Magicabin Magicabin

Welcome to Magicabin!
Here, you can create a wonderful home with creativity and just a touch of magic. Awaken your powers and start a magical life!
You can also adventure on the world map and search for secret stories that have been hidden away.
Countless treasures lie hidden in the corners of this world. Can you find them? Mount your broom and get going!

Game Features:

You’ll have your own fairytale home in a world of magic.

Freely arrange furniture with a DIY home builder. Every detail is totally in your control

Embark on adventures to collect materials for all kinds of magical furniture.

Explore secrets to find hidden treasures and extraordinary furniture.

Meet witches wizards full of personalities in delightful stories.

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Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 336.69 MB
Released: 2022-03-25 07:00:00

Cut the Rope: BLAST Cut the Rope: BLAST

The next exciting game to the Cut the Rope series.

Join Om Nom on his journey for, what he loves, Candy!
This time you have to help him through a BLAST puzzle!

Cut the Rope: BLAST, will provide you with experience you have never felt in puzzle games before.

– BLAST away puzzles with items and boosters
– Play through levels that look amazing
– Different missions and objectives to make it more fun!
– Watch Om Nom and his friends move through new episodes!
– Daily content that ensures nonstop fun!
– Endless levels of pure enjoyment!
– Offline mode where you can play without connection
– Begin the Champions League! If you let your guard down, your rankings will be lost.…/id1532002644

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 251.81 MB
Released: 2022-03-11 08:00:00

Anime High School Boy Life Sim Anime High School Boy Life Sim

Make fun as high school boy and attach with school fellows in school life game.
Play a brand new high school boy game which doing some tough tasks in a virtual school life sim. After that schoolboy goes to the kitchen to make breakfast for your virtual family in this high school boys game. After breakfast boy gets ready for high school in this school boy game. The virtual school boy reaches the school on time and meets the class fellows to do make some fun with your old school friends in anime school boy. Go to the classroom to attend the class very carefully and get ready to give class quiz tests in the school boy simulator. You played a lot of school boys’ games but you play this game forgot another game. High school games designed for schoolboys who spend time with their school friends and enjoy their school life days. Enjoy your high school life and doing the cheating in the quiz test. Take a lot of difficult tasks in school or date your loved one in this school story games for girls. Do not give any clue or not let the chance to find proof & catch you in high school games for boys and girls.

In Anime High School Boy Life Sim amazing level along with school life days tasks on sizzling high-quality 3D graphics that will give you adventurous fun. Take adventurous fun as an anime schoolgirl and accept the all difficult challenging tasks of school life days. you will enjoy school life. Come and join the world’s best game of anime school boy.
Anime High School Girl Life 3D – Sakura Simulator Features.
• High-quality 3D graphics with thrilling gameplay for high school anime boy
• Handy controls for school boy, karate girl or prank girl in school life
• Challenging tasks for both sick lover and the anime schoolgirl with outfit shop…/id1583937983

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Version: 1.0
Size: 231.22 MB
Seller: Muhammad Ali
Released: 2022-03-07 08:00:00

Subway Story Subway Story

You became a cat living in the subway.
Listen to the stories of various people waiting for the subway and establish a relationship with them.

■ Play
Various people come to the subway.
Listen to their stories while people wait for the subway.
From everyday conversations to deep innermost thoughts.
Listen to the story and watch how their story goes.
There may be a relationship with a similar story to you.

■ Language study
Be a special cat learning a language.
As you develop your listening and writing skills, you can meet more people and hear more diverse stories.

■ Catnet
A special community of cats!
Write the stories of the people you met on Catnet.
As you write, you will be able to understand your relationship more deeply.

■ Move
Sometimes, try taking the subway to other stations.
You can meet new people at new stations.…/id1590796805

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0.0
Size: 148.32 MB
Seller: FUNNYEVE Corporation (Funnyeve)
Released: 2022-02-01 08:00:00

The Office: Somehow We Manage The Office: Somehow We Manage

Tap your way to record profits at Dunder Mifflin! Get down to business with Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly, Kelly Kapoor, Dwight Schrute, Stanley Hudson and your Scranton branch favorites and make some sales!

Play through some of the most memorable moments in this brand-new free idle game inspired by NBC’s critically acclaimed Emmy®-winning U.S. version of the comedy The Office, which is streaming exclusively on Peacock. Save your branch from downsizing by selling paper to unlock and upgrade characters, desks, and memorable episodes. 

Regional manager Michael Scott needs to improve the Scranton branch’s performance to avoid downsizing – easier said than done when Jim won’t stop pranking Dwight, Dwight won’t stop complaining about Jim, and Stanley won’t stop doing crossword puzzles. Look out, though; at the end of each business day Corporate takes their share of the money. Sorry, Michael, it’s back to work at the office tomorrow. But don’t worry, any upgrades you’ve built stay with you as your progress in the game and you’ll be making more in-game rewards before you know it.


Tap, click, and upgrade to collect some of the most memorable characters from The Office including Prison Mike, Farmer Dwight, Pretzel Day Stanley, and of course Three Hole Punch Jim.

