Brick 3 Pizza – Wi Brick 3 Pizza – Wi

With the Brick 3 Pizza – Wi mobile app, ordering food for takeout has never been easier. Scroll through our easy-to-navigate menu, select the dishes that strike your fancy, specify any special instructions, submit your payment information securely – and then sit back! A push notification will alert you when your order will be ready.

Your ideal meal is just a few taps away. Download the Brick 3 Pizza – Wi app free for iPhone today.

With the Brick 3 Pizza – Wi app you can:
– Browse the restaurant menu and see all customizable options up front
– View the restaurant location, hours, and contact information
– Select from saved delivery addresses
– Place future food orders up to seven days in advance
– Store credit card information securely…/id1494780222

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Version: 2.8.0
Size: 40.89 MB
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Released: 2020-01-14 23:50:05

Pleno Digital: Socioemocional Pleno Digital: Socioemocional

A Educação nos dias atuais deve encarar o aluno em sua totalidade, levando em consideração os potenciais papéis que desempenhará no futuro. Garantindo, assim, que esteja preparado para esta realidade, que pressupõe a capacidade de (re)criar, inovar, empreender e compreender em um mundo tão dinâmico, vasto e colaborativo.

Dessa forma, somos um programa socioemocional que desenvolve competências e habilidades, integrando Metodologias Ativas, Empreendedorismo, Inovação e Cultura Mão na Massa. Pensando nos desafios contemporâneos, o Pleno foi criado a partir da BNCC e pautado nos Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentáveis da ONU.

O programa oferece ao aluno a possibilidade de construir seu Projeto de Vida, entender o mundo ao seu redor, ser protagonista do aprendizado e prototipar soluções inovadoras.

Filosofia de ensino Pleno:

Existem alguns princípios que norteiam toda a filosofia de ensino de nosso programa. São com base neles que desenvolvemos a proposta pedagógica que formará os protagonistas da transformação do futuro:

– Cada criança é um mundo: Nós compreendemos que cada aluno é único em sua individualidade. Por isso, é fundamental despertar e empoderar a voz de cada um deles.

– O futuro é hoje: Apesar de estarmos apenas no início do século XXI, a velocidade com que as mudanças acontecem é muito alta. Por meio do nosso programa, as escolas podem se adequar às principais tendências educacionais das salas de aula do futuro.

– Formação integral e mão na massa: Ao unir empreendedorismo, cultura mão na massa, cidadania global e educação socioemocional em um conteúdo elaborado com base nos mais recentes parâmetros para o ensino, os alunos aprendem, de forma colaborativa, a partir de projetos, discussões em grupo e resolução criativa de problemas.

– Preparada para a nova realidade: As necessidades pedagógicas da escola do futuro em uma única solução: o nosso programa une diferentes abordagens metodológicas em prol da inversão da sala de aula e sua conexão com o universo digital.…/id1482954782

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 27.58 MB
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Hello Baru Hello Baru

Picking furniture doesn’t have to be a headache! Download the Baru app now and start designing furniture that fits your lifestyle, making limited sized furnishings a thing of the past. With our made-to-measure approach, choose from high quality, sustainable and locally sourced materials, all delivered and assembled within two weeks.

Design To fit
Buying furniture can be a headache, especially online. With Baru’s Augmented Reality (AR) feature, improve your furniture buying experience by adjusting and sizing your furniture in real-time before you purchase. Ensuring you have the perfect fit for your living space.
Quick Delivery
Baru streamlined the design and ordering process for a two-week assembly to delivery time. Shaving off the average 3-month time frame for customized furniture. Our white-glove team will deliver your piece to your living space and assemble, if necessary. We love and respect your space, therefore we always clean up the loose packaging and shipping materials on our way out.

Your Choice
Your imagination shouldn’t be an inconvenience. Baru offers a variety of colors, materials and finishes to fit your personal décor. From contemporary to urban chic our furniture is the missing puzzle piece to fit your living space needs. With carefully balanced and timeless stylings to truly make it your own.…/id1459892153

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Version: 1.0
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Mind of Habit – Habit Tracker Mind of Habit – Habit Tracker

What is This App?

This is a habit tracker app that helps you build better habits while also getting rid of the bad ones. It’s a simple habit app with not much going on so you can focus on what really matters: building better habits.

Why Do Better Habits Matter?

You can’t have what you don’t understand. Good habits will never come if you don’t understand what habits are. You can try however hard you want, it will do no good. You will be stuck with be bad habits. It’s not about working harder, it’s all about working smarter.

Three Parts of a Habit

A habit can be broken into three main components: the cue, the action and the reward.

The cue is something that reminds your brain to take some action. For example, a cue could be something as general as getting up from your desk or as specific as when you get upset before a test. Knowing what your cue for a bad habit is can help you start taking control of the bad habit.

