SCADENZE – Cibo in scadenza SCADENZE – Cibo in scadenza


Smettiamola di dimenticarci prodotti in scadenza nel frigorifero o nella dispensa.
Prendi nota, sarà l’applicazione a ricordarti quando consumarli, in questo modo niente verrà più buttato.

Condividi le tue scadenze con i tuoi parenti. Crea una famiglia o aderisci ad una già esistente. Tutto verrà sincronizzato automaticamente.

Tre modalità di avvisi: MAI, RICORRENTI (fin da quattro giorni prima della scadenza), UN GIORNO PRIMA.…/id1537319391

Stiamo esagerando, in attesa del più grande cambiamento.
Abbiamo riscritto tutta la UI, cambiando la palette adattandola all’icona.
Dulcis in fundo: LA BACHECA. Ora potrai condividere con la tua famiglia anche le memo, oltre che le solite scadenze.

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Ganges Indian Ganges Indian

Ganges Restaurant is a Contemporary Indian Cuisine located in Eastbourne.

Ganges Restaurant offers all the traditional dishes freshly prepared and cooked by our chefs from the popular Curry Mile in Eastbourne. Our chefs have many years experience to cater for any need so come and enjoy one of the delicious meals with friends or family whilst relaxing in a tranquil yet modern dining area.

We pride ourselves with the high standard in food and service we offer to our customers. We had a lot of customer feedback for good service and texture in food. Ganges Restaurant is among the Best Indian Restaurants in Eastbourne.…/id1515566142

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

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Sapore 360° Sapore 360°

O Sapore 360° é um aplicativo que atende a todas as suas necessidades!
Seja para fazer um lanche ou garantir o seu almoço, você pode utilizar o aplicativo para realizar os seus pedidos com retirada no local, além de contar com a praticidade de receber no endereço que você deseja!…/id1523347398

* Lá vou eu, lá vou eu *
* Hoje a festa é no aplicativo 😀 *
* Vamos a apuração das notas do app: *
* Maior detalhamento do recibo:*******Nota 10 *
* Novo layout das atividade do pedido: Nota 10 *
* Correção de bugs:*******************Nota 10 *
* Melhorias de desempenho:********** Nota 10 *

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Singapore Sushiro Singapore Sushiro

SUSHIRO Singapore Official App!

“Going for Sushiro~ But the queue is so long…”
“Would like to gather my family or friends to Sushiro, but queuing is so troublesome…”
“Planning for dinner at Sushiro after work, but walk-in would probably be full…”
“Not sure if there’s any Sushiro nearby. Will there be seats available ?”

We heard you !
For better dinning experience for all our customers, we came out with our own SUSHIRO App !
This app allows reserveration at your own time without calling or coming down to the store. At the same time, you get to know the reservation status of our stores. So download our App now !

After downloading, do register in order to use the following features.

– Sushiro APP Features –

• Prebook your time slot ahead of schedule.

• Checking of reservation status.
• Store location and contact numbers.

• Notify you when your time of reservation is near.…/id1474194736

modify app icon image

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Market Place donde podras navegar a todo tipo de comercios por el cual podras agregar tus productos seleccionados al carrito de compras para que nuestro sistema asigne al mensajero más cercano de la tienda para una entrega inmediata. Nuestro sistema tambien permite solicitar mandados a tu medida o requerimiento , solo accesas a ordenes personalizadas y nuestros agentes realizaran la compra por ti , lo organizamos y lo llevamos directo donde te encuentres. Empresas o de Uso personal pueden disponer de este servicio obteniendo un precide servicio economico ya que optimizamos las rutas y contamos con mensajeria multientrega.…/id1530038191

