StickGirl High School Game 3D StickGirl High School Game 3D

Experience high school life
attend the class, join class activities, play with friends
Protect classmates from exam failure.
Easy as operation buttons are displayed on the screen even if you do not remember them.

The high school activities are interesting. Perform various high school activities like finding, principle and admin office to collect books in this game! help school student spend first day of school in a best day. In high school you can withdraw money from ATM machine for tasty school meals and lunch box. Perform computer assignments in computer lab and submit it to teacher on time. Participate in extra curricular activities. Race, run and play challenging hurdle with school mates.

Exciting high school activities!
Complete multiple tasks on given time
Addictive gameplay and smooth controls.…/id1534012754

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Version: 1.0
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Stickman School Athletics Game Stickman School Athletics Game

Welcome to summer sports day along with stickman kids that are played multiple summer games which is full of fun. Participate in multiple summer sports and be the athletics of this best sports event 2020. Epic stickman summer sports and wins bicycle race, tricycle race or drum race to take more thrill of summer sports. Stickman sports is a fun addictive game for all summer games lovers. Do your best in stickkid sports day and have fun with your friends. Pumped up your body for different summer sports and enjoy your day fun along with stickman sports hero. Be the summer sports day champion by winning the entire boat racing or participate horse racing. Prepare yourself for the biggest coming sports day that will held in your home town.

** Main Features **
• Stickkids sports challenges to accomplish
• Stunning and thrilling sports activities
• Unique and beautiful 3D graphics for more fun
• Easy gameplay with multiple stickkid characters for sports day
• Realistic gameplay sound
• Unique physics handling and realistic sound for each level…/id1531266221

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i-ready i-ready

Maths Learning Games for Kids and Toddlers: Train your child’s brain and learn maths with beautiful elements, it is designed for 2,3,4,5+ year-olds ages for kids. It is a unique, exciting game for kids and also a very educational, funny & challenging app. Children can easily learn the math addition and subtraction and character counting.

Kids Math game is an excellent educational game for learning mathematics for children. It has Preschool skills and Mental math calculations tricks and also problem-solving for kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school.

Kids Math provides functionality like Counting, Compare, Adding Puzzle, Subtracting puzzle, Adding Fun, Subtraction Fun, Adding Quiz, Subtracting Quiz, Addition Practice, Subtraction Practice. Simply drag the correct answer to each equation and solve the puzzle! This is a specially built educational game for toddlers that will hold their attention to learning math.

A child loves mathematics when it is taught to them in an engaging manner. Adding numbers can be fun for preschoolers. Your child will love playing Kids Math games, and you’ll be able to relax, knowing your child is learning while having great fun.

Kids Math Learning Game Features:

1. Counting: Count beautiful elements and drag the right answer to the question mark.
2. Compare: Count exciting elements and solve the puzzle by choosing minus or plus sign.
3. Adding Puzzle: Do the addition of a given number and drag the right answer to the question mark.
4. Subtracting Puzzle: Do the Subtraction of a given number and drag the right answer to the question mark.
5. Adding Fun: Count different elements by tapping on it and solve the adding puzzle.
6. Subtracting Fun: Count interesting elements tapping on it and solve the subtracting puzzle.
7. Adding Quiz: Select the right answer by adding two values from multiple answers.
8. Subtracting Quiz: Select the right answer by subtracting two values from multiple answers.
9. Addition Practice: Select different stages like Beginner, Advance & Intermediate as per age group, and practice the best addition puzzles.
10. Subtraction Practice: Select different stages like Beginner, Advance & Intermediate as per age group and practice the best subtraction puzzles.

Make your kids champion with the Kids Maths Learning and Training Game

Let’s enjoy this simple and easy math educational game! Try out these fun educational games with your kids.

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Minor bug fixes in the previous version!

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Anime School Girl Love Story Anime School Girl Love Story

Warm welcome you in this sizzling contest of high school; where you have to play as a Japanese schoolgirl and perform high school thrilling tasks. Be the best school student and enjoy your life as a school girl. Participate in the school sports and play tennis this time along with your college fellows. Amazing yandere tasks to accomplish on stunning anime games for girls’ environment. Play a role as a schoolgirl and enjoy your school life. We will give you a chance to become the bright student of this anime simulator and make your day joyful along with your high school friends. Make prank with your classmate by doing some awkward things.

