Clash of Minions Clash of Minions

The darkness has returned to Petra. Do you have what it takes to change its fate?
The heroes of the seven factions have turned to you to lead their armies into battle. Restore light and justice to Petra!

[Game Features]

***Enjoy Casual Gameplay at Your Own Pace
Forget about grinding and easily collect rewards with a single tap!

***Turn the Tide with Tactics
Make good use of counters and formations to swing the battle in your favor!

***Explore Randomized Mazes
Explore mazes with multiple branching routes and a variety of fun and exciting features!

***Experience Epic Battles with Seven Factions
Each hero has their own unique skills. Experiment with different hero and troop combinations to defeat strong foes!…/id1552356628

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Version: 0.4.5
Seller: SkyRise Digital PTE. LTD. (SkyRise Digital Pte. Ltd.)
Released: 2021-10-21 07:00:00

Solitaire TriPeaks: Grand Tour Solitaire TriPeaks: Grand Tour

Discover beautiful REAL-WORLD LANDMARKS while playing relaxing TriPeaks Solitaire card games.
Solitaire TriPeaks :Grand Tour is packed with everything you wanted in a card game!

Here are reasons why you should travel with us!

◐ Hundreds of exciting Solitaire levels, and more are on their way!
◐ Solve puzzles and decorate your scrapbook
◐ Hazard cards to make Tri Peaks more challenging!
◐ Play mini-games along the journey to earn bonus!
◐ Stuck on a level? Utilize powerful boosters to get out of hassle!
◐ Come back every day to collect daily bonus!

Visit our Facebook Fanpage and meet fellow tourists for more information and MUCH MORE!

TriPeaks Solitaire is much more than a classic solitaire card game.
Did you enjoy playing Classic Solitaire, Freecell, Spider Solitaire, Klondike, Pyramid Solitaire and Patience? Then Solitaire Tri Peaks(also known as Three Peaks, Tri Towers or Triple Peaks) is the right one for you!
Customer Support: [email protected]…/id1568663507

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Version: 1.1.4
Size: 389.78 MB
Seller: NEOWIZ Corporation (NEOWIZ)
Released: 2021-10-01 07:00:00

Final Gear Final Gear

Final Gear, an all-new strategic RPG game featuring “Mechs & Maidens”, is coming soon!
Remodel your mechs at your will, train tons of beautiful pilots of different occupations and experience breathtaking mech battles!
A journey featuring Powerful Mechs & Adorable Pilots is about to begin! Captain, let’s fight side by side!

[Remodel your mechs freely with millions of possible combinations!]
Earn hundreds of components by clearing stages or through part development, then use these to create ultra-powerful mechs! You can also collect gorgeous custom mech suits!
[Over 100 versatile pilots with diverse traits and occupations!]
Each pilot boasts unique personalities and abilities, and comes with dynamic models and personalized voice acting! Train your pilots and fight!
[Build your own base and have your pilots producing products while you’re AFK!]
Build rooms, such as dormitories, observation rooms, hangars, research labs, warehouses, and more. Each room comes with its own resources and bonuses. Choose freely which rooms to build, and make your very own base!
[Strategic & dynamic maps for the perfect side-scrolling shooter experience.]
Choose your lineup carefully based on the terrain, your enemy’s lineup, and your mission objective. Tons of tactical missions to complete at your leisure!

Feel free to contact us at any time if you encounter any issues.

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Version: 1.21.5
Size: 3.30 GB
Released: 2021-09-30 07:00:00

Solitaire Girls Card Game Solitaire Girls Card Game

Enjoy the nostalgic and simple solitaire with beautiful girls!

Have you been playing a lot of social games lately, and are you tired of the game system that you have to pay to enjoy?

Solitaire Girls Card Game is for you, because you can enjoy playing solitaire without paying for it.

## Features of Solitaire Girls
* You can play traditional solitaire on your phone.
* Beautiful girls will cheer you up while you play solitaire.
* Vtubers will join the game one after another!

## Recommended for the following people
* You want to play solitaire for the first time in a long time.
* I’m tired of playing games that encourage you to pay.
* I’m tired of playing games that ask me to pay for them.
* I want to play the game offline.

This game has been developed for those who want to enjoy solitaire in a casual way.
I hope Solitaire Girls can contribute to your relaxing time.

