Meow Adventures – Cat Runner Meow Adventures – Cat Runner

Join Oliver and his furry friends on a fun journey through the Meow Adventures!

Help mischievous felines overcome challenging obstacles as they travel through maps.

Meet other furry friends along the journey and discover their traits that can lead to even more fun!

Let Oliver introduce you to the game and his daily routine – going around the maps and eating as many treats as possible! What a life!

Bravest kitty of them all! Leo will give it his all in order to find all the yummy treats!
Nothing can stop this kitty from winning the game.

Ciao Bella! She is pink and cute but don’t let that cuteness fool you. Bella is ready to jump higher and aim better than any other kitty!

Fearless Coco is wild at heart! She is the best warrior her tribe has.
Take Coco on a mission and she’ll get all the treats out there!

What was that? Exactly. You haven’t seen a more agile kitty around!
Yes, all the treats are gone before you even realize it.


Multiple fun missions
Easy to play with just finger drag on the screen
Gacha machine with great rewards
Daily rewards for loyal players
Shop for enhancements
Character shop…/id1518398133

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 122.07 MB
Seller: Boris Jerkovic
Released: 2020-08-01 07:00:00