FixCandyImg FixCandyImg

The “FixCandyImg” is an entertainment app that display different object spelling. It also have an huge set of pictures of candy.
The “FixCandyImg” app is an entertainment app for learning with exciting animation and sound.

How to use :-
– Tap on “Set Object” button to start.
– You can choose “First Level” and “Second Level” which you want.
– It have one shadow image of Candy and also have different parts for that candy.
– Player can drag part of picture and drop it into shadow image.

Features :-
– There is a lots of images for candy.
– This level display one shadow picture of candy and also have four coloraturas full image parts.

Download now, for the best shadow of candy experience.…/id1497431918

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 21.28 MB
Seller: Michael Mikuski
Released: 2020-02-01 21:56:28

Enjoya Ganesha Wishes Enjoya Ganesha Wishes

Wish you a happy and a blessed Ganesh Chaturthi.

Ganesha Chaturthi, the great Ganesha festival, also known as ‘Vinayak Chaturthi’ or ‘Vinayaka Chavithi’ is celebrated by Hindus around the world as the birthday of Lord Ganesha. Ganesh may also be known by the names Ganapati, Ekadanta, Vinayaka, Pillaiyar and Heramba.

Use Enjoya Ganesha Wishes to make your moments unforgettable.
Send Ganesh Chaturthi greetings cards to your loved ones.

Ganesh chaturthi greeting card has unique features:

– Easy and free to use Ganesh greetings with HD Resolution.
– Ganesh greetings is completely free to download.
– Share your images
– share Ganesha’s Quotes.
– set frame on your chosen photos…/id1497435575

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 39.94 MB
Seller: Jeffrey Miller
Released: 2020-02-01 21:12:26

DinoSpringMathic DinoSpringMathic

Spend your free time with our fresh awake spring Dinos. Level up your arithmetical thinking and solve math equations faster than all your friends! There are three categories of math for you! Start from an easy one and become professional, or just pick one of it and solve equations! Don’t make mistakes or you will fail! Earn the best score and show your friends!…/id1497435422

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 18.73 MB
Seller: RICHARD Powers
Released: 2020-02-01 21:10:14

Char to Voice Char to Voice

Char to Voice is online app based on speech synthesis technology. It converts written text into spoken language. This app has the ability to read the text aloud.

Char to Voice allows you convert your text into voice. Not only you can convert it but it also allows you to speak text in variety of different languages. With a click of a button, Char to Voice take words and convert them into audio.

A Char to Voice app converts normal language text into speech. It allows people with visual impairments or reading disabilities to listen to written words.

Using this app, you can convert text into following languages:-
● English
● Spanish
● French
● Dutch
● Portuguese
● Chinese

If you have any suggestions, queries, and feedback then it would be great to hear from you. Please give a positive rating if you like app experience.…/id1497430676

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 17.69 MB
Seller: Douglas Barber
Released: 2020-02-01 21:09:46

Fash Fash

사용자가 보유한 옷을 토대로 앱으로 옷을 관리하고 현지 기반 날씨에 따른 코디를 추천받을 수 있도록 하는 앱입니다.
딥러닝을 이용한 옷 분류 기능이 추가로 지원될 예정이며 사용자가 커스텀으로 옷 분류를 설정하여 옷 저장이 가능합니다.…/id1492692916

– 날씨 API 기능개선
– 회원정보 변경 기능(닉네임, 성별, 비밀번호 변경기능) 추가

Price: Free
Version: 1.6.3
Size: 44.71 MB
Seller: Prography Inc. (Prography)
Released: 2020-02-01 20:51:57

FRC Tracker 2020 FRC Tracker 2020

FRC Tracker provides event results and team information for the 2019 FIRST® Robotics Competition, Destination: Deep Space, including match results, ranking, awards, avatars and playoff progress.

Teams can share robot photos for scouting. Fans can see teams’ performance history through the season and view match details for event, team or playoff match-up.

FRC Tracker is both free and ad-free.…/id1493203175

Price: Free
Version: 3.6
Size: 3.50 MB
Seller: Idle Loop Software Design, LLC
Released: 2020-02-01 19:43:32

One Odd Out One Odd Out

In Odd One Out application, there are twelve levels and different pictures will be displayed in each level. You have to choose the odd picture out of the set of images showed on the screen. You need to choose the correct image to pass the level, if you choose the correct level you will pass the level, otherwise you need to try again to pass the level. You need to choose the correct image in given time, if the timer is up , you will failed the level. So hurry up, show your skills to choose the correct image to pass the level and try to win all the levels of Odd One Out application. So instal Odd One Out application and try to win all the levels and enjoy.…/id1497205925

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 51.69 MB
Seller: Jennifer Cupp
Released: 2020-02-01 18:59:06