## Illustrations (by Wataobi)…/id1584613652

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Version: 1.0.0
Size: 62.81 MB
Seller: Akihisa Sakai
Released: 2021-09-28 07:00:00

Indies’ Lies Indies’ Lies

Legend has it that the old gods were the source of creation.
Among them, the Lord God Strockanos is the lord of the universe. He is also the one who created the continent out of the chaos and formlessness of the universe. And the three gods of life, fate and death are the guardians of the continent, and they are also the source of the secret magics.
Under the thick rock and soil of the continent, Strockanos poured his own burning blood.
Blood and secret magics are the foundation of life in this world.

Over the years, humans have become the “lords of all things” on land, from the original ancient clan of the Alrayans, to the migrating Elruips, and the Normaasts, who were “exiled” to the end of the world. Humanity has developed a variety of civilizations, including alpine, plains, and nomadic.
Although there were conflicts between civilizations and different religious denominations, the belief in the old gods, mainly Strockanos, was initially consistent over time.

However, the advent of the “new god” Indies, who not only brought a new faith, but also brought a new “era” to human civilization and the whole continent.

Game Description
Break the threshold, super easy to start! Indies’ Lies is a single-player game that combines Roguelike elements with card building as the core gameplay. Randomly generated level content, a rich and varied talent system, a cleverly designed lieutenant system, a surprise rune system, combined with hundreds of carefully designed professional cards, allowing players to experience a distinctly different experience each time they enter the level.
The game has multiple chapters of plot content, and players will also gradually unlock character story mode during the exciting breakthroughs to approach the world caught between the old and new gods’ beliefs.

Game features
– Fun for Beginners, Depth for the Experienced
Different from the traditional DBG genre building, we have adjusted and optimized the card building process in many ways. The cards can be directly replaced by the original cards, and the free inlay runes make the cards more in line with the genre. The overall genre building process will be smoother, allowing more players to experience the fun of DBG faster.

– A Variety of Playable Characters
Three professions are planned for the initial stage of the game. Among them, each profession is planned to have three characters to experience. Around each different profession, or even different builds adopted by different characters of the same profession, there will be different sets of talents and lieutenants to match, there is always a build you like!

– Recruit Lieutenants
Players can invite up to two lieutenants to join the team in the game. Different lieutenants have their own positioning and growth routes, bringing you not only a meat shield, but also more rich and varied strategic options to amplify the ultimate thrill of the genre.

– Grow Your Talent Tree
The talent designed to match different professions and routines, even the same profession will have different talent selection routes for each game, with up to 200+ talents designed to meet all your growth requirements in different stages of different genres.

– Unravel a Fascinating World
The game has an original worldview and unique story modes, allowing players to experience the game by using different characters while playing the adventure mode and collecting clues to unlock character-specific story modes, taking you further into the world caught between the beliefs in old and new gods.

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Add Opening Video.
Add DLC Purchasing.
Open GameCetner.

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Version: 1.3.2
Size: 0.94 GB
Seller: Playbest Games Limited (方寸遊戲)
Released: 2021-09-23 07:00:00

2047 CCG 2047 CCG

In the casual card game 2047 CCG, players choose 24 cards from their deck and use various strategies to handle unpredictable situations, vie for strategic points, and claim victory.


The game is set in 2047 CCG, where six factions rule the world:

-Mindroids, an alliance of robots fighting for equal rights and freedom;
-The Empire, humans who believe in the purity of the human race;
-The Federation, a corrupt power with global influence;
-Hive Corporation manufactures cyborgs for a considerable profit;
-The Blight, a territory inhabited by mutant survivors of a nuclear accident;
-Humans that have abandoned their physical forms and entered the Matrix.

In addition to these factions, there are the “Neutrals”, intelligent beings aligned with no faction.


【Key Features】
1. New cards, new gameplay
Hundreds of original cards offer a refreshing card-game experience. Control two out of three strongholds to claim victory.

2. Easy-to-play casual game
Short games take 2-10 minutes to play, and simple gameplay only requires one hand.

3. New PvP mode – Research Lab
Choose a scientist and battle players in the Research Lab. Research to build and enhance your deck, creating a unique experience for each battle.

