FruitCats FruitCats

Help the kitties get their fruit and make them happy!
Watch out though, they get wiggly if you hold them for too long.

(Some kitties like fruit, but ask a vet about the dietary needs for your real cat).…/id1484445108

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 1.59 MB
Seller: Spastic Muffin, LLC
Released: 2019-11-07 08:00:00
Updated: 2019-11-08 00:44:23

Neebla Neebla

Frustrated with social media apps owning your data? Want to own the media you share socially? Even if you decide to stop using the app? Want your social media to be private?

Neebla gives you:
* Images and URL’s (web links), along with discussions about these media, uploaded to your own cloud (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive);
* Invitation-only sharing of media albums;
* Albums for different topics– different people can share each album;
* Dropbox, Google, and Facebook users can accept invitations;
* Facebook users have their uploads saved in their inviters cloud;
* While offline, add media (images and URL’s) and make comments.

Neebla and its associated server (SyncServerII) is an open-source project. You can help– with your ideas, your programming, or moral support! See…/id1244482164

* The big change on this release is a new media type: URL (web link) topics for discussions
– Add these using the “+” control within an album
* Added acknowledgments for graphics and open-source library code
* Improved alerts for iPad
* Fixed layout issues on Settings screen and Sharing Invitation modal
* And, the minimum iOS version is now iOS 11

Price: Free
Version: 1.5.0
Size: 30.25 MB
Seller: Spastic Muffin, LLC
Released: 2019-03-11 10:43:09
Updated: 2019-05-17 01:17:54

Catsy Cat Toy: Customize & Share Catsy Cat Toy: Customize & Share

Catsy Cat Toy: A Customizable and Shareable Toy for Your Cats!

Create new games for your cats to play with, and share those games with the pet-parents of other Catsy users.

• Fun for your cats!
• Your cat is unique: Make games that are tailored to *your* kitty!
• Your cat doesn’t feel left out—and has his or her own customized app.
• Have fun with your friends by sharing games your cats like!

• Makes animal sounds (birds, cats) when your cat hits the character
• Create as many game instances (paths for your cats to follow) as you want
• View existing games—see them animate, share them with others, or delete the ones your cat doesn’t like
• Use the Store to purchase new characters and backgrounds for your kitty to play with on the cat page
• Works on iPad and iPhone
• Rotates into any orientation (e.g., landscape, portrait)
• See the Help info in the app for instructions on locking the screen so your cat doesn’t send Tweets or Facebook posts!

** Warnings:
1) Your cats may find Catsy addictive– you might have to buy them their own iDevice!
2) You may want to have a screen and/or device protector! iScreens and iDevices are pretty tough, but sharp claws and teeth might eventually do some damage.

Please contact us with feature ideas, problems, and other comments on Twitter @SpasticMuffin or via email at [email protected]…/id1008360836

• Added a Store and and in-app purchases. You can now purchase different graphical backgrounds and characters for your cat to play with (US$0.99 each). The Store is accessed from the authoring page. To get to the authoring page, use a left to right swipe on the cat page, and then tap on the menu triangle in the upper right.
• A new Settings page lets you set the current background and character displayed on the cat page. Settings are also available from the authoring page menu, and appear after making a character or background purchase.
• Some small user-interface layout changes, and of course, bug fixes. Stomp, squash!

Price: Free
Version: 1.3
Size: 62.10 MB
Seller: Spastic Muffin, LLC
Released: 2015-08-27 15:14:57
Updated: 2015-11-24 16:41:22

Petunia Pet Health & Vet Records Petunia Pet Health & Vet Records

Petunia: Recording and Sharing Your Pets’ Health Information

Keep your pets safe, and their records close when it matters most. Petunia is a freemium iPad app that saves your pets’ health histories and personality quirks in one place. It also lets you share that information with the people who need it most—your doggy day care, pet sitters, and vets.

Petunia Benefits:
• Pet Sitting: Leaving your pets in someone else’s care can be scary. Minimize the stress by sharing your pets’ diet, relevant health information, emergency contacts, and quirks, with your pet sitter.
• Doggy Day Care: You’ll have your dog’s medical record on your iPad! Show or email your doggy day care that photo of your pet’s rabies certificate or images of other vet vaccination records!
• Symptom Tracking: By recording when your cat threw up their breakfast, or when Fido needs his next heartworm pill, you’ll see the trends that can keep your pets healthy … and never forget the details.
• Moving and Changing Vets: Keep your pets’ medical records close and share them with a new vet at any time, even in an emergency situation.

