Clash of Panzer Clash of Panzer

Select your tank, armoured vehicle or helicopter. Experience fast pace modern warfare!

【Authentic Vehicles】
Kingtiger,Panther,T-72,T-90,Leopard II,Chieftain,AH-64,M2 Bradley,AH-1,UH-60 Black Hawk, multiple historical famous vehicle await your command!

【Combat Modes】
Single Combat, Team Battle and Campaign Mode, every mode has its own unique gameplay and objective. But nevertheless, destroy all enemy will always be the surest way to win!

【Various Tactics】
Every vehicle has multiple parts which could be ungraded. Increasing the fire power of your tank, increasing the maneuverability of your armoured vehicle and performance of your helicopter, get into a fast pace multi-arms combat!

【International Teams】
Fight with your friend against players from every corner of the world, Hold your position and then attack. We don`t have DEFEAT in our dictionary!

【New subscription function】
1. Sub price and duration
You can subscribe to get privilege. Duration – 7 days.

2. Sub and IAP
Subscription doesn’t contains gold and subscription fee will be excluded from deposit events.

3. About sub content
You can get sub privilege and daily rewards within the duration of sub. Daily rewards can only be claimed instead of being auto-delivered. 1St Sub Rewards are delivered. There might be short time delay.

4. About auto-renewable sub
App Store Auto-renewing subscriptions continue until you cancel them. If you signed up for a subscription and you don’t want to renew it, Please cancel it at least 24 hours before the trial ends.

5. Cancel sub
Open the Settings app. Tap your name–> Subscriptions.–> Cancel Subscription. If you don’t see Cancel Subscription, the subscription is already canceled and won’t renew.

6. User Agreement and Privacy Terms & Policy
User Agreement:
Privacy Terms & Policy:…/id1477795249

【Battle Warrant Feature】
Every gamer over Lv.6 will get Common Warrant
Gamers could purchase Warrant.
Reach certain level of Warrant to unlock certain reward

Seasonal Limited Vehicles
Level up your Warrant to unlock Warrant limited vehicles
Purchase Peak Warrant to unlock seasonal limited painting package
You can level uo your Warrant to acquire limited Marking and Flag which are included in the package

How to level up your Battle Warrant:
Complete Warrant missions on a daily basis. The missions will be reseted at 4AM

【Subscribe Reward Content】
1. 5% Extra EXP for everyday battles
2. New Exclusive Subscribe Missions
3. Exclusive drop for normal battles
4. Exclusive drop for ranking battles
5. 20 more exploits
6. 5 more Improve Material pack and 1 Material Random pack for everyday

【Extreme Challenge】
3 extra missions everyday
You can refresh the rewards to get higher quality items(30 chances per day,free on first time,20 gold for the rest)

Price: Free
Version: 1.9.3
Size: 2.18 GB
Released: 2019-11-06 08:00:00
Updated: 2020-03-04 17:05:50