Skinary Skinary

The Skinary app helps you understand your skin’s triggers, and can be used as a skin tracking app, selfie tracker, skin care routine reminder, and food diary complete with skin concern recaps!

We take a step farther and look at all habits, and not just your skin concern, to give habit recommendations using machine learning generated by a integrative dermatology science, a skin therapist and an integrative nutritionist!

Skin, Selfie & Habit Tracking:

+ Track your healthy and breakout skin days with selfies and face mapping
+ Log your habits – like your skincare routine and treatments
+ Using FaceTrace technology, you can track skin concerns in 21 regions of your face!
+ Skin Cycle analysis to view your cycle lengths and know how long it might take for new products to have an effect
+ 40+ tracking categories to paint a holistic picture of your health in relation to your skin
+ Discover food intolerances that you have that might not necessarily be allergies, but still cause you to break out or inflame.
+ Habit insights to help see trends that work best for you
+ Create a personalized routine for your skincare & keep track of your usage
+ Easily set up calendar reminders for your skin care treatments
+ Integration with Healthkit

Note: Skinary should *not* be used as a replacement to a dermatologist, but is perfect for helping have conversations

Twitter: @skinaryapp
Instagram: @skinaryapp

Terms of User:
Privacy Policy:…/id1490324890

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Version: 1.0
Size: 21.94 MB
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Released: 2020-05-31 07:00:00

Gemstone Adventure Gemstone Adventure

Use the power of gems to defeat monsters!

Click on more than three gems connected together to eliminate. Eliminated gemstones can hurt the monster. Monsters will be defeated when you eliminate all of the gemstones .

Be careful! Count the number of gems, or you may not be able to defeat the monster!…/id1476798938

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Version: 1.0
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Seller: bin yang (彬 杨)
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Dodoo Match-Kids Memory Game Dodoo Match-Kids Memory Game

The brand new memory game for kids is coming! Join Dodoo Match Now!

Dodoo match is a memory game for kids and preschoolers. The very classic card match gameplay is pretty useful to forge the logic mind and memory ability of kids.

In Dodoo Match, kids need to find out various cards and match them to complete the challenges.There are lots of themes including numbers, letters,shapes, vegetables, animals etc….

* Easy to pick up.Intuitive child-friendly interface.
*6 unique themes with increasing difficulty.
*Rich content: from numbers to various animal cards.
*Help kids to focus and improve logical thinking.
*Lots of fun and lots of exciting.
*suitable for kids in all ages

Dodoo match helps train kids‘ memory and ability to improve concentration and logical thinking. Learning would be easy and fun!…/id1494692787

Performance optimization.

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Version: 1.1
Size: 139.32 MB
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Super Cleaner Super Cleaner

Easily delete duplicate contacts, expired calendars, screenshots, screen-recorded videos and other videos, similar photos and dynamic photos in iPhone, unique algorithms to quickly identify similar photos in albums.

~~ Photos and videos ~~
• Quickly remove all unwanted files;
• Quickly identify screenshots in albums and support batch deletion;
• Quickly identify screen recording videos in albums, support batch deletion;
• Quickly identify third-party downloaded pictures in albums and support batch deletion;
• Quickly identify similar pictures in albums and support batch deletion;
• Quickly identify similar dynamic photos in albums and support batch deletion;
• Quickly identify similar continuous photos in albums and support batch deletion;
• Quickly identify all video files in the album and support batch deletion;
• Quickly identify all video files in the album and support batch deletion;

~~ Contacts ~~
• Quickly identify duplicate names of contacts and support contact merging;
• Quickly identify duplicate phone numbers of contacts and provide deletion of duplicate phone numbers;
• Quickly identify duplicate emails of contacts and provide deletion of duplicate emails;
• Quickly identify contacts without names or phone numbers, and provide deletion functions;

~~ Calendar ~~
• Quickly identify expired calendars, support single-selection and all-selection deletion;
• Expired calendar supports sorting by date for easy deletion;

