My Town Hospital: Doctor Games My Town Hospital: Doctor Games

Role play as a Doctor, Nurse, patient or any other character in our amazing My Town Hospital game for kids. Our doctor game for kids offers entertainment for hours! Explore a Hospital, a big playhouse full of doctors and nurses! Create clinic stories, cure, and treat your patients. Be creative and play as the best city doctor!

From the My Town Games collection, check out a NEW playhouse game: My Town Hospital game for kids, a fantastic doctor game that you must have on your phone!


Hurry up, doctor! We have an emergency! Diagnose, cure and save lives in this hospital game for kids. Create stories, explore a big playhouse and check all the rooms: ambulance, X-Ray, surgery room and more. The city clinic is big!


• 7+ locations to explore in this Hospital game
• Visit the Doctor’s office, Pregnancy room, Nurse floor, X-RAY room, Gift shop …
• Check all 2 floors in this city Clinic playhouse and create stories
• Meet Nurses, Doctors, Patients, Shop workers and other characters
• Mini-games for more fun!
• PLAY AND LEARN – kids can develop basic medical knowledge
• Operate, care and be the best Doctor in the city!
• Fun, engaging and cool Hospital games for kids!


Explore Hospital, a big playhouse, and move objects as you like. A new baby is born! Grab the flowers at the hospital Gift Shop and surprise the mom in a pregnancy room! Be a good doctor or a nurse and save lives! Call Nurse to assist you during the surgery. My Town Hospital – Doctor game for kids, will keep you entertained for hours!


Real Hospital locations! Visit dr Office, Nurse room, X-RAY, and roleplay hospital stories! No competition! City Clinic is a big playhouse and each room offers extra fun! My Town Hospital game for kids of all ages!

Play Doctor games, treat patients as a nurse and explore a Hospital. The clinic center is a big playhouse where kids can role-play with many characters the way they like! Download My Town hospital games for kids today and be the best doctor in the city!

My Town Doctor game for kids aged 4-12. All My Town playhouse games are safe to play even when parents are out of the room.

The My Town Games studio designs digital dollhouse games that promote creativity and open-ended play for kids & toddlers all over the world. For more information, please visit

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Version: 1.0
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Released: 2022-12-02 08:00:00

Idle Pocket Planet Idle Pocket Planet

Grow your little planets into technological fortresses and discover new (and kind of weird) galaxies! Set out on a cosmic voyage into the vast expanse and discover new planets to claim!

COLONIZE this mysterious galaxy as your technological achievements lead you to new stages of scientific evolution!

COMBINE your settlements and ships to create new constructs, each more powerful than the last and able to yield greater rewards!

COLLECT tons of artifacts to complete your scientific journal and decorate your ship!

EXPAND your galactic empire into sci-fi colonies, and settle on unusual planets!

RELAX in a contemplative idle experience as you marvel at the soothing strangeness of space while your colonies grow on their own.…/id1600303144

Prepare for blast off! We’ve reached launch day for the interstellar voyage of Idle Pocket Planet! Ground control here, are you ready to start exploring the cosmos, upgrading your bases, and decorating your rocket ship? Adventure awaits!

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 309.00 MB
Seller: HyperBeard Inc.
Released: 2022-12-01 08:00:00

My Town Airport – Fly & Travel My Town Airport – Fly & Travel

My Town Airport game for kids offers 9+ locations to explore! Roleplay as a Pilot, be a Stewardess or play as a Traveler on vacation!

Enjoy Airport games for kids and experience Airport madness! Work as an Airport Security and make sure you check all the bags! Create your stories and have fun for hours in this roleplaying game for kids. My Town Airport games for all airplane lovers!


Buy tickets for the plane and bring your family on vacation! Let the flight attendant and airplane stewardess ensure that you enjoy the Airplane’s comfort! But first, make sure you pass the airport scanner! Airport Security will need to check bags on the airport scanner before you get to a first-class. Better do not have some metal item as airport scanner will notice everything! Roleplay as Airport security, monitor the airport scanner and create your own stories by having fun in My Town airlane games for kids!


• 9+ Airport City locations
• Roleplay as a Pilot, Stewardess, Aiport Security Officer, Passengers and more
• Pilot and customize the plane
• Experience the life at the airport
• Make sure you check all bags on the Airport Scanner
• Go SKYDIVING and play airline games all-day
• My Town Airport games for kids of all ages

Our Airline games for kids allow you to roleplay as any character in the game! Choose to roleplay as a Pilot and drive the Airplane! Roleplay as a stewardess and serve food in the Airplane or be an Airport Security officer working in airport scanners in this big Airport city! My Town Airplane games for kids have all you need to have fun! All you need is your creativity and imagination to role play your favorite dollhouse stories!


