Swiftly Race Timer Swiftly Race Timer

Time races with ease and accuracy! Swiftly Race Timer is the easiest way to record races! Simply start the race, record finishers, and share the results of the race!

Swiftly Race Timer was developed to time races for the Dolphin South End Runners, the oldest running club in San Francisco and one of the oldest in the nation! The club is completely volunteer-driven and to keep race costs down, we time our races using pull tags and this timing app. As runners finish, we mark their time with this app and collect their timing tag. Race results preparers correlate the timing tags with results from this app and publish the results on our website, https://dserunners.com

Terms and Conditions: https://racetimer.app/terms
Privacy Policy: https://racetimer.app/privacy


Price: $9.99 USD
Version: 1.0
Size: 16.84 MB
Seller: Astral Engineering LLC
Released: 2022-02-28 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-02-28 19:11:13

Get Likes&Followers on IgCards Get Likes&Followers on IgCards

IgCards is a photo editor specializing in creating invitation & greeting & get-well cards.
It allows you to easily make card photos like magazine posters.

If you are hosting a family gathering on the weekend, you can use IgCards to create an invitation card to invite your family and friends to the family gathering this weekend.
If it’s your birthday, IgCards wishes you a happy birthday. You can use IgCards to create a birthday card to send to social media to receive heartfelt wishes from family and friends.
If you think writing a letter is an old-fashioned way of saying hello, use IgCards to create a greeting card to send your greeting to others.

Create your own Invite & Wish & Greeting card in IgCards!


– Fix known sticker display bug.
– Provide better using experience.

Price: Free
Version: 1.1.0
Size: 24.15 MB
Seller: Raquel Vilar
Released: 2022-02-28 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-04-20 02:16:14

dittoed dittoed

Dittoed helps you take share-worthy photos by overlaying a template photo of your choice on your camera screen to act as a live guide while snapping away. You can upload template photos from your camera roll or gallery however, there are pre-loaded templates in the app that are available for use as well! It’s like having your very own photography coach.

Dittoed can be used for anything from perfect before and after photos to recreating Pinterest pictures for social media! The possibilities are endless! P.S (if you’re looking for inspiration, see our list below) Whether you are an artist, fitness lover or content creator/influencer dittoed will help you save time trying to get the perfect shot. Use our filters to help enhance your photos further before sharing them!

– tracking fitness transformations
– before and after comparisons (home renovations, treatments etc.)
– tricky poses or professional angles
– recreate childhood/sentimental photos
– recreate popular travel photos
– content creator shoots
– timelapse projects

Dittoed also has premium templates and filters that are available for users that subscribe. Our subscription also allows you to export your photos without the #dittoed watermark. Subscription prices are $1.49/month or $11.49/year (USD) for unlimited access.


New timer options.

Price: Free
Version: 0.12.0
Size: 16.36 MB
Seller: Hussein Jafferjee
Released: 2022-02-28 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-05-14 21:42:07

Infinity 8 Ball Infinity 8 Ball

Infinity 8 Ball will provide the best gaming experience for 8-ball lovers! In Infinity 8 Ball, you can challenge opponents from all over the world anytime, anywhere! It’s a shining star in sports games!

Today, let’s download and play this billiard game For Free!

Key Features:

[Authentic Gaming Experience]
Infinity 8 Ball has the best physics engine that provides a 8 Ball shooting as realistic as possible. You will enjoy the most authentic billiard clash experience with us.

[Exquisite Designs for Tables & Cues]
Infinity 8 Ball has a variety of Stages, each with exquisitely designed pool tables and cues. Improve the cues’ abilities by upgrading them, and you will make a perfect shot in this 8 ball pool game!

[Online Games with Friends]
A perfect multiplayer match system. Link Infinity 8 Ball to your social network accounts, sign in with Facebook and play against your friends. You and your friends will play fun games together!

[Various Challenge Modes]
Besides multiplayer online game mode, we have fun and creative single-player challenges that you can not resist! Let’s get high scores in Challenges, reach the top of the leaderboard, and gain all the rich rewards! You can also complete the high-level quests to prove your skill!

