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Ever wanted to find out how fast you actually bowl? Capture, Analyse, and Share your successes with friends – for free!

This application enables you to get down to the nets and immediately gather some valuable insights around your bowling and how you compare with others throughout the community.

Important Tips around setting up the device (see training video):

1. Use AR feature built into the app which will help calibrate your phone – the perfect position is 2m behind the stumps and 150cm in height.

2. Align the AR stumps up at both ends and ensure that the phone caters for a slight angle so that the camera can capture the ball out of the hand.

3. Press the Record button to start the video when the bowler is in their delivery stride, and again as it reaches the end of the net – This will ensure the video has been captured in full.

4. Visit your activities screen and analyse your results – Ensure that you pay close attention to the trajectory line in the image to validate your speed recordings.

We look forward to hearing how you get on and please reach out to us with any feedback as we are constantly looking to improve this app over coming months.…/id1498590809

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 86.20 MB
Seller: Machineroad Limited (Machineroad)
Released: 2020-08-01 07:00:00