So To Speak So To Speak

So to Speak is an application to augment the emergence of language or to serve as alternative communication for children and adults who are communicative but nonverbal. The application consists of stock pictures, phrases with capacity to upload photos to individualize, customize to the user’s needs. Once application is purchased, buyer will not be charged monthly or annual fee to renew. Buyer will have lifetime access to the application including updates, revisions.

This application is ideal for families, classroom teacher and clinical Speech Language Pathologists, and Occupational Therapists. The application would be useful for children with various diagnosis including: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Apraxia of Speech, Expressive Language Disorder, Developmental Delay, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, among others. This application would be useful in an inpatient rehab setting with post-stroke patient during recovery to communicate basic needs and wants to staff and family.

So to Speak is a speech-generating application with direct selection, single push-button. Synthesized voice-output offers male, female, child voice options. Pitch adjustments and rate of speech options to customize sound to user. Size of icon can be adjusted to smaller size (1/2”x1/2”) or larger size (2×2) for learners or individuals with less precise ability to touch screen. Simple process of adding overlays to allow user the ability to request, comment, label, ask and answer questions, share feelings, emotions, etc. The application offers a text to speech option allowing more advanced users to spell messages with voice output component.

Categories include toys/activities, feelings, food/drinks, social/people, sentence starters, places, and general. There is an “other” category for the user to customize a category based on need. The application is user friendly. Good “over-the-counter” AAC system that is uncomplicated and easy to navigate. Does not require training or great skill for user and facilitator to create overlays.

A UNIQUE feature of So To Speak is the ability to create work/activity schedules to provide organization and predictability to assist with transitions and increase sustained attention to task completion. Schedule can be comprised of 1-5 activities with space for “reward/reinforcement”. Visually displays work to be completed and work left to do. Great for classrooms and clinical settings. Can also be used to assist with home or classroom activities such as with dressing, teeth brushing, toileting, etc.

So to Speak can be used on an iPhone, but is designed for iPad’s running iOS 13 or later. Data can be synced between multiple devices via a cloud user account. Access “Support” to communicate with developer regarding issues, feedback or with questions. Data connection necessary for uploading of individualized photos. After photos stored, application can be used offline.

Created By: WMays Technology LLC, in collaboration with JoEllen Schaefer-Mays, and Compass Community Health.…/id1577247871

– Fixed issue when selecting overlay tiles does not work properly

Price: $39.99 USD
Version: 2.2.2
Size: 8.43 MB
Seller: WMays Technology LLC
Released: 2021-10-31 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-08-10 18:01:00

CardBoard: Board Game Scoring CardBoard: Board Game Scoring

Card Board gives you everything you need to:
* Set up,
* Score and,
* Save
Your favourite board games simply and easily.

# Features
* Beautiful custom score boards
* Quick reference cards for set up, turn actions etc.
* Automatic first player selection
* Inbuilt calculator and timer
* Automatically sync plays to Board Game Geek.

We’re constantly adding games such as: Wingspan, Terraforming Mars, Spirit Island + more than 160 more.…/id1571123320

We regularly release feature updates and bug fixes.

# Newly Added Features
* Home Screen and search refinements (with more on the way)
* Past play screens are now more reliable (improvements to co-op games is in active development)
* We’ve tweaked the ‘play again’ button to remove bugs

# Recent Updates
* Scoreboard improvements that are :chef’s kiss:
* Easily add and edit games.
* Updates to the home screen.
* Streamlined the competition entry process.

# Recent Bug fixes
* Score cell selection and deletion
* Initial load now has a progress spinner
* Bug fixes to play again button.
* Bug fixes to past play screen.

# This Version
* Fixes to icons in a 5 player game (thanks for the bug report Tiago!)

Price: Free
Version: 1.2.6
Size: 3.67 MB
Seller: Gavin Jones
Released: 2021-10-31 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-07-09 13:07:54

Capture neon Capture neon

This is a treasure collecting game. You need to control the neon treasure to fall. Only when the neon treasure matches the corresponding color can it be successfully captured, and it can be counted as earning points. You must pay attention to the speed of the neon treasures falling, and distinguish their colors in time, and capture them smoothly!
Fun and fun, catch more neon treasures!…/id1590318160

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 166.80 MB
Seller: Guangyuan Chongyuan Architecture Labor Service Co., Ltd
Released: 2021-10-31 07:00:00

Plant with Care Plant with Care

You love cooking delicious meals, but they require ingredients! The garden provides very productive soil that can be used for growing various crops. The space is limited and each vegetable has its own planting rules, so be sure to use the correct seed and plant with care. Each level represents a list of ingredients required to cook a meal for you and the family members.