Petunia Free Features:
• Create profiles for all of your pets, with pictures and notes about personalities.
• Record your vet visits and home events such as diet changes and symptoms of illness.
• Share information about one pet, using email, within a single page PDF.
• Automatically add important dates, such as vet appointments, tick prevention, and vaccination due dates, into your preferred Apple calendar.
• Graph the weight history of your pets.
• Customize the pictures of your furry children on the home page: Rotate, resize, and move the pictures, and change the color of their name!

Petunia Paid Features:
• Share information about all your pets using text format, multiple-page PDF’s, and compact PDF’s (fewer pages) through email, Dropbox, and Google Drive (US$0.99 per year, or US$4.99 for permanent use of full sharing).
• Advertising Removal: Banner ads are unobtrusively positioned at the bottom of some of the app pages. Advertising removal can be purchased (US$0.99 per year, or US$4.99 for permanent advertising removal). Ad removal also enables you to use Petunia without an internet connection.

Please contact us with feature ideas, problems, and other comments at @GetPetunia on Twitter or via email at [email protected]

Note: In the next version of Petunia, we plan to drop support for iOS6. If you are using Petunia and using iOS6, please let us know ([email protected]).…/id716806296

• App rotation: Extensive changes enabling the app to rotate into landscape mode. In landscape mode, the keyboard is larger when it appears, and should make data entry easier.
• Changed text used when adding an event to the calendar for a vet visit or home event. Now includes Vet Visit/Home Event label, and emphasizes pet name.
• In the Pet Care tab, there is now more detail for the descriptions of medications, vaccinations etc. e.g., Instead of just saying “medication, diet” it will give some specifics for the items, “Potassium gluconate; K/D, Hills Prescription Diet, Canned”.
• When you add a vaccination, medication, diet, or test result it takes its date from the date of the vet visit or home event it is created in. This works better in the context of a vet visit you have scheduled, or a home event you have created, and are entering data after/before the fact. It also works better if you are entering in historical data.
• Added edit buttons on pet profile so you can go directly to particular sections. Tapping on the profile section also takes you directly to editing that particular section. Added help info on these pet profile sections to explain their purpose.
• Email subject line in sharing now includes the names of the pets for which info is being shared.
• Lots of bugs squished!

For more details, see

Note: In the next version of Petunia, we plan to drop support for iOS6. If you are using Petunia and using iOS6, please let us know ([email protected]).

Price: Free
Version: 1.3
Size: 35.00 MB
Seller: Spastic Muffin, LLC
Released: 2014-11-05 18:54:55
Updated: 2015-07-31 17:49:07

WhatDidILike WhatDidILike

Ever gone to a restaurant and forget that amazing dish you had there last? Forget where you bought those tasty sausages?

WhatDidILike helps you remember your favorite restaurants, specialty grocery stores, gourmet dishes, and other cool things, so you can come back to them later, or share them with a friend. Keep track of places and items with comments, photos, and smiley ratings.

• Smiley ratings: How much did you like that meal or item at the grocery store?
• Add pictures to comments or places using your built-in camera, or select from your photo library.
• Place categories: Is the place a restaurant, grocery store, or liquor store (etc.)?
• Place lists: Sub-categories of places (e.g., Chinese restaurant).
• Me/Them: Places, items and comments can be marked as your comments (Me) or someone else’s comments (Them). E.g., someone else’s comments on a restaurant could be marked as “Them”.
• Filters: Only show the places (items, and comments) based on a search criterion—e.g., do you want to go there again?
• Sorting: Sort places by rating, name, or distance from you or from an address.

Follow the app on Twitter…/id599324165

* It’s taken a while to get WhatDidILike updated for iOS 11, but finally, here it is!
* The app is now open source, giving you more opportunities to contribute and tell us about issues you are having. See
* The app has been completely revamped, and is hopefully easier to use.

Price: Free
Version: 2.0
Size: 23.08 MB
Seller: Spastic Muffin, LLC
Released: 2013-02-10 19:24:31
Updated: 2018-03-29 06:19:24