Kidi Parks Kidi Parks

Ieškote kur vaikas galėtų papramogauti, pašėlioti ar gimtadienį surengti. Tai ši programėlė kaip tik jus.
• Vaikų žaidimo kambariai viename saraše.
• Detaliai ir aiškiai pateikiama informacija apie šėlionių vietą: pavadinimas, adresas, darbo laikas, kontaktai ir kita.
• Žemėlapyje patogiai matysite kurioje miesto dalyje žaidimų kambarys randasi.…/id1497489711

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Version: 1.0
Size: 35.63 MB
Seller: Ramunas Jurgilas
Released: 2020-05-18 07:00:00

My Scary Teacher vs Love Story My Scary Teacher vs Love Story

Miss Robin is an old scary teacher in the Goldberg High school. Selena is new in the school and you lost her heart in the first sight. but miss robin won’t allow another affair in her school. Make selena fall in love with you without getting caught. Talk to selena show her class. Miss robin is on the round go. make your every move very carefully. otherwise she is going to punish you very bad and your love will be over before even getting started. ask her for the lunch. take her on a coffee date. purpose her with the expensive gift. plan her surprise birthday. and purpose her to be your girl friend.

Features of My Scary Teacher vs Love Story
-Interesting love story vs scary teacher
-Interesting and challenging
-Highly detailed 3D models
-Amazing sound effects
-Multiple levels
-Improved Scary teacher AI…/id1497851494

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Version: 1.0
Size: 236.27 MB
Seller: Usama Bin Shafqat
Released: 2020-05-18 07:00:00

Kiki’s Vacation Kiki’s Vacation

Kiki’s Vacation sets you off to the breezy paradise of Kokoloko Island in a relaxing idle adventure! Join Kiki as she befriends the locals, explores the islands’ secrets, finds romance (*wink*wink*) and discovers herself in the process!

Kiki, a plucky city cat, is oh-so-ready to leave her stressful life behind and settle down in the remote island of Kokoloko for an “extended vacation”. Discover relaxing activities and decorate your shack as you meet eccentric islanders and get entangled in their interesting narratives.

Don’t be shy, talk to people! Not everyone you meet will instantly become your BFF, but if you keep at it, you’re sure to build wonderful long-lasting bonds! Choose, who to talk to and what to say to grow Kiki’s friendship and unlock new activities.

Collect precious shells – the island’s currency – as they wash up on the beach or catch them in your trusty fishing net. Yay passive income! Who needs dollars and coins… shells are the real treasure. Decide whether to spend your hard earned shells on new decorations for your shack, a luxurious massage at the spa, or a “special” beverage (hint: there’s alcohol) from one smooth talking French frog.

The island dwellers of Kokoloko are no technological slouches, everyone is signed up to MewLife, where Kiki documents her life by posting her relationship milestones and other interesting things. Every now and then Kiki will post something while you’re away so there’s always something to check out.

Days go by in real time in Kiki’s Vacation, so make sure to log in at different times of day to meet different characters, explore new settings and discover special moments!

This game is not intended for children and may have some content that is inappropriate for children under the age of 13.

Privacy Policy:…/id1484389512

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Version: 0.7.1
Size: 179.08 MB
Seller: HyperBeard Inc.
Released: 2020-05-14 07:00:00

KeyWatch – Watch Keyboard KeyWatch – Watch Keyboard

Get KeyWatch Keyboard and start texting from your wrist!

KeyWatch allows you to type messages on your Apple Watch.
You can send messages even when not connected to your iPhone


– Full QWERTY keyboard similar to iPhone
– Two different keyboard layouts: Full or Precise.
– Message Preview.
– Emoji

Note: if the app does not appear automatically, go on the App Store on the Apple Watch and download it.…/id1499067567

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Version: 1.0
Size: 3.05 MB
Seller: ReadIQ OU (ReadIQ)
Released: 2020-05-14 07:00:00


•Join Sonic and his friends as they explore Tokyo!
Dr. Eggman has taken over Tokyo and it’s up to Sonic and his friends to save the city and the Olympic Games!
Compete in Olympic events, win medals and challenge bosses while exploring the city of Tokyo with Sonic and friends

•Compete in Olympic events – everyone can enjoy!
Tap and flick your way to victory!
Tons of events to choose from, including the newest additions to Tokyo 2020!
Choose between Olympic events or special “”Extra (EX)”” Events with new and exciting gameplay; Gotta go fast! Gotta go for Gold!

•Challenge yourself and the world!
Challenge friends and players around the world! Prove you have got what it takes – can you reach the top of the leaderboard and claim the gold medal?

•15 Olympic Games events to enjoy!
100m, 400m Hurdles, Javelin Throw, Archery, Karate, Diving, Shooting, Sport Climbing, Fencing, Trampoline, Hammer Throw, Table Tennis, Long Jump, BMX and Badminton.

*Download and initial XX events are free.
*In-app purchase is necessary to play the entire game.

TM IOC/TOKYO2020/USOC 36USC220506. © 2019 IOC. All Rights Reserved.

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Version: 0.15.0
Seller: Sega America (SEGA)
Released: 2020-05-07 07:00:00

My Virtual Pet: Animal Escape My Virtual Pet: Animal Escape

Boo’s owner house is becoming so boring and his grumpy doesn’t love her any more. Then why should you stay in the house. Plan the great escape with the cutest cat of all the time and escape the house with the Boo. Clear each obstacle with without getting caught and get out of the house. But don’t underestimate the cops on your way out. Look for the places to hide. Get to the park and rescue all the cats in the city. distract the Angry Dog Millo with the bone in the park. and escape the city for good.

