology companies) have been ‘DaaZana Enabled’ – through geo-fencing -, allowing individuals in organizations to immediately start using the DaaZana app to anonymously report and make visible, real-time data about incidents of unacceptable behaviour at those locations.

We aim to DaaZana Enable 10,000 organizations globally during 2020.

How can I tell if DaaZana is for me?

It does not matter how well known, important, iconic, prestigious, or profitable an organization or academic institution is; or how famous the founders are; or how large the workforce is; or if it is globally distributed; whether its a Fortune 1000 company, an SME, an iNGO, or a provincial college.

The reality is that unacceptable, inappropriate and unpleasant interpersonal behaviour in some form exists in all workplaces and until now it has been the responsibility of an organizations management and human resource department to acknowledge and address such situations: and support their workforce in taking steps to prevent such incidents occurring. But for many reasons the current system does not work.

• Does your university, company or organization have a problem with unaddressed incidents of inappropriate and unacceptable workplace behaviour?

• Do you feel your organization ignores or refuses to recognize these problems, or does enough or does anything to address the situation?

• Do you feel that you or your colleagues are discouraged, dissuaded or otherwise unable to report incidents of inappropriate behaviour at your organization for any reason?

• Would you like to be able to play an active role in positively influencing your organizations culture and work environment, to be safer, more tolerant, considerate of others, and to promote and practice the values of inclusiveness; by being able to anonymously report all such incidents of inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour in the workplace, including those that may be considered minor or insignificant by other people, but that upset and offend you and your colleagues?

If you have answered yes to the questions in this section, then you and your colleagues should consider downloading the DaaZana app, and requesting your organization be ‘DaaZana Enabled’: if it’s not already.


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