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Shopping List – Shopping List –

Organize your grocery shopping, share your shopping list with the members of your family, plan your meals, and choose your favorite products and brands, are just some functions that will make your shopping much easier.

• Create useful shopping lists.
• Get delicious recipes to your phone, and create the right shopping list with the ingredients you will need.
• Specific the products and brands you need to your recipes and be sure you are getting the quality you want.
• Get suggestions about some common products you may need in your kitchen.
• Scan the barcode of the products in your kitchen and add them to your shopping list with just a single photo.
• Establish the budget you have for your shopping.
• Set personalized reminders and receive customized notifications for you to don’t forget about going to the supermarket.
• Create lists with your favorite products.
• Share your shopping list with the members of your family, and be sure they will buy the same products that you would buy.

Complete your shopping more easily, be synced with your family, and enjoy new recipes you maybe don’t know in one single tool that will make your preparation shorter and easier.…/id1526506245

*Improved minor bugs and performance.

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Lucky Garden Southport Lucky Garden Southport

Lucky Garden is a very famous brand name of Chinese takeaway across Southport in the UK for decades, the dedicated Chinese chefs made delicious food in our kitchen with their unique skills. Today, we are very proud to provide our top-level Chinese food service in your community, we always committed to giving our customers the best taste of Chinese meals out of ancient Chinese ingredients.

We are very careful to choose the ingredients from the trusted supplier, we keeping used of the top-quality ingredients on the market, and then, meticulously cooked by our chefs, finally, the mouth-watering food will be delivered to your door by our super-fast service.…/id1541185374

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Elite ROLL Elite ROLL

Мы делаем не просто роллы, а настоящие роллы. Если используем сыр, то только премиум, рис только специальный, если креветки, то только королевские.
Мы используем только натуральные ингредиенты, поэтому наши роллы не только очень вкусные, но и полезные. Попробуйте и убедитесь сами.…/id1542382455

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