Halloween Granny Scream 2 Halloween Granny Scream 2

you should escape from the house that is why we called it scared Granny in Halloween.
you need to find the equipment, lettres and the keys from the house .
You are on virtual neighbor adventure in the neighbor escape games .

is a game about a guy who stuck in haunted dungeon! he
want to escape from this evil place as soon as possible because his
neighbor waiting for him.

• Creepy and frighting horror experience
• Hide to go unnoticed.
• Frightful horror jump-scare effects
• Addictive and challenging puzzles to solve
• Real horror and scary sound effects
• Wide horror environment to explore
• Survive the nightmare and escape

In the house the are many puzzle game, if you watch the granny halloween run and get away.
That scary chap is super hungry!
the are many doors to open .


Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 306.80 MB
Seller: Marouane Benaziza
Released: 2019-11-23 05:17:41

Scream Granny Neighbor Escape Scream Granny Neighbor Escape

Move to a new block and meet your new neighbor and his cruel secrets. Now your target is this strange man and his dark mystery. He lives in a cozy house. Though his friendly face and wide smile won’t fool you. His moves so scary. His eyes are creepy and envy. What cruel secrets he hides in his house?

is a new thrilling escape game. Hush! Are you ready to play hade-and-seek with the devil?

Your neighbor is spooky man. He lives in a cozy mansion with a small garden. His house seems so peaceful and beautiful from the outside. But sometimes you can see some dark shadows through his windows and hear strange sounds. Can you you hear it? Does someone scream? Or it is only your imagination?

It’s time to unravel your neighbor’s secret. Beat your way through the back door or the window and find yourself in this mysterious house. It is quiet here. You think there is nobody home? You are wrong. This creepy man is here and he is not alone. Be careful! Don’t get caught or you can lose the game!

Game features

– Ultimate horror escape game

-Various monsters hide in the house nextdoor

– New locations to hide

– Different keys to many doors and clues help you to reveal the dark secret

– Amazing cartoon 3D graphics

Be the one who can stop the devil! Find all the keys, open all rooms, hide from monsters and escape from this hell. Find out what does your creepy neighbor hide by playing Scream Granny Neighbor 2 !


Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 107.54 MB
Seller: Marouane Benaziza
Released: 2019-11-22 08:00:00

Scream Clown Halloween : Scary Scream Clown Halloween : Scary

This game will give you a different feel & experience in the realistic city environment. The best clown gangster hunter & rescue mission game is here so accomplish every thrilling & adventurous critical mission for ultimate clown survival arena. Wake yourself up to follow & experience the daring last standing clown in horror night to defeat the terrorist gangster weapon assault in crime city.

in this clown games scary you as a big clown chase the people and creating chaos by trampling the whole fantasy city. In gameplay of clown, attack heavy vehicles, houses, buildings, even playgrounds, for ultimate destruction to earn scores in 15 levels. By earning maximum scores, you can unlock the different clown costumes. You have to be aware of loaded policemen or not to track by the armed guardsmen they have shot at sight orders in creepy clown games with the twist of clown game simulator. So are you ready to attack with your creepy clown?

Game Features:

= Multiple actions-packed scary prank missions.
= Easy and interesting Game Play
= Realistic clown animations of hitting
= Smooth and intuitive controls
= Multiple clown costumes and textures to choose from.
= Realistic sounds & visual effects.


Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 271.08 MB
Seller: Marouane Benaziza
Released: 2019-11-22 08:00:00

Cute Horse Unicorn : Hair Care Cute Horse Unicorn : Hair Care

Do you like to have your own horse stable? Well horse grooming & braiding will allow you to manage a horse stable where you have to cleanup and repair pony shelter, make horse braided hairstyles, makeover and dress up horses with accessories. Now play this game and enjoy real simulator of horse spa salon, stable cleaning and braiding hair cutting .

Farmhouse shelter is messed up and dirty, cleanup and repair the damaged stable rooms. Fix and build all farm rooms. Give bath to the pony horse in the stable shelter. Clean up mess and mud with sponge and soap then wash it with water. After horse grooming and cleaning it’s time for hair cutting and style designing. Make best braiding hair fashion in detail game play. Take out your inner fashion designer talent to make awesome hair design.

Color the horse hairs with multiple hair paint colors. Make best color combination in the spa salon games to ensure that your pony looks amazing. Design and decorate horse with rainbow unicorn colors. After completing grooming, bathing, braiding and fixing horse shoe time to dress up the horse with glam accessories. This horse grooming & braiding games is best for entertaining fun time.


– Horse stable cleaning: Pick up garbage, clean spider web and replace old grass with new.
– Horse grooming: Give bath and clean mess with sponge and water.
– Hoof repair & cleanup: Repair damaged horse shoe or replace the hoof with new one.
– Hair cutting & hair braiding: wash hair with shampoo, brush the hair, cut hair like barber and make braided hair styles.
– Dress up: For pony horse dressing use different saddles, bands, neck bands, leg straps, tail straps and flowers.


Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 136.41 MB
Seller: Marouane Benaziza
Released: 2019-11-09 18:24:30

Scary Granny Barbii NEW Mod Scary Granny Barbii NEW Mod

The Horror Game 2020 has many Scary Mod in View Version With High resolution and beautiful graphic and Amazing Granny BARBII Sounds.

Let’s Set Some Characteristics of our Scary BARBII Granny Horror game:
– When you’re lost be aware to pass through any scary or obstacles made by our Granny Owner.
– our Scary Granny will be ready to do anything that push you to dangers .
– The surprise that Granny Did sometimes some crazy things, she Kicks her neighborhood just to leave and avoid any battle together.