– 72 hand-crafted levels with 3 levels of difficulty (easy, medium, hard).
– Relaxing lo-fi beats.
– Smooth 3D artwork.
– Game Center.
– Haptic Feedback (can be turned on/off).
– No ads / No in-app purchases (buy it once and enjoy it forever).
– Optimized for all devices;
– Simple controls, suitable for any age.
– Not collecting any data.
– Play Offline, no internet connection required to play
– No violence, stress-free; play at your own pace.…/id1589410147

Fixed level 56.
Working on a major update with more improvements, please stay tuned!

Price: $1.99 USD
Version: 1.2
Size: 70.14 MB
Seller: Tepes Ovidiu
Released: 2021-10-31 07:00:00
Updated: 2021-11-05 15:00:08

Password: Spectre Password: Spectre

Meet Spectre, your tiny pocket ghost password calculator. Spectre won’t save your passwords or send them off to the cloud, instead it’ll generate the password you want to see, just when you need it, from thin air.

Are you troubled by poor passwords in the night?
Do you experience feelings of dread in your home office?

Let Spectre float along with you, this friendly ghost will never:
– Save your passwords on your phone – so losing your phone or having it confiscated doesn’t compromise you.
– Upload your passwords to the cloud – so your passwords aren’t at risk of getting leaked, mishandled or lost.
– Be unavailable – your very own Spectre can rise from the dead, just by reinstalling the app or borrowing a friend’s device in incognito mode.

Spectre isn’t just adorable, it’s also a math genius. It embodies the spirit of a multi-layered cryptographic algorithm, securely deriving every password you need purely from the combination of your name, your personal Spectre secret (don’t tell!), and the domain name of the site you’re logging into.
As sure as π × ø, your passwords are now always available and immortal. But only ever through you.

“Is this even safe?”
Spectre’s algorithm has been used to protect both personal and corporate assets for over 10 years. A cryptographic algorithm combines authenticated hashing and key derivation to ward off known and unknown attack vectors.

“Can anyone find my passwords?”
Your personal Spectre secret is the proof of your identity. Nobody can ever find your passwords: they simply don’t exist without it.

“Can I trust you?”
Trust is everything, it’s also a highly personal decision that only you can make.
Spectre is the product of 10 years of development by Maarten Billemont, a Belgian-Canadian mobile security software engineer.
Every measure has been taken to minimize our access and your need for trust:
– Spectre doesn’t keep your passwords on the device, or anywhere else.
– Spectre never sends your information anywhere.
– Spectre does not keep *any* customer information, at all.
– Spectre is fully open-source, can and has been scrutinized in every detail.
We invite you to tick this checklist against any other password products.

Our sole objective is to revolutionize passwords and digital identity, by finally putting you back in the driver seat.


When passwords are just math,
‣ they can *never* be lost,
‣ they are always strong and unique,
‣ they are available to you, from anywhere, even offline or from a borrowed device,
‣ they cannot be confiscated, locked-out or lost,
‣ they will never be leaked from the cloud, or copied from your device.


Spectre is how you put yourself back in the driver-seat of your own digital identity:
‣ don’t send out any information on yourself,
‣ don’t make someone else the key master of every online account you own,
‣ stop answering invasive security questions with highly personal information,
‣ put an end to reused or related account passwords.


We have a very strong moral centre and leave no one behind:
‣ Spectre will always be available to all, for free.
‣ Spectre is fully open source and licensed Free Software.
‣ Spectre’s algorithm is public domain & available for inspection.
‣ We hold privacy and user consent as primary.
‣ We use technology to guard you from regulatory overreach.…/id1526402806


– Address a rare crash under iOS 16.
– Resolve a potential deadlock when merging in an already-existing user export.

