Masha and the Bear Kids Games Masha and the Bear Kids Games

Masha came to see the Bear,
Learning will be fun, I swear!
Peace of mind has left for good;
Knowledge came — is that a fruit?

Be it colors, forms or numbers —
We can learn it with no stumbles!
If they’re animals or food
Masha nails it as she should!

Just explore the world around
As we make your knowledge sound.
Play with Masha, play today
Make the elders hear your say!

An educational game for small kids based on the Masha and the Bear animated series will help a lot to prepare toddlers for kindergarten and school. In the game are educational minigames with your favorite characters on a variety of topics! Your kid will be happy to plunge into tasks that develop logic, intelligence, curiosity, memory, and attention!

What’s inside the educational game:
– 100 objects to study;
– over 20 logic tasks;
– minigames with the characters;
– development of useful skills;
– school preparation by experts;
– and 7 educational topics and interactive jigsaw puzzles

What does a wolf eat? And a hedgehog? With Masha and the Bear, we’ll learn animal names, what they look like, and what they eat.

One, two, three … Masha will teach the smallest kids to count! How many apples are in the picture? And how many balloons?

The kid will learn what musical instruments are called and how they sound. Shall we play the violin with the Bear?

What color is a lemon? What do grapes look like? We’ll look into fruits, vegetables, and colors with the characters of your favorite animated series!

Masha will tell you what you can eat and what not. Shall we treat Masha to some cake? She’ll only eat edible treats!

Airplanes, bikes, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and what not! What’s our next destination?

Masha and the Bear will teach your kid to sort objects apart to help the environment! Where do you toss a plastic bottle? And a cardboard box?

With the characters of the series, we’ll collect parts from a freeze frame of an episode. And if you complete a whole jigsaw puzzle you’ll get a surprise!!

The game is developed for babies and toddlers 0 to 5. A user-friendly interface, simple controls, and your favorite animated series characters will provide you with all the skills you need to get ready for kindergarten and school. Even the smallest users can easily explore fascinating topics by themselves.

Not only does a kid learn a lot when playing educational games! it also develops dexterity and logical thinking, enhances attention and tells you about the world around you in simple words.The kid will playfully and easily remember the information received and will want to learn over and over again!

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Version: 1.0.0
Size: 287.37 MB
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Released: 2022-03-13 08:00:00

Anime Pregnant Mother Care Sim Anime Pregnant Mother Care Sim

Hey lads, we are bringing you some fun games with a lot of different ideas, so here we are with a new pregnant mother pregnancy simulator. Enjoy a perfect life experience of a pregnant mother in this virtual mother and baby care simulator. The gameplay is all about a newly married couple who is ready to start their life. Moving around the world and having fun, till the expectant virtual mother gets the feel of being pregnant. Sooner they are going to have a baby, and taking care of a baby is a primary purpose of virtual mother and virtual dad. Enjoy this pregnant mother game for girls and boys.…/id1583540000

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Version: 1.0
Size: 276.65 MB
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Twins Baby Care & Newborn Game Twins Baby Care & Newborn Game

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Version: 1.0
Size: 315.62 MB
Seller: Muhammad Irfan
Released: 2022-02-11 08:00:00

My Cute Pet Cat Simulator Game My Cute Pet Cat Simulator Game

Wanna play some of the new animal simulator games? My Cute family pet kitten is the best kitten game simulator available in all kinds of animal games. Here we have a lot of features and feel realistic environment. The controls are smooth and give pleasure while playing the cat sim game. It also helps in completing hard and enjoyable levels in this amazing kitten’s family simulation game.…/id1583758553

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Version: 1.0
Size: 263.22 MB
Seller: Muhammad Ahmad Shabbir (Muhammad Ahmad Shabbir)
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Billionaire Rich Dad Family 3D Billionaire Rich Dad Family 3D

A virtual rich businessman dad enjoy his own luxury lifestyle along with dream family. The real rich dad fulfill all needs of the virtual family. Take care of the happy family and give them luxury life. The billionaire dad is a game about the luxury life of the virtual family and specially about the dad life. Wake up early in the morning and wearing the tracksuit to doing some exercise. Now the virtual dad start running on the treadmill after that doing some yoga activities. The virtual dad doing multiple household tasks for the happy family or run their own business and make luxury life for their billionaire family adventure.

