Fokus-Game Deutsch Fokus-Game Deutsch

Zugegeben, das Deutsche ist keine einfache Sprache. Verstösse gegen Rechtschreibung, Grammatik und Zeichensetzung begegnen uns tagtäglich. Dabei sind es immer wieder die gleichen Fehler, die sich meist leicht vermeiden liessen.

Peinlich ist es aber, wenn solche Fehler auf grossformatigen Tafeln, in teuren Farbprospekten auf Hochglanzpapier oder gar in Kurslokalen daherkommen:

– Herzlich Willkommen zu unserem Deutsch-Kurs
– Zu Verkaufen: exklusive Attika-Wohnung
– Beim einschalten des Aggregats ist folgendes zu Beachten: …
– Wir haben für Sie das bestmöglichste Angebot ausgesucht …

Alle Fehler erkannt? – Nun nichts wie los! Das Fokus-Game-App aufs Smartphone laden, und der Deutsch-Spass kann beginnen.
Spielerisch kämpfe ich mich durch den Dschungel der Aufgaben, die auf mich niederprasseln, kicke die richtige Lösung hoch und sammle eifrig Punkte.

Ich bin gut
Dank meinem Sprachwissen und Sprachgefühl kann ich blitzschnell zwischen richtigen und falschen Schreibweisen unterscheiden, die richtigen grammatischen Formen erkennen und die Kommas regelkonform setzen.

Ich bin besser
Mit dem Fokus-Game teste ich nicht nur die eigene Sprachkompetenz; spielerisch kann ich mich mit meinen Kollegen und Freundinnen messen. Wer schafft so viele Punkte wie ich?

Ich bin super
Im Überlebens-Modus mischt der Zufallsgenerator 30 Beispiele aus Level 1 und 2. Ein Fehler, und ich fliege raus. Vielleicht schon bei der dritten, vielleicht erst bei der elften oder der 17 Aufgabe. Genial, wer es bis zum Schluss schafft.

Und nun viel Erfolg und Spass beim sprachlichen Kräftemessen!

Die App befindet sich noch teilweise im Aufbau, eine erste Version ist nun verfügbar!

Otto Merki

Konzeption, Realisierung:
Fabian Merki
merkisoft informatik

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Version: 1.0.8
Size: 78.14 MB
Seller: Fabian Merki
Released: 2019-11-08 22:50:31
Updated: 2019-11-12 08:25:33

Blood pressure monitor+ Blood pressure monitor+

The blood pressure tracker designed to control your blood pressure and heart rate is always with you.

◉ Easy to use interface
◉ Blood Pressure and pulse logs
◉ Logbook. Keep the most comprehensive track
◉ Calendar view…/id1486796739

◉ Minor UI improvement
◉ Bug fixing with the calendar

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Version: 1.1
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Glass Balls Drop Glass Balls Drop

It’s a cool glass balls game.Test your reaction in a single tap game with a realistic physics engine.

Tap on screen to open the pot. Your purpose is to fill the moving cups with falling glass balls. Filled cups will return balls to the pot. Empty cups will be unhooked from the moving chain. The game ends when all balls or cups are lost. On higher levels cups will change color. Colored cups produces higher value colored balls.

A simple and fun game with simple operation but lots of fun, you will feel really cool!

Game Features:
1,Physics engine;
2,Single tap control;

If you have any technical problems please email us at

Enjoy this cool game!…/id1487015102

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Version: 1.0
Size: 10.26 MB
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Tafies Tafies

¿Ya sabes dónde es hoy?
¿Ya sabes lo que promete hoy?

Bienvenid@s a la super App de los eventos más chivas en CR!

Comenzá pronto a descubrir los mejores eventos y actividades!

Encontrá la mejor ruta para llegar a la fiesta!

Compartí y cuéntale a tus amig@s para que disfruten juntos de una nueva experiencia

Encuentra eventos por el mapa!

Ya lo viste en dark mode?

Tenemos este y muchos avances más que ofrecerte así que podes iniciar enamorándote y divirtiéndote de esta app!

Muchos años de pura dedicación ya pueden iniciar a ser felices al igual que nosotros! A disfrutar!

Planea tu fiesta con tus amigos desde nuestra mensajería!

Snapchat: @tafies_app

Instagram: @tafies_app

Twitter: @tafies_app

Facebook: @tafiesApp


Party app in Costa Rica!

Find the best parties in Costa Rica and have fun!

Tafies is an easy and fast service whose main purpose is to promote the best events in Costa Rica, aimed at those who want to enjoy, meet different people and places, but above all, have a good time!

If you have a business you can enjoy a platform specifically aimed at those looking for entertainment. If you just want to have fun, you can search among many events nearby that will surely interest you.

Tafies is the best party finder out there!