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CJ’S Pizza CJ’S Pizza

CJ’S Pizza has been formed purely based on a passion and love for amazing pizza!
Our reciepes has been been developed over years of fine tunning and finding the best produce and ingredients to make the perfect pizza!
Our pizza has been inspired from Brooklyn New York where some genius Italians set about making there own style of Italian Pizza with a slight twist.
With the light crispy thin base to their own in house secret cooked sauce recipe’s only using the very finest ingredients imported from Italy with a blend of Italian cheeses to top it all off.
We are very proud of our pizza and are very excited to put a smile on the face of other pizza lovers!…/id1533812921

– We update our app regularly to improve your experience in ordering food.
– Our latest update comes with bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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Agriconecta Agriconecta

AgriConecta, es una aplicación que te permitirá estar conectado con la agricultura moderna, de manera gratuita. En PRO-INNOVA creemos que los agricultores como tú son el motor de desarrollo del mundo y por ello, queremos estar más cerca de ti.

¿Por qué usar AgriConecta?

1. Para mantenerte conectado con tu técnico y hacer tus consultas en la aplicación.

2. Para mantenerte conectado al clima y proteger tu cultivo.

3. Para mantenerte conectado con los precios y vender mejor tus productos.

4. Para mantenerte conectado con los agroservicios más cercanos y agilizar tu proceso de producción.

¿Qué esperas?
¡Descárgala ya!

Mantente conectado. AgriConecta siempre junto a ti.

AgriConecta es una aplicación respaldad por PRO-INNOVA.

¿Tienes alguna duda?

Escríbenos y ayúdanos a mejorar.

[email protected]…/id1514667580

– Cambios en la visualización del menú.
– Mejoras en la visualización del clima e información sobre Fases Lunares.
– Visualización del pronóstico del clima durante los siguientes 16 días.
– Visualización del pronóstico del clima por hora durante los próximos 5 días.
– Se agregó la opción de reenvío de token al momento de iniciar sesión con número de teléfono.
– Se simplificó la opción de pedir asistencia por mensaje.

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Version: 1.4.0
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By The Case By The Case

By The Case® is an app and cloud service that helps Ontario wine enthusiasts, collectors and sommeliers find wine that often never makes it to retail LCBO shelves. With a simple search, find the agent that represents the wine producer that you are interested in. Contacting that agent is just a tap away.

By The Case also features a home screen news feed and events listing with interesting and timely news related to the Ontario wine scene.

Mark wine agents or wine regions as favourites and you will be notified when the agency has interesting news or when new producers in a favourite region become available.

Key features include:
• details for over 200 agents and more than 6,000 producers listed for Ontario
• search for producers, regions or keywords
• view full agent contact details incl. social media links
• browse full list of agents and their producer portfolio
• mark agents or regions as favourites
• receive notifications when a favorite agent has updated info
• view most popular agents amongst the community
• view upcoming wine events with full event details
• wine news feed on home page with interesting Ontario specific news
• crowd-sourced updates and additions (pending verification)…/id1198990542

Support for latest device sizes and iOS updates

Dark Mode for iOS 13 and iOS 14 users

Sharing! Share agents, producers and events via email or social media. Shared links will open in the app or on the web.

Improved layout and navigation for agents and producers.

Laying the groundwork for significant improvements to search.

Various bug fixes.

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Version: 1.2
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Seller: Ken Bereskin
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Updated: 2021-03-02 00:38:01

Argy Bhaji Argy Bhaji

Argy Bhaji has gained a reputation for its traditional yet creative cuisine. Whether you are looking for a light dinner or a full meal for the family, Argy Bhaji can deliver it all. Whether you’re after a quick meal to feed the family or you’re catering for a work lunch, Argy Bhaji is the place for you.…/id1241490874

We updated our payment page and payment provider.

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Version: 2.58
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Updated: 2021-03-01 15:06:36

Chapati Junxion Chapati Junxion

We offer you and your family delectable fully cooked meals to eat at your convenience. To take with you or delivered to your door.

We can tailor a meal just for you, and of course, we also cater events large and small.…/id1244410044

General maintenance and performance improvements.

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Version: 2.38
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