Stick Thief Idle Sneak Robbery Stick Thief Idle Sneak Robbery

Let’s start your robbery on different places like shopping mall, bank and homes to loot the entire precise things and sell them on pawn shop to get money. Amazing thief tasks to accomplish and make a new plan of robbery. Sneak thief life is totally fun because thief involves in different criminal. Thief face the difficult robbery challenges in your life and successfully complete your heist assign tasks without giving chance to security guard to caught you.

** Main Features **
• Multiple Stunning and thrilling robbery missions
• Robbery in rich houses and city banks for more fun
• High quality graphics with 3D robbery games environment with visual sound effect
• Amazing sneak of thief assign tasks for more entertainment…/id1533209269

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Invoice Maker: Easy Invoices Invoice Maker: Easy Invoices

Now, creating professional yet appealing invoices, purchase orders, and credit memos become much easier than ever as MixBit is an all-in-one invoicing app solution that allows users to generate invoices on the go. Create invoices of the outstanding payments, so you can easily share it with your customers or anyone to get paid faster.

From freelancers to musicians, contractors to service-based businesses, designers to painters, and electricians to plumbers, anyone can use Mixbit software for generating invoices on the go using their mobile phone.

MixBit App Features

Invoices: Want to send an invoice to your customers? Create an invoice, filling required information like billing name, provided services, attach photos, payment instructions, additional comments if any. Manage both paid and unpaid invoices.

Estimation and Quotes: If you want to send estimation and quotes for the services, generate it with a single click and send it to your customers on their email addresses.

Purchase Orders: Now, you save an hour of time on creating purchase orders whenever ordering supplies and products for the company.

Client Memos: Do you send credit memos to your customers? Generate memos in just a few minutes and send it to your customers directly in their inbox.

Clients: You must have lots of customers whom you might be managing in an excel sheet? Now, no need. MixBit is an all-in-software solution for invoicing, where you can add all the clients with details.

Items: You must be providing more than one service and product. Right? Then, manage all the products and services under the item section. Add, remove, and edit on the go.

Reports: Create monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports to track the paid and unpaid payments, annual sales by client, sales by item, profit & loss, taxes, sales journal, and more.

Real-time Notification: Stay updated and informed about all the updates whether it is about receiving new payment, purchase order, credit memo, you will stay aware of the updates in real-time.

Can I Customize the Invoices, Credit Momos, and Purchases Orders For My Business?

Yes, of course. MixBit allows you to change and customize the look, feel, and detail of the invoices, and other documents like purchase order and credit memo.

– 8+ Templates to choose from for your invoices
– Change logo in the invoice and include your logo to highlight
– Want to change the color of the document? There are over 50 colors to choose from.
– Change banner in just a few seconds.
– Include a watermark on the invoices as per your business requirements.
– Now, you can easily match your brand, color, and logo and make your invoice look professional.

Benefits of Using MixBit Application

– Save time and efforts that you spent on creating invoices, purchase orders, and credit memos.
– Manage invoices (be it paid and unpaid), purchase orders, and credit memos and stay organized.
– Get paid faster by creating invoices and send them to your customers in real-time.
– Get reports on profit & loss, sales, expenses, invoices, and quotes.
– Save operational costs like paper-based forms, invoices, and staff to manage invoices and payments.
– Get an insight into the overdue, paid, and unpaid invoices and manage all the payments accordingly.

Privacy Policy:
Terms and Conditions:…/id1521414172

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Surplus Finance Surplus Finance

Surplus Finance helps you manage your spending while keeping your freedom!

Saving money is simple, spend less than you make. Unfortunately though the real world is complicated and keeping track of how much you REALLY spend every month is a lot more difficult. “Did the phone bill already come in this month? That last dinner with the friends should be split 3 ways! Don’t worry about those office supplies you bought on your personal card, they’ll be reimbursed later.”

Surplus understands how you spend money in the real-world and helps you keep track of it so you can focus on living life, not mental accounting. With Surplus you can:
* Quickly create transactions to track your spending
* Get daily spending advice to make sure you spend less than you make
* Split bills with friends & family
* Mark transactions to be ignored so you can keep track of things but not let them affect your daily budget. Useful for those expenses that’re going to be reimbursed or you just don’t want to affect your daily spendable.…/id1497444879

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Version: 0.1
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FinTron: Finance, Reborn FinTron: Finance, Reborn

Easily track spending, savings and investing accounts, plus build budgets and learn to save & invest – all on one app.

All your must-have financials consolidated into one easy-to-manage platform. It’s all here.

Don’t be daunted by investing. Be informed and excited about diving in. We’ll show you.

Risk Assessment:
Easily determine how much financial risk you can stomach. Remember, knowledge is power.

Paying it Forward:
We help you, of course – but we also enthusiastically support several worthy causes.…/id1517080230

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Four Night at Neighbor Sim 2 Four Night at Neighbor Sim 2

In Four Night at Neighbor Sim 2 you play as ordinary guy trapped in huge dormitory.
Choose between 2 strange creatures and 1 animatronic to fight. They are Cartoon Cat and Milkwalker Ambassador also Ratu Motta.
Enjoy the epic cutscene each fight. The character design inspired by Trevor Henderson. And choose among 8 different area each fight.

