Vlinder Icecream:Dress Up Game Vlinder Icecream:Dress Up Game

Do you like ice cream? Want to make a delicious ice cream and milkshake? You will love this game if u like ice cream, you just need to follow the simple and fun steps in Vlinder Ice Cream to make the most beautiful and perfect ice cream in the world. Not only will you manage your own ice cream truck, but you can create your own fashion & beautiful doll in Vlinder club!In this game, you can easily make ice cream desserts from beginning to end, as well as rich desserts like milkshakes.Every time a customer comes to visit your ice cream truck, you just need to select all the required ingredients from the shelf and mix them well. According to the customer’s taste,you can complete the order and get a lot of rich rewards!These rewards can be used to upgrade your ice cream making machines, or to replenish your stock and add a wealth of ingredients.In the process of making delicious ice cream,you’re sure to find a lot of fun.Such as you can decorate the ice cream with icing, syrups, and any of the delicious flavorings. And you can also add new flavors and game effects.Everyone will love this game, why not recommend it to your friends?【Game Features】•The Sweetest Food Game Around!Can make a variety of flavors of ice cream desserts and other delicious rich desserts!•Easy to Play!Easy to operate, just drag and drop ingredients to complete customer orders, anyone can become a master ice cream maker!•Managing the ice cream truck!Any bonus you earn after completing the order can be used to upgrade your production machines and buy a large amount of ingredients to make your ice cream truck last longer and better operate!•Dress up the customer!Dress up your customers, make the customers who come to your ice cream truck more beautiful and delicate!【Contact us】《 Vlinder Games》 FB Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1050741318721305《 Vlinder Ice Cream》Feedback E-mail:[email protected], in this game, you’ll get all kinds of dessert orders!You can always be creative, and provide the idea of new delicious desserts, use your rewards to upgrade or buy anything to get more customers to visit your ice cream truck.Maybe you’ll be the game’s famous ice cream dessert maker or the best milkshake maker, so what are you waiting for? Hurry up and discover the beauty of this ice cream game brought to you by 31 Dress up Games!


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Imposter Assassin: Red Killer Imposter Assassin: Red Killer

In the game, you will become a master assassin hiding in the dark, excellent attack skills. Hide deep your self kill many bad guys and the boss—many special items like weapons, super abilities, or armor. You try to collect as many items as more vital.

More features:
– Beautiful and unique 3D visuals
– Defeat bosses and show your skills
– Simple and fun game
– Interesting gameplay
– Easy controls
– One finger control
– Beautiful graphics
– Realistic object physics
– Intuitive interface

How to play?
– Avoid enemy’s flashlight
– Kill enemy before they look at you.
– Hide yourself base on the level’s environment.

The enemy will automatically find you in every corner and will kill you your compilation in their flashlight area. Before you can kill them, and you must escape without being found out.

Contact us: www.facebook.com/onetapglobal with any suggestions.


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Real Soccer – Football Games Real Soccer – Football Games

Kit up and get into the massive football ground where thousands of spectators are there to watch their hero playing for the badge. Play a full-ground football match and simulate every player on your team.
Some Soccer games have different specific features like free kicks, Penalties, Long-range shooting, dribbling, and goal-scoring, but here you will be playing a real soccer match with the entire features combine. As this is a whole ground action!

Simulate your player, pass your teammates, dribble the opponents, and shot on target to score the goal. When chasing the ball, do sprints, slides, and interceptions to defend. Never let your opponent score.
Choose in the international teams and play a quick match and world championship with the rest of the team left in the ranking. Knockout the football top teams and be the champions of the world.

Upgrade your team and player which will make it easy to defeat the football beasts. Thousands of eyes of the crowd will be on you. Play good football and never let them down!

You will be playing a football match! This isn’t only free kicks or penalties or a football target shooting game, but a full ground complete soccer match, you have to simulate the 11 players throughout the football ground in this football game!

Control your player, dribble the opponents, pass the ball and shoot on the goal post to lead on, the opponent team will Attacks you, slide, defend and intercept the rival attackers, and don’t let them a goal on you!

Choose your team and play against the rest of the world teams associated with soccer, knockout the opponents, or lose the battle. Upgrade your team stats for better football attacks and defending!
This corner to corner football game will give you all the joy of a complete sports game, even if you are a fan of free-kick games, penalties, long-range shooting, or indoor futsal.