Click through memorable episodes from all nine seasons, like “The Dundies” and “Dinner Party”! Take a seat in Michael’s office, get in line for Pretzel Day, or spend the weekend at the Schrute Farms. Oh, and watch out for Kevin’s famous chili!

Manage Dunder Mifflin Scranton with the help of the whole branch! Get new leads, and tap away as the in-game rewards start rolling in. Just make sure Michael doesn’t spend the surplus on a new HD television!…/id1585729056

Hey, Boss!
The latest update is available in the lobby now!
Here are your complimentary release notes for the new version:

– Bug Fixes

Price: Free
Version: 1.2
Size: 324.80 MB
Seller: East Side Games Inc (Eastside Games)
Released: 2022-01-26 08:00:00


NEOGEO’s masterpiece games are now available in the app !!
And in recent years, SNK has partnered with Hamster Corporation to bring many of the classic games on the NEOGEO onto modern gaming environments through the ACA NEOGEO series. Now on smartphone, the difficulty and look NEOGEO games had back then can be reproduced through screen settings and options. Also, players can benefit from online features such as online ranking modes. More, it features quick save/load and virtual pad customization functions to support comfortable play within the app. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the masterpieces that are still supported to this day.

[Game introduction]
THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 is a fighting game released by SNK in 2002.
The 9th entry in the KOF series. In this tame, the Striker System is replaced by creating teams for the comeback of the 3-on-3 Battle Mode.
The easier to use MAX Activation System adds a more in-depth experience to your gameplay!

[Recommendation OS]
iOS 13 and above

Arcade Archives Series Produced by HAMSTER Co.…/id1599005073

Price: $3.99 USD
Version: 1.0
Size: 199.91 MB
Released: 2022-01-25 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-01-26 04:00:19

Happy Clinic Happy Clinic

Happy clinic is a free time management hospital game where the greatest wealth is health!

Dozens of intense challenges await in quirky hospitals across the world, where the equipment is as unique as the climate. It’s up to you to improve each hospital and guarantee the best care possible! As a young nurse work to assist the best doctors in treating various diseases and illnesses, prepare medicine and tools, assign patients to treatment or diagnostics, research samples at laboratories, and engage in other exciting activities. Your dream hospital awaits!

Build your research headquarters and help the professor to discover new medical devices that expand gameplay and turn your hospital into an unstoppable healthcare juggernaut.

This fun hospital game features:

• Hours of entertainment in the time-management genre
• Unlock memories that reveal a dramatic story about the nurse’s life
• Enjoy addictive levels and unique locations
• Improve and decorate the research center to expand your gameplay options
• Treat patients with a wide variety of medicine and equipment you’ve researched
• Collect and get to know patients from around the world
• Try endless mode for endless fun
• Experience unique and fun events in your research center

Join in and experience a unique, fun, and absolutely FREE casual hospital simulator!…/id1526098139

• Many new languages are now supported so that we can really bring health all over the world! New languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese.
• All the machines we use to cure our patients are now customizable, just like the decor!
• Changes to the balancing system, to help you beat the most difficult levels!
• A ton of other minor changes to improve quality of life!
• Healed features with nasty bugs.

Price: Free
Version: 1.2.4
Size: 187.43 MB
Seller: Nordcurrent UAB
Released: 2022-01-23 08:00:00

Wurdle and Chill Wurdle and Chill

Use the hints from the colored tiles to find the word-of-the-day

The word-of-the-day matches the word on the Wordle web app, so you can share scores with your friends no matter what platform they’re using.

Free with zero ads, in the spirit of the original game.…/id1606306792

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.4
Size: 42.11 MB
Seller: William Reppun
Released: 2022-01-22 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-01-22 11:16:25

Grass Cutting 3D – Fun Puzzle Grass Cutting 3D – Fun Puzzle

Looking for a game that can be proud to share around with your friends?
Here it is! Grass Cutting 3D – Fun Puzzle! Good choice for you!
Swipe around to cut all the grass in the garden and meet with your lovely flowers.
Every level is 100% possible to solve. Yet not everyone can do it!
Are you ready for your new challenge?…/id1603388292

Optimize experience and fix bugs

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 279.10 MB
Seller: 峰 廖
Released: 2022-01-20 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-01-25 02:57:44

Finger Dance – Music Rush Finger Dance – Music Rush

Unleash your inner Dancer with Finger Dance!

Finger Dance, new type of rhythm game that allows you to dance your fingers anytime, is the next generation of music games.

Join the game and enjoy your favorite songs in a whole new manner by tapping and swiping to the rhythm. You have complete control over every beat; just make sure you can keep up. Play along with the beat of your favorite tunes. Discover new ones along the way!

How to play: Just tap and hold the round buttons on the screen. The more accurate the tap, the higher score you get. Think that it’s easy? You wish. Time to get ready for the great dancing game and show off your fabulous finger moves!

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To make Finger Dance – Music Rush work better for you, we deliver updates regularly. These updates include bug fixes and improvements for speed and reliability.

Price: Free
Version: 0.0.3
Size: 336.29 MB
Seller: Amanotes Pte Ltd (Amanotes Pte. Ltd.)
Released: 2022-01-17 08:00:00
Updated: 2022-01-19 21:18:39