Citarella Wines Citarella Wines

At Citarella Wines & Spirits, we stock a wide selection of wines from among the world’s greatest regions and producers, with a particular focus on France, Italy, and the United States. We also carry a remarkable range of locally-produced and craft spirits, ranging from the familiar to the unusual.

Our knowledgeable, passionate staff has decades of collective experience in the field, and we are always happy to help you make selections, whether you are planning your next event or a quiet evening at home. We are proud of our depth of knowledge and ability to meet all of our clients needs, including hosts looking for a food-friendly wine, those looking for a simple bottle to share with friends, or collectors who are looking for a bottle that can be cellared for many years to come.

We invite all of our clients to come enjoy and learn about wine with us, as we host daily tastings and offer regular food pairings, expert demos, and wine classes.

With our app, you can:

– Browse our entire inventory from your iPhone or iPad!
– Shop for your favorites or read tasting notes and reviews to discover something new!
– Order for in-store pickup or local delivery!
– Use the same login across our app and website to shop or view your order history across both!
– Get directions or contact us easily by phone or email!


Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to download or use this app to place an order. A valid, government-issued ID is required upon receipt and all deliveries must be signed for by an adult. Orders cannot be left without a signature.…/id1495480707

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CrossLineShadow CrossLineShadow

The “CrossLineShadow” is an educational app.It also have an huge set of pictures of animal and vegetables for play.

How to play :-
– Tap on Match Shadow to Start.
– You can choose animal or vegetable which you want to play.
– It display two shadow images and also have two original image. Player can draw line between given objects.

Features :-
– Drag original image of particular Animal, vegetable and drop it into shadow image.
– It also help you for find correct when you drop into wrong one.
– There is a sound for the right and wrong answer.

Download now, For the best Match Shadow experience.…/id1495652304

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Version: 1.0
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Pocket BI Pocket BI

Nosso Pocket BI fornece dados processados para que você possa tomar as melhores decisões em tempo recorde.

Todos os dados coletados pelo aplicativo são processados na nuvem e exibidos na palma da sua mão, para que você possa levar esses dados para onde quer que vá e tomar as melhores decisões onde quer que esteja. Mais do que isso, você receberá atualizações e notificações em tempo real, informando o status dos motoristas, análise de aderência, detalhes das viagens, avisos personalizados e muito mais. Realize pesquisas simples e avançadas para dados fundamentais instantaneamente. Em breve.…/id1488801752

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Sober Journey – Your Worth It Sober Journey – Your Worth It

You’re stronger than you think you are…

It’s tough starting a life in recovery. That’s why we created this app to help coach and provide suggestions along the way.

Track your progress…

Build a new perspective on yourself, and motivation to grow..


Connect with a community of people in recovery…

Terms and Conditions –…/id1495836178

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FaSai Ordering FaSai Ordering

FaSai orders is an online restaurant booking application.
Users can book restaurants online, view nearby restaurant dishes online, collect favorite restaurants online, consult restaurant customer service, and post updates to the app.
Restaurants can enter the app, upload photos or videos of the restaurant, and wait for the administrator to review the application.
FaSai Ordering is very convenient for online booking.…/id1495282963

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Version: 1.0
Size: 18.97 MB
Seller: Chongqing Xiyan Network Technology Co., Ltd. (重庆喜宴网络科技有限公司)
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Saimo Maintain Saimo Maintain

Saimo Maintain is a platform for ordering in-home maintenance of computers. If your computer is noisy, stuck, or needs to be repaired or replaced, you can make an appointment online, we will have a professional repair personnel to solve the problem for you.
Saimo Maintaind features:
1. On the homepage, you can check the website to make an appointment, seek help from customer service, and check the reservation record according to the mobile phone number.
2. There are various computer-related products in the accessory center.
3. The personal center has the reservation list of the current maintenance personnel, and after processing the reservation, you can upload the maintenance certificate (picture or video).

Booking service does not require registration!
Booking service does not require registration!
Booking service does not require registration!
Say the important thing three times!…/id1495291982

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Fast football climb Fast football climb

Fast football climb:

Rule: you need to move the ball left and right to prevent objects from colliding.…/id1495968082

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Version: 1.0
Size: 50.42 MB
Seller: Baishan Hongxiang Network Technology Co.,Ltd. (亚博体育官方足球彩票投注APP买球赌球足球投注盘口比分赔率盘口分析外围预测博彩足彩体彩竞彩万博bet365皇冠雷速AG足球直播体育新闻球探比分网皇冠投注雷速体育)
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