Playful Little Princess:Puzzle games for children Playful Little Princess:Puzzle games for children

Enjoy the most stylish Professional Makeup game! Smile, is time to turn on your makeup skills and float gracefully into the world of beauty, style and extravagance!
Have you ever dreamed of living into a nowadays fairytale? Meet our royal princess! She’s here for good reasons. Join this adorable beauty in her makeup adventure and help her to blossom infinite refinement. She already knows you don’t need to go through a makeup course to beautify her with a great makeup: you are a natural born makeup artist! So choose the right colors for her skin tone, and then apply gorgeous makeup by painting on lipstick, blush, eyebrows and eyeshadows in the most amazing color palettes. For a tint of extravagance apply some false eyelashes and contact lenses for princess’s charming eyes. Or much more, start dyeing highlights on the hair and apply stunning face tattoos for making a radiant impression.
Bring out the makeup artist inside you! There are unlimited possibilities for your imagination and creativity!
After the makeup is done, dress her up with the dresses of your dreams with puffed sleeves, delicate embroideries and ravishing designs. Pick out the perfect princess gown with jewels, gems, sparkling necklaces and the diamond tiaras for a smashing look! Make this princess dream come true!
At the end don’t forget to frame everything with a precious royal frame and take a memorable photo for your gallery.
Princess Professional Make up is an absolute treat for any makeup and fashion lover. Download for free and try out right away, you will be a great makeup artist worthy of a princess expectations!
– Dozens of professional designed make up items
– You can dye hair highlights, apply false lashes and amazing face tattoos
– Choose from countless dress up items and accessories
– Zoom in to see the makeup in fine detail
– A set of stunning photo frames
– This game is totally free to download and play…/id1136078579

Fixed bug

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Hairy Words 1 Hairy Words 1

Sight words are words that appear frequently in most of the text we read but can’t easily be sounded out.

Learn the first 100 high frequency Sight words and introduce Tricky words!

Tricky words are phonically irregular words that cannot be sounded out in your head, children need longer to decode these.

Knowing these words is essential – they make up half of all written material!

• Lower case keys help children to succeed.
• See a word, spell it and earn Hairies
• The yeti helper reinforces learning.
• Each time you spell a word you’ll collect 3 Hairies.
• Tricky words give pink Hairies.
• When you have enough Hairies play the game!
• Tap a Hairy to make it jump to the flag.
• Bounce on yeti bellies and escape from dangers.
• There are four mountains to climb and 12 levels of Hairy fun.

Designed for 5-7 years.
This app is strictly educational and has no in-app purchases.


Brilliant idea. I use it at work and the game is loved so much it is chosen for reward time. Teaches spelling and typing while the children don’t realise. – Tina Tortoise

These apps are amazing. I teach 5-6 year olds and they are top notch for developing areas a child struggling to read and spell will be weak in. – Mummy toot…/id966168187

Fixes a bug with loading game level 2 on 4th mountain stage.

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Christmas Learn Alphabets Kids Game Christmas Learn Alphabets Kids Game

Welcome Christmas Kids Games Learn With Fun and Happy Christmas To all of You….

Christmas ABC Kids Fun, ALPHABET GAMES: Learn Alphabet, is a fun kids’ game for kids who are starting out with their alphabet learning.

It’s perfect for toddlers, kindergarteners, and even special needs kids. It’s the ideal learning game for kids you have been looking for. The interactive alphabet game is designed to have kids interact with each letter of the alphabet.

Christmas ABC Kids Fun ALPHABET Learning Game Featured on:

• MyBoredToddler – A great educational app
• A fun and interactive way for your children to learn alphabet
• Special apps special kids – Cute alphabet app

Having trouble getting your kids to learn their alphabet? A lot of parents face the same issue. Maybe the kids can’t concentrate long enough to learn or maybe they’re just not motivated enough.

Children learn much better when they have fun while learning. Now you have a fun and interactive kids’ game to help them with alphabet learning. With ABC Kids Fun, ALPHABET GAMES: Learn Alphabet, your kids will interact with letters of the alphabet in the form of a kids’ game. This way, they’ll have some fun while catching up with their alphabet learning.

The game has two Parts: Capital Letter And Small Letter.

• Frequent repetition technique for kids to learn alphabet letters and their sequences with alphabet’s sound.

• Aligned with the Common Core Standards in Preschool and Kindergarten Education

• Animated flashcard feature to make alphabet learning interactive

• Rich, exploratory environment with fun-filled surprises

• Fun sticker reward system to motivate kids in learning more

Many parents are pressed for time. You’re juggling household chores and office work and now you have to teach your kids too. Don’t you just wish there was a kids learning game to help them learn alphabets? Now you can have some “me time” while your kids catch up on their alphabet learning with this fun kids learning app. The kids’ game entertains your kids and provides them with valuable knowledge.

Christmas ABC Kids Fun, ALPHABET GAMES: Learn Alphabet, is the answer to every parent’s prayer by combining entertainment and games with essential alphabet learning. Whether you’re having trouble teaching your toddler, preschooler, or special needs kid; this kids’ learning app can solve your problem. Download the app today so your kid can start learning the alphabet right away.

