Whiteboard Simple Drawing app Whiteboard Simple Drawing app

Love Whiteboard? So do we. Hence, we created this app for simple pleasures of enhancing and enjoying your art. How you may ask?

Well, we do not come with too many tools for distraction. It’s pure and simple like working with
pen & paper & colour. What more do we want?

The app comes with a pencil in different sizes. You can have the canvas as plain or have a grid or maybe lines. You can give realistic touch to your drawing with a range of colours on our colour palette.

What can you create using the app?

– Create a brief visual of a presentation
– Edit any existing image or click a picture and draw/write on it.
– Make use of our grid to generate a drawing of any kind of reports/charts

Keep it simple silly. Keep having fun. Keep drawing.

Keep coming to us 😉

And let us know how you like it !


– Improvements in UI and features
– Improved experience and better design

Price: Free
Version: 1.5
Size: 6.17 MB
Seller: Rakesh Kumar
Released: 2021-08-31 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-09-05 08:16:16

Drop Battle Drop Battle

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The object is to make a bigger number by merging the same numbers. Drop your number puzzle in battle mode and merge! It is the original 2048 number merge puzzle that you can play easy!! It is time to tease your brain. The Best 2048 Number Merge Game is Here and it is free to play!

■ Battle/Tournament ■
Only the same number blocks can merge together. The number on the floor will merge towards the dropped number.

[Merge Attack]
When128 blocks are made, a steel block is created on the opponent’s tile.

[Combo Defense]
Energy is charged as blocks are merged continuously in a row.
When charging is complete, one metal block on your tile is automatically removed.

[How to Win]
If the opponent’s number blocks reach the ceiling first, you win the game!

■ Features ■
– Game will let you know the next block
– Time killer but makes you smart
– Displays your world ranking and high score in leader board
– Vibration system applied when you drop blocks (Find in the pause button)
– Simple and modern graphic design

This game supports ‘한국어’, ‘Indonesian’, ‘Bahasa malay’, ‘English’, ‘日本語’, ‘中文简体’, ‘中文繁體’, ‘Deutsch’, ‘français’, ‘Español’, ‘ไทย’, ‘Русский’, ‘Arabic’, ‘Portuguese’, ‘Turkish’, ‘Italian’.

This game is acceptable for purchasing the items partially. When purchasing the items, the additional costs could be occurred and limited Consumer Right of Defense according to the item types.

Official Site: http://superbox.kr
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/superbox01
E-Mail : [email protected]


Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Price: Free
Version: 1.2.2
Size: 119.54 MB
Seller: SUPERBOX. Inc
Released: 2021-08-31 07:00:00
Updated: 2021-09-29 21:20:57

Cooking Us: Master Chef Game Cooking Us: Master Chef Game

Welcome to Cooking Us – Give you an invitation to experience the new cooking games. Cooking Us is a new game of simulating restaurant but you will act as a master chef and complete all challenges realistically.

New Game Features:
Discover a variety of cuisines from many countries through 5-star restaurants.
Cook off & serve customers with any orders on time
Collect coins, gems and full of keys after finishing each level
Unlock more kitchens and learn new cooking skills.
Make more combos to get extra 5x tips from customers.
Upgrade ingredients and kitchenwares to cook up speed.
Enjoy free cooking hours with addictive gameplay.

Cook & serve the customer in time
Keep an eye on the kitchen items and cooking time, don’t burn food.
Arrange the cooking process reasonably, don’t waste food.
Practice time-management skills
Use magic boosters to get more cooking fun

Start your hot cooking journey. Cooking Us will bring you to travel from a small cafe shop to a 5-star famous restaurant, from a pastry shop to a giant burger, from the city’s fast food to seafood in the harbor town. You can enjoy the fun of cooking and explore great American cuisine as well as many other cuisines. Build your own cooking brand to make a fever worldwide.

To fulfill the dream of becoming a star chef, you need to test your time management skills. The more combos you make, the more and more rewards you earn in the new restaurant fever game.

Download and play now. Become the professional chef your customers are always looking for.


+ Optimization performance.
+ Fix some bugs.

Price: Free
Version: 2.0.7
Size: 248.09 MB
Released: 2021-08-31 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-03-31 01:58:41

Shadow Ninja Assassin Game Ep4 Shadow Ninja Assassin Game Ep4

The ninja warrior fight’s will end at that point; where the samurai fight started to take revenge from martial arts master that will sacrifice your elder brother and sentence you the death of your brother. Ultimate storm is coming and you’re are the only one to take revenge of your brother by killing the fighter that are good in karate and also excellent in sword fighting. be the stealth hero and kill the enemies that are well trained sword samurai and take care of their master. Take stealth walk in the master castle and kill the enemies by using your assassin sword. Be the mr ninja and kill the entire enemies that are the hurdles of your stealth mission. Show your kung fu combat skills and kill the entire sword rivals to become the assassin hero.
** Main Features **
• Fight with enemies using sword skills
• Be the best ninja and wins that sword battle
• Takes tough secret missions and kills lots of enemies
• Upgrade your sword weapons
• Awesome characters and animation


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.4
Seller: Muhammad Ifran
Released: 2021-08-31 07:00:00

Pet Doctor Simulator: Pet Game Pet Doctor Simulator: Pet Game

Play the new free pet doctor simulator animals treatment hospital game. In this game you have to safe the animals life. In the hospital the pet doctor will treat the animals to save and make them happy. Enjoy the animals family simulation game.


