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Ramt af graffitihærværk? Eller har du brug for tilbud på rengøring, ejendomsservice eller imprægnering? Vi kan hjælpe. Download vores app og indhent nemt og hurtigt et tilbud fra os. Du kan også oprette dig som bruger, hvis din facade ofte bliver udsat for graffiti, så kan du hurtigt indberette grafitti.…/id1560321959

Mulighed for at indikere, hvor der er graffiti på kort.

Price: Free
Version: 2.6
Size: 70.60 MB
Seller: All Remove Danmark AS (All Remove Danmark A/S)
Released: 2022-11-29 08:00:00

Good Todo Good Todo

Access your todos any time with this simple but powerful todo list. Good Todo is easy to use and syncs with your online account. iPhone AND iPad versions are both included in one download.

Create new todos, edit existing todos, mark todos as done or undone. Reorder todos up and down the list. Other features include categories, viewing attachments, separate todo lists for each day in the calendar, the ability to redate todos to different days, and emailing a todo to any email address.

The main feature, though, is the SIMPLICITY of the tool. Anyone can begin managing their todos immediately with Good Todo.

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– Reorder your todos (iPhone and iPad): tap-and-hold until little drag icons appear on right. Then drag todos up and down the list, and tap Done when complete.

– View links (iPhone): tap “View links” button to turn into links any phone numbers, email and Web addresses, etc. in the todo detail.

– Full screen (iPad): tap “Full screen” button to use the entire iPad’s screen to read through any todo. This also turns on any links. (Operates much like “print” link in the web app.)

– Clear details (iPad): To clear the view of the right-hand pane in the iPad app, leaving only the todo list visible, swipe the right side of the screen to the left with two fingers.

– Capitalize first word of title (iPhone and iPad): new item in Settings allows you to decide whether the first word of a todo title should be capitalized by default.

– Swipe left to move ahead one day. Swipe right to back back a day.

– SEARCH: Pull down the todo list to reveal the search field.


“Good Todo is best system I’ve ever worked with.” – Julien Smith, co-author of “Trust Agents”

“Folks who find Getting Things Done too vague or complicated should check out ‘Bit Literacy’ [the book describing Good Todo].” –

“Good Todo is the fastest, simplest tool to help keep your priorities straight.” -Carolyn Pittis, SVP, Global Author Services, HarperCollins Publishers

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE Good Todo. It really has made me feel a lot better about my productivity and my workload.” – Nick G.…/id410823786

We fixed a bug that affected users trying to redate a todo.

Comments/questions? Drop a line: [email protected]

Price: Free
Version: 4.3.3
Size: 26.37 MB
Seller: Creative Good Projects, LLC
Released: 2022-11-27 09:16:41

Synergy.Online Synergy.Online

Каждую неделю на платформе проходит Synergy Online Forum — интеллектуальное digital-мероприятие, где авторитетные спикеры делятся инсайтами на главные темы дня.

База знаний
База знаний Synergy Online — это библиотека образовательных материалов на самые разные темы: развитие бизнеса, переход в онлайн, личная эффективность, тайм-менеджмент, психология, фитнес, искусство, духовный рост и многое другое.

Приложение содержит встроенные покупки, предлагающие оформить подписки на доступ к трансляциям и доступ к Базе Знаний.

Содержатся следующие подписок:

• Подписка “Standard ” на Трансляции
•• Подписка с автоматическим продлением
•• Продолжительности подписки и стоимости: 1 месяц (1500₽)

• Подписка “Business ” на Трансляции и Базу Знаний
•• Подписка с автоматическим продлением
•• Продолжительности подписки и стоимости: 1 месяц (3000₽)

• Оплата будет выполнена на счет iTunes при подтверждении покупки • Подписка автоматически возобновляется, если автоматическое продление не выключено по крайней мере за 24 часа до окончания текущего периода
• Счета будут взиматься за продление в течение 24 часов до окончания текущего периода и определить стоимость продления
• Подписки могут управляться пользователем, и автоматическое продление может быть отключено, перейдя на учетную запись пользователя -> Настройки после покупки
• Любая неиспользованная часть бесплатного пробного периода, если предлагается, будет конфискована, когда пользователь покупает подписку на эту публикацию, где это применимо.
• Условия использования
• Политика конфиденциальности