Features of Real Soccer – Football Games:

1. International Teams and Kits.
2. Crowded stadiums.
3. Green Pitches.
4. Dozens of different jerseys.
5. Dozens of shoes and kits to unlock.
6. Modifications and upgrades.
7. Detailed 3D models.
8. Real-time physics.
9. Smooth gameplay.
10. Full ground football match.
11. Feasible UI
12. Eye-Catchy Graphics.


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Touhou LostWord Touhou LostWord

◇◆◇About Touhou LostWord◇◆◇
Words are going missing, but nobody knows why… The Lost Word Incident has taken over Gensokyo. Explore Gensokyo to resolve the incident with Reimu, Marisa, and the huge cast from Touhou Project!

Taking place in Gensokyo, Touhou LostWord is a derivative work based on Touhou Project by Team Shanghai Alice.

Reimu Hakurei:
Also known as Hakurei Shrine Maiden, Eternal Shrine Maiden, Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise.
She is a human who lives at Hakurei Shrine.

Marisa Kirisame:
Also known as Western Magician of the East, Strange Magician, Ordinary Black Magician.
She is a human who lives in the Forest of Magic.

Meet the various characters from the Touhou universe, including Yukari Yakumo, Youmu Konpaku, Alice Margatroid, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Remilia Scarlet, Patchouli Knowledge, Sakuya Izayoi, and many more!

◇◆◇Game System◇◆◇
Use your characters’ Spell Cards to fight in exciting battles of bullets!
You can power up your favorite characters and create a party of up to 6.
Choose between 3 voices for every character and dress them up in a variety of different costumes!

◇◆◇Participating Artists◇◆◇
Akitsu Mikami, Arata Toshihira, Capura.L, Eretto, Fruit Punch, Girotin, Hagiwara Rin, Hinayuki Usa, Hiura R, Mikeou, Minamura Haruki, Morinohon, Mottun*, Natsume Eri , Ragho no Erika, Rui Tomono, Sakura Hiyori, Sakuragi Ren, Sakurazawa Idumi, Shinia, Socha, Takehana Note, Tanaka Shoutarou, Tomioka Jiro, Umeckiti, Yamadori Ofuu, Yano Mitsuki, Yumeno Rote, Yuuki Keisuke, and more!

◇◆◇Participating Musicians◇◆◇
AramiTama, Butaotome, Cajiva’s Gadget Shop, flap+frog, Foxtail-Grass Studio, Hachimitsu-Lemon, COOL&CREATE, Melodic Taste, O-LIFE.JP Tokyo Active NEETS/Kokyo Active NEETs, and more!

©Team Shanghai Alice
©GOOD SMILE COMPANY, INC. / NextNinja Co., Ltd.


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SunRiser: Highlight Covers SunRiser: Highlight Covers

Create Premium Looking Profile by using SunRiser!

SunRiser is a story cover maker app for Instagram stories help you to create high-quality Instagram Highlight covers. With SunRiser You can easily create Premium Instagram story covers. Promote Your Content with wonderful graphics, make your Instagram profile more attractive and win you more likes and followers.

We have:
– 1000+ highlight covers templates for you to beautify your profile, no watermark
– You can customize your stories as to how you want and then just download it
– You can even directly download a template without customizing since all of thetemplates are specially designed
– Save directly in your gallery in the format perfect to import on Instagram

Stylish Instagram stories highlight covers and titles are important for being professional and getting followers. So let’s unfold your story swag highlight and get more likes!


Performance optimization

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Stressbuoy:Track&Reduce Stress Stressbuoy:Track&Reduce Stress

With Stressbuoy, you can track daily stresses and their impacts, build healthy routines, destress with meditations for free. Stressbuoy has been passionately designed to help your journey towards a stress-free life.

*Track stress and understand its impacts on your daily life
*Listen and process stress with our meditations.
*Dreamtime stories to help you sleep well
*Build healthy routines for a healthy lifestyle
*Maintain sleep hygiene
*Eat well with Stressbuoy’s meal planner to plan your meals in advance, saving you time and stress.
*Journal the highlights of your day
*Find insights about your stress levels and various factors which impact them
*Keep track of your joy to remind yourself about what’s important in life.

All the features we included in the app are specially made to reduce friction points in your daily life, to help you understand your stress better so that you can take back control from stress and effectively manage it.

