Hell Thief Rabbit Hell Thief Rabbit

The demon rabbit broke into hell, it found the hidden treasure in hell, so it secretly wanted to take away the treasure, but unexpectedly triggered the trap in hell, the magma started to get out of control, and continued to spread upward, the devil rabbit wanted Escape from hell, come help him escape from hell!


Adjust the rising speed of magma: We adjusted the rising speed of magma. As the game level increases, the rising speed of magma will become faster and faster.
Game optimization: In this update, we optimized the loading method of game resources, and at the same time we fixed the game black screen error caused by resource loading problems.

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.1.3
Size: 90.66 MB
Seller: Lanzhou Jiamei Technology Co., Ltd.
Released: 2020-05-11 07:00:00