[Multi-Device Login System]
Login Infinity 8 Ball by your Facebook and synchronize your progress on different devices!

If you are a Pool Game enthusiast! If you are looking for the most fun and creative Free Game online! Join us in Infinity 8 Ball and play with your friends all over the world! Come on and master in it!

Like us: https://www.facebook.com/Infinity8ball/


Welcome to Infinity 8 Ball!! If you are a Pool Game enthusiast! Join us in Infinity 8 Ball and play with your friends all over the world!

A new update for Infinity 8 Ball is out!
-Brand new events, hundreds of levels, and marvelous rewards await you!
-Special Challenge mode is online, and wait for your exploration!
-You can open the Customized Tab by simply tapping on your profile!
-Some improvements for a better game experience!
Download the newest update to give it a try!

Price: Free
Version: 2.21.0
Size: 236.76 MB
Released: 2022-02-28 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-11-24 08:14:04

Kuyumsoft Authentication Kuyumsoft Authentication

Kuyumsoft authentication mobil uygulaması, kuyumsoftun üye girişi gerektiren platformlarında iki aşamalı doğrulama aracı olarak kullanılır.

Akıllı telefonunuza kuracağınız uygulama, üye olduğunuz platformda, sizin hesabınız için özel olarak üretilmiş kod ile eşleşir. Bu uygulamalar, üye olduğunuz platform tarafından doğrulanabilen geçici kodlar üretir. Bu kodlar sınırlı sürede geçerlidir ve tek kullanımlıdır.

Üretilen kod, bir kere kullanıldıktan ya da süresi dolduktan sonra tekrar kullanılamaz. Bu sayede, üye olduğunuz platform ile aranızda ek bir güvenlik katmanı oluşur.


arayüzde geliştirme yapıldı

Price: Free
Version: 1.1
Size: 18.33 MB
Seller: Kuyumsoft Yazilim ve Danismanlik Limited Sirketi (Kuyumsoft)
Released: 2022-02-28 08:00:00

Flying Hero – Vice Town Flying Hero – Vice Town

In the flying Flying Hero, the Security City game, unlock a variety to kill the wanted criminals. Your duty is to chase grand city criminals, walking in the streets to vanish their evil plans. Use Flying Hero skills, find gangster snipers at the building and kill them with Flying Hero powers before they shoot their target. City kidnappers kidnapped a schoolboy, they were leaving in a van, so they chased the gangster’s van to destroy it with a hero attack. Drug city mafia held a meeting in the town street, your duty is to use your Flying Hero skills to catch them before they leave. Crime city gangsters are robbing the city bank, go fast and kill them before they rob the bank and escape. Become a super Flying Hero in this flying hero vegas gangster city to vanish all city mafia.

In this flying Flying Hero grand city crime game, become a hero survival hero to experience the adventure of the Flying Hero. Destroy evil clones in the dangerous city of the Flying Hero game. Play and enjoy amazing spider Flying Hero games and collect the winning coins by killing all the grand crime city mafia gangsters.

Your Flying Hero can learn several superpowers such as flying, climbing on buildings, laser eyes, anti-gravity, black hole, etc. You can buy a house and live as a civilian. You can buy a lot of equipment for that house. You can store your cars in a garage. There are different vehicles, bikes, skateboards, etc. You can adjust a view of your hero with several attachments such as hats, glasses, masks, etc.


Price: Free
Version: 1.0.4
Size: 349.05 MB
Seller: Nguyen Thi Mai Quynh
Released: 2022-02-28 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-02-28 23:58:44

Gear Hunter Gear Hunter

Place your money for world cup!
Create best racing car!
Of course you are driving it!
Keep your money stacked and spend it well!
Beat all drivers and get their keys!


-You’re the next drift KING!
-Drive the car you created!
-Make enemies eat your dust for real!
-Whole new gameplay mechanic added!
-New gorgeous environments!
-New levels!
-New cars!
-Bug fixes

Price: Free
Version: 1.4
Size: 334.67 MB
Seller: Talha Ekren
Released: 2022-02-28 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-04-13 21:59:38

FyTube – YouTube Without Ads FyTube – YouTube Without Ads

Our App connects to YouTube in real time and allows you to play any video!
FyTube has special features such as: floating mode playback (while using other Apps) and locked screen playback, as well as other well-known features such as: activate subtitles, change production speed, full screen mode, rewind… we also added filters search by upload dates so you don’t miss a single video of the topics you like the most!


