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Science says that the 90% of a Child’s Brain Developed up to the Age of five. It is also proved that child can learn the things very fast up to the age of 12. Keeping this fact in the mind, team majestic garbh sanskar has taken an initiative for unique parenting app i.e. Parenting Guru.

Parenting – It is just not a process of raising the children, Parenting is nurturing the values and ethics right from the childhood. It is all about providing them an atmosphere so that they can grow like flower.

Parenting Guru app is a unique app in the segment. It is not only focusing on tips and health care issues of kids. Parenting Guru app understands the requirement of parent in modern era. This is the only app in the area of parenting which talks and provide rich information and material to nurture values and ethics in the child.

For parents, Parenting Guru provides guideline and material to raise the kids. This material and information would be helpful to the parents to inculcate values in kids, and provide standard guidelines to upbring the child in positive environment.

This app is available in three languages: Gujarati, Hindi and in English.

Parenting Guru App includes (not limited to following):

· Material to understand Child Psychology

· Information for ideal child

· Information for ideal parent

· Do’s and Don’t for Parents

· Age wise tips

· Articles on Parenting

· Calendar Images with quotations

· Posters

· Ideal Personalities and their quotation, which could be pasted on the wall of kids room to motivate the kids to learn about those great personalities

· Summary from auto Biography

· Videos by Saints and Experts on parenting

· Parenting Movies and Dramas

· Child Stories

· Child Activities

· Library…/id1484778727

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Garbh Sanskar Guru Garbh Sanskar Guru

Garbh Sanskar Guru app is an unique app. This app provides basic idea about Garbh Sanskar (Prenatal Education). It also offers Consultancy service to the pregnant lady through WhatsApp, Email, phone along with material and additional 280 days unique online course on “Garbh Sanskar” in Hindi, English and Gujarati. Activities will be offered on the bases of current pregnancy day, which will be helpful in overall development of unborn child. This app does not provide medical advice.

GARBH SANSKAR – The word itself is a divine as it sounds. Garbh means “the womb” and Sanskar means “the ethics” or values. The nurturing of your child and teaching the ethics inside mother’s womb can be the most blissful work any parent can dream of. Garbh Sanskar Guru App is a unique and first of it’s kind mobile application to nurture the values in unborn child. It is scientifically proved that 80% brain development happens in the womb . This app is an honest effort to nurture the values in unborn child through an Indian ancient science called “Garbh Sanskar” (Prenatal education). There are many pregnancy apps available in the market, but this app is matchless, where it guides you to follow Garbh Sanskar to get the child with desired qualities..! App is developed under the guidance of doctors, Ayurveda Experts, Child psychologists, dieticians and counsellors.

Course of Garbh Sanskar Guru app is mainly developed for expecting mothers which will offer activities from Current day of pregnancy to 280 days. For eg. If you are starting this app on 45th day of your pregnancy, then app will offer activities from day 45th to 280th day. You can refer/ perform material/activities of previous three days.

Consultancy will be provided using WhatsApp, mobile call and email along with optional material. Course segment of an App contains total 280 days of various activities for pregnant lady. Expecting moms can perform these activities on day to day basis. Total activities of the day are categorized as: Dear Mom (where baby talk to the mom), Monthly Diet for pregnant lady, Daily recipe, Garbh Samvaad (where, parent talk to the baby), Pregnancy Yoga, Meditation for pregnant lady, Story, Activity of The Day, Video, From Biography, Shloka and Prayer. Every day, pregnant woman would get one activity per categories mentioned above on the bases of pregnancy day. Based on different completed activities, a scientific analysis will be done, and report for all activities will be generated to let you know the expected qualities in terms of IQ, EQ, PQ and SQ, which your child may possess.

IQ, EQ, PQ, and SQ are considered as four vital component for overall development of any human being. Activities of this app would be suggested in such a way so that overall development of baby begins in a proper manner right from the womb.

This app could be considered as different pregnancy app. Material provided in the app is for pregnant lady, which would help the pregnant lady to focus on good things to do, which would ultimately help the baby to grow in overall aspects from womb.…/id1457418508

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Pregnancy Guru Pregnancy Guru

Pregnancy Guru – Majestic Garbh Sanskar is an Indian app developed with an aim to inculcate the values in unborn child. This is a unique kind of App in the segment, which focuses on pregnancy care, Dos-Don’ts, FAQs, literature for pregnant woman, Pregnancy Audio, Pregnancy Videos, Baby images, Pregnancy Calendar and many more such things. In addition to other pregnancy apps, this app also guide the pregnant woman about Garbh Sanskar which is all about values nurturing in unborn child.

Garbh means “the womb” and Sanskar means “the ethics” or values. The nurturing of your child and teaching the ethics inside the mother womb can be the most blissful work any parent can dreamt of.

“GARBH SANSKAR” the word itself is a divine as it sounds. Indian Ancient history is the biggest evidence of this spiritual journey of the GARBH SANSKAR. As Abhimanyu the son of great Archer Arjuna had learned the war tactics of breaking the Chakravyuh from his mother’s womb. There are many other incidents prove that the bond of the mother and child is way beyond our imagination and understanding.

Pregnancy GURU is an honest effort to provide guidance, TIPS, FAQs related to pregnancy and Grabh Sanskar. App is divided into two segments. First segment would be informative, where pregnant lady or the one who is planning pregnancy would get detailed information about Garbh Sanskar. Second section is an unique in nature, where interesting activities are planned for expected mothers in order to inculcate values in unborn child.

Pregnant woman can get following:

Information about Garbh Sanskar
What is Garbh Sanskar?
Why GS?
How ?
Journey of Pregnancy and unborn Child
FAQs about Garbh Sanskar and pregnancy
Videos related to Grabh Sanskar and pregnancy
Pregnancy Audio
Pregnancy Calendar
and many more ….!…/id1448235489

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