~~ Others ~~
• QR code recognition and save to system album function;
• Support sharing function after QR code generation;
• QR code generation, support setting QR code background color and picture size setting;
• Barcode recognition and save to system album function;
• Support sharing function after barcode generation;

 Thank you for using our application software, and sincerely hope that you can provide valuable comments and suggestions, please send email to [email protected] We value your feedback very much and look forward to your letter!…/id1502430902

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Version: 1.2
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TDK Arena TDK Arena


The story of Journey to the West like had never been told before. Join Tripitaka and Wukong on their quest to get the Divine Scrolls from Buddha. New enemies emerge, unknown conspiracies that threaten all the Three World of God, Mortal, and Demon. Will they be able to pass this ultimate trial? Will they be able to reach the Sacred West? What kind of difficulties they have to face?


Discover the ancient world of magic, might and sacred forces clashing with one another. A world where battle never ends. Travel deep within the Fiery Mountain or far across the Forbidden Land to discover the different creatures dwelling in the shadow and take the treasure as your prize. Each area has its own way to explore so that every replay is worth it.


Train your heroes IDLIY. Let your squad earns EXP and GOLD even when you are away. Just relax and level up your favorite heroes and lead them to battle. You need not have to command the heroes on how to fight for they are smart and can automatically find and destroy your opponent. If you want, you can manually activate the ultimate skill of your heroes at the right moments to do a wombo combo to finish off your enemies.


It’s dangerous to go out there alone! Every smart player knows they need a comrade on their quest to defeat the evil force. Join the clan today to get cool allies and fight with them on daily battles to defeat the evil force and get awesome loot.


There are many heroes, each with an iconic skill sets and roles that will strategically fit into your formation to fight the enemies. It will take great effort to get to know all the heroes and utilize their strength and combination in each battle. Try out different setup for different opponents!


Log in daily and complete the mission to get attractive rewards, every day. The more you play, the more reward you get, enough for a happy luxury game life.


Greeting, future Travelers, great rewards are waiting for you as the pre-registration prize!
Receive 680×2 diamonds just by clicking on the pre-register button above!
Also, check out our official page at Facebook for the latest information about the game as well as new events.

TDK Arena…/id1501461648

– Update new version 1.0353
– Update arena
– Update forbidden land
– Update monstrous gate

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Version: 1.0353
Size: 389.71 MB
Seller: BIGG PTE. LTD. (BIGG Games)
Released: 2020-05-31 07:00:00

Bityard行情 Bityard行情

接入国内外主流实时行情数据,为区块链行业从业者和 投资人提供全球性7*24小时情报资讯、数据行情、互动交流等服务和产品…/id1501662144

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Version: 1.0
Size: 42.96 MB
Seller: 岱彬 曾 (Dai Bin Zeng)
Released: 2020-05-31 07:00:00

Spring for Twitter Spring for Twitter

Introducing Spring, a new generation of Twitter client.

Core Features:
– Ad-free experience
– Chronological timeline
– List management
– Chat with friends via Direct Message
– iCloud synced drafts box
– Download images and videos
– Universal app for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Feature for iPad:
– Pointer effect and great mouse and trackpad support

Features for iPad and Mac:
– Unique column view for fast navigation between multiple pages
– Open multiple windows and assign different account to each window
– Contextual menu and Drag and Drop support for tweets, user profiles, links, images, videos and more…/id1508706541

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Version: 1.0
Size: 10.37 MB
Seller: Junyu Kuang
Released: 2020-05-31 07:00:00

Bunny buddy Bunny buddy

Bunny has a best friend, and they fall into a strange maze together. The maze can be rotated, and they cannot move by themselves in the maze. They can only fall downwards by gravity. Think of a way to move the two rabbits together.…/id1509226575

Adjusted the speed of the maze rotation, reducing the waiting time.
Fixed an issue where the state cannot be restored after the button is pressed.

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.1
Size: 56.57 MB
Seller: Zhuji Qiji Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Released: 2020-05-31 07:00:00