** Key Features **
• Handy game-play controls for more fun
• Start your own story of high school
• Select your favorite character and enjoy the college life
• Thrilling and exciting levels for school games lovers…/id1528924941

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Version: 1.0
Size: 226.99 MB
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Sneak Thief Robbery VS Cops Sneak Thief Robbery VS Cops

Let’s take some fun along with police vs thief battle on immersive city environment. Thief are hijack the jewelry shop and start their robbery, so be the smart guy and call on police station to save your shop from heist. Multiple tasks for shop keeper, security guard to do their duty and caught the thief that are trying to sneak money from atm machine. Thrilling and exciting game-play along with best assign tasks that will give you adventurous fun. Thief rob the home, hurry up go and lock the door after that call the police and arrest that culprits. Caught the thief that are doing street crime by sneaking the cell phone of innocent people from street. I hope you will enjoy the police vs thief game and take countless fun, when you will caught the robbers.

** Key Features **
– High-quality 3D graphics and immersive game play
– Multiple thrilling and challenging missions
– Caught the thief with the help of police or security guards
– Enjoy amazing game of police vs thief…/id1525178627

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Version: 1.0
Size: 176.09 MB
Seller: Waqas Majeed
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Deadly Secrets on Autumn Drive Deadly Secrets on Autumn Drive

You and your only daughter have moved into a new neighborhood to fix up a home that is in desperate need of repair.

A friendly old woman introduces herself, but is seemingly obsessed with you, and the new home you have moved into.

As you delve into your humble abode, you find old photographs of a young girl & diary notes scattered throughout the house.

You slowly uncover additional secrets in the attic & other hidden spaces that are rather disturbing – and all this is going on while your neighbor’s behavior grows all the more peculiar.

Do these photographs and items you have found hold key evidence to something more sinister from decades past…?

You investigate yours and your neighbor’s home with trepidation, as Mrs Harris has clued into your curiosity of this neighborhood, and what lurks beneath…

Do you have what it takes to solve the Mystery of Deadly Secrets on Autumn Drive?…/id1538002906

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Version: 1.0
Size: 377.37 MB
Seller: Midnight Adventures LLC
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Stickman Newborn Babysitter 3D Stickman Newborn Babysitter 3D

The little ones are in need of a super babysitter. Let’s see if you got what it takes! You’ll need to take care of them and do everything you can to keep them happy. But don’t worry – baby care is hard work, but also SO much fun! Enjoy this fabulous kids game, and become a babysitting pro!

You’re gonna LOVE this babysitting kids game!
Get ready for some babysitter madness, with newborn baby cuties and baby twins. First days are hectic! Baby care takes a lot of work! Let’s hope these adorable babies like you! You’ll have such a blast babysitting. Feed them, play with them, give them baths, and more, in this crazy fun kids game!…/id1536735538

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Version: 1.0
Size: 187.92 MB
Seller: Waqas Majeed
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Anime High School Girl Life 3D Anime High School Girl Life 3D

Get ready to play brand new school girl game & doing some tasks as a student. Wake up early in the morning go to the washroom and get ready for school. After that go to the kitchen to make breakfast for your family. After breakfast get ready for high school. The virtual school girl reaches the school and meets the friends to take fun with your old friends. Go to the classroom to attend the class and get ready to give quiz test. Take some difficult tasks in the school or date your love one. High school game designed for the school girls who spend time with their school friends and enjoy your life. Enjoy your high school fun and doing cheating in the quiz test and not give any clue or not let them chance to find proof & catch you.

** Key Features **
• High-quality 3D graphics with thrilling gameplay
• Smooth control and visual sound effects in school life
• Challenging tasks for anime girl along with customization option…/id1524938546

Added New Exiting Levels
Added Character Customisation

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Version: 1.0.1
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Seller: Arslan Tanveer
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Baby games for 2 3 4 year olds Baby games for 2 3 4 year olds

Colorful educational games for kids will help your kid explore the world around him and usefully spend time with an electronic device.

The app includes three games with different combinations of funny animals:

– baby animals
– animal food
– animal figures

The child learns to sort objects, develops useful skills: attention, memory, logic, fine motor skills.

Calm children’s background music, animated game levels, nice pictures, interesting tasks.
All this helps your baby to develop independently and be smarter.

Download all our educational apps!…/id1489321413

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Version: 1.0
Size: 169.46 MB
Seller: Gleb Zakharov
Released: 2020-12-29 08:00:00