Airplane games for kids can be so fun and exciting. By playing My Town airport games, little ones can interact with everything and explore the Airport city as much as they like! Visit airport city stores and airport lounges or buy nice things in the duty-free shops! My Town Airplane games for kids allow you to manage airport life and have fun on the way!


Be an Airport security officer and ensure that all bags are ready for check-in to an airplane. Monitor the Airport Scanner carefully as the airport scanner will buzz if there is something suspicious! Take an Airport City trolley to carry all the bags in this airplane game for kids. Bring the Gas Truck to fuel the Airplane before the take-off! Did you know that you can customize the Airplane in colors you like! Yes, all that is possible in My Town Airport games for kids. Roleplay games for kids were never more fun!


Play flight attendant games and dress up your favorite characters as a stewardess! Join the flight attendant crew! Ensure that all the passengers take their airplane seat belts before the flight! Playing My Town Airplane games for kids, you can roleplay as much as possible! Play flight attendant games and ensure airplane guests are happy!


Roleplay as a Pilot and explore the flight control room? Wow! Take the airplane passengers to the next destination! Do you want more? What about taking a parachute and going skydiving! My Town airport game for kids allows you to skydive and play mini-games for more fun!

My Town Airport games have no competition! You will need only creativity to have fun! Experience the Airport madness, roleplay as Airport Security, explore all the stores and duty-free shops and play airport games all day. You will never get bored! Create your favorite roleplay dollhouse stories and enjoy!


My Town Airplane games are for kids 4-12

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Word Whirl – Competitive Game Word Whirl – Competitive Game

Word Whirl is a fast-paced online word game. Compete against other people or against the board. Climb the leaderboard and become the champion each month. View your stats and statistics and increase your rating.…/id6443569140

Changed the profile page design and general feel of the app. Added a purple accent color. Fixed various other bugs.

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Version: 2.15
Size: 13.10 MB
Seller: Jeremy Swedberg
Released: 2022-11-06 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-11-17 23:11:46

A Memoir Blue A Memoir Blue

*Devices not supported: iPhone X*

From Cloisters Interactive, A Memoir Blue is an interactive poem about a superstar athlete and the all-encompassing love between mother and daughter.

A unique aesthetic combining hand-drawn and 3D art brings Miriam’s magical-realist journey to life, as she swims into the depths of her memories. A series of gameplay vignettes blends sacrifice and heartbreak with victory and pride as she reconnects with her inner child and deepens the love she shares with her mother.…/id1580769350

Price: $3.99 USD
Version: 1.0.0
Size: 2.18 GB
Seller: Annapurna Games, LLC (Annapurna Interactive)
Released: 2022-11-03 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-11-03 15:50:41

GLOOMY’s RR Adventure GLOOMY’s RR Adventure

The violent ” Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly ” is now a peaceful collection game!

[What kind of game is it?]
Collect the photos that Gloomy and Pity have taken on their various trips!
They may go to some unexpected places. Sometimes you can even take care of the room for Pity.

[Redecorating the room]
You can redecorate the room as you like!
Pity is a kind and gentle man, so you can redecorate as you like and show off on SNS!

Mori Chack’s various Chack’s characters will visit you as friends!
Receive gifts from your friends and give them souvenirs you got on your trip!

Gloomy and Pity will bring back various souvenirs from their trip!
They might be useful for something, so even if you don’t want them, take them!…/id1630311432

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 554.65 MB
Seller: EX DESIGN, K.K (exdesign)
Released: 2022-10-30 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-10-31 01:35:30

Duolingo Math: Learn, Practice Duolingo Math: Learn, Practice

Math can be fun. For everyone. From bite-sized lessons and effortless learning to streaks and gamification, Duolingo Math takes everything you love about Duolingo and brings it to math.

Did you know over 90% of US adults admit to experiencing math anxiety? It’s true. Math anxiety prevents many people from enjoying math and developing basic proficiency. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whether you’re an adult who wants to strengthen your everyday math skills, or a student studying math for the first time, you’ll absolutely love learning with Duolingo Math. Plus, you can do it anywhere, anytime.

Why Duolingo Math?
• Learn by doing, not viewing. Math is usually taught with textbooks, videos and lectures. But, math is a lot more fun when you can touch it, break it into pieces, and move it around. This is the new way to learn math.
• Enjoy all the best features of Duolingo, but for math. After a decade of developing the world’s most popular language learning app, we know how to make learning fun. Start your 10-day streak learning math now, and you’ll thank yourself later.
• Train your brain with something that’s actually useful. Brain training apps and sudoku can be a good mental challenge, but they aren’t helping you develop a valuable skill. Improving your mental math skills with Duolingo Math will come in handy all the time.

