Mountain Buzhou Mountain Buzhou

The mountain is the pillar between heaven and earth. The pillar is broken, which makes the rope tied to the earth break. Only the earth collapses to the southeast. The sky tipped northwest. And all kinds of strange animals also escape from the gap between heaven and earth, causing harm to the world.

[operation method]

Find the same monster cards and beat them together.…/id1497289133

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Ave, imperium! Ave, imperium!

During the time of cruel, greedy and shortsighted leaders the Great Empire began to fall apart. The elite bought everything and everyone for nothing, soldiers became loyal only to their commanders and scientists and playwrights were starving.

You must make wise and timely decisions, eliminate scheming enemies of the Great Empire, pay tributes to true friends, deftly uncover plots, and expose insidious conspiracies.


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DarkBlood2 DarkBlood2










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Biography of Court Beauty Biography of Court Beauty

Biography of Court Beauty is a fast strategy card game. Simple and fun, you will play a hero in the game and use various strategies wisely. In a game that lasts for a few minutes, you can play a variety of powerful cards to cast spells, strengthen yourself, and finally defeat each other. Whether it’s the first time you play strategy games, or you’re already a veteran of strategy games, this game will keep you playing.

[game features]

[collision of ideas]
Thought determines result. This battle is not only a card drunk cut, but also a collision of ideas! It’s so easy to open your wisdom and win with the weak.

[easy to play]
After a few contests, you can master the competition methods and become a master of strategy.

[play if you want]
Click start, don’t wait. Free time to play games, you can relax and decompression!…/id1500407173

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Exploding Hint Exploding Hint

Make your team guess more words than your opponents before the bomb explodes. The catch? No one knows when the bomb is going to explode! It can take a while or explode right away – after all, it’s a bomb, right?

With this version, you have 700+ words and the super category “RANDOM”!

This is one of many games from Game Nite (@itsgamenite), which aims to bring more fun to family and friends through #partygames. Join the club!…/id1504074982

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Exploding Hint Lite Exploding Hint Lite

Make your team guess more words than your opponents before the bomb explodes. The catch? No one knows when the bomb is going to explode! It can take a while or explode right away – after all, it’s a bomb, right?

This is one of many games from Game Nite (@itsgamenite), which aims to bring more fun to family and friends through #partygames. Join the club!…/id1504162087

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Solitaire – Freetime Solitaire – Freetime

Solitaire – Freetime is the classic klondike solitaire game reimagined. Play for hours and challenge yourself. Daily challenges give you an activity to keep your brain sharp every day.

Thee skill levels make it easy for anyone to play. Hints and undos help you improve. You’re going to love Solitaire – Freetime!…/id1501380799

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Bleach: Immortal Soul Bleach: Immortal Soul

The moment everyone has anticipated has finally arrived! Your Soul Pager is ringing! Let’s begin the exciting adventure to Soul Society!
Original storyline, battles with explosive effects, and realistic character settings!
Collect cards of your favorite Shinigami and develop them through various ways!

Concentrate original CV’s!
Relive the Bleach nostalgia and memories with original character voices. Follow their voice to experience those hot blooded battles and heartwarming moments!

Exciting battles!
Utilize numerous strategies in turn-based battles and QTE gameplay where your reactions impact your team’s success or failures. Create an exquisite, fluid combat experience with flexlbe attack-moment control.

Story Mode, Instant Battles, Roguelike and other content await you!

For more information about the game, please click the following link:

If you have any advice and feedback for our game, please send an email to:…/id1466747463

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Kalutai Kalutai

Kalutai is an online multiplayer adaptation of your favorite card game that is fondly remembered and played by “The People of Chennai” as DONKEY!

This card game has been a very pivotal factor in not just the social fun factor with friends and family but also in sharpening the strategic edge. Kalutai had been in Indian household since ages and is played at family gatherings and parties. The motive of the game is to NOT be the last player with cards in the game. The objective is to finish off your cards as fast as possible.

The last person with cards in their hands is considered as KALUTAI!


Connect with your friends and challenge them at any time of the day. Distance is not a barrier here, connect with anyone, anywhere.

Play against random players around the world in real-time. Keep your strategies to yourself, don’t want your opponent to outwit you…

Play offline against the most advanced bots and prepare yourself to take on real players.

Create multiple game rooms with selected friends. Create separate game rooms for friends, family, work buddies or anyone who will play with you.

Chat with players while playing the game or invite them to join a game.

Easily send voice notes to players during a match. Talk with friends or taunt opponents even when you are nations apart.

Many more exciting features yet to come.

Kalutai is completely free to play……/id1481036899

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Card-Friends Card-Friends

There are friends, and then there is Card Friends.
Friends are there when you need them. Card Friends are there all the time! Gone are the days of looking for a game at a local pub or burning phone lines to get a quorum going at your buddy’s basement.

Card Friends allows you to build your own virtual card room and populate it with players you choose. You can create the games you like and play for whatever your friends agree on.

Card Friends puts the joy of gaming with friends at your fingertips. Card Games like Poker and Omaha are social games, after all, and don’t necessarily have to be enjoyed within the cold hard walls of casinos and card rooms.

This decentralization – allowing users to decide how to play and who to play with – without ever worrying about the “where” – is quite possibly the single most powerful gamechanger in the online card-playing industry.
Don’t just make friends, make Card Friends.…/id1502510316

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