Bursting Smiley-BOOM! Bursting Smiley-BOOM!

The goal of the game is very simple, tap the screen, BOOM! Blow all smiley squares off the screen. The game is fun and easy to learn. Bursting Smiley will fascinate you from the beginning and you will get a gaming experience like never before.

Why you’ll love Bursting Smiley:
● A new type of block game that will keep you entertained for a long time
● Endless challenges, colorful levels, you can keep playing and always find something new
● Accumulate experience in the course of the game, face various levels of difficulty, not afraid of danger, open challenges!
● Charming square smiley face, many colors, you can decide who stays on the screen according to the game tips


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Version: 1.0
Size: 27.32 MB
Seller: jiahao huang
Released: 2020-06-24 07:00:00

Street Soccer: Futsal Football Street Soccer: Futsal Football

Lets welcome 2020 with the unique street soccer futsal championship. Where you can play your favourite sports on the newly designed street football courts. you might have been looking for street soccer games but if you didn’t came across one well now you have. Get the street soccer now and start kicking the goals against the enemy teams.

Features of Street Soccer: Futsal Football

-3 different purely street environments
-Multiple street soccer players
-Amazing sports physics
-Smooth and easy controller
-Energizing winning and goal scoring sound effects


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Version: 1.0
Size: 111.05 MB
Seller: Usama Bin Shafqat
Released: 2020-06-23 07:00:00

Cheech and Chong Bud Farm Cheech and Chong Bud Farm

Far out man!

Welcome to the official Cheech and Chong mobile game. Come back in time to the 70s in the early days of Bud Farm where Cheech and Chong have stumbled across a sleepy little town in California.

Cheech and Chong find themselves stranded in the tiny hamlet of Hierba Verde. With nothing to be found, they start their own business, and stumble backwards into a lucrative empire. With the crooked mayor in their back-pocket, the boys are on their way to striking it rich and living out their days lying on a beach like sun-kings. Unfortunately for them, Stadanko is bent on putting them in jail for life. With the help a freaky cast of supporting characters, Cheech and Chong will chase their dreams of fame and fortune, while staying one step ahead of Standanko.

Cheech and Chong Bud Farm is free to download and play, but some game items can be purchased for real money. A network connection is not required, but you will have limited access to in-game functions.


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 155.67 MB
Seller: LDRLY (Technologies) Inc (LDRLY)
Released: 2020-06-20 07:00:00

Virtual Tattoo Artist Body Art Virtual Tattoo Artist Body Art

Let us welcome you to the amazing 3D tattoo studio. where you can get all your body inked with the latest tattoo designs without really getting them in your skin. Get your favourite tattoo in the virtual world and enjoy showing off your tattoo in the virtual world. Go on a date with your new inked girlfriend. Buy yourself a new heavy bike to show off your tattoos. So what are you waiting for ? Download virtual tattoo artist 3D body inked now and find out everything you need to know about the tattoos.

Features of the virtual tattoo artist 3D body inked
-Choose from the wide range of new tattoos.
-Amazing 3D world where you can show off your tattoo to the inked community
-Get your inked soulmate and take her on a date.
-How ever you can always get new tattoo from the tattoo shop


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 191.35 MB
Seller: Usama Bin Shafqat
Released: 2020-06-20 07:00:00

Daily Motivation Daily Motivation

Avec Daily Motivation reçois chaque jour une citation et son développement, d’une de nos trois catégories :

– Motivation
– Confiance en soi
– Sagesse

Ton expérience sera unique, n’hésite pas à la partager avec tes amis, et grandissez ensemble !

Chaque catégorie correspond à un animal, ton animal ! Il grandira avec toi au fur et à mesure que tu le « nourris » de ces phrases de motivation, confiance en soi ou de sagesse.

Profondément conscients des enjeux de la cause animale que nous évoquons dans notre application, nous nous engageons à soutenir cette dernière en reversant 10% de nos bénéfices à une association de protection de la cause animale.

Merci de nous aider à rendre ce monde meilleur !

L’équipe Daily Motivation


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 111.71 MB
Seller: Thibault Gassmann
Released: 2020-06-18 07:00:00

Perfect Kick 2 Perfect Kick 2

Come play this fun free-kick game against players worldwide in just under three minutes. Upgrade your stadium, unlock unique gear and power-ups, and make your name in the Star Hall of Fame.

Fast-paced Attack and Defense.
• Simple, fun, and strategic core gameplay, each 1V1 match will alternate between kicker and goalkeeper.
• Easy to play, but hard to master.

• Runner, Tornado, Banana Kick…You won’t believe the unusual power-ups you will get to use!
• Nintendo-style, quirky and beautiful.

Compete with the global players in the league, improve your league Division and enjoy the Timed League Benefit.

Join a Club with your friends and recruit talents for the club like a football manager would to improve the club. You have the power to make your Club the best!