* Main Feature *
• Visit vehicles showroom for buying a sports car for a billionaire family
• Take care of the dream family and accomplish all assign tasks
• Renovate the billionaire home and make colorful painting for dream home
• Replace sofa set, tables, and other decoration pieces for house
• Complete work of the office on the laptop…/id1579687671

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Version: 1.0
Size: 301.82 MB
Seller: Muhammad Akram
Released: 2022-02-06 08:00:00

Virtual Super Dad & Mother Sim Virtual Super Dad & Mother Sim

Let us welcome our amazing simulator lovers too, a new Virtual Super Dad & Mother Sim. Get ready to experience a life of virtual happy family. In this game you are a father to your kids and a husband to your wife, take care of your lovely wife. Help her in daily tasks of household. You have to take care of your kids, make a breakfast for them and drop them to their high school.
As a man you have some office life also, get ready to go to your office in the morning. Start your professional life where you will do all the office work. Meet your office friends on daily basis. Enjoy your social life also, have some party dinner and BBQ parties in your house with your friends and virtual happy family. Be a virtual super dad for your family and have fun.
• Play as a Super Dad and have fun with your happy family and kids.
• Drive sports cars, enjoy a social life, and play mini games.
• Addictive gameplay and realistic graphics.
• Feel the tough life of a single mom in this mother simulator.…/id1575873202

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Version: 1.0
Size: 169.08 MB
Seller: Muhammad Ahmad Shabbir (Muhammad Ahmad Shabbir)
Released: 2022-01-21 08:00:00

Baby Twins & Mother Care Games Baby Twins & Mother Care Games

Welcome to baby twins and mother care game, babies are very playful and adorable. But the most amazing and enjoyable time of baby is spend in kindergarten. Do you know how the babies take their first steps of learning? Come on with us, we will show an amazing baby world, where you can be a baby and learn a lot of stuff as a baby.…/id1579875572

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Version: 1.0
Size: 200.56 MB
Seller: Tahir Abbas
Released: 2022-01-21 08:00:00

Pregnant Mother Daycare Games Pregnant Mother Daycare Games

Let us welcome you to a new pregnant mother daycare games, in this game you will experience a gameplay with a lot of new amazing features and tasks. A boy and a girl are ready to get married. Boy proposes the girl and they got married in the famous church around there house. After some time the couple is experiencing some different health issues. They went to doctor and asked about it. The girl is pregnant and she is going to be a mother, oh this is the good news for the couple. This pregnant mother has to take care of her health by taking good diet and some exercise. Virtual dad has to help the expectant mother with her house hold tasks in usual life too. Enjoy this pregnant mother daycare game.…/id1576162860

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Version: 1.0
Size: 248.84 MB
Seller: Muhammad Ahmad Shabbir (Muhammad Ahmad Shabbir)
Released: 2022-01-14 08:00:00

Car Mechanic Junkyard 3D Games Car Mechanic Junkyard 3D Games

Want to enjoy a famous auto car mechanic simulator game, let’s start building a new car, tune it, repair it, paint it, and test drive. Deal with different kinds of customers having different kinds of troubles with their cars, fix them properly. Some cars might need engine overhauling, for their better performance. Get ready to find out the mechanical faults and be a master car mechanic simulator. You might get some scrap cars from a car junkyard tycoon for restoring process.
Tasks to do in-car mechanic junkyard simulation game:
• Take customers cars to garage, find out the solution of their engine problems
• Modify cars with new paintwork and vinyl, decals and wraps, and wash the cars
• Tyre changing work will be required from some of your customers in your mechanic garage
• Testing track, test all the cars after repair or restoring process in this 3d mechanic simulator…/id1576817618

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Version: 1.0
Size: 214.69 MB
Seller: Sajjad Raza
Released: 2022-01-14 08:00:00

Pregnant Mother Twin Baby Care Pregnant Mother Twin Baby Care

The pregnant mother is busy in your daily life and doing some home task. She will not feel better in the dream home because she is pregnant and feels the illness. Get their regular medicine that are prescribed by the doctor in the last week. After that, the pregnant mother simulator calls the virtual husband and ask him about the illness that pregnant girl feel. After that pregnant mom feel dizziness and fall down in the unconscious condition. So when husband visit home and see the pregnant mom, immediately get them to the hospital for checkup & doing ultrasound and start operate. Doctor give the news to husband that mother give birth to twin babies. Amazing gameplay along with twin baby daily activities tasks to do such as renovate their room, change their diapers or feed them, when thy feel hungry.

* Main Feature *
• Decorate the room for the newborn twin
• Buy new dresses for real twins baby
• Change dirty diapers of the newborn baby
• Take care of new baby twins and pregnant mother
• Feed the newborn twin and take care of them
• Awesome animations for more fun
• The brand new addition of the pregnant mom & babysitter…/id1575895961

Price: Pre-Order
Version: 1.0
Size: 190.50 MB
Seller: Muhammad Akram
Released: 2022-01-11 08:00:00