Realm of Chaos: Battle Angels Realm of Chaos: Battle Angels

Whose outcome will herald a new era for man?
Will the days to come be the foretold thousand years of peace?
Or is it the dawn of the rule of the beast?
And, which side will you choose?

• Enjoy stunning visuals with vivid 3D graphics and tremendous animation, and sunk into a world of fantasy
• Empower by epic angels in boss raids and gather your friends to challenge menacing dungeons and win rare rewards
• Mix your own unique skills with 20+ different skill choices of each class
• Join a clan and fight as a group with your mates!

• Prove your strength in the most challenging boss battles with 60+ unique bosses
• Use your battle skills flexibly to pass dungeon tower of 100+ levels

• Fight with 7 legendary archangels, participate in epic angel wars
• Collect angels’ power and transform into celestial beings yourself

• Match clan battle automatically with clans in the same strength class and play by the fairest rules this time

• Build you character from scratch and evolve to powerful looks
• Dress up with beautiful, stylish costumes and make other players jealous

• Spend less time grinding and more time exploring

Come, and party in the REALM OF CHAOS…/id1466033046

Add new guild boss, world boss
New appearance;
New login event;
Interface display fixed;
Bug fixed;
System Optimization

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.4
Size: 271.33 MB
Seller: Forever Entertainment Network Limited
Released: 2019-12-01 08:00:00