4. Original puzzles
Solve well-designed brainteasers in Puzzle mode to earn cards. Then, design your own puzzles to test your friends.

5. Create unique decks & strategies
Countless cards allow players to customize their decks and create new strategies.

Welcome to contact our official homepage:

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 292.41 MB
Seller: Electronic Soul Interaction Entertainment (Hong Kong) Co., Limited (Electronic Soul)
Released: 2021-09-23 07:00:00

Truco Arena – Truco Online Truco Arena – Truco Online

Jogar com amigos e competir nunca foi tão divertido! O Truco Arena veio para revolucionar os jogos de truco online!

Com personagens exclusivos, inspirados nas diferentes regiões do Brasil, com nomes do universo do Truco, vozes, gestos e falas típicas: você vai se divertir muito mandando aquela trucada e provocando seus adversários, e ainda poder se comunicar muito com seu parceiro, para poder armar aquela emboscada para os marrecos adversários!

O Truco Arena é focado 100% no modo Multiplayer Online, onde você compete e desafia outras pessoas em cenários incríveis e temáticos de Campeonatos de truco!

Aqui no Truco Arena você irá realmente se sentir em uma arena de combate, com efeitos, animações e sons temáticos e exclusivos. Vai ser só Adrenalina!!

Os personagens hilários vão evoluindo e passando de nível conforme for vencendo e fazendo determinadas ações nas partidas! Quanto mais evoluído ele for, mais itens incríveis serão conquistados!

Ambientado em lugares totalmente familiares aos amantes do Truco, no Truco Arena você terá uma experiência jamais tida em nenhum outro jogo de truco para celular, que sempre tem uma mesa verde e um cenário totalmente comum e entediante.
Faça parte do Clube do Truco e tenha benefícios exclusivos, para poder desafiar os seus amigos em grande estilo!

Descubra o Truco Arena com a gente! Aqui tem competição, Truco Mineiro, Truco Paulista, Truco Online, Diversão, e aquela zoeira básica para você jogar com seus Amigos! É Truco Brasil!

Jogue Grátis! Baixe Agora!


Entre para o clube do truco para ter muitos benefícios.

• Crie seu clube.
• Jogue sem propaganda.
• Seu apelido em destaque.

Tudo isso com uma assinatura Mensal de R$ 19,90

A assinatura será cobrada na sua conta iTunes na confirmação da compra. Ao final de cada período contratado, a assinatura é renovada automaticamente conforme o valor original do plano escolhido. A cobrança da renovação é realizada 24 horas antes do final do período. Para desativar a renovação, vá em configurações de sua conta iTunes antes das 24 horas finais da assinatura vigente.

Para mais informações, acesse o link:

Política de privacidade:
Termos de uso:…/id1578919784

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Version: 1.0
Size: 497.71 MB
Released: 2021-09-23 07:00:00

Arc8 – GMEE community network Arc8 – GMEE community network

Grow your network of friends and mine virtual currency every day! Join now and start earning to get access to the official launch of the Arc8 platform coming soon.

Start a mining session every day and earn currency every second. By growing your network, you will mine faster.

The duration of this event is time-limited, and there is a fixed amount of currency available. As a community, all GMEE miners will have goals to increase the amount which can be mined.

Start mining today and prepare for the launch of the most advanced skilled gaming platform!

Stay tuned with the community goals at:

Twitter: @Arc8app
Medium: @Gamee…/id1583002431

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 95.29 MB
Seller: Gamee Mobile
Released: 2021-09-22 07:00:00

Ricarte Ricarte

Le jeu cartolisé* . Ricarte est un jeux de carte numérique pensé et imaginé pour
vos soirées. Avec un design simple mais convivial vous aurez l’occasion de jouer à vos jeux de cartes préférés sans même avoir besoin d’une table ( sauf peut-être pour poser vos verres ).

*Cartolisé : Mot-valise des mots “carte” et “alcoolisé”.

Si vous êtes amateur de jeux de carte autour d’une table avec un petit verre à la main pour débuter les festivités, vous connaissez sans doute la question ” Quelqu’un a un jeu de carte ?”. Dans le meilleur des cas quelqu’un y a pensé et le jeu restera intact. Mais dans 80 % des cas le jeu finira avec 48 cartes sur 52, des cartes pliés, déchirées ou même trempées. Et dans le pire des cas, vous n’avez pas de jeux de carte du tout, vous comblez donc avec des jeux ennuyeux comme le “21”, “j’ai déjà”, “dans ma valise”… Et c’est pour ces multiples raisons que Ricarte à été conçu.


