Axe sucking Axe sucking

Axe sucking is a brand-new fun action shooting game, which is full of game playing methods, simple game operation and unique game mode. What are you waiting for? This is a very suitable game for venting and decompression, 3D axe throwing, darts, archery play, game settings multiple levels, you can challenge friends together. It’s time to test your shooting skills. Let’s have a try!

Game details

Axe sucking is one of the most addictive casual games. Control your axe to get high scores and become the ultimate axe master in this 3D game. As it progresses, you will find it more difficult to get high scores because of wind speed, moving targets, and long distances. Don’t forget to collect free gold coins. You can also earn a lot of gold coins through PK others or through each level. Gold coins can be used to buy weapons and props to help you through the level Eight is the highest point, then five, four, three, two, one, zero.

Introduction to the game

Notice that you may miss the target, hold your axe and make a good throw. Who will be the genius to throw 8 points? Unique, challenging and addictive level design, win gold medal and get the highest score in the ranking.

With more than 60 levels, including unique goals and 9 + waepons upgrades as well as different environmental themes, this axe throwing game will definitely keep you addicted for hours.

Game features
Mainly throwing axes
Influence of various factors
Props with different functions
PK in multiple different scenarios…/id1488736122

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Version: 1.3
Size: 190.19 MB
Seller: Guangzhou Interesting Motion Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Released: 2020-02-26 08:00:00

Princess Hair Salon Girl Games Princess Hair Salon Girl Games

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Princess Hair Stylist? Now it is a chance! In the old castle, lived five beautiful princesses. Come and help the princesses look great when she meets her prince.

– Emma is a fair-skinned, big-eyed princess who is outgoing. She has light blonde hair, but she often has trouble with her hairstyle. Can you help her find a suitable hairstyle?
– Sophia, with long dark blue hair all year round, has a bright personality. What kind of change does she want?
– Isabella is a lovely princess, for her, nothing is too bold. Come give her a surprise!
– Ava is an Oriental princess with a shy and quiet personality. Can you give her a fashionable style to make her confident?
– Olivia firmly believes that she is suitable with red hair. Do you think so?

How to play:
– 5 princesses for you to play with!
– Tons of haircut tools.
– Pick up a suitable make-up for your princess.
– Lots of photo scenes!

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About Salon™
Salon™ is the top creators of girls’ digital Toys! See our huge collection of wonderful games & get ready in our trendy salons! Test your fashionista skills now!

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Baby games – Knowledge park Baby games – Knowledge park

Welcome to the new adventure educational game “RMB Knowledge Park” for children from 1 year old, together with funny heroes loved by the whole world:
• Fluffy Chick !
• Glamorous Kitty !
• Cool Panda !
• Clever Heron !
• Funny Pig !
• Friendly Dog !
• Cute Rabbit !

Friends!! Rather, join us and we will go to the first theme park in the beautiful city of San Francisco by the ocean, mountains and forests, with many museums, sweets and ice cream.

Guys, do you want a prize !!? Then, help the heroes cope with different puzzles by visiting a fun educational park with 4 exciting theme zones:
• “World of Numbers”,
• “World of Coloring”,
• “World of Alphabet”,
• “World of Shapes”.

These games are very useful for children from 1 year and older, for kindergartens and preschool institutions. Games will help your boys and girls to:
• learn counting,
• learn how identify groups of objects and sort them,
• learn the alphabet and new words,
• learn how make simple words,
• study the basic colors and shapes,
• develop new talents, creativity and motor skills.

Millions of children and mothers around the world have praised our games!
This is the best game that children love so much!

Pay attention to how children learn! Babies and toddlers can have fun for a long time without stress and time limit.
Start endless fun and education now! Try it!

In the “World of Numbers” mini-game, the child will play 12 exciting educational levels and, together with funny characters, will learn how count.

There are many different places for interesting learning:
• “Funny Factory Pizza”, where the child will independently calculate the ingredients and decide which pizza he wants to cook;
• “Foods Heroes”, where the child will independently place orders for hamburgers, chicken, donuts and treat his friends;
• “Funny Number Quiz”, where the child selects the correct number in numerical order and quickly counts further.