Features of My Virtual Pet Rescue Cat Sim:
-Interesting yet challenging levels
-Detailed Model of cats and dogs
-Multiple things to do
-Amusing sounds effects
-Interesting story line…/id1497852269

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Version: 1.0
Size: 523.33 MB
Seller: Usama Bin Shafqat
Released: 2020-05-06 07:00:00

Billionz – A Quiz With A Twist Billionz – A Quiz With A Twist

Billionz It’s a quiz game where you can challenge your friends and enemies to answer questions from many categories!

Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, it’s the new way to play a classic game that we have transformed into a eSport.

Play against real people for free then switch to cash games when you’re ready to compete and win!

No longer a solitary experience!

• Games can be played Head to Head with other players or in large, multiplayer tournaments.

• Challenge people around the world with eGoGames, a competition platform complete with leaderboards, trophies, Cash or virtual currency prizes, and an amazing loyalty program that rewards you for playing!


Do you have any questions?

You can email us to

Or through our social media:

Facebook – @eGoGamesES –

Instagram – @eGoGamesESP -

Twitter – @eGoGamesESP –…/id1497759968

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Version: 1.0
Seller: EGO NINO GAMES SL (eGoGames)
Released: 2020-05-04 07:00:00

Crop Video for Byte Crop Video for Byte

Crop Video & Picture and Photo Collage Maker

Create awesome no crop photos and videos to empower your social media posts easily and quickly! Move, rotate, scale, flip and Edit your photos and videos.

Collage Maker and Photo collage editor with free layouts, grids, stickers & frames!

Create the most unique collages! Choose from hundreds of photo grids, stickers, fonts, background patterns.

No design skills or complex software needed to build beautiful Collages and No Crop Photos & Videos, for social media posts and covers.

Awesome Features :

Crop Photo and Videos:
– Blur backgrounds to give awesome effects to your photos and videos
– Huge collection of Pattern, Color and Gradient Color Backgrounds.
– 100+ Awesome Filters.
– Large collection of stunning shape frames.
– Give a border to make your video and photos stand out.
– Add text to your photos and videos with over 50 professional fonts.
– Share your creation at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

Collage Maker:
– Creative collage maker to create picture collages and photo grid.
– Hundreds of customizable Collages, Grids and unique Layouts.
– Photo filters to choose from and apply instantly.
– Stickers, backgrounds and fonts to give liveliness to each moment of your life.
– Switch photos between grids by drag and drop.
– Share your creation at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service:…/id1496916058

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Version: 1.0
Seller: Veena Makhija
Released: 2020-05-01 07:00:00

Top Chef Hero 2: Idle clicker Top Chef Hero 2: Idle clicker

Be prepared to bring your restaurant to worldwide fame with Top Chef Hero 2!

Manage your own business and Make delicious dishes and desserts from all over the world! Hire great chefs and produce nonstop: pies, pizzas, burgers, grilled chicken, vegetables, real food and muffins.

Use all the ingredients that you can and prepare hundreds of tasty dishes. Hires true heroes of the kitchen that will make your restaurant a landmark in the world of cooking.


– Anytime and anywhere.
– Progression of your bar and restaurant
– New cooks
– Manageability
– very dynamic graphics and animations

Download this game and turn on the stove!…/id1495055130

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Version: 1.0
Size: 95.01 MB
Seller: Fanttactic Entertainment, SL
Released: 2020-04-28 07:00:00

Monster Zombie Hunter 3D Games Monster Zombie Hunter 3D Games

Welcome to deadly derby arena demolition where you will enjoy the most advance vehicles with special engines in Crazy Taxi Driver: Crash Zombie Renegade Apocalypse. Are you bored from Zombie shooting games and Zombies Hunting and slashing simulator games ? Do you want to see some real action games with new latest technology. Then this futuristic Crash Zombie Renegade Apocalypse game 2020 is the best option for you to enjoy futuristic car concept. Crash Zombie Renegade Apocalypse is different from other futuristic cars driving and robot car transformation racing, as they offer racing car with car driving concept but we want you to crash and smash zombie Apocalypse with heavy car vehicle crazy taxi driver games 2019. Crazy Driver: Crash Zombie Renegade Apocalypse game will give you fun of killing zombie games as well as driving car games. Driving car to crush zombie simulator game is not similar to Shooting zombie simulator games as you will be challenged with your shooting skills as you have to shoot and kill the dead walker zombie. Play amazing fun game “Crazy driver crash zombie crusher apocalypse game” which is the best free driving area game among all other demolition and derby simulator 3d games.

Are you a real bmw driver and do you ready for crushing zombie drive simulator game ? Download this new Crazy Driver: Crash Zombie Crusher Apocalypse Games 2020 with unique idea of killing and crush the deadly walking zombie with car and truck. You may have played zombie shooting or other 3D multiplayer or single player challenge games but Crazy driver: crash zombie crusher apocalypse games 2020 is one of the best game with new concept of killing zombie while driving so get ready to be the craziest driver ever any one seen and get to the top of the game leaderboard

Get ready to enjoy an invigorating driving of bmw crushing deadly apocalypse zombie simulator with the blend of adventurous action thriller games in one of the best driving arena derby games. Enjoy smashing and crushing zombie games with challenging driver mission. Drive your car smash and kill zombie and finish all waves. Grab your mobile and download this amazing and addictive crash zombie crusher apocalypse game.

– Deadly Zombie Generating Waves
– Realistic Car Engine simulator physics
– Smooth car and truck controls
– Challenging Deadly Zombie waves missions
– Breath-taking and hardest zombie levels…/id1495786592

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 191.24 MB
Seller: Pamir Khan
Released: 2020-04-27 07:00:00