911 Emergency Rescue Sim RPG 911 Emergency Rescue Sim RPG

Take control of emergency rescue units including firefighter, ambulance or other police swat rescue missions. Be the part of police firefighter or ems department and rescue the people that got major injuries in the road accident or arrest the serial heist or murderer as well as also give emergency ambulance service. Be the best player of this emergency rescue service and rescue the people that are trap in flammable buildings. Get behind the wheel of police car as a police officer and arrest the culprits on big city roads. Be the fireman and rescue the people that are stuck in burning car in this emergency rescue service for firefighter, doctor and police officers. Drive ambulance towards accident road and rescue peoples that are seriously injured.

** Key Features**
• Easy to play
• Challenging tasks for police, firefighter, ems
• Amazing animation with visual sound effects for more fun
• Drive police car, fire trucks and ambulance to rescue peoples


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Version: 1.0
Size: 192.99 MB
Seller: Umar Dilawar
Released: 2020-08-16 07:00:00

Raft Survival Underwater Shark Raft Survival Underwater Shark

Play a role as a hungry sharks and make some ocean feasting to survive in the pacific islands. Let’s hunt multiple ocean nomad delicious and dangerous creatures on sizzling blue ocean attack environment. Open jaws and find your prey in the whales submarines or the unwitting humans to eat them and fulfill your hungry sharks thirst. Amazing shark attack games atmosphere with multiple thrilling and exciting blue shark tasks for accomplish. Go and hunt multiple fishes or make some fight with blue whales or make your prey that are sit in the raft of the ocean or eat the unwitting peoples.

** Key Features**
• Multiple sharks thrilling assign tasks
• Smooth game-play with visual sound effects
• Customize your hungry sharks skins
• Stunning blue whale attacking animations
• Thrilling & exciting missions in a deep ocean environment


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Version: 1.0
Size: 124.63 MB
Seller: Umar Dilawar
Released: 2020-08-02 07:00:00

Barber Shop Hair Saloon Sim 3D Barber Shop Hair Saloon Sim 3D

Be a pro hairdresser and make some amazing hairstyle to satisfy your barber hair salon customer this time on amazing barber shop hair salon;s environment. Be the best barber of the town and doing some trimming or hair cut or spice up the mustache or make beard styles. Thrilling and exciting barber tasks to accomplish. Be the best hairdresser or mustache and beard barber to accomplish your assign barber shop tasks. Enjoy to play as a barber shops hair salon hero and make some beard trending styles. Be best beard trimming expert and make beard trending styles.

**Key Features**
-Beard trimming with modern cut hair styles customization
-Barber shop haircut gameplay tasks to accomplish
-Multiple hairdressing styles in this barbershop game
-Crazy beard trending styles


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Version: 1.0
Size: 107.42 MB
Seller: Umar Dilawar
Released: 2020-06-08 07:00:00

Car Mechanic Junkyard Tycoon Car Mechanic Junkyard Tycoon

Be a car mechanic on a realistic car build or car fixing games environment; where you have to become car mechanic and modify cars on junkyard of tycoon auto car workshop. Modify model kit along with oil change or show your car build or car mechanic skills and modify or build a car like a pro along with car fixing games or car repairs ideas on sizzling junkyard of tycoon games atmosphere. You would have played many mechanic games but this car mechanic job 2020 is best among all other car builder games. Enhance your junkyard simulator skills and be pimp my ride car repair into workshop and customize car like a pro mechanic.

**Key Features**

• Thrilling auto mechanic games levels
• Car Mechanic 2020 games with realistic HD graphics
• Amazing gas station huge workshop for car garage
• Real time gas station auto mechanic shop
• Earn money and car upgrade or car workshop


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 176.53 MB
Seller: Umar Dilawar
Released: 2020-04-17 07:00:00

Gym Workout Fitness Tycoon 3D Gym Workout Fitness Tycoon 3D

It’s time to become fitness studio manager of virtual gym in gleaming open world environment. Gain muscle to say bye of your thin body and make muscular body to become the fitness gym hero in this amazing contest of workout simulator 2020. Take healthy food and make your stamina and show that you’re eligible for fitness gym workout. Be the gym tycoon and make giant iron muscle. Enjoy your fitness gym with strongman activities and doing some gym exercise for biceps,push ups, bench press and crunches in real workout simulator game for gain muscle. Also use idle supermarket of open world and shop of some sports cap, pants and shoes. Doing multiple different activities such as doing swimming in the open world pool and make skateboard race with your fitness gym fellows or also take some fun on beach party along with gym fellows.