Manage stress like a pro with Stressbuoy app, by understanding your stress and its impacts, get personalised solutions to destress and uncover hidden stress patterns in your life.

You can drop your feedback directly within the app or email us at [email protected]

Love Stressbuoy?

*Leave us a review
*Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stressbuoy/
*Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stressbuoy

A note that we are still in beta and some of the features are still on the way to becoming perfect. So bear with us, thank you for taking part on Stressbuoy’s journey.


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Version: 0.2.1
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Anime High School Girl Game Anime High School Girl Game

We will introduce new concept that is anime school girl. Be the bright student of the town and doing multiple high school tasks as a student. Multiple school activities that you will do in the school. Play prank with your class fellows or participate in sports competition. Attend the chemistry class or doing experiments in the lab. Surprise tests will be conducted in the class, so be clever and doing cheating in the absence of teacher to make your grade up.


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Version: 1.0
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Seller: Muhammad Haider
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Stickman Revenge 4: Epic War Stickman Revenge 4: Epic War

Stickman Revenge 4 is back

Continuing the successful series of Stickman Revenge games
In this version, players will experience the best RGP game series ever.

With Stickman Revenge 4, you can:
– Experience RPG series with offline mode along with many features.
– Fight against over 100 monsters in 5 unique maps.
– Choose for yourself the character and animal accompanying you to fight the boss
– Discover skills and tactics to defeat your enemies
– Craft your character with variety of weapons and armors to create personality for yourself.

Why choose Stickman Revenge 4?
– FIGHTING in a completely new line of action games.
– REWARDS system to power up your stickman
– Beautiful Ninja Warrior World GRAPHICS and hundreds of game levels.
– Unique monsters designed darkness ARTSTYLE.

About Stickman Revenge 4
You will be transformed into a ninja Stickman, alone conquering the waves of the coming Yokai.
Upgrade, accumulate amazing skills to fight as if your life depended on it, as waves of monsters never end. And remember, once you die … the only way is to start all over again! So be careful!

– Facebook: facebook.com/stickman.revenge.4


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Pet Goat Rampage Simulator 3D Pet Goat Rampage Simulator 3D

Do you like to play with goat? If your answer is yes then this game will be interesting to you. Play as a goat and do funny and silly tasks. Select your goat and start playing. Display your wrath and power in this simulator by going on a rampage: attack humans and animals alike, smash cars, and knock things down.


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Version: 1.0
Size: 133.29 MB
Seller: Muhammad Mahin Dar
Released: 2021-05-31 07:00:00

Vlinder Box:Surprise Blind-box Vlinder Box:Surprise Blind-box

Believe everyone likes surprise blind boxes! It can bring you happiness, joy and a good mood! Do you want to receive more surprise blind boxes? Come to Vlinder Box open your blind boxes and get surprise outfits to create your own beautiful character! Each open surprise blind-box will bring you happiness, joy, a good mood and a beautiful fashion dress! 🙂 Games for children and adults on mobile devices and tablets in our time have become more a necessity than a fashion.Vlinder Box is awesome, you never know what’s in that little blind-box! It’s always a surprise what’s in the surprise blind-box, did you ever got an surprise box with a surprise in it what you don’t like? All your favourite outfits inside of this game!【How to Play】The gameplay of the game are simple. [The same as the Vlinder Doll]Required:- Create and dress up your own characters with the surprise dresses in the blind-box- Remove and open the wrapper by pressing your finger- Open the surprise blind-box with the touch of a finger- Open blind boxes to collect various theme outfits- Get your surprise in the form of a toy! 【Vlinder Features】-Gain the pleasure from opening the surprise blind boxes!-All of the theme outfits are displayed!-You can also accurately grasp the progress of the theme outfits collection!【Purpose of the game】Collect the entire collection of dressing for girls, opening beautiful surprise blind-box! Collecting various theme costumes! Becoming the most beautiful girl!Game for adults and children from 1 year and older.Hope our game will bring you more happiness, joy, a good mood! Hope u can enjoy it! We would love to hear from you! Sincerely!#Collections & Outfits will constantly replenish, stay tuned!#【Contact Us】– FB group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1050741318721305– Feedback email:[email protected]– Instagram:vlinder__life– Tiktok:vlindergames_tiktok


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Version: 1.0.0
Size: 170.79 MB
Seller: DAN SU
Released: 2021-05-31 07:00:00