Raft Survival Underwater Games Raft Survival Underwater Games

Get ready to play as a scuba diver this time to take underwater world experience in the deep sea to explore deep sea creatures or find multiple treasure. Find the most valuable things like gold, coins, gold plates, money in the shipwreck environment; where you have to show your scuba diving expertise and save yourself from sharks in the deep blue. Amazing underwater adventure to find treasure in the deep sea and kill some sea creatures that are trying to attack on you. Survival on the raft is the challenging tasks along with multiple giant crocodiles that are the main feature of this diving games 2020. Multiple scuba diving missions to accomplish in the deep sea because you are a good scuba diver. When you will go in the deep water you will survive from sea creatures or sharks and crocodiles.

** Key Features **
– Smooth controls along with ultra-realistic 3D graphics
– Multiple scuba diver characters for more fun
– Fight against multiple giant deep sea creatures


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Version: 1.0
Size: 202.06 MB
Seller: Adeel Ahmad
Released: 2020-10-27 07:00:00

Car Mechanic : Junkyard Empire Car Mechanic : Junkyard Empire

Warm welcome you in this amazing game of car mechanic; where you will learn all the skills related to automotive. Deal the customers to check and build car in the car garage and customize them according to their will. Be the car restoration master and fix multiple cars to become the best mechanic. Fix multiple busted cars that are damaged in the road accident. Check the automotive and fix the car in the garage and also modify them like a pro. Amazing car repair games assign task to accomplish on sizzling auto mechanic garage for more fun. Enhance your mechanic skills and build or modify cars to make your customer happy.

** Key Features **
• Multiple car mechanics missions
• Amazing gas station environment with repair simulation
• Multiple tools use in the auto mechanic workshop
• High-quality graphics use for better gaming experience
• Smooth control and realistic gameplay


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Version: 1.0
Seller: Ali Idrees
Released: 2020-10-26 07:00:00

My Scary Teacher 2: Revenge 3D My Scary Teacher 2: Revenge 3D

Let us welcome you to the super exciting comeback of scary teacher 2020: house revenge part 2 which is the best episode 2 of scary games & scary teacher games part 2. What is your worst fear ? You are going to the new school to find out that your class teacher is the new scary teacher of your nightmares who is very evil, cruel & scary who punishes the kids for no reason. say hello scary teacher in scary games & scary teacher games part 2 which is the house revenge. Scary teacher part 1 was in the school setting. But now you have scared her off in the school, she is so done with the school and she is going to leave the city and move into the new city and start a new life. But would you get her away that easy ? i don’t think so.


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Version: 1.0.4
Size: 242.11 MB
Seller: danish bhatti
Released: 2020-10-22 07:00:00

US Border Patrol Police Force US Border Patrol Police Force

Start working as a border police officer this time and stop smuggling illegal goods. Experience the life of border police and check multiple vehicles that are pass from borders and find illegal things to stop smuggling of drugs or other. Complete check the cargo transport vehicles and arrest the culprits that are trying to do smuggling of illegal things from one country to another. Vehicles entering in country border, check the documents of vehicles and also check good boxes. Border police department have a toughest challenging tasks to find illegal drugs that are transport on other countries. game as you have to constantly look everything in the border area and stop smuggling like drugs, illegal weapons and agents. Control the entire border security and arrest the culprits that are trying to escape from border. Your main vision is to stop smuggling from one country to another and find multiple clues against smugglers by checking their vehicles.

** Key Features **
– Be the border police officer and stop illegal smuggling
– Arrest multiple gangsters and criminals from border
– Handy game-play control with ultra-realistic graphics


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Version: 1.0.0
Size: 97.58 MB
Seller: Ahsan Sharif
Released: 2020-10-14 07:00:00

Fate/The One Fate/The One

In this free-to-play RPG, time and space have been torn apart. Heroes from throughout history have been brought to a new era, along with you. It is up to you to stop the evil forces at work from destroying the world and re-writing history. But be careful…you don’t know who you can trust and who is secretly out to get you!

Meet, befriend, and battle with heroes of the ages, from Caesar to Robin Hood. You must fight for good and stop the evil forces from tearing our world apart at the seams!
Face your destiny and try to keep history from being re-written.

[Character customization]
Hundreds of items, weapons, character customizations, and more create for a wonderful new world of adventure. Customize your character, level up, and conquer evil every step of the way!

Collect as many heroes as you can to aid you in your adventures. Each hero comes with their own unique attributes, strengths, and weaknesses. Create teams that work well together to take on the toughest opponents around the world.

[Game Content]
Battle through an epic storyline for the ages, as well as with people around the world in different battle modes such as: Arena, Expedition, Dungeons, and The Tower Of Destiny!
Endless adventures and battles await you!

[Strategic Combats]
This turn-based RPG uses various elements and other magical phenomenon to truly increase the difficulty of battling your way through endless demons, monsters, and other players. Whether you win or lose is entirely up to you – so prepare your team of heroes carefully, less you be defeated!

Meet and play with other players from around the world. Help each other out, backstab, undermine, and go to war with one another. Our guild system allows players to group together to assist each other and share in the spoils of war. Don’t go it alone, if you know what’s good for you!