– Our team make this game to leave a good impact to our user or player of BARBII granny Scary Games by using some Smooth control and Operation.
– Our game is the scariest games through all similar of Granny games.

– Easy to play with Ghost mode, Very hard mode and Dark mode.
– Cry if you are scared but do not give up, get out of the ghost house with any price.
– Smooth and Easy Controls
– Amazing environments
– Horror and fear are always visible from inside.
– Hide to survive, you must be hurry.
– Jump scared, traps are everywhere so be careful.


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 329.85 MB
Seller: Marouane Benaziza
Released: 2019-11-09 08:00:00

Scary Escape Learning : Quiz Scary Escape Learning : Quiz

Scary Quiz Escape Learning the new learning game, you have to learn and answer the quiz question to collect keys.
You need 4 keys to open the door and escape from the scary teacher
The scary teacher will chase you, you have to run and collect the keys before getting catched.
invite your friends to play with you on this horror game.
Enjoy and learn 😉

Escape Game is a free puzzle game, who will allow you to improve easily your general knowledge everyday or revise what you already know simply and effectively. If you like the challenge must not miss it!

How to play :

+Answer questions and try to collect all Keys to open the door.
+Escape from the scary teacher
+Find a way out of the school of horror


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 195.43 MB
Seller: Marouane Benaziza
Released: 2019-11-08 08:00:00

Fake Call Simulator From Farky Fake Call Simulator From Farky

Fake voice Calls: with the Best farky application to accompany your days in your free time when you feel lonely and boring then entertain yourself with fake calls from your idol. Get and download this application immediately for free.
your lucky you found fake audio call from farky , use it to entertain yourself and to have a funny time with your familly and friends

it’s a joke app is a game application where you can make it look as if calling you farky! prank your friends,

This app is made for super forky voice, and it is unofficial. The content in this app is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by any company.


Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 69.87 MB
Seller: Marouane Benaziza
Released: 2019-10-31 07:00:00

Pirate Battle Fighting War Pirate Battle Fighting War

The pirate crew of the ship Black Pearl found the place where a treasure is ancient, but this place is guarded by weird creatures. Your goal in this game is to get to this island and fight all the zombies until you and your pirate crew of the famous Black Pearl will take possession of this much coveted treasure by several pirate teams .

You will discover a hard job in this game ! It is not only about plundering ships but also attacking small coastal towns or seizing forgotten treasures … It is this last mission that you will be responsible for filling, but the adventure will quickly turn to the nightmare.

To play, one command will suffice is dragging your finger. Start by engaging your troops with the money available in your coffers. 
For each level, you will have to overcome enemy waves that will not fail to try to prevent you from passing: select your fighter and position it in front of your enemy. Skeletons and other Zombies would like to make a mouthful of you, so do not be overwhelmed! You have a budget for each step that you can not of course exceed, it’s up to you to make it enough! 
After each fight, recruit more pirates (Recruit) to increase the power of your troop!
Earn a lot of gold and recruit even more pirates!


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 736.91 MB
Seller: Marouane Benaziza
Released: 2019-10-19 07:00:00

Dead Zombie Killer Sniper 3D Dead Zombie Killer Sniper 3D

The city is a dead town. Zombies are everywhere, almost everyone you know is dead, but at least only you still have your guns with you as you continue to salvage the desolated landscape for resources. So will you survive zombie hell once again?

You are involved in the war against the zombies. A group of survivors named MPS-16 wants to gather other living people. They’re traveling around the world to find sniper, weapons, and other shooters to kill zombie. So dead Valley in the Middle East is the target destination for this extremely dangerous journey.

Dead Zombie Target Killer Features:
* stunning graphics
* amazing controls
* waves of zumbie
* epic weapons
* addictive game play
* advanced lightning
* advanced audios
* high quality animations


Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 219.38 MB
Seller: Marouane Benaziza
Released: 2019-09-28 11:49:57

Swat Shooter Counter Warrior Swat Shooter Counter Warrior

In the real free environment, they are equipped with modern fire weapons to shoot the enemy squads. The game has the best shooting fight effect and advanced alpha radar system that will help you find and strike every enemy in the battlefield. 
Each scene and situation is different. You should use powerful and destructive weapons and guns to kill and shoot all enemies.
You are supposed to kill all enemies, clear the arena with powerful and destructive guns.
As a swat shooter, you need a great courage in the face of the fierce enemy.
Enemy has taken the one northern side of the secretly over the border area, and making their way to country side and gaining more soldiers.
You are a signed to get back the area and rescue the area because you are best swat commando and having good battlefield experience for this mission.
Use your one man army skills masterfully and clear all levels surgically. 
Your action will determine the victory. Load gun, show your skills, be the assassin in fury battle.
Here you have to fight against very dangerous terrorist, call them enemies and spiders which are almost spread in all over the border area. Just find them and shoot them.
Be-careful legend, there are some enemy soldiers also attacking you.

– Ultra realistic 3D graphics and cool animations
– Addicting FPS gameplay
– Easy and intuitive controls
– Free game: play it both on your phone and tablet
-Play it anywhere: You can enjoy it offline
-Limited data usage
-Weapons: guns, pistols, snipers, automatic rifles, shotguns, grenades!
-Perfect optimization even for weak devices!


Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 277.49 MB
Seller: Marouane Benaziza
Released: 2019-09-28 08:08:24