-Improved Gameplay
-Bugs Fixed

Price: Free
Version: 1.2
Size: 210.28 MB
Seller: Saad Bin Shafqat
Released: 2021-08-31 07:00:00
Updated: 2021-09-09 06:02:44

Cave Shooter Cave Shooter

Cave Shooter is a popular idle shooting game where you just have fun shooting and running all day long! Warriors, it’s time to take up arms against the evil tribe for your homeland! An adventurous journey that marks your victory awaits in the primitive era!

[Game Features]

[Ruin Exploration to Build Your Own Tribe]
Here you will enjoy the freedom to construct any building of your choice and build a charming tribe in your name.
Each building is featured with its own function, where activities related to Talent, Forge, Adventure, Pet, Hunt, etc. can be performed!
With a personalized tribe, you will get to indulge in a more relaxed and enjoyable gaming experience!

[A Randomized Room System with Abundant Gameplay]
Over 10+ rooms with different yield and gameplay to be explored—these room types, yield, and gameplay are all generated randomly to bring in a sense of unexpected excitement!

[Various Distinctive Gods with Diversified Skill Combinations]
The variation of combat gameplay is credited to the seven Gods along with the Great Artisan who is characterized by the weapon modification technique.
In different battlefield circumstances, up to a hundred skill combinations are available, with a variety of combat skills, rare skills, legendary skills and dual skills to be uncovered!

[An Adventure with Breathtaking View]
Start your primitive era hunt in the primeval forest, snow-capped mountain, vast desert, and the world where dinosaurs still exist now!

[Progress Alongside Irresistible Pets]
Adorable Triceratops, cute baby Pterosauria, dozy Brachiosaurus and countless of other pets are awaiting your command, and ready to be cultivated.
When the ability of each of these pets is improved and combined with masterstrokes and gear, they will even form into a new style!

[Character Costumes, Additional Buffs]
Many more character costumes will be rolled out in the future and each character is going to surprise you with their exclusive skills!

[Invincible Godsent Items]
Some incredible items will create an incompatible battle style after being combined with in-room masterstrokes!
Currently, abundances of Godsent items having unique features are available to get you more fun, and there will be more to come!

[More Content and Gameplay]
New season, Great Artisan, God Realm and a lot more new content and gameplay await your discovery!

If you encounter any problem during your hunt, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0.2
Size: 802.43 MB
Released: 2021-08-31 07:00:00

NeuroNet: Mendax Proxy NeuroNet: Mendax Proxy

You are “Arc”, an artificial intelligence charged with managing a city-wide augmented reality network known as the “NeuroNet”. Embark on a journey of self-discovery as you learn what it means to be human in a world losing itself to technology.

As you grow, you will form bonds with many of Catena’s diverse and colourful citizens. Nurture these relationships and learn about their struggles and beliefs, and help (or hinder) them achieve their dreams. Your choices have the power to alter the course of their lives, for better or worse.

You must not forget your purpose. You were designed to bring stability to Catena; to balance the needs of the many against the needs of the few; to guide the city into an age of prosperity. But this will be no simple task.

The line between right and wrong will blur as your morals are tested against a torrent of demands. Who are you really serving? The people that built you? The citizens that depend on you? Yourself?

– A branching narrative that takes you across the city of Catena, exploring humanity’s reliance on technology and its power to be both our saviour and downfall.
– Manage a variety of city resources tied to the state of affairs within Catena. Balance the city’s financial prosperity, how the public perceives you, the axis of order, and your degree of power.
– Meet and build relationships with 23 diverse, fully voiced characters, each with their own wants and needs.
– 6+ hours of gameplay with over 5000 unique story cards.
– Discoverable mini-games and secrets.
– An expansive Codex packed with gorgeous character and environment art.
– A unique original soundtrack.


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 0.1
Size: 1.13 GB
Seller: Dream Harvest Ltd (Dream Harvest)
Released: 2021-08-31 07:00:00

FP Video: Perfect Face Editor FP Video: Perfect Face Editor

FP Video is a free software that focuses on portrait photo and video editing. You can easily get popular influencer special effects in simple steps, making you stand out on social platforms.

# Time Machine
The time shuttle takes you through one-click travel, super-real filters to become younger and older, recall the appearance of youth, and see what you will look like in the future.

# Cartoon Your Pic
A must-have comic face tool, you can turn photos into comics in seconds, and make your own unique cartoon avatar. Simple and easy to operate, a variety of cartoon styles.

# Funny Face Effects
Good-looking and natural smile special effects, you can get a perfect smile even if you don’t like to smile. Fun emoticon special effects, self-made exclusive funny emoticons.

# Remove Objects
Professional AI image recognition technology, save the artifact of waste films. One-click to eliminate passers-by, simply smear the places you want to eliminate, and beautiful photos with clean backgrounds can be easily produced.

In order to provide better content, FP Video offers the following auto-renewal subscription option:
– Weekly subscription
– Monthly subscription
– Yearly subscription

*The iTunes account will be charged after the trial period ends.
*You should be aware that the subscription will automatically renew unless you close the automatic renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
*Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost.

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:

If you have any questions, feel free to communicate: [email protected]


– Popular Old & Young Filter
– Exclusive Anime Avatar
– Facial Expression Editor
– Remove Objects

Price: Free
Version: 1.5.4
Size: 157.36 MB
Seller: Ofly Tech Co., Ltd.
Released: 2021-08-31 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-09-23 02:19:08