The application is available in English and Spanish!

Key features:

Chat with your friends about upcoming events, plan the next party or whatever you want!

Follow people that are going to the same events like you and keep abreast of other events to which they will go.

Save events, so you can check them easily.

Things to do near me with an easy to use map, or simply search for any social local party event in Costa Rica.

What you can do with Tafies app:

Find the best clubs in Costa Rica, plenty of options to choose where to party tonight.

Find events near you, whether it is today or tomorrow or events for this weekend, never miss a chance to find for things to do in Costa Rica.

Lots of free events for you to enjoy and some other paid ones here and there.

If you are searching for what to do in Costa Rica, then Tafies app is for you!…/id1480465388

Price: Free
Version: 0.6
Size: 64.08 MB
Seller: Ignacio Arias Mora
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Music Global Music Global

Global music radio, master it with one touch!

Search massive music radio resources anytime and anywhere!
All kinds of language, style and theme music stations are available!
Multi national languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, German, Portuguese and other languages. You can change your time zone and experience foreign life without leaving home.
Various styles: the early, 70s, 80s, 90s and modern styles should be unique, suitable for users of any age.
Theme song style: classical, pop, love, blues, folk, rock, heavy metal and so on, you can choose!

Strong sound quality: provide high-quality, lossless radio online listening, smooth and delicate sound quality. No matter you use car stereo or headphones, the sound effect is stereo and layered, which will definitely surprise you!

Personalized radio management: collect your favorite radio stations. You can also set the software to shut down regularly, so that you can easily dream with music!

Music global listening, take you to meet your favorite music stations, enjoy the fun of international life!…/id1486118505

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Version: 2.0
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龙易行出行 龙易行出行



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Version: 1.1
Size: 19.81 MB
Seller: He Chumming
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Updated: 2019-11-11 19:13:40

Immigration App Immigration App

Immigration app is originated and established to simplify the entire process of immigration and make it available and easy for all nationalities by bringing together a team of expert volunteers from different countries.

With Immigration App you stay on top latest immigration news, get help from a pool of volunteer immigration attorneys and experts and basically have an immigration attorney in your pocket at any time anywhere for FREE! You can chat with a qualified pre-screened immigration attorney or specialist at no cost at any time. No need to look for a qualified immigration attorney anymore and no need to pay for immigration consultations!

A group of legal and technology experts have designed Immigration App as a platform to connect users to qualified immigration attorneys based on the users’ specific immigration needs. Immigration App facilitates and monitors the entire immigration legal process between attorneys and immigration clients in order to ensure high quality of legal services provided by the attorneys and to keep immigration clients informed of all the details and developments of their case and to protect them from possible fraud.

Immigration App allows you to have unlimited live access to immigration attorneys and consultants (for USA and Canada for now), find out how you can move to a different country to visit, work, study, invest, or join family members.

Immigration App was designed to make the complex immigration process easier for you:

• The main page of the app is allocated to the latest immigration news from USA, Canada and countries to keep you up to date with the latest news.
• Through the app you can conveniently track your case status and also create tickets for professional immigration specialists and attorneys to advise using the Immigration App ticketing system.
• You fill out an evaluator questionnaire which is designed to analyze your answers and provide you with information on various ways you can apply for immigration to USA or Canada.
• You are then instantly given an automated description of the various ways you may apply for a visa or green card to USA or Canada including student and tourist visas, investment visa or green cards, work visas, and other types of visas or green cards.
• You are also given a case number that you can use to initiate FREE LIVE CHAT with Immigration App’s agents and specialists to further answer your questions and concerns.
The live consultations via chat are absolutely free and unlimited.
• Once you have had all your questions answered and are ready to move forward with your immigration petition you will authorize the Immigration App to act as your agent to present your specific immigration case to a pool of qualified immigration attorneys and will choose the best attorney based on various factors including the lawyer’s case-specific experience, fees, availability, and more.
• Once you decide to move forward with the chosen attorney you will sign a contract for immigration services and will receive your login credentials to access Immigration App’s portal where you can easily upload documents, receive updates on your case, and communicate with your Account Manager.
• Then an Immigration App Account Manager will be assigned to your case who will be your main point of contact throughout the entire process and will be responsible for monitoring the attorney’s work, updating you of progress of your case, helping you gather the required documents, periodically follow up with the attorney, and etc.…/id1460485328

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 2.05 MB
Seller: Immigration App LLC
Released: 2019-11-08 22:41:38

OnePay Go OnePay Go

Accept secure and reliable payments on the go!
From selling in the grocery stores to work site payment collection, OnePay Go is easy for your business and your customers.

Process contactless, chip & swipe credit cards with ease, right from your connected smartphone or tablet.…/id1479421997

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 18.49 MB
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Released: 2019-11-08 22:41:37