Hole Above The City 3D Hole Above The City 3D

Hole Above The City is a game that you really can’t be prepared for what is coming next. Each level is different and will provide you with unique, fun & challenging content.

The mechanics are extremely simple – clear the level by dragging all the balls in the hole(s) located in the arenas above the city. Arenas will change while progressing through the levels to provide you with unique challenges.

Quick peek what you’ll dive into…

• Many different arenas that will provide you with different challenges. Don’t get scared of moving floors, deadly gates, spikes, RAZOR EYES and much more
• Think while enemies are after you. Don’t let them eat a single ball in the arena!

…puzzling questions you’ll be asking yourself…

• “How many balls should I carry this time”?
• “If I try to pick all of them, the razor will probably hit the ball and kill me”
• “What is the best way to avoid these spikes”
• “The last level I’ve got eaten because the spikes came from the ground and got me. I should be more careful this time”.
• “I should watch where the enemy is going or else it will surprise me again”.

..but what’s more:

The fun never ends. We’ll be constantly adding everything you need to enjoy the experience in the Hole Above The City.

Pre-order the game now and let the fun begin. See you in the starting arena above the city 🙂


– Added 2 new levels
– Fixing bugs & improving user experience

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 0.2
Size: 76.00 MB
Seller: Matej Lupsina
Released: 2019-11-08 08:00:00