По любым вопросам обращайтесь в нашу службу поддержки по телефону 8 800 200 54 40.…/id1513218006

Изменили навигацию в приложении

Price: Free
Version: 1.5.0
Size: 28.04 MB
Seller: Synergy MFPU NOU (Университет «Синергия»)
Released: 2022-11-27 02:43:12

Smart Snout Smart Snout

Using the very best technology and algorithms we are developing an app that will scan and record the details of your dogs finger print, situated on their nose.
No two dogs have the same print giving us the advantage over any dog thief.
Not only will the app record the nose pattern but also the nose dimensions and any markings your dog may have.
We hope to roll out this new product across all the public services, so they can reunite you with your pet instantly. You will also be able to see if any pets are listed as missing or seized immediately.
Please see the features page for an in depth look into how it will operate, and why we believe this product will make a huge reduction on dog thefts.…/id1572278217

Updated UI fixes.

Improve performance and bug fixes.

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.3
Size: 106.42 MB
Seller: SMART SNOUT LTD (Smart Snout)
Released: 2022-11-27 02:29:37

ApecReals ApecReals

Ứng dụng ApecReals là ứng dụng giúp các nhà đầu tư bất động sản theo dõi và nhận thông báo từ chủ đầu tư kịp thời và đẩy đủ.
– Các nhà đầu tư có thể đăng ký sử dụng App bằng số điện thoại đã đăng ký với chủ đầu tư.

– Các tính năng bao gồm:
+ Nhân thông báo từ chủ đầu tư
+ Tra cứu các đợt thanh toán
+ Tra cứu công nợ
+ Tạo các yêu cầu cho chủ đầu tư…/id1462426987

– Update giao diện mới
– Bổ sung chức năng đặt lịch bàn giao

Price: Free
Version: 2.0.1
Size: 45.18 MB
Released: 2022-11-21 08:00:00

Blys Pro for Practitioners Blys Pro for Practitioners

Blys Pro – the app for Blys professional partners

Be Your Own Boss
• Help people improve their health & wellbeing through your practice, and make money on your schedule. Work whenever you want — Blys offers a flexible way to make extra income on your terms.

• Download the Blys Pro app, and sign up for FREE to accept in-person or online bookings from clients. We’ll guide you through the steps and get you set up. Once you’re set up, we’ll send you bookings to your phone via the Blys Practitioner app – it’s up to you to accept or decline.

Accepting Bookings
• The app offers the latest features that help you focus on what you love, your practice, whilst Blys takes care of everything else – marketing, bookings, payments, customer service.

• Every in-person booking you take is fully tracked by GPS for safety and security, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re safe with Blys. Blys Practitioner Support Team is one tap away, if you need any assistance or have questions.

• You can ‘Extend’ the session from your Blys Practitioner App, which automatically applies the additional charge to the client’s account.

Getting Rebooked
• Clients can easily ‘Rebook’ you from the Blys Client app or our website.

Getting Paid
• You can see how much you’ve made anytime after every appointment. You’ll be paid directly to your bank account every week.

• Blys charges clients fees for late cancellations, up to the full price of a session – so you don’t lose money if a client cancels a booking.

As featured in Startup Daily: “Finally! Someone launched an ‘Uber for Massage’ startup in Australia.”

***** “I have been with Blys for over a year now, and work part-time or when my schedule allows. When I need more work I just accept jobs via the amazing app and when I need to have some down time I do less.

The Blys team are great, so generous and professional, with regular subsidised training available for practitioners, incentives for practitioners and more.

The many practitioners whom you get to meet occasionally are all highly trained and accredited practitioners, so you know the company you work with are of high integrity and professionalism.