Dans ce mode de jeu vous aurez un jeu de 52 cartes face caché. Par un simple “clique” sur le paquet de carte vous pourrez placer une carte aléatoirement en face visible. Vous pourrez ensuite la remettre dans le paquet en cliquant sur le petit symbole, ou bien tirer une seconde carte qui se placera par dessus la première et ainsi de suite.
Ce mode de jeu permet de faire des jeux simples comme le fameux “PURPLE”.

Dans ce mode de jeu vous pourrez être l’hôte d’une partie en cliquant sur le menu ” créer une partie”, ou bien, vous pourrez être invité par un hôte à rejoindre une partie en cliquant sur ” rejoindre une partie”.

L’hôte de la partie peut choisir de multiples paramètres dans l’onglet ” option “. Il pourra choisir le nombre de carte à distribuées par joueur, si celles-ci doivent être distribués en face caché ou visibles etc..
Une fois les options de la partie choisis, l’hôte peut passer au positionnement des cartes. Ces cartes positionnées deviendront le plateau de jeu visible par tous les joueurs sur chaque écran. L’hôte peut alors disposer les cartes à sa guise sur le plateau. Il peut également décider de l’état des cartes :
1 clique = placer une carte
2 cliques = retourner la carte
3 cliques = enlever la carte
Maintenir le clique = choisir une carte précise.
Ainsi, il existe une possibilité infini de positionnement des cartes, vous permettant de créer le jeu que vous souhaitez.

Note : Si le nombre de carte restantes dans le paquet après la distribution ne vous permet pas de placer les cartes comme vous le souhaitez, une option existe afin de séparer le jeu de carte distribué de celui utilisé pour placer les cartes. Vous aurez ainsi deux paquets : 1 pour la distribution, 1 pour le positionnement .

Une fois les options de la partie choisis, et après les avoir bien validées, l’hôte appuiera sur l’onglet “suivant”. Un code unique sera alors créé permettant aux invité de rejoindre la partie.

Important : Une fois la partie lancée, seul l’hôte peut interagir avec les cartes sur le plateau à condition que celui-ci accorde les droit aux joueurs dans les options de la partie.

Les invités doivent entrer le code unique de la partie créé par l’hôte afin de rejoindre la partie.
Ce mode de jeu permet de faire les jeux les plus répandus tel que la ” pyramide”, le ” 98″ , la ” table ronde” , le “PMU” etc.

Amusez-vous bien et laissez votre imagination s’exprimer.

Pour toute réclamation ou idée d’amélioration, contactez-nous par mail : [email protected]…/id1585996721

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 52.99 MB
Seller: Charly Chapel
Released: 2021-09-17 07:00:00
Updated: 2021-09-17 23:58:14

Lucky Hit Classic Casino Slots Lucky Hit Classic Casino Slots

Get ready for the thrill of free casino games from Lucky Hit! Download Lucky Hit! Classic Slot Game for exciting casino experience. More Interesting Challenges and events are waiting for you to explore. Download now and start your Luck Hit journey!

Enjoy luck spins and big wins in Lucky Hit! Authentic slots machines give you the ultimate social casino playground! Lucky Hit! Classic Casino brings you authentic social casino-style games & virtual slots fun, so you can take your mobile slots excitement with you! Enjoy lucky spins and big wins– it’s free virtual slot-style action at your fingertips!

Download today to make a splash and enjoy the thrill and excitement of huge REWARDS, and jackpots, FREE daily games, BONUS mobile slots and much, much more.

Check out this fantastic casino app:

All-in-one casino slots game for your option
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Creative features and events beyond imagination
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2021 Popular new free slots with amazing graphics, exclusive features

Lucky Hit Slots does not offer real money gambling. It is intended for an adult audience for entertainment purposes only.

Wins made while gambling in social casino games can’t be exchanged into real money or real rewards.

Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success in real money gambling.…/id1528150844

Price: Free
Version: 2.7
Size: 292.17 MB
Released: 2021-09-17 07:00:00
Updated: 2021-09-18 02:33:21