In the “World of Coloring” mini-game, the child will play 12 exciting creative levels and, together with funny characters, will easily get acquainted with colors, sounds and:
• play with own drawings,
• save photo in the gallery or share it with friends;

In the “World of Alphabet” mini-game, the child will play 15 exciting educational levels that will easily introduce him to letters, new words and, together with funny characters, will visit and compete in:

• “Extreme Ski Race”, where he will slide down a steep beautiful slope, quickly find the correct letter of the alphabet and try to win this race!
• “Funny fishing”, where cute ducks swim with letters in envelopes, from which you need to make a word and quickly assemble puzzles;
• “Magic Beach” – children will solve several puzzles from cards that depict letters and various fruits, vegetables, animals, insects;
• “Interesting Photoshoot” in nature with pets and wild animals.

In the “World of Shapes” mini-game, the child will play in 12 exciting levels and will easily get acquainted with colors, shapes, sizes and, together with funny characters, will visit:

• “Ice Cream Museum”,
• “Candy Museum”,
• “Dino Museum”,
• “Toys Museum”,
• “Funny Smiling Shapes”,
• “Space Photoshoot”,
• “Funny Running on Mud”

Thanks to everyone who plays our games and appreciates them!…/id1485219279

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Version: 0.7.4
Size: 216.70 MB
Seller: RMB INVESTMENT COMPANY, INC (Sladco: Free Learning Apps for Toddler Boys & Girls – Educational Baby Games for Little Kids)
Released: 2020-02-20 08:00:00

SuperBall Shooter Blast SuperBall Shooter Blast

SuperBall Shooter Blast is an addictive bubble popping game with hundreds of puzzle levels and fun challenges. Play for free today and join the balloon crushing fun! Shoot and pop colorful bubble drops in this relaxing board game and work your way through all the bubble-packed puzzles and brain teasers. Complete levels and win coins!
This game is easy just to pick up and play, perfect for the whole family to play and enjoy. Start the adventure now, hit and blast the balls and discover the most classic and amazing puzzle game!
How to play:
– Aim and match the bubble you want to shoot in the bubble.
– Match 3 or more same bubbles.
– Remove bubbles to find cute baby dragons.
– Click on the props in the game, the use of props allows you to easily through the game
– The game will give you the stars based on your performance in the game, the higher the score the more stars…/id1488567369

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Version: 1.0
Size: 130.18 MB
Seller: Le Phuong Thuy
Released: 2020-02-18 08:00:00

Doctor Simulator Hospital Game Doctor Simulator Hospital Game

Well Doctor ! Lets get on a life saving mission, as you are the only senior doctor on duty. hurry up doctor the city is relying on your expertise, don’t fail the city. In this Doctor simulator you will be playing as a 3D doctor simulator, as well as ward boy, and in the starting levels you will be playing as a ambulance driver on a life saving mission. drive to the accidental sites on time and provide the basic first aid on the spot to save lives of the patients. Furthermore drive them to the hospital where you will provide them with the required medical assistance. complete all the levels of hospital simulator to experience the life of doctors.

Features of Doctor Simulator Hospital Game
-Highly detailed big city environment
-Highly detailed 3D Doctor & other medical characters
-Multiple medical care missions
-Interesting Story line
-Complete hospital game…/id1487600605

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Version: 1.0
Size: 224.66 MB
Seller: danish bhatti
Released: 2020-02-11 08:00:00

Slime Fantasy Slime Fantasy

Slime Slime and more Slime! With this amazing slime app you not only get the chance to learn new recipes that you can use in real life to make slime, but you also get to make your own virtual slime and play with it once it’s finished!

Colorful, fun and amazingly creative app for all ages.

Download it now and enjoy it all!…/id1475858205

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Version: 1.0
Size: 123.54 MB
Seller: DRAGON GAME STUDIO, PT (Dragon Game Studio)
Released: 2020-02-10 08:00:00

Coloring for Kids: Girls Games Coloring for Kids: Girls Games

From the creators of Unicorn Chef, we bring you Coloring for Kids!

Creative and educational game for children that will help your child with colors, coloring and hand-eye coordination. Let your child develop art skills and concepts. The app includes coloring activity which is friendly to the youngest as well as drawing lessons intended to develop fine motor skills. Your child can choose from realistic coloring tools as well as colors. Also, the app contains pictures on different topics which will entertain your child with fascinating sounds and funny effects. Check out the following features:

– Parental Control;
– No 3rd party ads;
– Upcoming topic packs with 129 pages;
– Easy coloring for children;
– Drawing lessons;
– Creativity development.