You can choose your own modalities and availability, it’s all up to you.

If you are a qualified professional and are looking to work with an amazing company, I highly recommend you get in touch with these guys.” (Cee, Sydney).

***** “After 8 years being a therapist, last year I joined Blys in Melbs. Honestly the best working arrangement ever. With such a high earning potential and all the fuss taken out of finding clients, marketing and bookings, it’s a breeze! And so safe I never worry at all! You can take bookings as you choose so no hassle at all. The team is kind, caring and passionate, I always feel heard and taken care of! I know I will be working with Blys for a long time to come.” (Steph, Melbourne).

***** “It’s great working with Blys as the hours are completely flexible to work around any lifestyle. The staff are always at hand to help if there are any problems and the local team is always available if there are any issues that need to be discussed.

There is always more of an open and relaxed atmosphere between staff and the occasional social event for practitioners to meet and greet each other.

On any normal day I would accept 1 or 2 jobs ranging from 1 hr to 1.5 hr session. I usually would have a few hours notice to get myself ready which is convenient.

The best part of the job for me is travelling to new locations for in-person bookings, meeting new people and seeing how happy they are with the service they have received. A lot of clients have never had a treatment in their own homes before finding Blys and they absolutely love the idea, they are also impressed by the ease of the online booking system.” (Paul, Brisbane).

Have questions or need help?
Call our local team on +61 1300 420 188, or email [email protected] We’re here to help you 🙂…/id1321744681

Further improvements to make your next Blys experience more seamless.

If you have any feedback, please drop us a line at [email protected] or call our friendly team on +61 1300 420 18. We love hearing from you.

Price: Free
Version: 2.0.0
Size: 24.42 MB
Seller: Get Blys Pty Ltd
Released: 2022-11-20 08:00:00

EAM Mobile for Manufacture EAM Mobile for Manufacture

The HxGN EAM Mobile for Manufacture app allows organizations to perform functions such as Work Management, Materials Management, Inspections, Checklist and Asset Inventory. The app, after an initial sync, can operate in a disconnected mode allowing users to continue to create and modify data even when a data connection is not available. Once the device re-establishes a connection, another sync is required to save the new and modified data from the app to the server as well as to retrieve the latest data from the server.

Certain HxGN EAM version is required to work with this version. Network connection is required for the app to sync with the server. A database script may be required to support certain versions of HxGN EAM. Contract HxGN EAM Support for more details.

Note: By downloading this mobile application, You acknowledge to reading and agreeing to the corresponding end user license agreement.…/id1309305151

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
For a complete detailed list see Product Release Notes

Note: 12.0 Mobile DB script is required for this release. Script is not required to rerun if it is already applied. Please see following Hexagon Smart Community Knowledge Article 000035833 for more details.

Price: Free
Version: 12.0
Size: 186.69 MB
Seller: Intergraph Corporation
Released: 2022-11-19 13:01:56

Washington Area FCU Mobile Washington Area FCU Mobile

With Washington Area Federal Credit Union’s mobile banking app you can
• View account balances
• View detailed account activity
• Transfer funds
• Pay bills
• Remote Check Deposit
• Get the latest credit union news
• Setup Alert Settings

Washington Area Federal Credit Union’s Mobile App requires an active account with the credit union. The account holder will also need to be enrolled with electronic services, such as Home Banking or Bill Payment.…/id1418832115

* We hope you like our new look!

Price: Free
Version: 4.9.46
Size: 31.33 MB
Released: 2022-11-19 05:13:26

BudgetGPS BudgetGPS

BudgetGPS Mobile application from TXI Systems. Please
Note: This app requires an account with TXI Systems dba BudgetGPS and
the BudgetGPS Fleet Management system. If you are an existing BudgetGPS
customer, please contact our helpdesk to use this application.…/id868154414

Performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Price: Free
Version: 2021.7
Size: 410.00 KB
Seller: TXI SYSTEMS, INC (TXI Systems)
Released: 2022-11-19 05:10:56