** Key Features **
• Build your iron muscle on stunning 3D graphics
• Management is a key of success in fitness games
• Use best fitness workout gym equipment
• Doing some outdoor activities such as skateboard racing, swimming pool or dance beach party
• Win that gymnastics games competitions


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 174.32 MB
Seller: Umar Dilawar
Released: 2020-03-28 07:00:00

Scary Halloween Haunted House Scary Halloween Haunted House

Scary Halloween is a game about mad scientist that is “Frankenstein”, who will practice multiple magician experiment and create some monster. Journey begins with haunted mansion. Find multiple hidden objects that will help you to solve the puzzle. Amazing horror survival game concept. You will survive only, if you solve the puzzle and unlock mansion doors for escape.

if you’re a horror game lover and also excellent to solve puzzles, then join to solve haunted mansion puzzles & escape from rooms or other strange haunted house. This scary game is best for you with unique horror survival missions. Thrilling Halloween scary tasks to accomplish. Escape the corridor and shoot multiple pumpkin monsters, or swampy’s. Don’t let them chance to caught you otherwise haunted house mission fail. Go and solve some puzzles to unlock door of this haunted mansion.
Be the best survival and dodge pumpkin, swampy’s etc and escape from mansion.
Use royale guns or other naked weapon to kill the entire scary monster.

**Main Feature**
Easy to Play
Find hidden objects and solve puzzle to unlock door for escape
Mad scientist vs survival battle
Set mirrors in mansion & reflect light
Astounding horror survival missions
Eye catching gameplay with ultra realistic 3D graphics
Stunning tasks for puzzle lovers


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 226.18 MB
Seller: Umar Dilawar
Released: 2020-01-29 08:00:00

Little Kitten My Cat Simulator Little Kitten My Cat Simulator

Hey! Did you like kittens? If your answer is yes then meet with your pet cat and explore the houses and gardens. Go to the pet city shop and buy a cute kitten for your daughter and give them a surprise gift. Let’s train your cat by giving some tasks to do. Go and eat the fish biscuits that are placed on various places. After that, shower your kitten and dress up. Go and catch the rat that are eaten some cheese. After that train cat, how to play football in the garden. Use hoverboard and collect coins by avoiding all the obstacles. Amazing game for those who love to play with pet animals. Choose multiple cats and dressup as you like. Amazing per simulator game with thrilling and exciting kitten tasks. Make your day happy by playing with your pet cat. Enjoy to play multiple mini games with your kitten. Ultra realistic cat and virtual family environment with a lots of pet cat training games. Feed your cat in time and take care of them.

Amazing fun addictive gameplay with pet city environment.
Shop your favorite cat and give a surprise to your younger daughter.
Control your pet cat and meet some checkpoints by visiting living rooms, kitchen or other spacious garden. Play football and hit the football into accurate direction. Hey break the lamp and run away from dog. Don’t give them a chance to catch you otherwise level will be failed. Amazing pet game with multiple house pet tasks.

** Key Features **
• Stunning pet shop fill with a lot of cats
• Select your favorite cat and take care of it
• Multiple cats to choose from
• Multiple house places to explore a long with kittens


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 176.36 MB
Seller: Umar Dilawar
Released: 2020-01-28 08:00:00

My Town- Family Picnic Holiday My Town- Family Picnic Holiday

Make your day joyful along with your family. Go to beach island along with your family and enjoy the pleasant holiday. put the entire stuff that are required for beach picnic. After that drive your picnic van and reached the beautiful beach island. Go and make your camp. Go and buy a drinks and ice cream for your family. Virtual mother want water surfing, So go and rent out the surf board and enjoy your board surfing on immersive winter days. Meet the entire checkpoints and come back. After that go to take ride on jetski along with your son. Son want to hunt some fishes, so join them and hunt fishes. Go and play with your pet dog by throwing the ball and order them to take it back. Amazing fun addictive virtual family game with multiple beach island tasks. little girl pick a bucket and collect the entire checkpoints to complete your assign tasks. Go and catch some fishes to make lunch for your family. Stunning graphics With amazing family picnic holiday that will surely hang you couple of hours.

** Main Features **
Easy to play
Addictive family picnic Gameplay
Super Beach Island Tasks to Accomplish
Sizzling Winter Island with visual animations
Smooth jetski, surf board controls
Amazing game with best virtual family picnic tasks


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 216.96 MB
Seller: Umar Dilawar
Released: 2020-01-27 08:00:00