Police Officer: Cop Simulator Police Officer: Cop Simulator

Be a police officer cop simulator in crime city & enjoy police cop game to prevent crimes by playing police car driving around the city in the police game. you might have played many police officer and cop simulator games but this is one of the unique and exciting police crime simulator.

• – Latest police car driving missions
• – Interesting police car chase gangster missions
• – Interesting story line with police officer cop games missions
• – Police investigation levels and criminals story based levels


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Version: 1.0
Size: 223.86 MB
Seller: Usman Bhatti
Released: 2022-05-01 07:00:00

Anime High School Simulation Anime High School Simulation

We welcome you to an anime school life simulation game where you will be playing as an anime school girl and will live day to day life which includes classes to clashes and from sports to fights and from stealing your crush to winning the dance ball. so much drama.

-Huge High school Environment
-Multiple Levels
-Amazing Story Line


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Version: 1.0
Size: 197.61 MB
Seller: Usman Bhatti
Released: 2022-04-25 07:00:00

123 Learning Games for Kids 2 123 Learning Games for Kids 2

Child friendly collection of more than 12 toddler games for kids between 2-4 age group.
Are you looking for a way to turn your toddler’s screen time into an edutainment activity by using the best app or game? Toddler Games is the right answer for Fun N’ Learn!

Toddler games for preschool Learning is here to stimulate learning in your kid. This app comprises a myriad of varieties for the growing toddlers. Learn numbers, counting, identification, quiz. And sequence-sort, match, and twenty-plus Toddler Games for your kid. And a color pad for an absolute change.

Let your kids have all the fun with this perfect Toddler Learning Games! This kindergarten learning app has all those salient features needed to test & improve your kid’s learning abilities. Simple quizzes and match tests will help your baby stay focused while learning new things. Spotting, tracking & sorting numbers will develop & enhance kid’s thinking & analytical abilities. The sound effects and animations will keep the boys and girls engaged when they complete every challenge.

Build a strong foundation for your child’s future school success with these simple fun Toddler Learning Games.

Toddler’s Learning Game is right choice, that has:
> Interactive: simple drag, drop & test!
> Attractive: Colours, graphics, and soothing sound effects
> Simple yet challenging: Perfectly designed & developed for kindergarten
> Flavors: Many variants to develop & child’s analytical, logical, arithmetical skills

For your bundle of joy, the app is also bundled with:
– Learn: Learn simple numbers with animation and pronunciations.
– Counting: Learn counting with the help of objects.
– Quiz: Test number identification skills using audio guided questions.
– Pair: Make pairs of 2 numbers.
– Match: Drag n drop numbers to right boxes and unbox funny characters.
– Sequence: Complete the sequence by selecting a right number.
– Tracing: Learn to write numbers by following outlines.
– Game: Pop the bubbles with numbers in sequence.
– Practice: Brush up number counting.
– Train: Identify the objects and drag n drop to test.
– Spot it: Identify the correct numbers and tap to test.
– Sorting: Arrange the numbers in order;
– Dialer: Learn to dial a number.
– Coloring: Fill doodles with favorite colors , or draw anything on digital colouring pad!

Step into an arena of endless learning and fun for your toddler. Get this Preschool Learning game now!


Kids love to learn, especially when they can have fun while doing it! 123 Numbers counting app is a creative educational app designed to help children learn numbers, counting, and tracing skills, all with an easy-to-use and colorful interface.

The latest update features numerous performance improvements and bug fixes. It’s completely Ads Free, so you can download and enjoy with confidence.

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Version: 1.0.2
Size: 28.81 MB
Seller: YORIES MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (Yories: Preschool Learning Games for Kids & Kindergarten Educational Apps for Toddlers)
Released: 2022-04-20 07:00:00

Train Simulator City Rail Road Train Simulator City Rail Road

If you want to visit the famous places in the city so you should travel on a modern futuristic trains. Start your journey as a train driver who gives you the best luxury atmosphere to the passenger during their travelling. The railway station department introduces the brand new euro public train for valuable customers. The duty of the modern city train driver is to pick up the passenger from the railway station and drop them at their assigned location. The people of the enjoy the travel and are satisfied with the railway services. The futuristic train driver to do multiple tasks and transfer the passenger to their destination. The passengers reach the railway station on time and book their train to take ruide. The city train picks up the passenger from multiple different railway stations and drops them at their assigned location. The passenger visits the famous places of the city travel on the futuristic train in the railroad games.

* Key Features *
Pick and drop the passenger from different location of the city
Transfer the heavy luggage from one city to another rail station
Visit around the city and transfer the passenger on multiple location
Multiple brand new 3d trains with realistic control
Lots of stunning tasks easily accomplish on time


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Version: 1.0
Seller: Muhammad Akram
Released: 2022-04-11 07:00:00

Hello Scary Angry Neighbor 3D Hello Scary Angry Neighbor 3D

If you played scary horror games , and you have a lot of interest in these kind of games, then this neighbor game is specially for you. A new small cozy little house is in your neighborhood, your neighbor is very crazy neighbor that behaves very suspiciously, scary and constantly his home windows and doors are closed. Are you interested in what is in your pa tricks house and what is hiding.
You go to his house where horror house is waiting for you behind his closed doors of rooms but you need to find keys to open the doors and solve the secrets, be aware of neighbor if he notices that you are in his scary house he will try to catch you. Follow you need to avoid it, so as not to get caught in the arrogant neighbor.