What does Duolingo Math teach?
• Elementary math, including topics like multiplication, addition, and fractions for students
• Everyday math skills for adults to exercise their brains

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:…/id1598161822

We work hard to subtract bugs and add improvements into every release. Send us your feedback at [email protected]!

Price: Free
Version: 1.1.0
Size: 40.59 MB
Seller: Duolingo, Inc (Duolingo)
Released: 2022-10-26 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-11-04 15:37:59

Paper Princess’s Dream Castle Paper Princess’s Dream Castle

You are royally invited to Paper Princess’ Dream Castle. Immerse yourself in a wonderful world where you can enjoy interactive activities with a dose of fun: explore the castle, dress up the princess for different occasions or even create your own designs. Cute magical pets will kick the fun up a notch.

– Amazing scenes and interactive activities
– Tons of fabulous outfits and items to blow your mind.
– Dye and create your design. Unleash your imagination.
– Enjoy hours of fun with lovely characters and pets.…/id6443479615

– Game Experience Optimized

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.3
Size: 228.99 MB
Seller: Libii Tech Limited
Released: 2022-10-22 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-11-23 15:19:38

Tope طۆپ Tope طۆپ

پشبینی یاریەکان بکە لە طۆپ خەڵات بەدەست بهێنە.…/id6443655109

نوێکارییەکانی ئەم ڤێرژنە
– دیزاینی نوێ بۆ کاردی یارییەکان
– ئێستا دەتوانیت کاتی یارییەکان ببینیت
– دەتوانیت خاڵەکانی سەر یارییەکە ببینیت دوای پێشبینی
– پەڕەی کێشەی سێرڤەر دیزاین کراوەتەوە
– هەڵبژاردنی ئەنجام نوێکراوەتەوە
– ئایکۆنی ئەپڵیکەیشن نوێکراوەتەوە
– چارەسەرکردنی کێشەی بچووک

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.4
Size: 49.16 MB
Seller: handreen omar
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Updated: 2022-11-15 07:08:31

Cub McPaws: The Kids’ Network Cub McPaws: The Kids’ Network

Rated as one of the best kids’ apps, Cub McPaws app is a free to use co-learning network for kids!
Cub McPaws provides a safe social experience for kids in the 4 to 13 years age group.
It is the best app for kids that allows kids to showcase their creativity and skills, learn from other kids around the globe and win prizes every week!

Research shows that kids learn best in a social environment and amongst peers.
Cub McPaws provides a best in class, structured and curated experience that makes it the best learning app for kids.
Our Learning Enablers strive to:
– McFeed: Help kids discover new experiences from peers; make kids informed citizens of the world through general knowledge and trivia
– MContests: Build confidence in kids by helping them showcase their talents via contests and win scholarships and prizes
– McWords: Increasing kids’ vocabulary and language skills through word games
– McChannels: Enable content creators of the future. According to the Feynman principle, when kids share and explain something they like, they remember it forever.
– Foster imagination and creativity through augmented reality app experiences
– McCoins: Introduce kids to basics of money management to kids
And that’s not all.
– Get exclusive discounts on all Cub McPaws merchandise.
– Win great prizes (iPads, Kindles, Smart Watches), Scholarships

In fact, the Cub McPaws app is the one of the most safe apps for kids. We ensure a 100% kids-safe environment for your kid by giving complete control in your (the parent’s) hand.
– We have a two-step verification process which requires the parent to authenticate.
– Friends can be added only if the phone number is present in the parent’s contact list.
– Complete access to all activities and notifications of your child’s activities.
– No Ads: the app does not show any 3rd party ads.

Not at all!!
Each and every piece of content is absolutely safe and no matter what the child clicks and watches, there is not going to be any content on the entire platform that could affect them in a negative way. We have designed the platform in such a way that parents can be worry free.

The app is completely free to use. There are no restrictions!…/id1438225998

We heard your feedback and improved a lot of things in this release.

– Now easily find daily McQuiz on your feed
– Brand new design for leaderboard
– Animated McCoins
– Fixed a bug where preview of video wasn’t getting played
– Sharing is caring – share interesting facts with your friends using WhatsApp
– Fixed a bug which was causing screens to go blank/lock when you are watching a video
– Get a notification when a friend adds you
– Bug fixes
– Performance improvements

Price: Free
Version: 2.0.2
Size: 188.74 MB
Seller: Pochemuchka Kids Private Limited (Cub McPaws)
Released: 2022-10-17 07:00:00
Updated: 2022-11-07 20:12:18