Price: Free
Version: 3.1.8
Size: 47.83 MB
Seller: Maarten Billemont
Released: 2021-10-31 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-08-28 10:29:42

Super Happy Grandpa Family Sim Super Happy Grandpa Family Sim

Welcome to Happy super grandpa simulator, Lets step up in this granny and grandpa game which is extremely happy making and full of fun 3D simulator. Virtual Grandpa Game is the enormous amazing family game with different tasks related to household and many things attached to other family members including virtual dad help and virtual mom support. Your great grandpa taught a lot of things to your grandpa and now he is going to help his whole family in different means of life.
Super Grandpa will be driving kids to school, taking care of kids like their nanny in the absence of mom. Grandpa is fully ready to protect the virtual family and deal with every scary and bad neighbours. Enjoy this funny grandpa simulator.
• Virtual family fun life simulation as virtual grandpa & Nanny
• High Quality 3D Graphics! Virtual happy family home environment with dad, mom & kids.
• Smooth, easy and amazing controls and music in this simulator gameplay
• Enjoy real family grandfather simulator.…/id1564697083

Added Ads Plugin
Added Ads Tracking Transparency

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 276.60 MB
Seller: Usama Ahmad Butt
Released: 2021-10-31 07:00:00

Sober Dating OneDate at a Time Sober Dating OneDate at a Time

What Makes Sober Dating Different?

At sober dating you will find a community made up of people with one thing in common: We are empowered and enriched by a life free from drugs and alcohol. But we are not defined by what we don’t do or by what our life is lived without; but rather how our life has been filled with so much more- light and acceptance, clarity and spirituality, sobriety and love.

How Sober Dating Works

Find Love. One Date at a Time.
At Sober Dating, we take the guesswork out of connecting with potential matches committed to a sober life. Here, we filter your matches based on a range of questions pertaining to your personal sobriety and preferences, including why you’ve chosen sobriety, how comfortable you are around alcohol in social situations, and with what frequency you attend fellowship meetings and connect with your sponsor. We do the leg work, so you can just stick to focusing on being your true, authentic self and can enjoy meeting other individuals enriched by a sober life.

Meet Our Sober Badges
Why sobriety? On Sober Dating you’ll find a community of people enriched by a life free of drugs and alcohol. But we are all committed to sobriety for different reasons. Pick your Sober Badges to quickly tell us, and your matches, a little more about the reason for your personal sobriety.…/id1563036570

Refined chat experience, notifications, and bug fixes.

Price: Free
Version: 1.1.2
Size: 54.76 MB
Seller: Sober Dating LLC
Released: 2021-10-31 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-05-25 10:40:35

Elta7 Elta7

In the future world, in order to resist the oppression of Skynet, the underground resistance army sent the intelligent flight aircraft Elta 7 to obtain the energy chip and control the energy source to destroy Skynet and make the world free again.

The game is played by roguelike + demon city. It designs many operations such as weapons, equipment, chip buff, a variety of secondary weapons, weapon protection bonus and upgrade. The main weapons, secondary weapons and long-range weapons are freely combined, with complex and diverse terrain and fierce Skynet enemy.

In other words, there is a number 7 in Manchester now… Well, There used to be a number 10 in Nokamp…

We are indie game studio BluSped, which is an action game developed by us. We hope you can like it.…/id1589171873

. The problem of poor line of sight caused by vertical terrain is improved
. Increased sprint distance
. Other errors were corrected

Price: Free
Version: 1.282
Size: 250.92 MB
Seller: Zhou XiaoRui (BluSped)
Released: 2021-10-31 07:00:00
Updated: 2021-12-18 19:59:14

MiDiRead MiDiRead

Why MiDi
Read Gripping Novels
Stories published in MiDiRead are all readers’ top picks. The genres you might be into reading—romance, fantasy, suspense, action-adventure, werewolf, billionaire, Sci-fi—are all here!

Connect with Authors and Story-lovers
You can encourage authors to update and share more original stories, comment directly as you read them, and share thoughts and emotions with other avid readers. You can even add a description about yourself on your profile page to let other readers know more about you.

Gain Generous Reader Benefits
Read and earn free rewards. Continuous check-ins bring an additional bonus!

Make Your Stories Accessible to More Readers
We support aspiring authors in their efforts towards publication! We provide a way for writers to get paid for their writing. If their stories are approved, they will get paid based on how readers are engaging with their stories.
Frequent promotional opportunities are given to help increase exposure.

For more info, please reach us at [email protected]…/id1579885391

fix Facebook login

Price: Free
Version: 1.9
Size: 78.96 MB
Seller: Shenzhen New Chapter Culture Technology Co., Ltd.
Released: 2021-10-31 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-03-08 23:43:43