Play around with different styles by choosing from an array of wacky costumes and gear. Don’t be afraid to express your style!

Chat with global players and launch friendly matches to play each other.

* High definition 3D graphics
* Brand new control mechanics with variety and depth
* Challenge other players and win trophies
* Mind-blowing skills and fun items
* Customize your player with quirky looks and costumes


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 285.91 MB
Seller: baldongx he (gamegou)
Released: 2020-06-18 07:00:00

Bees Going Home Bees Going Home

The industrious little bee started to look for his new home again. Where is his home?
This time it bravely started its adventure again.
New level design, each level will show the way the little bee goes home. Remember the route! Follow the route in memory and help the little bee go home! However, if you forget the way the little bee goes home, the game level will fail! Click the button to start again!
Please start the fantasy adventure with the little bee, remember to use your brain to help the little bee return to your new home!


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 26.29 MB
Seller: haijun xia
Released: 2020-06-18 07:00:00

Virtual Pet Cat Escape: Rescue Virtual Pet Cat Escape: Rescue

Mr. and Misses Smith have bought a new dog. and the little fluff is not getting the love she deserves. tommy and her sister jennie is ignoring little fluff and spending all the time with the new dog, you must escape the house and go the the park at the end of the city and get united with your pack. plan your every move very carefully and get out of the house. but be aware of the new dog as he keep an eye on everything. Eat your food. find the key and get out of the house. cross the road very carefully don’t get hurt. enjoy the game and let us know if you have anything in mind we will try to update the game as soon as possible.

Features of My Virtual Pet Cat Escape:
-Multiple 3D detailed cats models to choose from
-Amazing Toonish Environment
-Cute Sound effects & music
-Challenging house escape levels
-Fun game play and engaging tasks


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 234.00 MB
Seller: danish bhatti
Released: 2020-06-17 07:00:00

Cooking Recipes & Meal Planner Cooking Recipes & Meal Planner

Maintaining your diet has never been this easy, (insert app name here) helps you be on track with your diet goals. (Insert app name here) also helps newcomers to find their starting point.

A daily calorie counter that track your every meal so you can be aware of your intake thought the day.

A huge library of recipes that gives you detail information about your meal like Calories, nutrients, proteins, and fat.

No meat, no problem. With (Insert app name here) you can choose which type of food you get recipes for, so you can look for vegan meal or something with animal protein, it´s up to you.

Cooking tips: Perfect for those with no experience.

Recipes options: For both vegetarians and meat lovers.

Scan recipes from the camera of your phone.


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Seller: Apps Farm LLC
Released: 2020-06-15 07:00:00

Ice Princess Makeup: Snow Ball Ice Princess Makeup: Snow Ball

Do you dream of becoming a gorgeous princess from the frozen world? Our Princess Makeup: Snow Ball will make your wishes come true. It is a game for girls who love fashion and princess makeup. There are hundreds of make-up, hairstyles, nail decorations, fashionable dresses and jewelry for you to try out! You can even do spa and dress-up for your charming prince here! Download now and play the whole new makeup game for sweet Miss.

– Make Up: Wash the princess’s face and trim her eyebrows. Put on blue eye shadow to match her contact lenses. Don’t forget to apply blush and red lipstick for the fashionable princess look!
– Hair Styling: Which hair style is nicer for the princess? Short hair or long hair? Curly hair or straight hair? Green hair or pink hair? It’s all up to you!
– Dressing Up: Lovely bubble skirt, beautiful fishtail dress…help the princess put on an elegant dress! Choose pearl earrings, shell necklace, and bow belt to make the princess more dazzling in the ball!
– Nail Art: Trim the nails of your princess, and buff to a nice, healthy shine. Then choose from loads of polish colors and decoration patterns. Let your inner nail artist out!
– Spa Treatment: Wash the prince’s face and shave his beard to make the prince look even cleaner. Apply the mask to the prince and give him a relax milk bath!
– Outfits Selection: Massive fashionable escort outfits prepared in prince salon. Dress up your charming prince as you like! Unleash your creativity and enjoy the dressing up fun!

– 3 pretty princesses of different skin colors to choose from!
– 3 newly added charming princes for you to dress up!
– 6 modules to bring you a whole new experience: makeup, hair salon, nail art, dressing up, prince SPA, and prince dressing up.
– Nearly 100 makeup items: Lipsticks, eye shadow, eye lashes, cosmetic contact lenses, blush, face paint, and more!
– Over 100 fashion outfits: Bubble skirt, fishtail evening dress, pleated skirt, and more!
– Over 50 magic hairdressing tools for you to make stylish hairstyles.
– Style princesses’ nails with fabulous patterns and your favorite nail polish!
– Decorate the Snow Ball with flowers and carpet, and play elegant dance music!


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 0.0.0600
Size: 219.51 MB
Seller: Fuzhou Mama Music Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Released: 2020-06-15 07:00:00