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Mun Mieli Mun Mieli

Mun mieli -sovellus esittää koululaiselle yksinkertaisia kysymyksiä arjen hyvinvoinnista: tunteista, ihmissuhteista, liikunnasta, tärkeistä asioista elämässä, unesta ja levosta, harrastuksista sekä ruokailusta. Sovellus antaa palautetta vastausten perusteella. Oppilaalla on myös mahdollisuus ilmoittaa nimettömänä opettajalle tai kuraattorille havaintojaan kiusaamisesta tai yksinäisyydestä. Lopuksi luokka voi yhdessä tarkastella koko ryhmän hyvinvointiyhteenvetoa.…/id1177411996

Sähköpostin lähettäminen toimii jälleen oikein.

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QuizLetters QuizLetters

Daag je vrienden uit en bewijs dat jij véél méér kennis in huis hebt!

Met de QuizLetters spel app word je kennis op de proef gesteld door vragen te beantwoorden over tien onderwerpen: Algemeen, Biologie, Film/TV, Geografie, Historie, Kunst, Muziek, Sport, Theater en Wetenschap.

Doel van QuizLetters
Doel van het quizspel is om meer punten over te houden dan je tegenstander.
Je raakt punten kwijt door tijd te gebruiken, hulplijnen in te zetten en letters op te vragen bij het puzzelen. Maar pak wél extra bonuspunten door het woord te raden!

Per spel krijg je 12 vragen te beantwoorden. Voor ieder antwoord ontvang je een letters. Na de quizronde ga je het 12-letterige woord raden uit de letters die je hebt gekregen. Probeer door weinig letters op te vragen, het woord te raden. (lees meer)

In welke QuizLetters modus wil je spelen?

– Straight modus: type het juiste antwoord in
– Letter-cubes modus: formeer het antwoord uit de letterblokjes
– Multiple choice modus: Kies uit één van de vier antwoorden
– Mixed modus: je krijgt 4 vragen uit elke modus

Op welk level wil je spelen?
QuizLetters kun je op drie niveaus spelen: makkelijk, neutraal en moeilijk.

Waarom speel je QuizLetters?
– educatief, je steekt er wat van op
– op ieders niveau te spelen
– duizenden vragen
– wat je niet weet zoek je gewoon op
– geen afleidende toeters en bellen
– je kunt QuizLetters ook alleen spelen
– gratis app.

QuizLetters, spelenderwijs!…/id1200794697

update van de push notificaties

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TheThievesOfArts TheThievesOfArts

TheThievesOfArts is similar to a Rubik’s cube game, but as easy as an elimination game. It cleverly simplifies the Rubik’s cube gameplay, but retains a lot of fun and puzzle ingredients. In the game you are acting a pretentious thief. In order to get the priceless treasures in all the corners of the world, you are going to take the risk and rack the brains. The use of American comics and humorous language style have been praised by many experts. In the game you can also compete with all the players in the world, to see who is the most intelligent genius!…/id1241141650

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Version: 1.0
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Opi viittomaan Opi viittomaan

Juniori-ohjelman peli, jossa pelaamalla opitaan viittomia.

Kuvien lähde: Papunetin kuvapankki,, Elina Vanninen

Papunetin kuvapankin kuvat on lisensoitu Nimeä-Epäkaupallinen-JaaSamoin -lisensillä.

Lisätietoa Juniori-ohjelmasta:

Juniori-ohjelman facebooksivut:

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Black screen bug is now fixed

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Updated: 2020-01-17 14:40:28

Wussywat Irdy Bird Wussywat Irdy Bird

We’re proud to bring you the second official app of the hugely popular Wussywat the Clumsy Cat animated TV series as seen on CBeebies.

It’s an app for you and your family to play and enjoy over and over again, starring Ird the Bird, Wussywat the Clumsy cat and his friends Duckadile and Ortus.

Little learners will love the simple, rewarding gameplay. Wussywat Irdy Birdy is an immediate pick-up-and-play game to play for fun or pass the time and is great for car journeys.


+ Help Ird fly as far as possible across the garden
+ Collect stars as you fly
+ Watch out for floaty items like balloons, paper planes.
+ Don’t fly too low or you’ll flop into the leaves
+ Wussywat and Duckadile will chase you along to offer support.
+ If you’re really good at flying you can cut the rope on the balloons as you fly through to make the balloon fly away.

Each time you play the garden layout is subtly different every time to offer as much fun and variety to children to enjoy.


Beautiful illustrations by Jo Kiddie, exciting fun animation, and original music make this a preschool learning app at its best.

Narrated by presenter Liza Tarbuck and Wussywat voiced by comedian and actress Morwenna Banks (‘Peppa Pig’, ‘Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom’).

Created by Playerthree

Designed for children ages 5 and under, but adults will love it, too.



No in-app purchases and a parental lock to make sure little fingers don’t wander too far means parents can have peace of mind whilst little ones enjoy a very special playtime, learning along with Wussywat as he explores the garden.

The app’s dedicated Parent’s section safely locks away any links out from the app where you can find out more about Wussywat.

