VicCidadao VicCidadao


– Confirme suas consultas e exames;
– Visualize os medicamentos retirados por você;
– Acompanhe o status dos seus pedidos de exame;…/id1486905899

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Version: 0.1.11
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Awake Labs Awake Labs

Stress, anxiety, and strong emotions can often present as barriers to inclusion and an enjoyable life for adults with an intellectual disability. These barriers can be challenging to understand and see. This is where Awake Labs is making a difference.

Our technology uses a smartwatch and a mobile device. The smartwatch is worn by the person experiencing stress. The mobile app displays real-time stress levels using a clinically-validated algorithm, and can be used by self-advocates or their caregivers (e.g. family member, respite worker, personal support worker).

Our technology helps:

1. Improve quality of life for our partners
2. Reduce the number of stress-related incidents
3. Increase caregiver confidence to identify and respond to stress

We work with partners including Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, the Ontario Brain Institute, and Community Living agencies.…/id1466718089

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Version: 3.0.35
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Seller: Awake Labs Inc.
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USA Independence Day Sticker USA Independence Day Sticker

Downloads USA Independence Day Stickers for iMessage

How to Access Stickers in iMessage:
1. Open messages app
2. Compose a new message to anyone
2. Tap App Store icon in top left corner
3. Tap four circles icon in bottom left corner
4. Sticker Pack icon should appear in your iMessage App Drawer
5. If Stickers don’t appear, tap “Store” icon and then tap “Manage” tab to add sticker pack to iMessage Sticker Drawer.…/id1347849829

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1061 The River 1061 The River

We feature great artists such as Hal and Oates, Elton John, Eagles, The Rolling Stones, The Doobie Brothers, Chicago, Journey, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, The Cars, Dire Straits and more. We are all about the golden era of pop, rock, and R&B. Classic Hits of the 70’s and 80’s Upbeat playlist, full of energy News- local and state news-Jen Austin, Texas State Network News Weather-provided twice and hour with meteorologists, Dan Holiday Sports- Scott “HangTime” Hainline…/id1521488188

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Stella Leona Artisan Chocolate Stella Leona Artisan Chocolate

Stella Leona Chocolates and Coffees App allows placement of drink and snack orders for pickup in-store. Check store hours, contact us or leave a review. Take advantage of our loyalty rewards program through the app.…/id1521448588

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Capitão Bull Capitão Bull

Agora você pode fazer seu pedido Delivery em com toda facilidade e segurança.

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Preços e promoções exclusivas apenas pelo nosso aplicativo.

Salve seus produtos favoritos para facilitar no seu próximo pedido.

Chega de ligar para fazer seu pedido em nossa loja, peça pelo App, muito mais fácil e
você acompanha o status do seu pedido.

Para que pedir de aplicativos de Delivery que tem aquele monte de lojas na lista e você ainda pagar mais caro?

Baixe agora nosso App e aproveite!…/id1521350618

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