Hot-Blooded Legion

Blood in the pocket”” is an action card turn magic hand game. The biggest bright spot is that you can micro move and deploy heroes of different formations. The game can be said to be the fourth generation of card playing. Combine the popular MoBa game with cards.
[story introduction]
In a magical land of blood, there are a group of heroes who are willing to take risks. They are brave, bloodthirsty and just. The brave guard the land, and fight with the evil flame demon king with swords, magic and pet dragon gods as weapons. The fire Lord uses his evil fire magic to make the elves here become his claws and teeth. The fire Lord uses these claws and teeth to attack the city and plunder the land. In the confrontation that lasted for thousands of years, although countless brave people fell down, the power of light called for countless brave people to gather. The brave people were looking for the Dragon God, occupying the underground city, and taking back all kinds of gems. Because of the guard of these brave young people, the dream of the flame Lord trying to conquer the land and create the eternal flame land was lost.

[special play]

Hot blood adventure can’t stop
Hundreds of adventure maps, waiting for players to explore, hundreds of monsters, heroes, etc. you fight.

Lots of blood fetters
Hundreds of heroes are waiting for you to collect. Heroes and mounts are updated regularly every month. Match the class with your own decision to create your own magic hero biography

Hot blood camp has many activities
Every day, all kinds of online activities let you enjoy the fun of social interaction. Thousands of PK people create a legend.

Hot blood walking
It’s absolutely different from any card playing method. You can control the cards in the position and make them black.…/id1495565878

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 690.59 MB
Seller: Aurora Technology Development Inc.
Released: 2020-02-14 08:00:00