There is a promotional tab to other Wussywat apps (but not third parties), also protected by a parental gate.



Wussywat is the hit new children’s animated series for pre-school audience as featured on TV channels around the world. Wussywat the Clumsy Cat follows the slapstick antics of a clever, curious, cat who discovers new and interesting things through his innocent, uncoordinated clumsiness.

Each of Wussywat’s discoveries are made as a result of his clumsy have-a-go attitude, drawing closely from the observed experiences of a pre-schooler’s own first formative steps in a new and exciting world.



Visit our page and Like ‘Wussywat’ to follow our updates


Wussywat official website


No Sound in the App?
We have investigated thoroughly with our supported devices and there are no technical sound issues with the Wussywat Irdy Bird app. Please do check that the in-game mute button in the top right hand corner hasn’t accidentally been activated by your little one. Alternatively some devices use the ‘side switch’ to either lock the screen orientation or override the volume controls to set to mute. Please check this side switch on your device as this may be the solution for a few unintentional sound issues.

Wussywat Indy Bird does not collect any personally identifiable information from you or your child.

The device uses performance cookies for internal purposes to help us to improve the app. For information about our Privacy and Cookies Policy, see


Copyright Notice

Wussywat Irdy Bird is an officially licensed product

Wussywat is a registered trademark. © Baby Cow Animation (Wussywat) Ltd and Wussywat Canada Inc 2015

Wussywat Irdy Bird © Playerthree Ltd 2015…/id1061994290

Price: Free
Version: 1.2
Size: 121.55 MB
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Released: 2019-11-13 08:00:00

Puzzle Games for Kids Toddlers Puzzle Games for Kids Toddlers

Assemble these cute forest animals out of colorful parts and watch them come to life right under your fingers! Puzzle Game for Kids is a unique assembling game with animation as an added bonus! Forest creatures can’t wait to be assembled; they want to jump, roll and have fun! Every one of them has its own little game: you may feed a little Bear with wild strawberries, grow flowers for a Moose, or help a Fox to find a hiding spot… You’ll find that and much more in the Puzzle Game for Kids!

Every animal lives in its own part of the forest. A Raccoon lives near the river, a Squirrel lives in a tree, a little Bear lives in a meadow… While playing this game, you may assemble forest animals as well as their surroundings. You may find nuts and acorns for a squirrel, or mushrooms for a hedgehog, or berries for a bear. Assemble them all and then play again and again!


• 7 charming characters
• More than 200 amusing animations and sound effects
• More than 200 parts for assembly
• 7 fun mini games
• Real forest sounds
• Simple and child-friendly interface
• Amazing original graphics
• Assembly game for children 2-6 years old
• Parental control
• No third-party advertising
• No in-app purchases

Puzzle Game for Kids enables your children to develop fine motor skills, enhances their creativity and imagination, and helps them to stay focused. This game gives your children a wonderful peek into the natural world around them and introduces forest animals and their habitat. Your child can make new friends from the forest: a fox, a raccoon, a moose, an owl, a squirrel, a hedgehog and a bear.

Let’s get acquainted:

• A little Fox lives on the edge of the woods. He loves playing hide and seek and listening to birds’ chirping.
• A little Bear lives near the strawberry field. He’s a great berry eater and he loves to roll and cartwheel!
• A Squirrel lives in the hollow of a tall tree. She loves collecting nuts and doing all that running and jumping around!
• A little Moose lives near the flower meadow. He loves to pick fresh flowers, enjoying their sweet aroma until… he munches on them!
• A very cute baby Raccoon has his home near the river. He loves running after the dragonflies and jumping from rock to rock.
• An Owl flies in the nighttime forest, making a funny hooting sound. She loves sitting on a tall treetop under the moon and watching how the leaves whirl and float in the air.
• A Hedgehog simply loves to walk in the forest and collect mushrooms!

This game starts in the meadow where all the characters are gathered together.
You may choose any of the forest animals, begin playing, and play it as long as you wish! Puzzle Game for Kids with its inhabitants, fun mini games and unexpected surprises are waiting for you!

More about Bini Bambini:

Bini Bambini is a group of very enthusiastic professionals including designers, artists, animators, programmers and musicians. We create digital games for children. Our goal is to create educational and developmental games for children. It has been established that children learn about the world through games and having fun. Playing games for children is as natural as breathing. That is why we are focusing on developing apps which enhance creativity and stimulate kids’ natural curiosity.
Please note that all our games are safe, and they do not collect any personal information. They are also free of third-party advertisements. Our games are fun for children and their parents alike.

Thank you for downloading our app!

If you liked our app please, give us a positive review in the App Store. We would be very happy to hear from you! It would inspire and help us to create more splendid Apps for your children. And, if for some reason you encounter a problem, we kindly ask you to contact us directly at [email protected] before leaving a bad review in the App Store. We are open to communication and will be happy to fix any problems that may occur.…/id820544167

We’ve improved performance for several functions.

Price: $2.99 USD
Version: 1.0.5
Size: 306.59 MB
Seller: TEACH & DRAW LTD (Bini Bambini Academy)
Released: 2019-11-07 08:00:00