Chaos Heros Chaos Heros

Choose from hundreds of unique fighters to battle your way to greatness in Chaos Heros.

Deep customization mechanics allow for endless combinations of fighters, skills, equipment, and pets.

Arenas, world PvP tournaments, guilds, mercenaries, pets, astrology, PvE dungeons, and adventuring provide endless entertainment.

Join the world of Chaos Heros today!


1. Learn dozens of unique skills, and combine them for cool combos and powerful strategies.
2. Choose from hundreds of different fighters, each with their own strengths and gameplay styles.
3. Play different game modes that provide endless replay options.
4. Take on players from around the world in massive tournaments and earn epic rewards.
5. Customize your pets with a vast array of options to aid your fighter in combat.
6. Influence other players by making friends, imprisoning your enemies, recruiting mercenaries and joining guilds.
7. Experience high-quality graphics that deliver intense gameplay.…/id1492673616

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0.0
Size: 190.20 MB
Seller: Obsidian Company Limited (Obsidian Games)
Released: 2020-06-15 07:00:00

Samurai Dynasty Samurai Dynasty

《Samurai Dynasty》
The Sengoku period Stratgy Card Game.
Beauty and harmony governed by one eternal law all the begains must end the reign of the old shogunute is over!
The time has come for a new Daimyo to become shogun!
But who will be victorious?
Will you become the devil and rule the world?
Come and join the chaos.…/id1477447714

fixed some bugs.

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0.3
Size: 358.38 MB
Seller: Obsidian Company Limited (Obsidian Games)
Released: 2020-01-20 08:00:00

Young Gods Young Gods

Classic superman Dueling mobile game
《Young Gods》Original team, 3 years hard work with breaking product! 10 Million player love & recommend!

Chaos Planet war has been burned for 30 years, A clash of heroes made a magic box explosion and time travel to the Three Kingdom period. In order to summon the magic box again, chaos Heroes team up with Three Kingdom warriors to start a Glorious battle.
Hot blood game experience, massive amazing activities, return with high reward, all within 《Young Gods》

===Game feature===
– Global first paper 3D, Skeletal Animation for you to find out!
– Amazing Artifact and Hero’s cool dress!
– Combined skill with team strategy, say goodbye to brainless mob farming!
– The twelve spiritual legendary beasts fight on your side!
– Entertaining main line with adventure & mining!
– Best return reward, what else do you want in your life?

===Contact us===
If you like our game, welcome to leave any comments or send us message, contact us when you are facing any game issue.
Official Fans group:
Official support…/id1490055836

Fixed several bugs.

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.8
Size: 338.90 MB
Seller: Obsidian Company Limited (Obsidian Games)
Released: 2020-01-15 08:00:00
Updated: 2020-01-23 14:34:50

Dr. Sick Dr. Sick

Why does baldness patient suffer in the blacklist? What makes plump face patient madly smash his phone? What’s the reason for the Internet addict to cry in the mid-night? How come variation surprisingly happened on the cat lover? What made 30 years old patient unable to collect his pension?

Behind all these, is it the progress of the times or the regression of human nature?

Welcome to miracle hospital, we specialized in many weird sicknesses with many hot nurses from all over the world.
Even the price is pretty shocking, but insurance does cover 98%.

If your life struggles with pressures, this can also be the place to chill.
If you wish to retire early, welcome to settle in once reaching age 30.

In the miracle hospital, we are more than proud to tell everyone out loud:
“You are sick, I am sick, everyone all got sick!”…/id1477813440

1. Optimize the cute game physical examination
2. Unlock Women’s Day activities, new home decoration and new assistant
3. Add more free gifts to pick up online
4. Case level cap updated to 200
5. Optimize the game experience of each dungeon, so that more functions can be completed with one click
6. Increased family membership caps and increased family store discounts
7. The system notification tag can be cleared
8. Fixed some bugs

Price: Free
Version: 1.6.3
Size: 187.04 MB
Seller: Obsidian Company Limited (Obsidian Games)
Released: 2019-11-19 08:00:00
Updated: 2020-03-12 23:49:11

ChaosFighters3 ChaosFighters3

《ChaosFighters3》 is a awesome game with ACG element. This game mode is placement RPG & Round battle.There are more than 40 kinds of effect brilliant skills and hundreds of exciting and fashionable characters. The game has real-time players in the PvE & PvP challenge, funny interaction with friends, The World Martial Arts, 3V3 Ranked Game and so on.
Fresh, Brain-Burning, Relaxed, Funny is our goals to bring the awesome gaming experience for players all over the world!!!

【ACG smash battle】
Hundreds of fighter with full personality, different attributes and talent, to meet all your ideas about role-playing!

【Hundreds of style, arbitrary collocation!】
More than 40 skills with different characteristics in 10 major skill tree can be matched with hundreds of combat style. Brainstorming, refuse brainless p-t-w games!

【funny social】
Real-time team Instance,Slave struggle,Food production co-ordinated efforts to speed up, excellent combat video sharing comment!Let’s play with your friend, do not get lonely

【fair pvp battle】
The world’s first martial arts congress, battle arena, underground chaotic arena and a series of PVP games provide you with a higher chance to compete with other fighters. The world champion adopts a fair competition mode, rejecting krypton gold and burning your brain!

【auto leveling up】
In PVE, the game has a built-in offline hang-up system, 7*24 hours, even sleep time is upgrading, so that you can keep the fighter growing when you are too busy to go online!…/id1438490758


Price: Free
Version: 2.3.5
Size: 270.84 MB
Seller: Obsidian Company Limited (Obsidian Games)
Released: 2019-02-26 08:00:00
Updated: 2020-02-07 15:16:25

第六天魔王 第六天魔王









# 等級上限提升至140級,同時各個系統中的等級分組按照如下方式進行調整:
## 搶倉奪糧的等級​​分組由原來的100-130級調整至100-140級
## 惡鬼道中的等級分組由原來的111-130級調整至111-140級
# 開放橙色神翼–不死之翼
# 開放4個主角時裝–石田三成、北條氏康、武藏坊弁慶、武田勝賴
# 其他已知bug修改

Price: Free
Version: 1.1.9
Size: 356.91 MB
Seller: Obsidian Company Limited (Obsidian Games)
Released: 2018-09-19 07:00:00
Updated: 2019-07-26 01:32:08

乱斗堂3 – 超酷变身,百变换装绝地卡牌大征战 乱斗堂3 – 超酷变身,百变换装绝地卡牌大征战







如果您喜欢我们的游戏,欢迎您随时给我们评论、留言,如果在游戏中遇到任何问题,请随时与我们联系 。









Price: ¥1.00 CNY
Version: 4.2.6
Size: 208.09 MB
Seller: Obsidian Company Limited (Obsidian Games)
Released: 2018-03-27 09:50:38
Updated: 2019-04-24 01:23:01

星期六魔王 星期六魔王









如果您喜欢我们的游戏,欢迎您随时给我们评论、留言,如果在游戏中遇到任何问题,请随时与我们联系 。

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 190.70 MB
Seller: Obsidian Company Limited (Obsidian Games)
Released: 2017-09-01 02:34:11