It allows you to keep your videos playing on a part of your device’s screen, while you can simultaneously do any other task with other apps, like send a message, check your email, check your social networks or whatever you want!

How to activate:
1. Choose the video you want to play using our search engine.
2. Our player will open, touch the red icon that will appear to start playback.
3. Once your video is playing, slide our App from the bottom to the top, the player will be in floating mode! you will be able to watch your videos and simultaneously use your device in any other App 🙂 [Check in our preview images].

• Once the producer is in floating mode, you can move it by sliding it, or make it smaller by double tapping.

This functionality allows you to continue listening to the audio of your videos while your device is on the locked screen, ideal for listening to your music or your favorite songs while driving, or simply when you want to rest with the audio in the background.

How to activate:
2. Then just lock the screen on your device and you will continue to listen to the audio of your video without interruption 🙂

Need help how to use these features go to: fydub.com/fytube


• Full screen video playback with high quality videos.

• Easy to use interface, friendly design.

• Fast forward and rewind your video whenever you want, never miss the most interesting parts.

• Activation of subtitles.

• Change the playback speed as you like.

• Search engine with smart filters by upload date: day, week, month, year, all.

• In each video you will find the related videos section so you can find more interesting videos.

• Find out about the latest videos and don’t miss news from around the world.

• Our App connects directly to YouTube which allows you to find any video.

• Enjoy content on any AirPlay compatible device.

• VoiceOver available.

• Does not require user creation.

• We do not cache, we do not store cookies, we do not store personal data without your authorization, watch your favorite videos safely.

• Interface available in 29 languages.


GET FyTube IN ONE LIFETIME PAYMENT and start a new video streaming experience with no ads and no subscriptions.

Minimum requirements:

• Iphone 5s or higher.
• Fifth generation iPad or higher.
• 3G connection or higher.

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:

Words related to our application:
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If you have questions about how to use FyTube visit fydub.com/fytube or write to us, we will be happy to help you, we answer all our emails: [email protected]

FyTube works with YouTube. The YouTube brand and logo are registered trademarks of Google, Inc. All rights reserved.

© FyTube®.



We update FyTube as often as possible to make it better for you and make your YouTube videos more enjoyable.

Here are some of the improvements you’ll find in this latest update:

– Bugs fixes.

Price: $0.99 USD
Version: 1.2
Size: 18.25 MB
Seller: Daniel PerlerA
Released: 2022-02-28 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-03-23 18:21:56


Unreal Life, the popular indie game with such accolades as the “New Faces Award” from the Japan Media Arts Festival, is finally available on iPhone and iPad!

Let’s travel a beautiful pixel-art world in the company of a talking traffic light.

This is one of the first titles from the indie game label “Yokaze”, bringing you games that draw you in their world with their atmosphere and emotional experiences.
“And now, for today’s story.”
After losing her memories, the girl could only remember one name—”Miss Sakura”.
She set out to find Miss Sakura, aided by a talking traffic light, and by the power to read the memories of the things she touched.

“Unreal Life” is the story of her journey.
Compare memories of the past with the present, solve mysteries, and follow the girl and the traffic light in this atmospheric puzzle adventure game.

Retrace the memories, faollow the path, and what you will find is…


[About Unreal Life]

Puzzle-adventure gameplay:
– Control the girl called Hal and explore a beautiful pixel-art world
– Hal can read the memories of the things she touches
– Compare memories and the present to solve puzzles

Multiple endings:
– There are four different endings to the story
– Your actions will influence the ending

[You’ll like Unreal Life if…]
– You like adventure games
– You want to lose yourself in a beautiful world
– You want to forget about real life for a while
– You love beautifully detailed pixel-art

Published by room6
From the Yokaze labela


– Various bug fixes

Price: $6.99 USD
Version: 2.1.3
Size: 487.09 MB
Seller: room6 LLC.
Released: 2022-02-28 08:00:00