The app is designed for children of preschool age and also suitable for boys and girls 2- 6 years old. All the activities were developed with participation of experts in the field of children education and include such educational elements as developing of fine motor skills and logic. Have fun!

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Shake It Media is the #1 Rated Educational Game Studio for Girls. Our goal is to bring fun, safe and exciting new educational gaming experiences to girls.

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Basketball Master League Basketball Master League

Would you like to manage your favourite basketball team? In this basketball manager game, you will be the coach of your franchise. You have to find new stars for your team, train them and get the best 5-men unit lineups ever!

Think of the best tactics and strategies to beat your rivals. Choose how your team defense, pressing, spliting and playing.

Become the best team in the division and win all the championships you face. Sign guards, pivots, forwards and centers, get the best basketball team of all the league.

– Train the rookies and choose the best lineup
– Improve your team in each training
– Improve the level of players
– Manage the strategy and tactics of your team


Get 130 coins and 1,500,000 cash right away just for subscribing. You will also get 12 coins and 160,000 cash each day and 10% more unites of power ups in tournaments.

– Suscription Star League BM: 1 month recurring subscription for $ 9.49 (USD).

The prices is for customers in the United States. Pricing in other countries may vary and charges will be converted to the local currency depending on the country of residence.
Payment will be charged to your account after confirmation of purchase.

The suscription is renewed unless your turn it off 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Users can manage their suscription and auto-renewal by checking the user’s account settings after the purchase in the App Store.

No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscritpion period.

More info:

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Version: 1.00
Size: 438.98 MB
Released: 2020-02-01 08:00:00

Dodoo Animal Park Dodoo Animal Park

Welcome to Dodoo’s animal park!

Do your kids love animals? Join with Dodoo to slove animal puzzles!Dodoo animal park is a fun animated puzzle game for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids from ages 1 to 5.

Kids will meet different animals in forest, farm,ocean…. Our game is helpful for learning shape recognition and matching- great for educational purposes or just for fun!

* A simple puzzle game for kids to improve hand eye coordination. Intuitive child-friendly interface.
* Develop memory and logic with cute animals.
* Easy to learn shape recognition and various animals.
* Try to Understand the purpose of the items shown by chanllenging different levels.
*Fun, creative and HD graphics.
* Positive encouragement.

Dodoo animal park is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten children who want to learn by playing. Learning would be fun and easy!

We always believe nature world is a wonderful place to our kids. Not only for infinite play of fun, but also the entry for our kids to build their perception through discover and creative ability. We are determined to build pure and fun games for kids. NO annoying ads inside our app and we are always glad to receive your feedback.…/id1487051435

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Version: 1.0
Size: 0.99 GB
Seller: YUNBU TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED (Yunbu Innovation)
Released: 2020-01-31 08:00:00

Supermarket Shopping Girl Game Supermarket Shopping Girl Game

Wake up and make breakfast for your family that are hungry. Let’s plan to visit the shopping mall and doing some shopping for kids. Drive your car that is out of gas, first go to gas station and fill the fuel to continue your supermarket journey. Enter in the mall and check the kid’s clothes on kids wear stores. I will have no cash, so wait there I will use atm machine in the shopping mall and get back shortly. After that go to ice cream stale and eat ice cream. Go to the toyshop and take a football for kids in this best role playing game of supermarket 3d. Enjoy your supermarket picnic along with your virtual mother and father. Enhance your shopping malls skills and buy some kids clothes, toys from toy shop or buy some home grocery.
After that make plan to watch kids movie in a shopping mall cinema. Go and buy the ticket from the down stairs and also get some popcorn to take more fun. Enjoy your family day in the supermarket of the town. Be the best shopping mall customer and purchase all the item that you need in mall games for kids.
Go to fruit shop and buy some fruit in virtual family games. Also take some vegetables and other grocery. Amazing shopping mall game with thrilling and exciting super market levels. Every level is totally different according to their super market tasks in family. When movie will end then go back to home by collecting all the things you will buy from shopping mall stores.
** Main Features**
• Easy to play
• Stunning shopping game with virtual mall scenario
• Ultra Realistic 3D graphics with amazing supermarket tasks
• Food shopping malls for virtual family
• Amazing animation with cinema kids movies`
• Visit shopping mall food court
It’s totally free to play, so quickly download this amazing game of shopping.…/id1483756070

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Version: 1.0
Size: 161.53 MB
Seller: Ali Idrees
Released: 2020-01-28 08:00:00