The action is the actual physical act of carrying out the action that corresponds with the cue. For example, after getting up from your desk, each time you’re compelled to grab a drink of soda. This the act of doing the habit. This is the actual thing you’re trying to change.

The reward is the last part of a habit. Your brain is built to be efficient and likes to work for rewards. If there’s no dopamine spike in your brain after doing something, your brain tends not to want to do it again. So after the action, comes a reward portion. For example, when you drink that soda after getting up from your desk, you’re getting a spike in dopamine because of the sugar rush.

How This App Uses The Three Parts

This habit tracker app will help you to build better habits by breaking each habit down into smaller levels. From the smaller levels, you can start to build your momentum towards conquering the bigger habit.…/id1494619925

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 83.20 MB
Seller: Ishvdeep Singh
Released: 2020-01-14 23:49:55

Space Bombastic Space Bombastic

Space Bombastic is a fun retro arcade shooter, with an escape mode added on for a fun twist. Challenge your friends via the Game Center leaderboard inside the app, and see how your high scores stack up against other players.
This app is a great way to kill some time, or challenge yourself with mobile gaming. More features will be coming to this app to keep things fun and fresh.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the app, or the developer, feel free to message us here:…/id1464118620

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 22.15 MB
Seller: Micah Graff
Released: 2020-01-14 23:49:55

Taksi1 Taksi1

Taksi1 on ilmainen sovellus, jolla tilaat taksin, seuraat matkan kulkua ja maksat matkan nopeammin kuin koskaan! Sovellus paikantaa sijaintisi automaattisesti. Ennen tilauksen lähettämistä saat yhteenvedon tilauksestasi.
Voit tarkentaa sijaintiasi kartalta, kirjoittaa osoitteesi itse, valita sen tilaushistoriasta tai omista suosikeistasi. Ilmoittamalla matkasi kohdeosoitteen, sovellus arvioi sinulle taksimatkan arvioidun hinnan. Tilauksessa voit halutessasi valita myös autotyypin ja maksutavan. Myös ennakkotilauksen tekeminen on mahdollista. Tilaus on maksuton. Mikäli haluat käyttää sovellusta kyydin maksamiseen ilman autossa suoritettavaa maksutapahtumaa voit syöttää haluamasi maksukorttien tiedot sovellukseen. Jos et halua, että taksimatkasi veloitetaan palveluun syöttämältäsi kortilta, voit valita tilauksen yhteydessä kyydin maksutavaksi ”Maksan taksissa”. Tällöin voit maksaa matkasi normaalisti autossa käteisellä tai yleisimmillä maksukorteilla.
Sovellus näyttää tilauksesi tilan. Kun tilaukseesi on löytynyt vapaa auto, voit seurata auton saapumista kartalla. Sovellus kertoo sinulle myös saapuvan taksin numeron. Voit tarvittaessa lähettää sovelluksen kautta kuljettajalle lisäohjeita noutopaikkaasi liittyen “Viesti kuljettajalle”-kohdasta
Taksin saapuessa nouto-osoitteeseen, sovellus ilmoittaa sinulle (puhelimen värinällä) taksin saapumisesta. Kuljettaja varmistaa tarvittaessa verraten tilausnumeroa sovelluksessa olevaan, että tilattu auto on juuri sinua varten.…/id1476365873

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.12
Size: 67.49 MB
Seller: Semel
Released: 2020-01-14 23:49:55

PV Sports Boosters PV Sports Boosters

The PV Sports Boosters mobile app provides special features for this organization. PV Sports Boosters members can download the app and use it to chat with other members, meet other members using location services, register for events, view a membership directory, and participate in polls. This app is not intended for public use, and is specifically designed for members of the PV Sports Boosters only.

The mobile app is built around “channels”, which can be created in multiple ways based on other modules and features within PV Sports Boosters, including, for example, member interest groups, committees, and chapters, districts, or regions.

The app also provides full access to PV Sports Boosters website, the member profile, payment screen, and other functions.

This app does not directly access any paid content or services, but users are required to have a membership and valid login.

This application provides access to the membership directory, chat feature, member calendar events, polls and surveys, membership card, and website content.…/id1494536558

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 11.52 MB
Seller: Gembrook Systems, LLC (ClubExpress)
Released: 2020-01-14 23:49:50

Octopus Delivery Octopus Delivery

Octopus Delivery mission to be another next generation door to door delivery services in ASEAN , and our 1st stop will be Malaysia. As our vision is to bring the idea of Delivery to every single person, from foods, Gloceries as well as items . Octopus delivery , also tend to create job oppucunity to the people , and our big vision is to let our Merchant and customer ONLINE, well online mean, from online ordering , item despatching and to the hand of customer…/id1494701743

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 123.55 MB
Seller: Ming Tak Cheong
Released: 2020-01-14 23:49:50