– enjoy 3D sound with headphone to know the basic sound from the enemy bosses.
– Each character has its own movie and ending
– All 8 areas has its own weapon to use…/id1536833909

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Version: 1.0
Size: 466.23 MB
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Receipt Scanner: Track Expense Receipt Scanner: Track Expense

Our receipt scanner automatically scans receipts, crops and extracts key information. Saving you time and organizing your business receipts and expenses.

Wasting time manually adding up totals and entering receipt info into your computer?
Easy Expense’s use receipt scanner to start saving time. Simply hold it above a receipt and watch as it magically detects, crops and automatically extracts the key information from a receipt.

Tired of searching for lost receipts?
Never lose a receipt again. All of your receipts are automatically uploaded and stored safely on our servers. Lose the paper copy, no problem. Lose your phone, no problem; simply log back into your account on a new device and all your receipts will be synced.

Get organized today! Stop keeping receipts in a messy shoebox.
Let Easy Expense simplify your life by keeping your expenses and receipts organized. Receipts can be group into expense reports which can automatically be sent for approval or billed as an invoice. Expenses are labeled with a vendor and category. All your expenses will be used to generate quarterly and annual summaries which can be easily exported in CSV format.

Key Features:
– No ads
– Free for personal use, business users require small fee
– Receipt scanner, take a photo or upload receipts
– Smart receipts scanner automatically converts receipts into expenses
– Smart receipts scanner automatically crops your receipt
– Rotate, crop and perspective fix your receipts with easy to use tools
– Easily add and track expenses
– Mileage tracker and automatic deduction calculations
– Export and email expenses for tax purposes
– Convert expenses in to billable expense reports
– Works 100% offline
– Automatic cloud sync with your account
– Simple expense reports and analysis
– Organize expenses into multiple expense reports

Easy Expense is perfectly designed for self-employed contractors and consultants to track their expenses on the go.

Unlike other expense apps, Easy Expense works offline and automatically syncs and secures all of your data to the cloud. No hassle and no worries, even if you lose your phone your information is protected.

Gone are the days of saving and losing 100’s of paper receipts. With Easy Expense you can scan or take photos of receipts to be stored in the app forever.

Easy Expense has a simple and intuitive design which will allow you to start tracking your transactions in seconds. Once you start logging expenses helpful charts and analysis will be custom created to help you manage and calculate your expenses.

When tax season arrives all your information will be in one place. Easy Expenses export feature allows you to email yourself or your accountant a CSV file of the quarter or years expenses. Saving you time and stress on tax accounting.

Group expenses by categories and into projects for better organization. Simple summary reports will automatically be created for these groupings allowing for quick accounting.

Use our mileage tracker to automatically calculate deductions. Keeping your mileage log up to date is required by the IRS in case you are audited.

Compared to competitors like Smart Receipt, Shoeboxed, Quickbooks and Expensify we offer a superior product because we are both free and easier to use. With more intuitive UI and faster scanning it’s a simple choice, Easy Expense is the best.

Our reciept scanner uses advanced OCR to crop and extract information. The more you use it the more it learns and the better it performs. Scanned reciepts are automatically converted into expenses which can easily be billed, sent as expense reports or exported for tax purposes.

Free for personal use, business users require small monthly fee…/id1528787066

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Version: 1.0.0
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OneCENT is a Mobile Fintech platform that allow community of entrepreneurs who believe in the future lifestyte of cashless eco system, which are in line with Govt’s vision of digital economy. Community will promote the digital lifestyle among themselves and their contacts including friends and businesses that they go and meet everyday. In exchange, the community will reap the rewards in the form of cash rebates and share among their circle of friends and business owners.

Key Features:
1. Promotions – Get all the latest promotions and offers
2. Self Care – Manage all your prepaid mobile number(s), Profile details, Loyalty Programs (if any), Top Up, Manage Data Plan subscriptions, Transaction history, etc.
3. Freebies (if any, or by campaign basis).
4. eWallet Functions and Features.
5. HELP – FAQs
6. Settings
7. Upcoming promotions, news, etc.

Support all iOS devices i.e. Charges may apply depending on the network provider or WiFi used.…/id1501660497

– Add International Register
– Add International VAS

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Version: 3.2.1
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Treasury Budget Keeper Treasury Budget Keeper

This app is created for all those good people who like to track their expenses and analyse their finances. App provides neat and yet simple structured expense lists to seamlessly understand your budget. App automatically calculates monthly budget based on income, desired savings from this income, casual and recurring expenses. Whereas expenses can be set in 13 worldwide currencies and budget will be automatically adjusted to single account-based default currency by the currency rate for the date of each expense. When account default currency is changed all budgets are recalculated accordingly.…/id1541169521

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Version: 0.12.9
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Estating Estating

ESTATING is a global digital marketplace providing direct access to premium properties for everybody, connecting supply with untapped demand. ESTATING disrupts the way of accessing and transferring real estate property by allowing for cross-border fractional ownership of single properties, enabling buyers to pick the properties they want with a simple click, making it a bankable financial product protected inside the regulated financial system, removing legal and language barriers.

ESTATING’s ultimate mission is bringing real estate access to everybody, creating a wealthier society by becoming the global leading marketplace for direct real estate investments. We make real estate investments an easy, frictionless, enjoyable, secure, transparent, bankable and flexible experience for everyone within the regulated financial system. We use a scalable integrated proprietary securitization technology, automate through deep-learning, and use blockchain and virtual reality, where they add the most value.…/id1539149629

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Version: 1.0.4
Size: 82.78 MB
Seller: Hovik Khachatryan
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Updated: 2020-11-21 13:43:18