Prove your power – you won’t be alone!

Facebook: facebook.com/fatetheone/
Fan Content Policy: http://minusmobile.com


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Version: 1.0
Released: 2020-10-11 07:00:00

Water Slide Uphill Rush 3D PRO Water Slide Uphill Rush 3D PRO

Welcome to a new era of water slide games. Water park slide Ride Swimming Stunts is the most epic water slide adventure 3D game where you get ultimate fun and marvelous adventure. Real water slide ride game is an ultimate entertaining thrilling & mind blowing exciting aqua fun simulation game for true adventure lovers. Enjoy speed race sliding through water slide with twists and turns with the most amazing physics based movements in the 3rd person based 3D camera view. Water slider ride is epic madness for thrill riders and the best of free 3D water racing games with a crazy thrilling experience that is going to rock your world!
Feel the excitement of riding on a realistic water-slide in this amazing park! Don’t forget to check out all the slides in the theme parks. Ride fast and collect money to unlock other slides, speed boosters and get amazing surprises in this Water Slide Games.

Multiple Slides
Different boats to slide
Realistic Theme park
Unbelievable 3D sounds effects
So what are you waiting for? Download this Water Park Slide Ride Swimming Stunts


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Version: 1.0
Seller: Waqas Majeed
Released: 2020-09-26 07:00:00

Boy Skin Surprise Egg Sim pt 2 Boy Skin Surprise Egg Sim pt 2

Boy Skins Surprise Eggs sim pt 2 is a skins set combined with surprise eggs element and adventure open world game.
Choose between 80+ set of skin that can be used for the open world adventure game.

In this game sequel it features added mission to get certain item hidden on location.

Collect all the eggs and get the prize to collect all the skins. The skins you collected can be used as a skins.

Just tap export skins you can generated a png files for your skins. The file will be found on image gallery folder.
Here you will find only the best skins for boys.
– Exciting open world game with hidden egg on each corner to complete
– Collect all egg to gain a new skin as a prize
– The skin viewed on 3D model with walking animation
– Easy to export the skin and find it on your gallery folder, find them all at gallery folder and use the skin for your game.
– Find all 56 handpicked skin
– All the skins already on the game, so dont need any download files


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Version: 1.0
Seller: ifud pambudi
Released: 2020-09-18 07:00:00

Four Night at Neighbor Sim Four Night at Neighbor Sim

Four Nights at Neighbor Sim is an action adventure game.
Choose between 2 animatronic and hunt down your way to collect the part needed to enter animatronic factory.
At first mission you play as fugitive animatronic that have 2 unique expertise. One is expert at martial art and the other is a master of weapon action.

Each character has its own story path and different goal.
But in later stage they will be met each other and make cooperation for the later mission.

– each character has its own back story and attack mode
– Each story has its own cutscene movie
– in later stage they can be played simultaneously and meet each other
– The enemy behavior can be seen on the picture in picture feature


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Version: 1.0
Size: 283.22 MB
Seller: Michael Budiman
Released: 2020-09-18 07:00:00

Dragons Land Tiny Merge Island Dragons Land Tiny Merge Island

Welcome to Dragons Land, the best dragon fantasy land! Join an epic team of dragon legends in a world full of magic!

Discover new dragon legends, magic, quests, and a secret land of entertainment and mystery in the world of Dragons Land! where you can combine everything into better and more powerful items for your journey. Expand your dragon collection and set off on the adventure of a lifetime!

When a mysterious evil appears, it’s up to your dragon to save his friends and return peace to the world. Dragons Land is a thrilling and fun platformer for everyone!


In a mystical world hidden among the clouds, the land of Dragons flourished. Then evil forces cast a void across the land. The only hope to heal the land rests in your magical power to avoid obstacles and survive.

Never run out of cute friends with a lot of unique species you can train and add to your online dragons legends collection.


Dragons have never looked this good! Eye-popping visuals make the diverse lands and inhabitants come to life. Hundreds of them are waiting for you to build them a sweet home, take care of them and help them grow from cute little cubs into powerful warriors.

Take your Dragons on an adventure across the lands! Reach further and further away as your collection and skills improve with each new run!

3D graphics and gameplay, just like your favorite oldschool games!
Turn and evolve dragons into heroes: Fight with fire!
Enter your dragons in fun races and send them on quests to win epic treasures!
Connect and share your score with your friends online
Keep track of all the dragons you have!
Discover new dragons, decorations, and habitats!


The world of Dragons Land is covered in thick fog. Dispatch your Dragon troops to explore this mysterious land and uncover the hidden treasure within.

As the noble breeder of Dragons Land, you are granted the right to rebuild the Dragon’s home and lead the lands into safer place!

Stay tuned for regular updates. New dragons and features added constantly!

Adventure and action awaits in Dragons Land, the 3D open platformer! Take control of dragons and save the lands!

Experience an epic dragons adventure: Breed brave dragons and let the action begin! Become one of our empire warrior legends!

Play Dragons Land – Tiny Merge Island today! It’s free


Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.1.0
Size: 98.21 MB
Seller: Miguel Martin Ibarreta
Released: 2020-09-13 07:00:00