• High Quality 3D Graphics Game.
• Amazing GamePlay.
• Smooth and Easy Controls.
• Interesting activities.
• Map and Hints included.
• Very Addictive Scary Game
• Amazing 3D Mysterious Mansion in Escape Mania
• Realistic sounds and amazing Gameplay
• mysterious and Thrilling missions to play
• Best Sounds & Voice overs.
• Powerful cartonic theme and graphics


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Version: 1.0
Size: 83.15 MB
Seller: Adeel Ahmad
Released: 2022-04-11 07:00:00

My Mother Baby Simulator Games My Mother Baby Simulator Games

Welcome to babysitter games which allows you to take care of a baby in this virtual simulation game. take care of the every task and feed him well. clean his pamper and change his cloths, buy new clothes for him from the near by market.

This is a beta version we are working on a new update 🙂


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Version: 1.0
Size: 196.27 MB
Seller: Usman Bhatti
Released: 2022-04-09 07:00:00

Galaxy Mobile Galaxy Mobile

In a faraway universe filled with wonder, you must work with allies to build an interstellar empire. Meet interesting characters, explore strange civilizations, and fend off invaders, aliens, and other, more ancient threats. Create a powerful fleet and build your legend.


Build an Interstellar Empire
Experience a new generation space strategy game with over 200 galaxies for you to explore and conquer. Build a powerful fleet, establish a powerful empire, and earn your place in the galaxy.

More Unit Movement Options, More Strategies
Move your units freely like in an RTS. Send your fleets in any direction, to any target. Command a formidable Star Fortress to turn the tide of battle.

Explore the Universe
Encounter a large variety of random events. Investigate wrecks and ruins, discover ancient secrets (or threats), meet and rescue space refugees, and more. The universe is your oyster.

Rich customization
Customize your Fortress’ appearance and components. Pick and choose from a large cast of Heroes and skills to match your playstyle. Your fleets, your strategies.


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Version: 0.2.10
Size: 1.06 GB
Seller: SkyRise Digital PTE. LTD. (SkyRise Digital Pte. Ltd.)
Released: 2022-04-09 07:00:00

Jet Fighter Air War Simulator Jet Fighter Air War Simulator

Prepare yourself and train a new squad of sky fighters’ pilots to conquer the battlefields in the air. When the ace jet fighter completes his training and they are ready for the air strike. Then they go to the ground crew and chooses the best modern fighter jet. The ace jet fighter pilot takes a tough challenge and destroy their enemies by using their air war skills. Give tough time to the rivals and airstrike on the different check posts and bunkers of the enemy. We will attack on the enemies and target their ships, tanks and other fighter planes. Lots of destructions of the enemies and destroy their check post as well to win that modern air war.

*Key Features*
• Attacks on enemy bunkers and destroy their assets
• Search your target with the help of navigation
• Destroy the army ships, tanks and their jet fighter plane
• Smooth and easy gameplay control
• strike on the rivals’ boundaries
• Multiple jet fighter airplanes with immersive sounds effect and graphics for more fun


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Seller: Fahad Mahmood
Released: 2022-04-05 07:00:00

Funnyeve Stories Funnyeve Stories

The Sequel to Pandadog

“Season 2: Survival Island”
Suspenseful Mystery Comics


Obviously I went to work and fell asleep in bed.
When I wake up, it’s a deserted island?

The cry of the sky resounds every 12 hours!
Anyone who hears this will die!

Find the truth of the island and Escape now!


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0.0
Size: 95.50 MB
Seller: FUNNYEVE Corporation (Funnyeve)
Released: 2022-04-05 07:00:00

Cruise Ship Ferry Boat Game 3D Cruise Ship Ferry Boat Game 3D

The captain of the cruise ship take responsibility for the passenger to transfer from one point to another spot. you will enjoy multiple modes like transferring people and heavy containers. you will load the heavy container and drop them at their assigned seaport. You will choose your favourite cargo big ship and load the heavy machinery to transfer to the assigned location. The ferry ship driver picks the passenger and drops them at the assigned location. You will save your boat from the different obstacles which it faces during the journey. As a pro driver, you should drive very carefully on the island. The captain of the ferry ship to do multiple tasks during his duty. Load the heavy oil tanker and safely reach the assigned sea port. The duty of the cargo ship driver is not an easy job. Honestly perform your duty and easily complete all tasks. Pick the passenger from the different locations of the island and drop them their assigned points.

Key Features:
• Multiple ships choose and start their destination
• High-quality graphics with a 3d environment of the sea
• Realistic water sound and ferry ship engine sounds
• Smooth gameplay and easy cruise ship control
• Pick up the passengers and drop them at their assigned locations.


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Seller: Syed Muhammad Bilal
Released: 2022-04-02 07:00:00